Why You Need To Focus On Using SMS Marketing For Website Traffic

Does your business run entirely online? Is your company’s next priority driving more visitors to your site to increase website traffic? Have you tried implementing SMS marketing for website traffic enhancement? NO? Then it’s high time you begin!

Individually SMS marketing and marketing through websites are good marketing tactics.

However, when you put them together, you can increase website traffic way much better.

SMS Marketing For Website Traffic

As we are heading towards a digital explosion, the challenge for marketers is to juggle between multiple marketing channels and choose the best out of them.

You might feel anxious that technological changes in marketing might be a threat to SMS integrated marketing? No!

Everyone in the digital marketing world admits the importance of the SMS integrated marketing used across industries for promotion and transactions.

SMS is and will be one of the best techniques used to promote business irrespective of its size.

SMS integrated marketing has become the most popular medium amongst marketers.

It is not something new, instead an age-old practice.

Besides being a powerful standalone channel, SMS can enhance the efficiency of your marketing efforts on every level of engagement.

It can give you an all-around success in boosting traffic through brand loyalty to re-targeting customers and recovering lost sales.

Worried about how to increase website traffic? Ever thought that SMS marketing to increase website traffic is beneficial for your business?

Don’t you consider SMS marketing for website traffic can be a good solution? If not, then here are some strategies involved in SMS marketing for website traffic generation that will help you reach your goal.

1. Include Weblinks

As most of your customers have access to the Internet on their phones, linking in text messages are now easier than ever.

So, why don’t you use SMS Marketing for website traffic?

In this way, your clients can immediately take action.

So a logical first step would be to include a link in your text message to direct customers to your website.

It eventually reduces the number of steps it takes for a text message recipient to get to your site.

Take help of URL shorteners.

It allows you to shrink your website hyperlinks so that they don’t take up a lot of available characters in your message.

For example:

You can use bit.ly; they are good URL shorteners.

bit.ly sms to increase website traffic

2. Bulk Messaging

SMS has evolved a lot since its inception and users are well versed in text messaging.

So, you might be thinking about how to use SMS to increase website traffic?

Are you curious to know what bulk SMS service providers do to streamline messages to increase website traffic?

An SMS service for the website is the quickest way to connect with consumers and earn relations, but it can be laborious for a growing organization.

One such service that has the potential of cementing brand recognition among your customers is bulk SMS messaging.

You can coordinate with bulk SMS service providers to decide when to send out messages, as over 90% of text messages are opened within a few minutes of being sent.

Website owners use this tactic to increase the number of visits to their site at a specific time.

With such a high view rate, you can almost guarantee that your message is getting delivered directly to the consumer.

Every effort you make for marketing your brand through SMS service for website must be supported by a well-thought strategy.

Further, you will be able to convert your SMS visitor into your website sales funnel.

Nowadays many developers realize that to drive high volumes of website traffic, they need to use SMS APIs.

SMS service for website plays a vital role for your business and that it’s better to start sooner rather than later.

3. Keep It Short

The path to a successful SMS marketing strategy is to send messages to the right audience.

A quality text must be a short (less than 160 character) message and be of utmost relevance to the user.

Otherwise, longer texts might get broken up into multiple texts eventually leading to the message not getting read by consumers.

Also if the SMS has an embedded link in the bottom, then chances are that customers might overlook it all the more.

Don’t forget to add a compelling call to action that has an incentive connected with it.

short SMS to increase website traffic

Additionally, you can include opt-out instructions.

Apply this tactic and see how the traffic rushes in.

From there, you will be able to enter your SMS visitor, to eventually convert them into a buyer.

4. Promotional SMS

A good option for you to grab your users attention is to provide them with some exclusive offers.

These type of SMSes are termed as promotional SMS.

Giving incentives to recipients with some value in exchange for clicking on the link will help.

For example, you can offer them extra 15% off if they purchase your products from your site.

promotional SMS to boost website traffic

5. Update Notification

Suppose your company is an e-commerce brand and you are planning to launch a new product.

Then getting traffic to your website is a challenge for your business.

You start promoting your product as widely as possible.

Now you sell the product on your website, and due to the craze of the product, it goes out of stock.

You surely won’t like to lose your loyal customers. Right?

In this situation try including a phone number field that will let customers fill in their details and get notified by an SMS when the product is available again.

update SMS to boost website traffic

You can even mix both SMS marketing with URL link to that particular product page allowing them to purchase straight away.

You need to comprehend that focusing on mobile engagement and marketing through SMS will increase website traffic.

6. Re-targeting SMS

Consider that an existing customer of your brand had purchased a pack of dishwashing soap 3 months back.

Now it might be a possibility that it has expired.

Try using SMS to boost website traffic in such a case.

Provide a link directing to restock supplies- send a reminder to them to purchase refills.

To ease out the process include a direct link to the corresponding refill or accessory.

7. Shortcode Usage

Every brand earns for brand recognition.

Why don’t you try to exploit this opportunity by using SMS to boost website traffic?

Go for employing a short code specific to your business and showcase this number onto your website.

Are you aware of what is a short code?

A short code is nothing but a 5 or 6 digit number to create an interaction between your organization and your audience.

short code sms to boost website traffic

Doing this will help ordinary people send a message to that number and be able to avail your service directly.

8. Feedback Survey

Let’s say recently in a flash sale some of your customers have bought a mobile phone.

What you can do is, you can collect their mobile number details from the database.

Now send bulk messages to this segmented audience for giving them feedback.

In that SMS you can also incorporate a Google form link that is linked to your website.

You should also see, that the landing page you send people too needs to be mobile-friendly.

You will not get many visitors responding to your SMS message from any device other than a phone so make it perfect!

Make sure you have an excellent landing page designed in that case.

9. Reminder SMS

Many a time it happens that your customers even after making their mind about buying do not end up purchasing stuff.

There are more chances that they might be missing out on specific promo codes with excellent offers.

Here you can take help of SMS to boost website traffic.

Remind them about this offer via an SMS campaigning.

This will undoubtedly benefit your business and help you boost website traffic.

10. Measure Results

There goes a saying don’t let your plans to fate.

In this dynamic domain, you must be keeping a check on the analytics and metrics from SMS marketing.

There are endless variations on the approach, but the idea is to get them back to your website so you can keep yourself fresh in their mind.

Further, calculating every step will let you know how accurate your SMS marketing for website traffic is gaining audience response.

First of all, you need to count how many people responded to your campaigns.

What is the number of impressions received?

Try associating these measurements with the analysis report you will get from A/B testing to know the effects of your strategy.


There can be a lot of compelling reasons for you to use text messaging.

One of them is to use SMS messaging to get people to your website, and the other one is to get them to your website again.

Owing to smartphone domination of the mobile phones; websites are recently getting less preferred as a marketing channel.

However, by integrating SMS marketing with websites as part of a cross-channel promotional strategy, businesses can see exponentially increase in traffic.

SMS marketing for website traffic is becoming increasingly indispensable, especially when your venture does not have a brick and mortar storefront.

Successful SMS lead generation plays a vital role in creating a difference between a business that excels, and a business that struggles to shift consumers.

The key is to use SMS power wisely so that, you can see an amplified ROI without being intrusive.

Excellent SMS marketing techniques can help you to expand business virtually for any industry.

SMS marketing services if clubbed with other web marketing tools, like online networking and link building, can be fruitful to increase website traffic.

If you wish to drive visitors to your site, use SMS to boost website traffic which is available right at your fingertip.

So what are you waiting for? Thousands of happy customers are already using SMS marketing for website traffic improvement.

Join them today!

Let us know how you are using SMS to boost website traffic.

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