Comprehensive SMS Marketing Checklist You Need To Mark For Victory

What could be a better assistant than an SMS marketing checklist for each and every specific tasks, you need to accomplish throughout your campaign launch?

Yes, because text message marketing checklist keeps you track your activities which you need to carry out without giving a miss during a whole of your campaign.

 SMS marketing is becoming a more demanding constituent of the marketing mix for many companies.

The potency of SMS marketing is undeniable, and it is the proven strategy to achieve your crucial marketing goals.

It is not just the big companies with huge marketing budgets who can experience the amazing benefits associated with SMS marketing, but also the companies of any size can tremendously boost up their marketing goals.

So, Are you planning to join the league?

If yes, here is a comprehensive SMS marketing campaign checklist which can be your great friend throughout your successful SMS marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing Checklist

Before that, dip into some useful SMS marketing facts and statistics

  • People look into their mobile phones on an average of 150 times per day.
  • SMS marketing has the highest average open rate of 98%.
  • Average of 90% of all messages are read within 3 minutes of sent time.
  • Response time for text messages is 90 seconds on an average.
  • Average of 75% of people prefer to receive offers by SMS.
  • SMS marketing has an average click-through-rate of 36%.
  • SMS coupons get redeemed ten times more than the printed coupons.
  • Engagement rate of SMS marketing is 6 to 8 times greater than Emails.

Pre Campaign launch SMS marketing checklist

Step 1: Checklist for defining your marketing goals

  1. In the first place, did you define your marketing goals? Example: advertising, branding, promotions and sales, customer relationship.
  2. After researching about SMS marketing, did you identify the scope of SMS marketing to achieve your marketing goals?

Step 2: Checklist for determining the role of SMS marketing in your customer’s lifecycle

  1. How do your customer profiles align with profiles with above average mobile consumption?
  2. Did you determine where your prospects or customers would benefit from engaging with you via SMS in the entire customer lifecycle?
  3. Also, where do the prospects learn about your products or services before you send them SMS?
  4. How your customers re-engage with your company on an ongoing service after you send them SMS?
  5. And, what are the primary purposes of reaching out to customers via SMS? Example: current services, upgrades, upsell/cross-sell, new product/service notifications, to provide them helpful information.

Step 3: SMS marketing checklist for partnering with right SMS marketing service provider

  1. Firstly, did you check with different free trial versions of different SMS marketing platforms before choosing your SMS service provider?
  2. Does your SMS service provider have partnerships with all the primary telecom companies in the industry?
  3. And, does your SMS marketing service provider handle the campaign through white routes?
  4. Are you allowed to customize your campaigns based on your customer segment in your SMS marketing platform?
  5. Does your SMS marketing platform enable you to schedule the campaigns and automate it according to your strategies?
  6. Also, does your SMS marketing service provider have all the required features to fulfill your campaign goals? Example: Unlimited keywords, Advanced marketing solutions, self-filtration of DND numbers, two-way messaging, etc.
  7. Does your SMS marketing platform has fine-tuned gateway technology with minimum downtime?

  8. Is your SMS marketing platform extensive integration with your database and CRM is convenient?
  9. Also, are you convenient using your SMS marketing platform interface?
  10. Is your SMS marketing service provider is readily available to troubleshoot your technology and marketing issues in your campaigns?
  11. Is your SMS marketing platform able to track all the required performance parameters and provide a clear analytical report? Example: Click-through rates, subscription rates, opt-out rates.
  12. Is your SMS marketing service provider has reasonable tariffs and no hidden costs?
  13. Moreover, is the platform is providing flexible and scalable plans according to your marketing needs, budget, size of business, size of audience?
  14. Does your SMS marketing service provider comply with rules and regulations of regional telecom authorities?
  15. And, is your SMS marketing service provider acting accountable and equipped enough to protect your customer data?
  16. Is your SMS service provider maintain privacy and security requirements which are relevant for messaging in your business?
  17. Also, what languages and dialects do you need to support? Will your SMS marketing platform provide them?

Choosing your right SMS Marketing service provider is a very critical task to execute effortless and productive campaigns.

Your right SMS marketing platform is the backbone of your SMS marketing strategy.

Therefore, select your correct SMS service partner by using SMS campaign checklist profoundly.

Right SMS marketing partner

Step 4: SMS marketing checklist for setting up the SMS marketing platform

  1. Did you integrate the SMS platform to your CRM through API?
  2. And, do you know how to add or incorporate your customer database with SMS marketing platform?
  3. Did you know how to manage and track your campaigns in your SMS marketing platforms?
  4. Did you define what days and times will you actively respond to inbound customer messages?
  5. Moreover, do you know what processes are needed to receive incoming customer messages and what software systems will handle them?
  6. Did you set your reporting settings for analytics tracked like which reports(opt-in rate, opt-out rate, response rate, CTR, bounce rates) to be sent where( email/SMS) and how often you want to receive them(daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)?
  7. Also, did you set up reply routing (to email, website, mobile) in case you want to check replies and respond to your customers personally?

Step 5: SMS marketing checklist for building customer data

  1. To begin with, did you define the ways of approaching your customers to collect phone numbers, personal data and receive opt-ins? Example: collecting data while the customer is availing the product or service, offline/online surveys, sign-up from the website, opt-in via text by sending an SMS to your virtual number or shortcode.
  2. And, did you define your strategies to attract the customers to opt-in your SMS service? Example: free content, prize giveaways, discounts.
  3. Did you include how you will use your customer data in opt-in form?
  4. Also, did you inform your customers of the message in the case of charges incurring?

SMS marketing checklist to launch the campaign

Step 6: Checklist for setting your SMS marketing campaign objectives.

  1. Did you define your SMS marketing campaign objectives? Example: acquire new customers, generate leads, build a relationship with customers, reach your niche customers.
  2. And, did your SMS marketing campaign objectives aligned with your marketing goals and your purpose to reach your customers?
  3. Are all your objectives  S M A R T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound)?
  4. Also, did you identify the specific performance indicators to measure your campaign success?

Step 7: SMS marketing checklist for designing the SMS marketing strategy

  1. Firstly, did you define your strategy for the campaign? Example: offering cashback, coupon, discount, updates. 
  2. And, did your strategy align with your SMS marketing campaign objective?
  3. Apart from that, did you determine if there any scope to run real-time and dynamic SMS strategy which can push immediate sales?SMS campaign strategy

Step 8: SMS marketing checklist for the scope of cross-channel marketing

  1. Did you determine the scope for integrating the cross-channel marketing for the campaign strategy?
  2. If yes, did you decide which channels to incorporate for multi-channel marketing?
  3. Did you define your multichannel campaigning strategy? Example: running a social media campaign and pushing them instantly to the customers via SMS.

In most of the cases, it is beneficial to use SMS marketing integrated with Omni channel marketing strategy than using it for standalone campaigns.

Step 9: SMS marketing checklist for Segmentation

  1. Firstly, do you have the details of the customers like name, location, gender, age, etc. to segment and personalize the campaigns?
  2. Did you determine your segmentation factor for the customer list of the campaign? Example: customers demographics, interests, location, language, purchase history.
  3. And, did you make the segmented customer list for the campaign?

Step 10: SMS marketing checklist for crafting your content

  1. Did you define your sender Id? Example: business name, mobile number
  2. And, is your Sender Id pre-registered?
  3. Also, are you identifying yourself in the sender Id or the copy of the message?
  4. Did you determine your SMS template for the campaign?
  5. And, is your SMS template pre-register?
  6. Did you tailor your strategy based on your customer segment?
  7. Does your SMS has a crystal clear message of what you want to share with your customers?
  8. And, did you have attention-grabbing texts in your SMS?
  9. Does your message has a clear call to action?
  10. Moreover, did you provide the opt-out option and explained how to opt-out in your SMS?
  11. Are you sending your message at the right time, i.e., in business hours?
  12. Are you using a common language in your SMS which your customers would understand easily?
  13. Also, is your SMS providing value to your customers?
  14. Did you plan the campaigns with variable strategies to hold your customers interest in your brand?
  15. Did you determine how you can personalize the SMS? Example: by adding a name, by sending the message in the local tongue.
  16. Also, did you shorten the URL link which you include in the SMS?
  17. Did you provide the double opt-in option to your customers if there is a need for evident approval?
  18. Does your SMS has a human touch?
  19. Did you provide the keyword for additional ways to contact you, such as email address, phone numbers? Example: keyword ‘HELP.’
  20. Is your text tone matching with your brand tone?
  21. After all, did you proofread the SMS before you launch the campaign?

You need to employ SMS marketing best practices while crafting your content to launch powerful campaigns.

Your content is what holds your customers’ curiosity and interest in your brand.

Step 11: SMS marketing checklist for Testing strategies

  1. Did you test and determine the appropriate frequency for sending SMS to your customers?
  2. Did you conduct controlled trials to see what formats and strategy of the campaign are effective for which customer segment? Example: A/B testing.
  3. Also, did you verify that you can send and receive messages before you launch your campaign?

Step 12: SMS marketing checklist while Launching the campaign

  1. Did you obtain your dedicated virtual number or shortcode for your campaigns(optional)?
  2. And, did you upload the targeted customer data?
  3. What is the volume of messages you want to send in the campaign?
  4. Did you define an appealing keyword with a dedicated short code to add contacts to the new list or other custom features (optional)?
  5. Also, did you determine the requirement of two-way communication in your campaign?
  6. If yes, did you set your automate-response when your customer replies you with a keyword?
  7. Are your keywords unique and special?
  8. Did you set up multi-level auto responses for keywords where the campaign strategy demands?
  9. And, did you automate your campaign by scheduling according to your strategy?

Post Campaign launch SMS marketing checklist

Step 13: SMS marketing checklist for tracking the campaign success

  1. Did you track your campaign downtime?
  2. Are you tracking the performance indicating parameters of the campaign after launch? Example: delivery rate, list size, list growth rate, opt-out rate, click through rate, response rate, redemption rate, acquisition cost per lead, the return on investment.
  3. Also, are you keeping track of the budget you are spending on each campaign and compare with your ROI?SMS marketing campaign results

You need to understand the importance of tracking the success metrics of your SMS campaign and able to utilize the analytical reports of your campaign to optimize your next campaigns.

Step 14: SMS marketing checklist for optimization of campaign

  1. Did you determine the timings at which the customers’ responses are higher to your SMS?
  2. And, are you optimizing your next SMS marketing campaign based on the analytics and customer behavior tracked in the previous campaign?

Step 15: SMS marketing checklist for Customer database maintenance

  1. Are you updating your customer list regularly?
  2. Also, are your cleaning your customer list by clearing suppression list, hard bounce, and soft bounce numbers?

A powerful and well-planned SMS marketing campaign is an aggregation of critical things at each step you take towards and afterward the launch.

Once, you gain control of these factors, you are ever ready to launch your effective SMS marketing campaigns efficiently and effortlessly.

Use your SMS marketing checklist and never miss out any key task to launch the campaign successfully.

Tell us what you think about this Comprehensive SMS marketing checklist to launch your victorious campaigns.

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