The 4 Amazing Ideas For Powerful Branded SMS Marketing

Not very long ago, Kiehl’s (L’Oreal group), a renowned cosmetic brand in the world, ran a campaign of SMS geofencing. The idea of the branded SMS marketing was to get more people share their address with Kiehl’s.

Additionally, the people were requested to agree to get one SMS whenever they were nearby to their stores.

After six months, 90% of people, who have signed-up for that SMS geofencing campaign made a purchase!

Now that’s an example of the real power of branded SMS marketing!

SMS Marketing


Branded SMS marketing can get you good results if you do it right.

With an overwhelming open rate of more than 90%, SMS marketing can assure you better engagement with your users. However, it can also be a bit complicated than other marketing strategies. SMS marketing suffered due to many myths and tests of time. (Read about the common SMS marketing myths here)

Branded SMS marketing can be an ideal personal way to get your subscribers’ attention.

If you are looking for ideas to improve your brand recall via SMS marketing, then this article is for you.

When you complete reading this article, you will have a better understanding of SMS marketing as a useful tool for brand recall.

Before that let us quickly summarize what SMS marketing is.

What is SMS marketing?

In very simple terms, SMS marketing is a marketing strategy where the sender sends out permission-based promotional text messages to people.

SMS marketing connects you with your subscribers by providing reminders, coupons, contests, events, feedback, votes, information, and more.

Remember, SMSes are highly efficient because text messages never go ignored! In addition to that since the birth of mobile phones, SMS is still one of the most visible features in a mobile phone.

sms notification on phone

Isn’t it something?

People open all text messages ultimately. Moreover, since there are no spam folders on mobile phones, your SMSes will always reach the inbox.

Twitter can be a perfect example. With a limit of just 120 characters, it evolved as a leading social networking platform quickly. With a limit of 160 characters, you should also try to be successful. The idea is to be concise and clear.

You need to highlight the essential stuff at the beginning and of course, quickly. Ensure that your promotional text is to the point, snappy, and not telling someone’s life story.

How to improve branded SMS marketing?

The exciting news is that you can improve brand recall and attract customers via SMS marketing.

You would be impressed to know that SMS marketing is not just limited to sending promotional text messages to your subscribers. You can leverage your offline marketing campaigns and make it work for your SMS marketing strategies too.

Let’s take a look at four ways that will show you how to leverage branded SMS marketing.

Dedicated Number & Code

Your offline marketing strategies or some offline campaigns can work with SMS marketing in tandem and enhance the promotion. Further, it will also help you to create a healthy database.

All you need to do is introduce an offer to your users via some code and request them to feed the code via SMS!

Easy, right?

Here’s an example:

SMS number and SMS code on a cool drink bottle


Given above is an example where you can see the brand used the packaging to provide the users with a code. It will encourage the users to message the code, and it will help the company to improve brand recall. Additionally, the company will also be able to build a healthy database.

The campaign will allow the cold drink company to drive their customers more to supermarkets ultimately! All thanks to the tactical and brilliant SMS brand recall promotions.

Sending hyper-targeted personalized SMS

When you get new users subscribe, what do you usually do?

As the best practice, you ask for corresponding data like date of birth, email address, and postcode. It allows you to promote valuable and targeted offers to your subscribers. Further, it will also give you an opportunity to connect with them on their special day. It will make your subscribers feel valuable, and they will react positively to your campaigns.

The above-said method is what you usually do before launching an SMS campaign for brand recall.

When you have all the necessary information of your subscribers, you can send short-time promotions. This way you can also measure the success of the SMS campaign with the help of SMS success metrics.

Here’s an example.

A hyper-targeted personalized SMS

You can observe in the given image that the sender used a personalized message to engage the recipient. The recipient is apparently an old customer or subscriber. Firstly, the message looks as if it is sent exclusively to the recipient. It will create a special place for the brand in the subscriber’s mind. Secondly, it will encourage the reader to find out more about the offer.

Promote a specific outlet or a franchise with selective offers

Your messages will prove to be more relevant when your subscribers know you. Similarly, you can do adequate branding campaigns, for your users to remember your brand.

When you have a database of regular customers, you can send out exclusive offers to them. It will not only just attract them but also at the same time serve as a brand reminder.

When you promote your outlet with selective offers, customers (both new and returning) who are staying nearby will be interested in visiting. Further, it can also appeal to people who are loyal to the brand but stay far. It can encourage them to visit just to avail the alluring offer.

Imagine, your subscribers reading an exclusive offer with a special mention of your business! The two things that you will be highlighting are your brand and the offer.

Given below is an example of branded SMS marketing.

You can see the offer is one outlet for a particular gaming center. The idea is to bring customers, both new and returning to the specific outlet.

brand recall for an outlet via an SMS

Use Website or mobile app for multiplier effect

People usually keep their mobile phones near them. Therefore, a guaranteed way to reach them is via SMS. It will also help you in reminding the subscribers of your brand or your services.

Using apps or websites links for multiplying the SMS campaign benefits can give you immense benefits. The reason is most sites are mobile friendly, and apps are for smartphones only. Therefore, a person doesn’t have to reach out to his/her laptop, desktop or go to an offline store to learn more about the brand. Thus providing a seamless engagement to customers.

Take a look at the image given below.

SMS with URL & landing page of it

In the above example, Trends sent an exclusive offer.

Users who click on the link and know more about the brand and its offer too. It will also create multiple touch points for the brand that would make people remember due to active engagement.

The above example works perfectly especially for online portals and apps due to seeming less journey of the user from SMS to a landing page to the checkout page.

So, for creating this multiplier effect with SMS campaigns, it is suggested to have an online presence where users can engage with the Brand.


There are many ways by which you can carry out an active brand recalling via SMS.

Imagine, you are holding an event, and it’s happening on the weekend. You know well that people don’t stay near computers during weekends.

So how would you remind them? By giving them a reminder SMS. People usually keep mobile phones near them, so the chances are pretty high that they will see your message.

If you are in real estate business, due to long sales cycles and high ticket sizes, nurturing of prospects is required.  SMSes can come handy here for you push prospect towards sales. You can also send hyper-targeted or geo-targeted campaigns through SMS campaigns.

If you are in banking or financial sector, you can promote your bank and the exclusive services to people via SMS through a series of planned campaigns. It will prove to be more efficient to push users or customers into the funnel instead of frequent annoying cold calls.

Remember, your subscribers won’t have to read an essay to understand what you want to say. Just try to keep your message crisp and concise, and your SMSes can be the perfect tool for brand recall campaigns. Only consistency and persistence matters.

What is your strategy to improve brand recall or top of the mind recall among users?

It’ll be absolutely awesome if you can let me know your ideas or experiences.

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