21 Ultimate Real Estate Social Media Ideas For 2019

Nowadays you can’t find a realtor without social media presence, but how far are they utilising social media for real estate in an effective way?

Generally, buying or selling of property will be done only once, and it’s the most significant decision of everyone’s life. Obviously, they won’t rush into making it. They want clear answers for every question that comes into their mind.

To get those answers, they may search some websites, social media and offline agents.

For real estate agents, social media became the primary source to grab the attention of the audience.

According to realestateagentu

84% of realtors are using real estate social media posts for generating leads. Out of which-

  • 79% of realtors using Facebook for real estate social media marketing.
  • 48% of realtors are using Twitter to promote real estate social media posts using hashtags.
  • LinkedIn 29%, WordPress 15%, YouTube 12%, Blogger 5%, Flicker 4%, Tumbler 2%  for generating leads using real estate social media content.

real estate social media

There is huge competition in the real estate field, and people don’t look someone with just a real estate business license.

They want someone who can advise them in all perspectives like-

  • Saving their interest on a home loan
  • Aware them with methods of availing loans with less interest
  • Proper guidance to skip the complexities of buying or selling the property
  • And someone who can stand by their side throughout the process.

Here we are focusing on some practical ideas that can help realtors to utilise real estate social media marketing to a maximum extent.

1. Focus on your Target Audience

With your real estate social media posts, you can reach people who are more interested in buying the property. Focus on the granular level precision of the audience.

Create a buyer persona. If you already have data, create a custom audience from your first party data, and from the custom audience, generate lookalike audience.

This feature is available on Facebook and other social media sites.

2. Excite Audience with your Ads

Understand the preference of the audience and trigger them using your real estate marketing campaigns. Use different Ad formats like:

Carousel Ad Format

real estate carousel ad

The carousel Ad format allows you to add more than one image in a single Ad. The person who is seeing Ad can scroll through the carousel cards by clicking on swiping arrow button.

It’s available on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook audience network, It helps you to display up to ten images in a single Ad, each image in Ad can have its separate URL.

Carousel Ad format helps you to describe- one product using storytelling or explaining a service process in detail across each carousel card.

It even provides you with the facility to prioritise the image positions based on its performance.

For real estate social media posts, you can take the pictures of the property at different angles and post it in a single Ad for a complete view of the property.

Video Ads

real estate video

Based on your purpose, like for branding or sale or promotion of any event, choose the right video format that can appeal to your audience.

Video Ads capture the attention of the audience quickly. In videos, you can pass your message to the audience in a more convincing way.

For example, the various video formats you can adopt are Short videos, GIFs, Vertical videos, Instagram stories, Carousel, Collection, and In-stream video.

Capture the video which covers every angle of the property that can make the audience to feel that they are at the property not like watching it somewhere on some device.

Your real estate social media video post should be able to answer all the questions one have in their mind before visiting the property. It helps you to filter people and make you reach people who are genuinely interested.

Photo Ads

real estate photo

Nowadays smartphones are coming with high-resolution cameras, and it became easy to capture a clear picture.

In photo Ads, focus on the single property. Don’t confuse the audience with multiple properties of different areas.

If you want to promote more than one property of the same area in a single Ad, use Carousel format.

For example: Make separate carousel Ads for different areas of properties so that people will get a clear idea.

Generally, people focus on some particular area for buying property, by taking this as an advantage you can target people based on their area preference.

Link Ads

Link Ad

Link Ads are single image Ads that assist you in promoting your website, blog posts, or page. It should include- Image, Headline, Copy, CTA button, Ad link description.

A link in an Ad with a specific call to action button will serve the purpose of your real estate business. It will help your clients to reach your website easily.

A call to action button will help you to make people take actions which you desire.

And it’s a straightforward social media strategy for real estate business owners to grab the attention of the audience.

3. Make your Post Sharing Easy

Whatever you post, it should describe its purpose with clear images, links and call to action button.

So, the people who are interested in buying property shouldn’t feel any hassle in reaching you or understanding the purpose of the post.

By your post, you can make people share your post with their network. Sharing can help you to reach a large number of audience.

Also, it increases the number of queries and which in turn help in brand awareness and conversion of leads.

4. Add Testimonial Section on the Website

Include a separate section of client testimonials on your website. It helps the clients to understand how you provide service and about the speciality of your properties.

Also, enable the comment section of your article and service pages that help you to get comments from your prospective clients.

Testimonials are the best source for you to clear doubts of your clients more convincingly.

Real estate testimonials

5. Create a Facebook Group

Create a Facebook group and add all the people who are interested in buying or selling real estate properties even your clients who already purchased.

Maintain the group by frequently posting real estate social media content which appeals the members to share posts across their network.

Your real estate social media posts should make a mark on the group members mind so that, whenever they think of buying or selling of property, they approach you first for advice.

real estate Facebook Page

6. Participate in Other Facebook Groups

Participate in other real estate Facebook groups and keep an eye on your competitors.

Learn real estate social media marketing Ideas from your competitors, how they are approaching their clients and also analyse where you’re lagging in it.

Make real estate social media marketing plan and choose the right time and situation to post your properties Ads.

real estate Facebook group

7. Create a Facebook Page with Cover Video

Create a video that highlights the features of your property and make it a cover video for your Facebook page.

Whenever someone visits your Facebook page, a cover video will start playing automatically. It assists you in gaining the attention of the audience.

You can also make a video about describing your real estate business. If possible, use call to action buttons in videos to help the audience in taking their next step.

Facebook cover video

8. Go Live at a Property on Facebook

It’s an advanced real estate social media strategy. Prior to making a live video at your property, don’t forget to go through these points-

  • Select the proper time when most of the people are free.
  • Inform your audience prior to your broadcasting.
  • Write an appealing description before you go live.
  • Ask viewers to subscribe to live notifications.
  • Respond to the comments of viewers by addressing their names.
  • Take the video for a long time so that you get more views and participation in your live video.
  • Try to cover all the features of your property,
  • Take the camera every corner of the property and show them how it looks.
  • End with a closing line which makes the audience to click on a call to action button.

This video gets saved in your timeline, and even you have the option to boost the video to the selected audience. For this, go to the Facebook Ads manager then select boost your real estate social media posts and at last choose the audience to target.

9. Use Full View of Photo or Video

In Facebook, you have an option to upload an image or video taken in panorama mode that is in a 360-degree view.

In this mode, you can capture every angle above, below, behind and next to you.

You can do this with any Android or iPhone mobile or device which supports this feature.

It’s an advanced feature, you can find this in any smartphones, and it’s proven to be a good source for promoting real estate social media posts.

360 photo real estate

10. Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Adding a chat plugin to your Facebook business page is the advanced social media strategy for real estate business.

It will be effortless for your audience to interact with you using chat plugin, to build brand awareness and to encourage the audience to visit your website.

Chatbots are preprogrammed with some frequently asked questions like- price range, closest listing pin codes, areas near to the property, in which district, features of the property, & many other and with appropriate answers to them.

Chatbots use AI technology that helps to determine the audience based on their behavioural, geographic and demographic factors that enables them to chat like a human.

facebook chatbot

11. Use Keyword Targeting on Twitter

Target your audience based on tweets and searches which they recently have done.

You can focus here in two ways; the first one is based on the search, which is useful during some events, related to your real estate business.

And the second one is based on the timeline, which shows the current interest of the people like their feeling, thoughts and other needs.

12. Sponsor an Event

Sponsor an event with some concept which triggers the targeted audience. It helps you to drag the interest and improves your brand image.

Throughout the event, try to focus on highlighting the unique features of your property or real estate business.

People will get to know about you and your business, and they might get interested in your property by looking at its appealing features.

13. Celebrate your Milestone

Celebrate your success and post it on your real estate social media business profiles.

Make people know about your progress; it builds trust in your clients towards your business.

Whatever be the reason for your celebration, like- done with some deal of selling or buying a property congratulate your clients.

The more your real estate social media post is unique and creative, the more you can engage your audience.

real estate

14. Share your Know-How

Always telling about yourself on social media will not help you to generate leads. People spend time on social media for getting knowledge, entertainment, and fun.

Start a blog which covers the basic to advance level of questions comes in the mind of people before they purchase or sell their property.

For example: what are the hurdles they may face and precautions they must take and all other things which educate your client about real estate business.

These types of posts drag your clients to your website to gain knowledge.

Hopefully, they do inquire about real estate, feeling you’re an expert in that, and here you can take the chance to show your expertise and to make them know about your properties.

15. Don’t Forget your Clients

Generally, clients don’t remember the realtor or real estate agency from whom they purchased the property.

Keeping in touch with your clients through the posts is an excellent real estate lead generation idea to get referrals from your clients.

Don’t forget your clients; they can become your ambassadors to promote you.

Help your clients by providing insights to renovate their home, interior designing ideas, furniture to use, themes to follow and similar other which can help them to engage with you.

16. Encourage Clients for Review/Comment

In your every real estate social media post, encourage the audience to comment. The more people engage with your post, the more you can build your brand image.

Collect clients review and ask them to add a comment on your real estate social media post.

From reviews or comments, your prospective clients can get an idea about the properties you sell or buy, and they will approach you.

Nowadays people are becoming more dependent on social media for real estate agents instead of offline agents for buying or selling their property.

Because of reviews and comments, it became easy to get an idea of whom to trust for getting advice.

17. Use Right Real Estate Hashtags in your Content

When you write content for your post, include hashtags. It’s used in social media posts to get more likes and discovered quickly. It helps to engage the customers with you.

You need to add a hashtag with some keywords which define your real estate business. For example, you can use the words which people use for buying or selling a property.

Hashtags are mostly used on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Consider examples of some hashtags used in real estate social media posts-

Generic real estate hashtags-

#Realestate, #Realtor, #Homesale, #HomeForSale, #Househunting, #Mortgage, #Property, #Foreclose, etc;

Real estate agent hashtags

#Investment sales, #Commercialrealesatate, #Propertyforsale, #Homebuyer, #Banking, #Investment, etc;

Customized real estate hashtags

#[Target neighbourhood], #[Broker name], #[City name]home, #[Target city]property, etc;

18. Pin Photos to Popular Pinterest Boards

In Pinterest, you can create your board and pin the photos and URL from your blog, or you can capture the cleared image.

If not, you can share your real estate social media post in other collective boards with having good followers count, who permits you to contribute.

Pinterest pin photos

19. Promote with a Facebook Pinterest Tab

You can cross promote your posts and can expand your social reach by getting your Pinterest updates on a Pinterest tab on your Real estate Facebook page. It’s straightforward-

Go to your personal Facebook account, search for “Pinterest tab for pages”. And then go to install Tab I or Tab 2 clicks on it.


It will get added to your Facebook page like this. Similarly, you can add it for other social media tabs.

pinterest tabs

20. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram helps you to boost your real estate social media post by using the hashtags in your content.

Writing an appealing content with a proper image or video can help you to engage the audience easily — Instagram stories considered as the best real estate social media strategy to generate leads.

instagram stories

21. Use Location-Based Targeting

Location-based advertising is compelling; you can run location-based Ads on many social media platforms like- Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Other.

It helps you to target people based on their location like country, region, area, or city.

It even provides you with the option to refine the audience more precisely like people- 

  • Living everyone in this location
  • Commute in this location
  • Who recently visited this location
  • Who reside in this location

facebook location based targeting

To Sum Up

In 2019 very few realtors are dependent on the traditional way of approaching the audience. Like other industries, the real estate industry also has a significant impact of social media.

In fact, According to socialbeat,

  • 92% of home buyers do an online search before buying properties.
  • 82% of real estate investors trust, real estate agents present in online for getting information or advice.
  • And about 42% of real estate investors give first preference to online search.

Real estate social media posts will work as a booster to build a brand and generate leads for real estate business.

If you get an idea when and how to use social media strategy for real estate business, you can generate so many leads.

Above discussed real estate social media ideas are very effective to reach the audience of this generation.

Please do try and comment on your experience to help others.


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