26 Amazing Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Actually Work


Real estate marketing

Real estate marketing has changed over the years.

Earlier real estate was only a brick and mortar business, but, the techniques that had worked a few years ago, no longer works now.

Additional changes to real estate marketing are already making its presence felt.

And as a real estate marketer, thriving to stay ahead of the curve should always be your call.

But it can only be backed by an effective realtor marketing strategy.

So, what is an effective real estate marketing strategy?

A realtor marketing strategy helps you to put up your property listings directly in front of a suitable audience at the right time.

It takes into consideration who your target customers are, their budgets, and what exactly are they looking for.

Although it is easier said than done and currently, a considerable portion of your competitors have not grabbed this golden opportunity.

So, it’s the right time that you seize this chance of capturing the market and turn your leads into sales in addition to locking them as clients.

And by being thoughtful about how you promote your realtor marketing, you are already one step ahead of competitors who don’t have a well-thought strategy in place.

Now we will be sharing some incredible real estate marketing ideas for you to develop a plan to achieve success. Let’s get started.

1. Know your competitors

The foundation of a successful real estate marketing plan is doing proper market research.

And in the era of cut-throat competition, real estate agents who don’t have a cutting edge real estate marketing plan often lose out.

Hence you need to analyze and understand the global trends and practices to stay relevant and keep up with the changing preferences of the evolving customers.

2. Highlight your USP

The real estate sector is doing multiple marketing permutations and combinations to enhance its formula of not just reaching out to clients but transforming them into satisfied buyers.

To meet the rising expectations of customers, it is a must now that you provide them with something edgy.

Only then you will be able to make a profit and reach your goals.

For example, you could draw in the fact that your sites are only present in environmentally sustainable areas.

Getting it advertised on billboards will catch hold of curious eyes.

People today are more conscious than ever, and Eco-friendly homes have become the new trend.

3.Virtual tours

Both real estate agents and developers are open to embracing new technologies.

Virtual Reality is one among them that is known to take customer experience to the next level.

Such a concept blurs physical boundaries and enables developers to reach buyers in other cities as well.

Virtual tours have made it possible for buyers to examine properties even being in the comfort of their homes.

This marketing approach gives that kingly feeling to the customer as their requirement gets delivered to them on a platter. 

virtual home tour   

4. Social media marketing

Real estate marketing in India is one such segment that has realized a significant growth rate exploiting digital marketing to reduce marketing spend on traditional media.

Eyeing the potential of social media marketing, real estate marketing in India is turning towards using these channels to reach out to broader audiences effectively.

Entire branding happens through the digital ecosystem.

So what if you are new to real estate marketing?

Allocating time and money to carve a great real estate social media marketing can be tough, but there are several tools that would ease out the process.

Don’t give up; the only thing you have to do is direct your efforts towards enhancing your brand image.

Get hold of the customers when they are busy swapping from one social media to another.     

Instead of delivering a repetitive experience give them a connected experience.

Create meaningful interactions and engage them wherever possible to spread awareness further.

Try to be better instead of being different; this will increase your brand equity.

Go for running a campaign.

It could be about an already existing project or an upcoming one, but it should wow and turn heads.

Use a very catchy tagline, or a new hashtag can be some other techniques.

5. Implement storytelling

Real estate marketing has evolved from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged sector.

Brands today need to have the right mix of traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Uplift individuals memories by making a memorable television commercial.

Generate a highly stylistic approach, and it has the power of making your brand a part of every household.

Like take a fact, pick up its simplicity, add a dash of humour, and mix this into your narration to appeal to your reader’s emotions.

Stories are captivating as it plays to the curious nature of people.

And when you have a genuinely impressive narrative, you’ve got their undivided attention, and they will look forward to these stories.     

6. Tie-up with Local Magazines

Collaborating with magazines will allow you to display high definition pictures of the listings.

This will give a first-hand impression to the mass that you are a well-known brand.

If you think that posting any property pictures gets the job done, you are wrong. Remember, when you are into real estate marketing, visuals are the only influential motivating factor.

Beautify those images, don’t put drab, lifeless photos.

Real estate marketing photo

Whatever photographs you wish to produce, get them shot by some professional photographer.

Moreover, you should hire someone who has a considerable amount of editing skills.

7. Influencer marketing

Giving a face to your realtor marketing might do the trick.

Getting an influencer on board will increase brand awareness making consumers feel more connected with your brand.

These influencers will help in reciprocating your efforts by sharing your content with their audience thereby increasing your reach and leading to more followers and potential customers.     

8. Outsource to a data onboarding platform

With so many different platforms in the market, a Data onboarding platform helps to resolve the issue of having an omnichannel view of customers.

Data onboarding is used to connect offline customer records with online users by matching identifying information gathered from offline datasets to retrieve the same customers in an online audience.

In short, players who fail to adopt the latest real-time real estate marketing strategies for their projects are falling by the wayside.     

9. Festival marketing

Approaching customers during festivals will typically draw in more audiences as they are more likely to invest in home buying.

Real estate marketing in India should take advantage of the festival season to drive higher conversions by targeting millennials more.

Festival marketing is a perfect strategy for real estate agents to market themselves via experiences.

Pitch in some combo offer, package deals or discounted rates.

Festival real estate marketing

To add to it limit these offers for a particular time around the occasions to create a sense of urgency on their part to avail the proposal on time.

10. Launch an app

The recent technological innovations in the form of mobile apps are great for brands in understanding the customer’s deep demands.

Home hunting is not an easy task and because of the easiness of apps, launching an app can no longer be ignored or underestimated.

It will make the process of buying easier than never and will set you apart from your competitors or duplicates.

Users get to personalize searches by parameters including the number of bedrooms, price, square footage, and neighbourhood.

real estate app

Even the time spend over sending emails and calling customers will also be curbed.

Realtor marketing can benefit by adding mortgage calculators as well.

Create a mobile-friendly app and showcase users’ reviews and feedback’s so that the audience can learn about the level of customer satisfaction you provide.

11. Transform your approach to Chatbots

The customers today are more demanding than ever, which is why every marketer is seeking to prioritize this new marketing H2H (Human to human) interactions to establish a long-lasting relationship.

Better and more connected digital customer experiences create meaningful engagements for your business.

And meaningful engagements, in turn, lead to a higher level of trust; eventually loyalty.

84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important in winning their business. 

Install a messaging bot onto your website; it will interact with users through programmatic conversations.

You can even customize the responses.

It will work even beyond your office hours and can be automated to trigger a conversation with users based on their questions.

12. Create a website

As more customers are shifting towards browsing property online, web-based realtor marketing has become a critical tool for effective real estate marketing.

If they can’t find you, how do you expect them to do business with you?    

The website will act as the face of your business, and increases your visibility and reach on the online marketplace.

It is quite a common thing because, when a customer is looking out for buying a home they will be searching for all brands that are offering them buying solutions.

For example

real estate website

So, don’t forget to leverage the power of websites for amplifying your real estate marketing strategy.

Plan, conceptualize, and create your website.

Use it well, and people will see you as a trusted source, making them more likely to buy from you.

13. Connect with communities

Join sites like Quora and Reddit, where people post queries about real estate issues.     

Being on these forums will help you to give better leverage to your property listings.

Say suppose someone asked about the latest rules and regulations in real estate marketing in India.

Answer those questions, or else have an account in Pinterest, it is a fundamental way of putting up your pictures.

14. Email marketing

You might think email is almost redundant, but that’s where you’re wrong because old or not, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When you need to reach your customers quickly the most direct way to reach out to your customers with critical information is through email only.

People are still attached to emails and rely on it quite heavily.

Offer them subscription plans to your newsletters.

Keep the unsubscribe option as well so that they have the call to choose whether they want to receive it further or not.

Thus you will get an idea of who your active subscribers are so that you can segment the inactive ones.

15. Educate the customers

Make them aware of market statistics and predictions.

Providing valuable content will help your audience single you out from the competition.

Use real estate quotes to improve your overall content strategy.

Be sure to be consistent and creative both.

They will begin to trust your expertise and the increase in returns to your website will be assured.

16. SMS marketing

Partner with a Bulk SMS service provider so that you can get in touch with prospects over SMS.

But you must be thinking that everyone today owns a smartphone, will this tactic even work?

Sure it will; you will be able to target even those people who are not so tech-savvy.

Additionally, as one of the real estate marketing channels, SMS helps you to build your email list.

Send out SMS to your prospective clients saying that you are offering freebies.

Tell them that they can collect it from your website and keep a link to your site.

Include a Google form on the website to get their details.

If interested in buying a property from you, they will fill-up the form that includes their details.

17. WhatsApp marketing

Real estate agents need to ensure that marketing efforts are customized to today’s climate.

And it goes beyond saying that integrating a messaging app like WhatsApp could serve as the direct mode of communication for contacting customers if you have their contact details.

The WhatsApp Business platform includes features like stories, map extensions, business categories, and email.     

You can even have a niche group targeting options by creating groups, accommodating 256 members total.

But you need to be actively participating; otherwise, the connectivity will be lost.

High engagement factor, easy multimedia content sharing facility, and free of charge nature has caused it to become a one-stop solution for people.

18. Push Notifications

Take for example you are already a well-established brand and have a brilliant app.

But what is the use if no one is engaging with your app?

Hence if you send push notifications to your subscribers, then you will have a chance of capturing their attention instantly and increasing customers’ lifetime value.

Getting notified about slashed prices and new additions in listings will urge them to visit your app.

real estate push notification

19. PR announcements

One of the most excellent benefits of including a PR in your real estate marketing strategy is it is a unique idea.

It is a smart way of generating traction of mass who are not digitally native.

However, you need to know the perfect time of making one see your efforts paying off.

Go for one when you are confident enough that your agency has already had a strong offline presence.

Public relations solely depend on reputation and making sure everyone knows you.

Doing such releases will expand your reach, and it is a great way to make readers aware of your brand.

It is the best fit to shout out about your achievements and plans.

You can even share the article links to some PR distribution websites for more outreach.

20. Advertising in movie screens

Thinking why this matters to real estate marketing?

This is one of the outstanding real estate advertising ideas.

Because, when a bunch of audiences comes to cineplexes to watch a movie, they have come here to relax.

And striking a cord of thoughtfulness becomes easy then.

Advice, if you want to choose media buying, go for booking a before the movie slot, since most people arrive early to get comfortable, and that’s when they will find the ad.

21. Conduct free seminars

Who doesn’t gets excited to get something for free?

Advertise in both offline and online mediums about your future seminar to get a larger attendance.

Just as you present your services to a one on one client, in a similar fashion conducting seminars are a part of selling a property.

A seminar makes it simpler for people to have direct communication with the realtor marketing players.

You can further dive into nurturing and target those people who feel more confident in talking straightforward business.

Circulate your brochures, there is no guarantee that they will buy from you, but they will surely consider your brand.

22. Voice Search

Real estate marketing demands such go-to ideas that are worth a try.

And including voice search assistance has become the latest scientific addition in technological advancements of this era.

Implementing this will give you a standout because it has not yet become a conventional technique.

It will give a picture to buyers that you are very much compliant with the recent trends in digitization.

Voice search is transforming the way people interact with mobiles.

Even Google gives preferences to local companies, however good your website ranking is.    

The application of Deep Neural Networks technology (DNNs) has drastically improved the accuracy and speed of speech recognition, making it possible for search engines to recognize and analyze speech patterns.

23. Business Cards

Distributing cards give an impression to the receiver that you are a person of authority.

Think about it; you offer business cards to only those people who you have met personally.

And the sole purpose of a business card is to build a network.

It becomes more comfortable for a buyer to have all your detailed information in one place.

A brilliant example is this:

realtor business card

24. Re-marketing

Suppose a user visited your website or a specific landing page but didn’t initiate any transaction.

Re-marketing your property to them becomes very easy since you already have his or her cookie Id.

Now, let’s say they are checking their mail, aside pop-up comes showing the property listings they had searched earlier.

It somewhat looks like this

realtor re-marketing

It will act as a reminder to them that, that particular listing is still there for sale.

You can also use that in the future to create a targeted campaign to get back those users.

25. Re-targeting

When you are a realtor, you should understand the importance of serving your old clients again.

It is easier because they have already transacted with you.

Moreover, targeting them again will make the customers feel touched that you took the time to contact them even after doing business.

Reignite interest in your inactive subscribers by sending them an email.

Let them know that you missed them, and want them back.

Doing this the impression of your brand will increase, yet most real estate firms fail to realize the need of holding back their clients.

Do not give it a skip.

26. Track analytics

Doing marketing in the age of uncertainty requires guts.

Using marketing automation tools you can measure your success rates.

Employ web analytic tools to scrutinize conversion rates and evaluate, once you have done implementing the real estate marketing ideas.

What to keep in mind

There you have it, make your real estate marketing efforts better by using these techniques.

Give a try to implement some and see what significant impact they can have on your real estate marketing plan.

Failing which you won’t be able to skyrocket your bandwidth and conversion rate.

Finally, your struggle to finding remarkable realtor marketing tips comes to an end here.

Do share your insights with us and tell us which one of the real estate marketing ideas you have not tried yet.

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