Why You Must Consider Voice Search SEO From Here On

Want your business to get listed in top results down the line?

And didn’t optimise your site for voice search SEO. Within a short time span, it already gained a good go.

No doubt, voice search will be the trend in future for search. By optimising your website for voice search SEO, you can stand out from your competitors in the business. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to be a leader in future by practising SEO voice search from now.

If you are aware of voice search and SEO, it’s good, and if not don’t worry, this article covers all the questions that come into your mind related to voice search SEO.

Let’s begin!

Voice search SEO

What is voice search?

Voice search is a technology that enables the web users to search entities by their voice rather than typing. Voice search you can perform on various devices such as mobile, desktop, and other smart gadgets.

It gained popularity because of smart assistants with quick answers. Siri from Apple is the first experience we had on voice search from that many smart voice search technologies put into place in the market.

For mobile phones, voice assistants include- Siri from Apple, Cortana from windows, Bixby from Samsung, and many others. And voice first gadgets include- Google Home from Google, Amazon Echo from Amazon, Apple Home Pod from Apple, and many others.

Gadgets don’t follow any SERP to show results of the top ten or knowledge graph or any other concerned to that query instead it provides a straightforward answer to your question. 

How does voice search work?

voice search work

Google follows a voice technology that works on the ASR system (Automatic Speech Recognition) that converts the voice to text. Then it follows the regular search procedure to display the content on the web.

It undergoes four stages of speech recognition that is to convert voice to text during voice search-

Filtering the sounds

Here the spoken word is searched in its whole; then it’s compared to similar sound recorded in the memory.


In this, each analogue form of the word converted to digital form.

Voice analysis

Here, language modelling and statistical analysis are carried out to enhance the precision and speed of voice recognition.

Pattern recognition

It employs artificial neural networks. That is closely related to artificial intelligence and machine learning where machines are trained to recognise a particular pattern of sounds and words.

Google voice search engine first understand what the user is looking for by linking speech recognition nears to the advanced natural language processing systems. It will not only catch the word but also understand the meaning of the query. With this process, Google voice search engine can provide up to 95% accuracy.

Why voice search SEO important for your business?

It became easy for people to perform multi-task in their daily life.

Consider an Example:

While cooking, you can quickly check the recipe without any need to wash your hands. Similarly, while driving, you can listen to your favourite song without diverting your eyes on the mobile screen.

Please put an eye on these below statistics to understand why voice search SEO:

  • Till 2020, 50% of web searches will be a voice. (Source: Comscore.com)
  • Every next smartphone users make use of voice search daily. (Source: Comscore.com)
  • 72% of people make use of voice-activated speakers as part of their daily activity. (Source: ThinkwithGoogle.com)
  • 71% of web audience prefer voice assistant for searching. (Source: PwC.com, 2018)
  • 58% of people prefer voice search to look local businesses in 2017. (Source: BrightLocal.com)
  • 88% of ‘Near me’ local searches are voice searches. (Source: ThinkwithGoogle.com)
  • 30% of all web searches by 2020 will be carried out without a screen. (Source: Gartner)

When are people using voice search?

People when they need a quick response to their query they use voice search. Even people use voice search when they want to do multi-task. Google search preferred more for voice search because it read out loud to your queries when found in the snippet. When it comes to other search engines, they only follow your command like when you ask to read it for you then only it will read. Otherwise, it will just show the results.

optimising voice searches

How are people making use of voice search?

Voice search is the most convenient way of getting results to queries. People are taking this as an advantage to carry out their day to day tasks in a comfortable way while performing other tasks. The possible ideas of voice searches are:

  • Find out nearby restaurants, shopping places, and many others.
  • General information
  • Call someone
  • Ask for directions
  • Help with homework
  • Dictate texts
  • Check the time
  • Play a song
  • Find out movie times

voice search local business

How to do voice search optimization for your website?

Points to consider for general SEO voice search

Point 1: Maintain website speed

Make sure your site loads fast, it’s the most important ranking factor. The lesser the time site takes to load, the more it will get rank in search engine results. Your website should load 2 – 3 Sec or faster for an optimal result that is 52% faster than the average web page loads.

Go to google page speed insights and paste your URL and find the page speed of your website for different devices and optimise it.

Point 2: Site Compatible with HTTPS framework

Websites with HTTP’s code can generate more traffic from voice search. 60% of voice searches come from the HTTPS web site. And 70.4% of Google search engine results are with HTTPS. (Source: searchenginenews.com). So if you’re using HTTPs code in your website the chances to get listed in the voice search results will increase.

Point 3: Schema markup doesn’t play a direct role in voice search

To illustrate, only 36.4% of voice search results appear from pages that use the schema in their website coding. That is a tiny portion of the results. It means it will not impact much for voice search optimization to include schema markup or not. 

Schema markup is the code which web developer add in the web pages to help Google to take out relevant content for queries. In schema markup, the content is framed well using appropriate heading, bullets and titles. 

Point 4:  Find voice search keywords

People use question phrases while doing voice search and keyword research tools will not provide you with that. Type of keywords we use for searches will not be same when we type and when we speak. For example: when you type you may use ” best restaurant near me” but you’d say ” what’s the best restaurant near me”. So apart from common SEO keywords optimising your content for the voice search keyword is significant to rank in voice search.

To get that question phrases you need to check out the every question mark that comes into the mind of people related to the topic you’re discussing such as- what, when, how, where, which, who, why, and are. You can interpret these questions easily or you can go with some online tools for picking natural language phrases like Question samurai. While doing keyword research look for the long tail keywords by taking your keyword and putting it into your keyword research tools.

Point 5: Optimize your content for voice search.

Use the keywords which people use in the voice search and include that queries in your content and answer it shortly and straightforwardly — the average Google ranking web pages written in a 9th-grade level. (Source: neilpatel.com)

The content which ranks in regular search more probability is that it will also rank in voice search. 75% of voice search results list in the top 3 of the regular search results. (Source: neilpatel.com)

Point 6: Maintain a good text to HTML ratio

Maintain a good text to HTML ratio in between 25 to 70 per cent. This ratio indicates the plain text ratio to the HTML elements, image tags and other elements which not get displayed. This ratio does not have any direct impact on your ranking, but it’s considered a good SEO practice to indirectly boost your ranking.

A right amount of plain text with a cleaner code makes it comfortable for the search engines to crawl your content and index the site.

Point 7: Include, to the point answer in content

Make sure your content has the answer to the voice query in 30 words around so that Google can provide results in a  faster way. The general voice search result is only 29 words in length. (Source: growthhackers.com)

Point 8: Create a social media engaging content

The content which performed well in an engaging audience on social media also plays well in voice search. On an average, the voice search results have 44 Tweets and 1,199 Facebook shares. (Source: backlinko.com)

Point 9: Try ranking in video content

People when they do voice search they make use of natural language keyword (“how to make Biryani”). When you use this type of keyword, Google searches for the video description instead of text and place it in the featured snippet.

Getting listed as a featured snippet is also one of the factors that can help you to rank in voice search results. Try to rank your video content in search engine by adding proper query, headings and description that makes easy for the crawler to find your video and place it in the featured snippet.

Point 10: Increase your domain authority

It plays a vital role to get listed in voice searches. You can do that by building more links to your website, publish more/ better content, developing user experience, and encouraging social sharing, doing that will help you to increase your authority, and most probably you will get voice search results.

Point 11: Optimise for local voice searches

Create your Google my business profile. It’s imperative to keep your business listings with correct and updated information of your address, name, contact details and other data required. Many people lost their business just because of inadequate information.

Point 12: Optimize for mobile voice searches

Generally, people do voice searches on mobile devices. So, it became vital for you to have a mobile-friendly website and also that is optimised for voice search.

According to a survey conducted by Google, about 20% of mobile queries comes from voice searches.

As per Global Web Index,  About 1 out of 5 adults use mobile voice search, at least once in a month. And 5.25% of audience ages in between 16-24 use mobile voice search. It’s just the beginning; voice search usage is increasing at a rapid speed.

Point 13: Optimize for featured snippets.

40% of results for voice search are coming from featured snippets. (Source:thehoth.com)

The featured snippet is the piece of information you get at the top of your search. To get your piece as a featured snippet, you need to use the structured content like using proper headings, bullets, tables, and correct form of an answer to the search query.

To Sum Up:

When we talk about voice search, many people think that why to go for voice search SEO. But in the future, voice search is the most preferred way of a search for the people.

To stay ahead of your competitors, better to optimise your website for voice search SEO apart from regular search engine optimization. Both are the same with some little modification.

Understand how people are inclining towards digital technology and how you can be in parallel with them. Based on your audience search and interest modify your website and content which is voice search SEO friendly.

By implementing the above SEO voice search optimising points on your website. You can gain good traffic to your site for voice search.

Hope this article will help you in understanding the significance of voice search SEO. Please do comment your experience with voice search SEO if you have already started!


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