Simple SMS Marketing Solutions To Resolve Its Challenges Easily

Are you a determined leader who don’t pull back from the challenges with SMS marketing, instead look for the SMS marketing solutions to optimize them?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

SMS Marketing Solutions

Your research on tremendous benefits of SMS Marketing pushes you to undertake it as your reliable tool to reach your customers.

The benefits like instant delivery, high reachability, high open rates, low spam percentage makes your campaign reach the customers in much greater range than you expect.

But you should also remember that every coin has two sides.

Any marketing trend has its benefits and challenges.

Similarly, the SMS marketing also throws some challenges besides bestowing its outstanding benefits.

Here is a quote for you -“A king knows how to build his empire with same stones thrown at him”-Tony De Niro

It is the similar way you can deal with the challenges you encounter during your SMS marketing campaigns.

You should be aware of those limitations of SMS marketing to look at the channel from different angles.

You can then consider the convenient solutions to the anticipated challenges and design your strategies accordingly.

Here are the significant challenges with SMS marketing which you can optimize with appropriate SMS marketing solutions.

1# Challenges while building your customer list.

SMS marketing being an OPT-IN based service is advantageous as well as challenging.

You need not obtain consent from your customers to reach out them through other marketing channels.

But in SMS marketing, you cannot reach them until they have opted to receive updates from you.

It is also a time-consuming process to build your whole customer database.

Even then, you cannot find all of your customers interested to receive SMS from you.

Some of the customers may even provide wrong or unused mobile numbers.

It is advantageous as you reach your most targeted and potential customers.

But, the number of customers you can reach will be comparatively low.

Opt-in statistics in SMS marketing


Moreover, they can easily opt-out if they feel your text messages irrelevant or intrusive.

SMS marketing solutions:

It is beneficial to launch your SMS marketing campaign when you have a considerable amount of opt-ins.

You may need to have customers in ample number to obtain a good amount of opt-ins.

Therefore, try not to leave any path to reach your customers for subscriptions.

Avail the phone numbers of your customers, asking them if they would like to receive updates from you during their purchase of your product or service.

If you have a website, you can push a subscription link where you can avail email Ids and phone numbers from the website visitors.

Be patient while building the customer list. It is worth to take time to make a genuine record.

You can even use cross-channel marketing to obtain customer data.

According to Tatango, 57.4% of customers participate in text message loyalty programs to save money.

You can push compelling deals and offers with subscription links through different online marketing channels.

It creates an urge to the new customers to subscribe to your updates.

Keeping your limit to first few messages, if you find any numbers which are bouncing the SMS, delete them from your customer list.

You need to clean the dead list from your database regularly.

Also, you need to compose your SMS content which is attention-grabbing, relevant and exciting.

You can send special offers, coupon codes, news, updates, etc. anything to make them engage with your brand.

And you try not to give any reason to your customers to opt-out.

Your SMS content is the key to make them remain interested in your brand.

2# You need to pull the customers with brief content.

Unlike in other marketing channels, text message provides a limited space of 160 characters.

You need to work on the content to grab the attention of your customers within the limited space.

Although you can build explicit content with a direct message, it requires proper skill to create an urge in your customers to participate.

SMS marketing solutions:

 This limitation of SMS marketing can transform it into a potent supplement to many traditional marketing methods.

In other words, people do not find difficulty in reading your content in SMS as it can have a brief and clear message.

Hence, you can use it to engage with your customers regularly.

You can create brand awareness in other marketing channels and use SMS to push a concise and compelling call to action.

In this way, you can pull out enormous branding by integrating the SMS marketing as a support system to your broader marketing campaign.

3# SMS does not support rich media content.

You cannot include multimedia content like videos, animations, pictures, melodies, etc. which are quite attractive in your SMS.

SMS marketing solutions:

You can include shortened URL links of relevant rich media content in your SMS and engage your customers.

   SMS with URL of rich media content

4# Maintaining versatility is not always easy.

Your customers get easily bored when you repeat the content or your strategies in SMS marketing.

 It is challenging as you cannot launch an effective campaign using the same content for every customer and every campaign as in other traditional marketing channels.

SMS marketing solutions:

It is not always possible to maintain versatility in your campaigns with regular marketing strategies.

In such situations, you can launch your campaign by adding real-time value to your SMS.

Be attentive to take advantage of real-time situations and launch your campaigns.

Give your customers what they need at the right time.

For example, a working day has started with unseasonal heavy rain in a particular city.

You can make the situation advantageous by immediately running a campaign with discount offers on your taxi services for that day.

If you promote it by other online marketing channels, your customer may or may not open the post in their hurry morning routines.

You may lose most of your potential customers’ participation in the campaign for not being aware of the deals at the right time.

But, SMS marketing can fulfill your needs for such real-time and dynamic campaigns.

You can instantly engage your customers with one powerful SMS at the right moment.

It makes you grab most of your potential customers who use two-wheelers for that day.

In this way, Keep your customers up to date and never let them miss time-sensitive offers.

Create a compulsion by making them understand the benefits of quick take of call-to-action in the text message.

Experiment your campaigns by trialing different strategies to know your customers.

You need to understand your customers and work on your creativity to tailor your campaign according to them.

Never get demotivated when your first few campaigns fail.

Understand the reasons behind and launch your campaigns according to your customer’s mindset.

5# You cannot track open rates

You can survey a sample group to know how many of them open their text messages and read.

But, you cannot track the open rate of the individual campaign after the launch.

SMS marketing solutions:

You can include URL links and track the click-through-rates.

According to Tatango, SMS marketing has average CTR of 36% while email marketing has average CTR of 3.2 % making it the most successful marketing tool.

Although open rates are significant, it is click-through-rates which determines the potential leads.

6# Conversions may not show up when your prospects are not contacted before.

You need to make contact with your customer before sending them your text message.

Sending the promotional text message to your customers like an unknown stranger not only annoys them but also gives spam image to your message.

Eventually, it creates a dangerous scope for the downfall of your conversion rates.

SMS marketing solutions:

When you look at the issue from another side, you can achieve a drastic improvement in the conversion rates when the prospects are sent SMS after being contacted before.

Your customer should at least know from which company he is receiving the text messages.

Use SMS marketing where it has its full potential rather than limiting yourself to the disadvantageous situations.

Conversion rate statistics of SMS marketing

On a final note

Although having few limitations, SMS marketing is the platform which provides underlying scope and potential when appropriately utilized.

If an SMS marketing campaign fails, it will not be because of the challenges and limitations you face with SMS marketing.

Instead, it will be because of inappropriate utilization of the SMS marketing strategies at inapt scenarios.

You need to be skillful with SMS marketing best practices to leverage maximum potential of SMS marketing wisely.

You need not be a creative genius to pull off brilliant SMS marketing solutions for its challenges.

Understanding the significance of SMS marketing best practices empowers you to make the right move at right time.

Therefore, get a good hold on the SMS marketing best practices to resolve your challenges with most effective SMS marketing solutions.

After all, SMS marketing should satisfy all your marketing needs.

You need to remember that every challenge you face does have a solution.

And you are the successful leader when you do not give up, instead turn out the undesired scenarios as the stage for beneficial strategies.

Tell us what you think about these SMS marketing solutions to optimize the binding challenges.

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