Stunning and Powerful Email Writing Tips To Boost Your Results

While running an email campaign, you know what to write or include in an email. You know all of the email writing tips to optimize your marketing emails.

The subject line and preheader texts are two such critical components. Since they can affect the performance of your marketing campaign, you take some extra time for drafting them. You are doing it correctly, but have they made any positive impact on the metrics yet?

You wrote better subject lines and supporting preheader texts. But ultimately, when you start checking your email open rates and click-through rates, you find that they are not so impressive.

Stunning & Powerful Email Writing Tips

It is frustrating to watch all your plans fail after working so hard. You don’t know what to do anymore to compel your subscribers to open and read through the email. So which email writing tips are helpful while drafting a formal business email?

True, the subject line and the preheader text are essential. But, are they the only email writing tips that affects your email marketing goals? Do you know that there are certain other factors which are equally important in determining the success or failure of the marketing campaigns?

Writing an email that makes an impact on the subscribers is not that difficult if you understand the basic requirements of a compelling email. If you follow the fundamentals of email writing tips, even a simple and plain-text can do wonders.

Why did your emails fail to generate interest?

Most of the times people ignore marketing emails because they don’t find them relevant according to their needs. Sometimes even if the subscriber opens the emails, they find it very confusing as the value proposition or message maybe not right.

When your subscribers will see your emails, the first thing they would see is the subject line. If you know how to write a great email subject line the chances of a subscriber opening the email increases. However, unless your subject line is according to the customers’ needs, the subject line wouldn’t be appealing to them.

So, understand your subscribers’ needs. Treat them as friends and offer them something that can be helpful or beneficial to them, so that they cannot refuse to open your emails.

The professional email writing tips also takes care of the emotional quotient of the receiver while drafting. These tips helps you to understand the intentions and interest before sending the email. You can implement the seven sins of email marketing using your email writing skills to invoke greed, lust, wrath, and others in your recipient so that they interact with your emails often.

Want to know how to do that? Check out the following email marketing tips to learn how you can master the basics of sending a marketing email.

How to write an interactive email?

Email writing tips 1. Choose Target Audience:

Before you even think of drafting the email, you must always choose your target audience. It will help you to put forward the right kind of strategy when you send them an email. If you don’t categorize your audience, the emails you send will reach the people who are least interested in that particular product or service and may eventually add you to their block-list or spam list.

Look at the following email.

Email Writing Tips

If you open the email, it looks like this.

Choose Target Audience

The email comes from “Fresher Recruitment” announcing a “huge Government vacancy”. I may have subscribed to their email in my past, maybe when I started job hunting, but apparently, I am no fresher anymore. So, this particular email has no relevance to me. Thus the chances that I will interact with it is nil.

The sender has failed to consider the time lapse between my initial subscription period and what could have happened over the years since then. So, any number of emails from them will be lying around in the inbox unopened, thus affecting their open rate.

Even after opening the mail you can find no relevant message so, eventually, you will stop interacting with them.

Sending powerful emails are only relevant if you can send them to the appropriate subscribers. If you have not updated your subscriber’s list according to relevance, you will end up making a grave mistake that can reduce your email open rates.

Email writing tips 2. Personalize

You should personalize your emails at every opportunity you get. A personalized email resonate more with the subscriber as they see the email coming from someone who knows them and feels about them.

The following email from redBus is a perfect example of how to write a personalized email.

Email Writing Tips

You can see that the subject line addresses me by name. If I have a plan for visiting someplace, I might open the email.

Now, look at the email after I have opened it.

Personalized Email Writing Tips

As you can see, the email includes my name again before they present their offer. Thus I might be more inclined towards accepting the offer than any such offer provided by another emailer.

However, you must maintain a few factors while writing a personalized email. The email writing tips will ask you to stay wary of getting overly personal as the email might start looking like spam to your subscriber. Also, while using the name of the subscriber, the placement, and the relevance matters the most.

Email writing tips 3. Simple, yet strong

Keep your message as simple as you can. Flowery content that is irrelevant to your subscriber has no meaning. So simple message with a strong appeal, be it in your subject line, or the preheader text, or maybe in the email body can attract people more than using any flashy content or words. This is one of the most basic email writing tips that people miss out on.

Check out the image of one such email with a direct subject line.

Email Writing Tips

The email body has the same content in it.

simple Email Writing Tips

Email writing tips 4. Value Proposition

When you reach out to your subscribers, always provide them some value that would be beneficial for them. Sending an email with quality content but no value proposition is of lesser use to the subscriber, so eventually, he will start skipping the emails coming from you.

Even if the email is not promotional and is only introductory, include some benefits for the subscriber. Suggesting a few small benefits that could be useful for your subscribers could be among the most potent email writing tips in these scenarios. This way when you send them further emails in the future, they will know that the emails coming from them is valuable.

Gradually, your subscribers will become more interactive with your emails as you always include some value that is helpful to them.

Email Writing Tips img-7

This email from Paytm says that if you add cash, they will give you the amount the back as cashback. The preheader text goes on to specify the amount even. Thus, the offer is likely to attract more attention from the subscribers, primarily if they use Paytm quite often.

Look at the email body now.

Email With value proposition

It tells you how and when you can win that cashback. So it’s adding relevant value to the subject line. The sender is displaying how they can benefit you.

Just remember, the email you send should be more about them and not you. So, adding some value might be the email writing tips you were missing in your earlier attempts, which you shouldn’t forget the next time you draft your email.

Email writing tips 5. Invoke urgency

When you roll out an email campaign, you look for quick results and a positive curve on your metrics chart, and you need your subscribers to act fast. The email you are about to send should have some amount of urgency which can compel the recipients to act quickly. Including a few words that tell your subscribers to act fast to check the email, can improve the statistics by quite a notch.

Look at the email below. It is an example of the most crucial of all email marketing tips that you will receive.

Email Writing Tips

The email speaks about an offer that expires on the same day. If you are looking for the same product, you will be compelled to check out what the sender is providing before deciding on your own. Moreover, since the offer ends today, you will be inclined to check the email as soon as possible rather than keeping it lingering in your inbox, unopened.

Email to Invoke urgency

The senders even included a CTA button and a promo code. If you are looking for availing such an offer, the urgency and the ease of access will prompt you to take quick action.

So, invoking urgency in an organized and predetermined manner will help you to increase the responses to your email. Even if you don’t have anything urgent, try to create a deadline, else people will eventually overlook or forget that you sent an email to them.

Email writing tips 6. Power words and numbers

Certain words used in email texts invoke powerful emotions in people at certain times. These words are known as power words. Using them in your emails will help it to stand out among hundreds of other emails.

Along with the power words, you can also use numbers in a controlled amount. All people love to see what they about to gain if they engage with your email and nothing can do it better than some numbers.

Include statistics, percentages, and comparison charts to let your subscribers know that they are indeed gaining a lot when they are interacting with you.

Power words and numbers in Email

The email from Flipkart includes the same. They have used a power word: offers and have added the rates to let you know that you can avail the offers according to different price range. People who are fond of shopping will be interested in checking out the items that fall under the various offers mentioned.

Including numbers and power words in your emails is among powerful email writing tips too. It increases the probability of making your subscribers more interested. But do not overdo it.

Email writing tips 7. Punctuation and Grammar

One of the most straightforward components that we often forget to check is the punctuation and grammar of the subject line, preheaders, and the email body. Grammar and punctuation are one of the easiest among the email writing tips, but hard enough to ruin your reputation as no subscriber likes to go through an incorrectly drafted email.

Email Writing Tips

Check out the above email. The subject line itself contains a grammatically incorrect sentence. Would you bother to check it further?

Even if you decide to open the email, you do it because you might think that it might provide some value.

Grammar mistakes in Email

As you can see, the email body has no relevant content, and it is not from any “trusted” source. The sentence mentioned in the email content is even faulty. So, you can see why these senders are bound to fail while engaging their subscribers.

Go through every word and sentence of your email: be it the subject line, preheader text, or the email body, before you send it out. Make sure that it is free from errors of any kind to avoid embarrassment as well as the low open rates.

Email writing tips 8. Special characters and capitalization

Write your email in a way that it looks good on eyes. If you want to include any special character or any capital letters, make sure that it doesn’t make the email cramped for space.

Highlighting some words by using upper case letter is fine as long as it is relevant or you explain the word to the subscribers so that they don’t get confused.

Email Writing Tips

Look at the words “G.I.F.T” and “E.A.R.N” in the above email. You may feel that the words have a different meaning due to their spelling. So you decide to open the email to see what they mean.

Special characters and capitalization In email

The above image shows the body of the email. If you look closely, there is no mention of any words that say what “G.I.F.T” and “E.A.R.N” means. So, there is no point of including them in the subject line itself.

So, when you draft your email, clarity about any word or abbreviation is essential. Else, you will gradually start losing the trust that your subscriber has to you.

What are the perfect email writing tips

You know that email is one of the primary modes of communications for all marketers. Moreover, email is the most popular communication channel across all demographics too. With the use of automation, writing an email with all of the above-mentioned tips is even easier.

Though the techniques and strategies have evolved a lot in the past few years, the basics email writing tips remain the same. However, to carry out an effective email campaign, you must stick to the email writing format that works. Rethink your email marketing strategy and apply these basic fixes, to minimize the risk of running a poorly managed email campaigns. Knowing what to write and what not to write will make your email campaigns more successful than you ever imagined.

Do you have anything more email writing tips to add to the topic? We would love to hear from you about any more professional email marketing tips you might know.


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