19 Powerful Ways To Boost Your SMS Marketing Strategies

SMS marketing has been a significant mode of promoting your product, services, or brand for more than a decade now. However, finding the right SMS marketing strategies that can work for you could still be tricky.

When running your SMS campaigns, you obviously want the SMS marketing tactics to work for you. There is no point spending a massive amount of money on something if it does not give you the required result.

So let me ask you a question. Are you concerned that your SMS campaigns are not working correctly?

If your answer is yes, knowing a few efficient SMS marketing strategies can work wonder for you.

SMS Marketing Strategies

Check out the following SMS marketing tactics that are quite effective in improving the impact of SMS for marketing.

1. Understand your goals

When you begin your SMS marketing campaigns, you must be clear about the goals and targets you want to achieve. It is crucial to keep your SMS marketing strategies aligned with the objective for the success of your campaigns. Getting the objective clear while planning your SMS marketing strategies gets your job half-done.

 2. Build a team to carry out campaigns

Carrying out all the SMS marketing strategies could be a difficult task if you try to do it alone. SMS marketing involves coordination between multiple departments like sales, customer care & marketing team. Handling of all of these task single-handedly could lead to chaos. Build your team to take care of different responsibilities that revolve around the various SMS marketing strategies.

3. Provide clear CTA in your SMS

If you do not want your SMS marketing strategies to fail, you must take care of the CTA included in your SMS. It must provide a clear understanding and direction to the customers about what is expected of them. The CTA must have the priority it deserves, and it is a non-negotiable factor in SMS marketing.


Provide clear CTA in SMS

Look at the example. The SMS clearly mentions that the recipient can get started at LazyPay by clicking the link provided.

4. Offer incentives to your recipients

When you expect your recipient to open every SMS you send, they also expect something from you. Offering incentives in the form of discount coupons or a per cent off is a good SMS marketing tactics that would keep your customers happy. Not only monetary, but you can also include offers like early access, or an exclusive offers in your SMS. Furthermore, offering incentive with a clear CTA can do wonders for your SMS marketing campaigns.


Offer incentive in SMS

The SMS shown above is offering an incentive and has a clear CTA. Thus the chances of people availing the offer might increase. When you are deciding on the best practices of SMS marketing strategies, make sure that you provide enough attention to the CTA.

5. Ask for permission from your customers

Before you send out SMS to your customers, you need their permission. You can ask the customers for their permission through two options. The first method is opt-in through SMS short codes or keyword. The second method of gathering user’s permission is by asking them to fill in an opt-in form. Also, make sure the opt-in fields have a clear indication of what the customer should expect if he signs up.

6. Always be compliant with the SMS marketing laws

Other than opt-in, you need to take care of some legally binding factors for all SMS marketers. To avoid the negative impact of your SMS campaign, you must be aware of the SMS marketing laws. Every SMS you send out must be compliant with the SMS laws; else, it could disrupt all your SMS marketing tactics.

7. Invoke urgency in your SMS

Studies show that over 90% of the SMS are read inside three minutes. It makes SMS as one of the fastest modes to connect with your audience. You must leverage this urgency in your SMS marketing strategies to boost the customer actions. Using the 160 characters to tell your audience about an urgent offer is the trick you must follow.


Invoke Urgency in SMS

As you can see, Licious has provided an offer, which is valid for the same day. The urgency in the SMS might tempt me to avail the offer if I want to order anything from them.

8. Be consistent while sending SMS

While doing marketing through SMS, you need to be consistent. Sending SMS erratically without following a plan might lead to higher opt-out rates and lesser indulgence from your audience. Being consistent doesn’t mean that you can bombard your audience with SMS either. Maintain regularity while sending SMS to remain in touch with your customers. However, you must avoid spamming your customers.


Send SMS consistently

Looking carefully, you will find that sender has sent me the SMS very regularly, if not daily. Similarly, you also need to plan your SMS marketing strategies to make your customers aware of your presence.

9. Integrate other marketing media with SMS marketing Strategies

Modify your SMS marketing strategies to promote other marketing channels you have. These could be your social media page, website, or email marketing campaigns. Sending SMS with a link to these channels would help you to increase subscribers, followers, and engagement across the marketing channels. Moreover, you can also build your email list with the SMS you send.

10. Track the metrics

Sending SMS to market your product is critical, but you must track the SMS marketing metrics to identify the impact your SMS has created. Identifying different components of the SMS marketing tactics like deliverability, CTR, and others can help you to earn deeper insight into what is working and what not. Further, you can redesign your future campaigns by modifying the aspects necessary according to the data generated.

11. Use SMS to boost brand awareness

You can use SMS as a medium to increase your brand awareness. Sending SMS with brand achievement, brand activity, and the brand news keeps your customers updated. Additionally, it helps them to associate better with your brand.


Boost Brand Awareness with SMS

The above SMS show that GKB is opening a new store. Even if I don’t visit the opening ceremony, my awareness of the brand activity of GKB will increase.

12. Identify the customers who connect better

Since you can track the metrics, you can find out the customer’s action on your SMS. You can identify the customers who connect with your SMS most of the time to chalk out your future SMS marketing strategies. Moreover, getting a few well-connected and loyal customers and nurturing them towards your end goal is helpful in increasing sales and driving conversions.

13. Send SMS as a reminder

Using an SMS as a reminder can be an essential SMS marketing tactics. Send an SMS to remind your customers to complete a purchasing process or to subscribe to your service. Additionally, sending SMS also improve your email marketing campaigns by suggesting your subscriber engage with you in case they forget. This way, sending SMS reminder can act as a dual mode of communication with the customer, thus increasing the chances of conversion or purchase.


Send Reminder through SMS

Look at the above example. It speaks about my loan application with PaySense. They are sending me a reminder about completing the application as I couldn’t fill in the form due to some other work. PaySense has used SMS to remind me of the application so that I can complete the application soon.

14. Use SMS complimentary to direct email

Send SMS as a complementary mode of communication while sending a direct mail. The direct mail has a conversion rate of 4.4%, which might look great. The direct mail might be offering some incentives or offer. However, if you want to improve the figure, send an SMS offering another small incentive. The chances that people will be interested in the proposal would increase.

15. Use SMS to interact with customers

Depending on your SMS marketing strategies, use SMS to interact with your customers. Moreover, provide your customers with the provision of communicating using shortcodes or keywords. Ask them about the experience of your services, or the fields of improvement. Since sending SMS does not need an app, most of the customers would be happy to give feedbacks without installing any software on their phones.


Customer interaction using SMS

Check the above screenshot of the SMS I received from KFC. They are asking me for my feedback using a shortcode. Similarly, you can also include something similar in your SMS marketing tactics and ask for feedback from your customers.

16. Increase conversions with timely text messages

Send out periodic and well-directed text messages such as coupon codes or discount offers. It helps you to grab your audience’s attention increase the chances of conversion. Make the SMS content is exclusive and giving out clear value with an actionable CTA.


Increase conversions using SMS

This is a message I got just a week ahead of my anniversary. Definitely, the chances that I will visit the restaurant with my spouse looks better if they offer me an incentive. So, you can consider this example as one of the inspiring SMS marketing ideas that the restaurant used to leverage the special occasion.

17. Segment your audience/customers better

If you want to segment your audience, none works better than an SMS. By tracking the metrics of the campaigns, you can find out which type of SMS are more responsive to your audience. Moreover, you can identify the range of customers’ interest and work on your SMS marketing strategies to make them more efficient.

18. Be S.M.A.R.T. with SMS

Optimize your SMS marketing strategies through the S.M.A.R.T. technique. It stands for Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive.

Understanding these verticals and tweaking the objectives behind them can be very helpful to prioritize your SMS marketing ideas.

For example, S signifies specific objective – so sending short messages with the particular message could be useful in your SMS marketing strategies.

M tells you about measuring the effectiveness of your SMS marketing tactics.

A stands for achievable which signifies that the target of your SMS marketing plans should not be something too extravagant.

R is for being realistic. You should always be realistic with your expectations while measuring the results of your SMS marketing tactics.

And, lastly, T tells you the significance of timely messages to get the most out of your campaigns.

19. Send triggered message to optimize marketing funnel

If you are trying to boost your conversions and increase sales, sending triggered SMS can be very useful. Send out these triggered SMS at every stage in the marketing funnel by identifying the buyer’s persona. Moreover, notifying the lead of your product or brand can improve the top of the mind recall and help you to wrap up conversions faster.


Now that you know the SMS marketing strategies crosscheck the tactics you are following while running your SMS campaigns. You can easily find them out and modify them in a way that will work for you.

Let us know if you are following any other strategy while sending marketing SMS. We are waiting to hear from you.

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