5 Reasons That Makes Real Estate Digital Marketing So Effective

If you think that real estate digital marketing cannot help you, you must consider again.

With the growth of internet, most organizations are using the online marketplace to build their business. Real estate sector is also increasing its online footprint at a decent pace. The real estate digital marketing are benefitting the realtors with growth in the number of customers and revenue.

5 Reasons That Makes Real Estate Digital Marketing So EffectiveThere are several positives of adopting real estate digital marketing techniques to improve your business.

However, you still might  want to know the advantages of real estate digital marketing.

The following points will give you perfect reasons to add real estate digital marketing in your strategies. Understanding them can increase your conversions and help you to earn more revenue with digital.

1. Enhance visibility with real estate digital marketing

Digital marketing helps you to showcase your business online and reach out to millions of people. Thus, if someone looks to buy a property is not close, he/she can quickly check them out online.

Real estate digital marketing techniques allow you tohighlight the exclusive features of your projects. A digital platform also helps you to expand your search area. Moreover, you can reach customers beyond the limitation of location, and size.

Using the channels used for digital marketing, you can share your property details through social media pages, search ads, display ads, Facebook ads, or customized emails to your leads. You can look for what the people are searching for and provide them with the right offer.

Real estate digital marketing also uses social media to reach out to people. You can create relevant posts on Facebook, announce a campaign or offer through Twitter, and post photos of your properties on Instagram. These platforms allow you to connect with more people, thus, giving you more marketing opportunity.

Real estate digital marketing gives you a bigger market to tap into with more people to reach than any offline marketing platform in just a few clicks. It is a known fact for marketers that if the number of target audience reached or interacted increases, the number of conversions would increase.

Using real estate digital advertising helps you to strategize your marketing drive. Additionally, you can include customized offers that your potential customers would love to try out.


The following example could help you to understand how real estate digital marketing works. Below is the homepage of a renowned realtor. It speaks about one of its projects along with the facilities and the price. Anyone looking to buy a property in that particular location would be able to see what the realtor has to offer. If the buyer is interested, he/she might get in touch with you from anywhere in the world.

Enhance visibility with real estate digital marketing

2. Reduce marketing cost

Deciding the marketing budget for real estate sector is always tough. The real estate digital marketing techniques are quite helpful in optimizing the overall marketing cost than most of the traditional marketing efforts.

When you market your property through the offline mediums like flyers, or newspaper ads, you cannot be certain of your targeting audience. Moreover, you cannot be sure if your target audience in offline have any intention of buying a property at all.

The offline method is like telling random people about you, without knowing if they want to know about you. However, online promotion helps you to reach the right people who are looking to buy a property. Even, if they are unaware of you, you can convince them to engage with you by strategic nurturing.

Additionally, you can customize the digital marketing efforts as per the reach of the target audience. So, you can plan your campaign expenditure according to your requirement, and reduce the advertising cost considerably. With right targeting and proper strategy, the revenue generated is much more than that of an offline or traditional marketing drive.

Moreover, real estate digital advertising helps you to run a marketing campaign from a centralized location, over the internet anywhere in the world. So, you can run an active marketing drive sitting in one spot with a handful of people, which reduces your marketing cost.

 3. Optimizes marketing funnel through digital marketing for realtors

Buying a house is a big decision that your customers make. Before they buy a house, there is a long process of deliberation from the potential customer. They usually compare every detail related to the property before they decide to buy it. Therefore, setting up a proper marketing funnel is critical.

An online marketing funnel can help you satisfy your customers’ needs easily. It takes your customers through the stages of the funnel with relevant content and increases their deliberation towards buying your properties. Moreover, it helps in reducing the decision-making time, thus helping you to wrap up deals sooner than you expect.

The real estate digital marketing help you to assist your potential buyers to decide on buying from you. You can increase their buying intent by optimizing your marketing funnel strategy. Additionally, you can nurture them with suitable resources according to their needs and convert them over time.

Through different real estate digital marketing techniques, you can associate yourself with your customers. It helps you to show them the value they can get from you. You can send out emails describing the features of your properties, and compare it with what other real estate promoters are providing. It can give you an immense edge in explaining why your property is the best among your competitors too.

You can also use real estate digital marketing to send out tips and suggestions to your potential customers. It would help by making the customer’s journey easier. Eventually, they are the ones who would be purchasing a property from you.


Check out the following example. It shows the general price trends of the house and compares it to other properties in the same locality. Comparing the price helps the interested customers to decide on buying a property.

Optimizes marketing funnel through digital marketing

4. Build customer loyalty and ease of doing business

Because of the visibility, exposure, reach, and transparency digital marketing provides you, doing business becomes easier. It can increase customers’ trust as well as improves your brand recognition in the real estate sector.

Additionally, you must remember that buying a property is mostly a one-time decision for most of your customers. However, engaging with the customers even after they have purchased the property is vital to building trust and loyalty.

Digital marketing techniques allow you to connect with these customers even in the post-buying period. You can write engaging emails with relevant content and share them. Topics related to property care or home decor ideas would help people to remain interested in connecting with you.

Because of the sense of satisfaction, the customers stay loyal to your business much longer. The chances that your loyal customers would refer you to their close friends and family also improves.

If you target relevant customers, your brand value, as well as your online reputation, can improve your marketability. It can help you to expand your business and generate more revenue in the long run.

5. Consistent presence with real estate digital marketing

Socialbeat statistics show that 92% of the home buyers did an online search for homes in July 2016. Moreover, 82% of the home buyers trust the online agents and finds them to be a better information source.

As studies shows, most of the property buyers have access to the internet. They tend to search for the relevant properties online. If they find your property interesting, they will try to engage with you. Therefore, include a sign-up form in your campaigns to collect the necessary personal details about these people, so that you can engage with them.

Using real estate digital marketing helps you to showcase the information related to the property you look to sell. It provides a sense of transparency to potential buyers. Though you can do this through offline mode too, going online gives your prospects options to choose and compare multiple properties. Thus, they feel empowered by being able to select the right property according to their own will.

Having a real estate business also means that you could have properties located in multiple parts of the city. They have different size and cost, depending on various factors. With the offline method, you have to arrange for agents at every location that you have a property.

However, real estate digital marketing allows you to assemble all the information about every project in multiple locations on a single website. So, if a visitor comes to your site, he/she can zero-in on selected properties according to his/her requirement.


Check out the image below. It gives the details of all the properties of a realtor across locations on a single webpage. It also speaks about the current status of the project and the cost of each of the projects.

Presence with real estate digital marketing

Thus any interested person looking to buy a property can make a decision based on location, price, features of the property and other factors.

Through different real estate digital marketing techniques, you can help your customers make an educated and well-judged decision.

Things to remember

Due to the growth of the internet, your online presence is the key to expand your business and improve your customers base. You can do innumerable things with the real estate digital marketing tools and techniques without increasing your marketing budget. Starting an SMS marketing or sending out a personalized email can help you to improve conversions with better visibility without overburdening your budget.

Additionally, you can improve your brand value, expand your reach, and increase your revenue better than the traditional marketing approach.

The only question that should bother you is: The world is going digital, but are you?

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