How To Do SMS Marketing Optimization To Boost Business Impact

SMS as a marketing tool has seen a topsy-turvy journey since the time it was adopted as a marketing channel. However, SMS continues enjoys the confidence and trust of the marketers. Thus they are adapting constantly to the SMS marketing optimization scenarios over the years.

Let me ask you a question at this point. Do you know what makes SMS marketing so important?

It is the directness of sending messages to your customers. The number of SMS opened by people stands at an incredible 99%, and 97% people read them within 15 minutes of delivery.

SMS Marketing Strategies

Thus, if used correctly, SMS can give your business a massive boost when required.

However, not knowing the latest SMS marketing optimization in 2018 can hurt your cause immensely.

Check out the following methods to know how you can make your text messaging more efficient.

1. Improving footfalls to your website

Are you feeling exhausted while trying to bring more visitors to your site?

Worry no more. SMS marketing is here to your rescue.

While sending the marketing SMS to your customers, include a link to your website address. It is a subtle way to prompt your customers to visit your site.

The high open rates and reading rates of SMS mean that your website has better chances of gaining visibility. Customers, especially the new ones, are more interested in know more about you or your products. Including a link would allow them to visit your website and go through it easily.

Along with website traffic, the chances of selling your product or services listed on the website increases too. You can even gather more insight into the customers’ behavior by including a sign-up form or newsletter on your site.

2. Optimizing marketing funnel to increase conversions

The journey of a customer is the key to your marketing drives and requires careful nurturing. The use of text messaging to ease the customer journey is one of the hottest SMS marketing optimization technique in 2018.

Confused? Well, let me elaborate.

Any business depends on the perfect utilization of the marketing funnel. A stable customer journey depends on transparent communication between you and your customers at every stage. You can send SMS at the different steps to make your customers aware of the product or services, send them intimations to nurture their deliberation and help them confirmation when they convert.

Communicating with your customers is easier at every stage of the purchasing journey through SMS. As SMS is the most noticeable mode of communication, your customers will know about their choices and the decision.

Check out the example to understand how SMS can smooth out customers’ journey at every stage.

Example of marketing funnel optimization with SMS

The SMS tells me that if I order from them i will get off on the next two purchases. So, they are trying to nurture my interest by providing some value from their message.

3. Personalized messages to get closer to customers

Another important among the SMS marketing optimization practices in 2018 is the use of personalization in SMS. The customized SMS are quite efficient in developing a personal connection between you and your client. Moreover, these text messages can improve the brand recall among your customers.

Are you feeling worried about how to personalize your SMS?

When you interact with your customers, you get to know a few details about them. These may include their birthday, anniversary, age, preferences, demographics and much more. Use the collected data to send your customers messages about a sale in their locality, or an offer on their anniversary day. It makes them feel important and improve your trustworthiness among them.

Look at the following SMS I received during my anniversary.

Personalization SMS to increase engagement

The chances that I will feel esteemed and would avail their offer improves as they wish me on my special day.

4. Keeping marketing channels integrated

When you market your product, you do it on multiple marketing channels. The latest SMS marketing optimization says that you can use a text message to combine all of the channels you are using.

Integrating the other marketing channels is required due to another factor. SMS is the fastest mode of communication and generates an almost immediate response from your customers. Therefore, whatever your marketing channel might be, sending an SMS to redirect your customers towards the intended channel is easier. It would even help in increasing the interaction over other marketing channels too.

Thus, your targeting becomes multi-directional with the use of SMS integrated with other marketing channels. No doubt, it is one of the most important in SMS marketing optimization technique regarding effective communication with customers.

Moreover, you can also build your email list using SMS marketing. It will help you to optimize the collection of your subscribers’ data through multiple channels. You can use these contacts to engage to keep them engaged through various methods through the emails.

5. Asking customers about your business – Feedback collection

Sometimes we may not have a clear idea the user experience of some of our product or services. However, sending an SMS can help in getting knowledge about the performance of the same. An increased number of brands are using this technique to improve their product quality, offers, and the services.

You can also follow the leads of the industries leaders to get feedback about your product and services. You can run an opinion poll or a survey to find out the level of customer satisfaction about your product and service. Use it as a guide to improve the performance of your products.

If you want to get a closer look at how a feedback SMS looks like, check out the example below.

Take feedback through SMS

The SMS ask me for my feedback regarding their service. Based on my inputs, they may improve their services for the next time they serve me.

6. Endless possibilities with the diversification of content types

As the demand for personalized and custom-made marketing is on the rise, more companies are looking to diversify the content types to offer services to their customers. Similar to all other marketing channels, SMS marketing is embracing the diversification of the content types.

Due to the better reach of quality marketing SMS, you can use it as a direct channel for product marketing. Send out offers or promotions of your business with tailored content according to the buyer’s persona.

Additionally, you can also text messaging as a medium to deliver SMS to support other marketing channels. However, diversification of content is essential here too. Link to your company website, or your product page, or directly to the product you want to sell. You need to design different types of SMS according to the requirement of your marketing campaigns.

 7. Performance against digital communications through apps

You cannot deny that smartphones and easy availability of internet have made communication lot easier. It also means that people nowadays prefer to communicate over WhatsApp or other messengers than through SMS.

Does it means that the efficiency of SMS as a marketing channel is reduced? The answer is NO!

While it is true that messengers are preferred, but SMS has a few unique capabilities that these apps do not. SMS service is an integral part of almost all mobile phone, which nobody can uninstall. However, messengers are applications, which the users can uninstall if they want to.

Moreover, none of the messenger services has the capability of sending bulk messages to multiple users.

SMS, on the other hand, are capable of reaching people on a massive scale. Additionally, the certainty of delivery while sending an SMS is maximum. You can choose the bulk SMS service providers according to your requirement. These kinds of services help you to reach out to several people at once by broadcasting the SMS according to the capabilities of the service provider.

The SMS marketing optimization in 2018 depends on these factors, and we can expect text messages to be used more extensively.

8. The rise of emojis

Emojis are used in almost every mode of communication nowadays. You can find them in emails, messenger apps, and social network every day. The emojis are used to express the human emotions, thus are getting much prominence in recent times.

Keeping pace with the usage of emojis in other marketing channels, you can expect that the use of the same in SMS marketing would increase. Businesses are using a lot of creative ways to connect with their customers and emojis can work better in displaying the touch of emotion to invoke more trust from the customers.

You can use simple emojis like a smiling face while sending out a discount coupon or something similar. However, remember not to overdo it.

Points to remember

SMS marketing is not dead. It was just lying low for a couple of years so that it can come back as a more powerful marketing channel. The points mentioned above are redefining how brands and organizations are executing their SMS marketing campaigns optimization..

Moreover, if you follow the latest SMS marketing strategies to look out for in 2018, you can add a different dimension to your marketing capabilities.

Let us know if you have already adopted the techniques towards optimizing SMS marketing campaigns. Tell us about what other methods you have been applying to maximize the expanse of SMS marketing too.

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