7 Real Estate Online Marketing Tools That Skyrocket Your Revenue

Real estate sector is going through a massive transformation as they increase their footfalls in the online marketplace. Some are reaping the benefits of digital marketing, while others seem to find lesser response online. However, if you use some awesome yet easy to manage real estate online marketing tools, you can quickly enhance your presence and reach to boost your business faster.

Real estate online marketing tools help you to perform many activities. It helps you to expand your reach and improve communication with your leads. It also helps you to build a brand identity, increase brand loyalty, and improves your conversion rates.

Real Estate Online Marketing Tools

Moreover, it helps you to be a part of the daily life for your customers, which allows you to become a market leader in the long run.

However, not all tools are relevant in real estate. Selecting the real estate online marketing tools that don’t help you to fulfil your business objectives must be avoided.

Check out the chosen combination of few real estate online marketing tools that are most helpful for going digital.

Real estate online marketing tools to leverage

Before including digital marketing tools in your real estate business, you must be convinced to adopt real estate digital marketing. You can find out the pros of digital marketing in real estate through proper research, and by analyzing your business objective. Moreover, you can try to figure out how digital marketing can help you in achieving your business goals.

After you have decided, you need the digital marketing strategy and tools for your real estate business. The various tools that you must use in real estate digital marketing are

1. Professional Website

One of the most fundamental real estate online marketing tools that you must have in your toolkit is a professional website for your business. The utility and use of a well-built site are unparalleled. The website acts as the face of your business, and increases your visibility and reach on the online marketplace.

Additionally, a website acts as the hub of all your digital activity. Customers can visit, browse, gather information, and finally make a decision on whether to buy a property from you.

Moreover, you can use your website to do multiple things. You can host video tours of your real estate properties, communicate with your leads, and guide them through the buying process.

In other words, a site is a beneficial way to optimize your marketing funnel. Check out the following screenshot to understand how a real estate website looks like.

Website for Real Estate


You can engage your visitors with relevant and interactive posts to help them to pass through the different stages of the funnel quite easily.

However, you must strategize every aspect of your website before finalizing the design. The look of your website, navigational prowess, and the content of the website must be given serious research before you decide to launch your site.

2. Blog through a Content Management System

Another great among real estate online marketing tools is your official blog and the content management system. It helps you to connect with your customers, leads, and subscribers on an emotional level.

You can leverage the trust factor by increasing their loyalty and the customer lifecycle.

Managing the blog through a content management system has quite a few benefits. You can post several content formats, both downloadable and non-downloadable in your blog.

Moreover, the content production and publication do not require much time. Therefore, you can maintain a constant supply of content to the blog.

When you regularly publish on your blog, people begin to see you as a thought leader. Also, posting about the current trends related to real estate creates awareness among the people. The following image is an example of how a real estate blog is maintained.

CMS for Real Estate

Gradually, it helps you to change the perception of people in accepting you as the market leader, who has a solution to every problem in real estate.

3. Email marketing software

As a marketer, you must know that email marketing is one of the better communication channels when it comes to ROI.

Statistics confirm that email marketing remains the most favoured channel for the realtors. 94 per cent of real estate marketers prefers communication through emails.

Therefore, when you are looking to build your arsenal, email marketing among real estate online marketing tools could be a potent weapon.

You can use a single email to reach thousands of subscribers. It helps you to generate interest, build trust, and convert them into your customer over time. Other than these, there are other benefits of email marketing, which allows you to make your business better.

If you want to start real estate email marketing, try using one of the various email marketing software available from different vendors.

The email marketing software or EMS can send automated emails, scheduled emails, and promotional emails.

It also helps you to segment your audience, A/B testing and can keep track of the success metrics of your campaigns.

The EMS prices vary according to the features and the vendor.

However, most of them are capable of performing the necessary tasks quite efficiently. If you need your business to grow faster, EMS must be listed among real estate online marketing tools that you must have.

4. Social media automation tools

Despite email being the most preferred communication medium for the marketers, the social networks are fast changing the way marketing communication is done.

The social media has the edge over conventional marketing channels, as they are more informal and personal.

Therefore, anyone reaching out on these platforms has a chance to leverage the emotional quotient of the leads better than any other channel.

To use social media along with other real estate online marketing tools, you need to understand the primary functions of each of them.

For example, Facebook or Instagram is more personal, where people share their private and personal moments.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is a platform, which is used for professional networking. Therefore, the type of message you send on Facebook and the interaction it generates cannot work on LinkedIn.

Moreover, posting on these social media platforms requires proper follow up to get an indication of people’s sentiment.

Social media posts are visible to people even if they are not your subscribers. Therefore, you need to maintain a constant and regular supply of posts to engage them.

There are few social media automation apps, which you can add to your digital marketing toolkit. They let you schedule a post, analyze reactions, and understand people’s sentiments over each post.

Real estate online marketing tools that can automate social posts help you to boost brand value and bring in new customers.

5. Photos and video editors

There is a common proverb – people believe in what they see. Though underrated by many, real estate online marketing tools like the photo and video editors can be helpful in the context of improving marketing returns.

When you launch real estate marketing campaigns over digital channels, the use of visual contents matters the most.

Several platforms allow you to post visually appealing content to generate maximum interest. The channels such as Google display ads can improve your reach, but you cannot expect proper engagement unless people like the ads.

Photo and video editors allow you to add the touch of glamour to your content. They help you to include detailed visuals so that people will be tempted to interact with them.

You can use these editors to highlight specific images or videos of your real estate. You can also create a video of “artist’s impression” of your properties still in development through video or photo format.

Moreover, you can upload a few of the creative on your website too, after editing them.

Photo/video editors are great real estate online marketing tools that allow you to display your capabilities in the real estate sector, and project you as the thought leader. Used properly, you can boost your sales and improve your marketing ROI by quite a margin.

6. SMS marketing

Despite many people thinking, that SMS marketing is dead; an accurately crafted text message campaign can provide the much-needed push to your real estate digital marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing is a fast mode of communication if you are looking to yield results quickly. You can start SMS marketing if you know the fundamentals. Learning the techniques of SMS marketing is easy, and you can launch effective campaigns quite soon.

SMS marketing software is a useful addition to the real estate online marketing tools that you have. You can use it send a bulk message, targeting a specific sector of the audience to yield good results.

If you have any doubt about an SMS marketing software, just imagine a situation.

Suppose you have built an impressive housing complex recently. Interested people will obviously buy your property, but it might take some time. However, you want a speedy sale of your properties, without spending much money.

You might wonder if people know about the property in the first place. You can take care of the problem by sending an SMS to the relevant group of people to tell them that a new property is available for interested buyers.

As SMS is read faster, you can expect a few people to make enquiries. With proper nurturing, you can expect that some among them would buy the property.

Having an SMS marketing software for your real estate online marketing tools can solve other purposes too.

You can send offers, updates, and even locations to your audience through text messages. SMS marketing gives you a never-ending opportunity to display your business to people that matter. Using it, send the right message to the right people at the right time to achieve maximum engagement.

7. Mobile app and mobile marketing

As the world is adopting a mobile-first approach, you need your business to be available on mobile phones too.

Real estate online marketing tools such as mobile apps use mobile marketing approaches to help you to reach your audience.

Interacting with your customers and leads becomes easier with apps. These apps help a user to search for properties without any location or time constraints.

Additionally, they can shortlist or reject a property if they find it unsuitable with just a swipe of a finger. Thus, choosing a real estate has become very convenient for customers.

Including a mobile app for your real estate business in your real estate online marketing tools can help you to be in front of the users irrespective of time and location.

Other than mobile apps, you can also use mobile marketing with another real estate digital marketing app.

You can display embedded ads, interstitial ads with videos and website.

You can pay for the advertising space for third-party sites too if to expand your reach. These ads show up when people look for real estate on the internet search engine.

Mobile marketing is convenient due to some other factors too. As people part with their mobile phones rarely these days, you can reach out to them anytime you want.

Moreover, you can create CTAs, which can redirect the users to your website, play a demo, or even call you for enquiries. All of these actions can be taken with a single click or touch.

Therefore, people readily act on ads or other content related to your real estate business, increasing the chances of conversions.


Real estate online marketing tools are many, but selecting the one, which suits you, need research.

While selecting the tools, you must be clear about your business objective. You also must know the best real estate digital marketing channels that these tools can optimize so that you get maximum benefits from them. Without identifying the marketing channels, your tools would lose their purpose.

However, the real estate online marketing tools mentioned above are the essential components for your business. These tools help you to simplify the process of reaching customers and making conversions faster.

What are the real estate online marketing tools are you using and which are the ones you are planning to buy? Let us know in the comment section.

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