Here Are The Rare Truths Behind These Popular SMS Marketing Facts

SMS marketing is an effective marketing strategy (Yes, you know that!). However, despite its popularity, it is still met with many SMS marketing myths and misconceptions. Despite the SMS myths, it still continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. Before you sign-up to use SMS marketing for your business, make sure you know the common SMS marketing myths.

You will find some relevant and lesser-known SMS marketing truths and facts that will undoubtedly change the way you look at it.

Popular SMS Marketing Facts

You knew some SMS marketing facts, and you will know plenty more. This article will uncover the lesser known truths behind some of the most common SMS marketing facts.

Let’s start with the first one.

Why SMS have a limit of just 160 characters?

It’s because of the limit of 160 characters, acronyms and abbreviations became popular in SMSes.

But do you know why the limit of characters on text messages is just 160?

Friedhelm Hillebrand decided the character limit. He sat at a typewriter and began typing random sentences on a paper. Hillebrand counted all the spaces, punctuation marks, numbers, and letters. In the end, he decided that 160 characters would be “perfectly sufficient.”

Why SMS have a character limit of 160

[The definition of an SMS by Friedhelm Hillebrand, outlined in a GSM document.]

One of Hillebrand’s friend thought it wasn’t suitable for mass market! But Hillebrand was optimistic, and that was bang on the mark.

Today, text messaging is famous worldwide as a trusted form of the mobile communication.

According to Nielsen Mobile Survey, American mobile phone users send more SMSes than making voice calls.

Without a hint of doubt, one can say that texting has proved itself to be a blessing for telecoms and marketing.

How did SMS inspire Twitter?

Let’s start with good news: Twitter users can now tweet with 280 characters instead of 140 characters. (For the new Twitteratis, it used to have a limit of just 140 characters)

Did you know that SMS inspired the famous micro-blogging website known as Twitter?

Yes, that is a fact. In the year 1985, Friedhelm Hillebrand decided the character limit of SMS for the first time. The inventors of Twitter were probably playing with toys then!

Inspired by SMS, they restricted their character limit to just 140 characters.

Twitter believed that the character limit would help readers to read concise tweets on both desktops and mobile phones.

Although Twitter has increased their character limit, the idea remains same. The idea is to be crisp and concise.

character limit of twitter

Why do text messages get more attention than push notifications of mobile applications?

When you look up, you will find many studies agreeing that text messages have a very high open rate. Users read text messages almost immediately.

The commonest statistic that you will find is that 90% of SMSes are opened and read within three minutes! Yes, this is an achievement that even “push notifications” couldn’t achieve.

90% of text messages are opened and read

[Source: mobileSQUARED and SinglePoint]

SMSes are opened first and almost immediately as compared to mobile apps. It is because SMSes are better and faster when it comes to developing. Further, it will also help in reaching a good number of users in lesser time, online, offline.

Businesses are now relying more on text messages because of its ease of use. Additionally, SMSes are more common, and almost every mobile phones support them. All these points make text messages a better option comparatively.

Is SMS still the world’s most used data application?

According to Wikipedia, in the year 2010, SMS was found to be the world’s most widely used data application. It had more than 3.6 billion users worldwide. In the same year, more than 6 trillion SMSes were sent!

The statistics are older for sure, but the popularity of SMS is still alive.

A study done by pewinternet in the year 2013, proved that SMSes make up for more than 80% of a regular user’s mobile phone use.

Cell phone activities

Although SMS is a growing market even today, it’s constantly being challenged by messaging services that are Internet Protocol-based like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, SMSes are still widely used to market and promote products or brands.

So, the question remains: Is SMS still the world’s most used data application? No!

But, SMS remains one of the top-most used data application.

Why do SMS have a high open rate?

SMSes get delivered to the inbox every time. The reason is simple; there is no spam folder. Therefore, it is easy for text messages to cut through all the constant pings that you get from receiving an email, push notifications, or other notifications.

SMSes are not frequent, and that is another reason behind the high open rates. You don’t usually get SMSes in every 15 minutes. Therefore, whenever you get that friendly-buzz in your pocket, you check if it’s an important text message or not!

SMSes are short, crisp, and concise. It is also the reason why users read the text message almost as soon as they receive it. People know that an SMS is usually short and they won’t have to spend a lot of time understanding it.

When the open rates are high, automatically the rate of engagement will also be on the higher side.

Wrapping it up

The said SMS marketing facts are compelling factors that are very impressive when you consider other marketing options. It increases engagement, boosts interaction, and ultimately develops a healthy relationship with subscribers.

According to dynmark, almost 29% t of the targeted users respond to the promotional text messages. Further, nearly 47% of the group goes on to make the purchase.

When you talk about SMS marketing facts, you usually talk about SMSes’ high open rates. However, you very rarely see the opportunity that it presents.

SMS is now known as a useful marketing tool. Marketers look at features like opt-in, opt-out, and instant delivery as benefits. Marketers now leverage these SMS marketing benefits for better results. These benefits ensure that your SMSes are received and engaged with.

You would agree when someone says that there are very few marketing strategies that offer a personalized approach like the SMS marketing. The whole world is dependent on mobile phones, and SMS is still one of the most used features.

Tell us what you think about the SMS marketing facts and the truths behind.

Share your thoughts.

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