9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Increase Sale & Boost Revenue

When you are in a real estate business, constructing a property is only half job done. You will need some real estate marketing ideas to sell your properties. Without proper visibility or reach, you cannot expect to have thousands of prospects flocking to buy their real estate from you.

You can market your real estate through different methods. The marketing campaigns could be online or offline, but the expected results are the same. You want to generate more leads and convert them into your loyal customers.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas


If you like to take the traditional approach, you can get a good outcome by using the relevant real estate marketing channels. However, the response rate and the conversion rates are usually slow and low respectively.

On the other hand, if you want to see an outstanding result, you need to use online real estate marketing channels too, with some useful real estate marketing ideas. Moreover, online marketing techniques are usually faster, and can show you results very soon.

Ultimately, while generating the real estate marketing ideas that are effective, you need to consider both online as well offline channels. Following are the few techniques that can give you quite a head start in planning your campaigns, and improving the profits.

1. Utilizing the website

When you are looking to leverage the real estate marketing ideas, nothing works better than your website. You can use it to build trust and loyalty, get more engagement, and find more leads without spending a truckload of money.

You can use your real estate website to host list all of your properties and host virtual tours for them. Your site can also have a map directing to your real estates so that people in the vicinity can check them out if they want to.

However, you should keep in mind a few real estate marketing tips while optimizing your website. Your website must have easy navigation, and the visitors must find the information they are looking for quickly. Also, make your site mobile friendly that offers an excellent user experience.

2. Real Estate Marketing Ideas through Social Media

Social media is a great channel to connect with relevant people and build your community. Moreover, you can use your social media posts and contents to increase user engagement, identify your leads behavior, and get an insight into the users’ intention.

Additionally, social media posts are visible to anyone using that particular social media platform. Therefore, the posts give you an opportunity to connect with people who are not even your subscribers. However, you need to make your social media posts communicative, yet aligning with your professionalism to generate maximum interaction.

Social media platforms are an excellent location to test the efficiency of your real estate marketing ideas. You can use the ideas generated to fine-tune your marketing campaigns through other channels.

3. Decoding Competitors’ Behavior

Another great real estate marketing ideas that you can adopt is to check out your competitors’ online behavior. You can visit your rivals’ website to look for the things they are doing.

Search for keywords they are using, or check the style and tone of their website, and the facilities they are offering. There are several tools that you use to find out these details. They can give you some insights about your own sites too, so that you know the things you are missing out.

You can also find out the prices of the properties they are selling, and compare them to your real estate price. It will help you identify the reasons for your target audience’s inclination towards your competitors.

Understanding the underlying factors of attracting leads and refining your marketing strategies are an effective method to boost your real estate sales.

4. Content is the King

Content has been one of the critical pillars of marketing for the last couple of years. It is one of the essential real estate marketing ideas, which helps in building your business faster.

Content can differ in form, and you can use as many content types to convey your message. You can use video description or an infographic content to explain certain real estate FAQs and target it towards the audience responding more towards the visual stimuli.

For others, you can write an e-book, guide, or tutorial to explain the same set of FAQs. These people could be someone who finds reading as their mode of gathering information.

Through different forms of content, you can engage the customers, and identify the leads better. Moreover, these contents help you to determine the users’ behavior by defining the interactions related to the post.

Thus, using content as one of the methods, among your real estate marketing ideas, help to build trust and loyalty with your subscribers. It also helps you to boost your brand value by projecting you as the thought leader in the real estate sector.

5. Get a Photographer and Videographer

If you think that uploading any set of your property pictures or videos gets the job done, you are wrong. Remember, when you are in real estate, visuals can be a powerful motivating factor.

Therefore whatever photographs or videos you want to upload, get them shot by some professional photographer or videographer. Moreover, you should hire someone who has a considerable amount of editing skills. Any RAW image or unedited video must not go live.

You can also create a slideshow using the edited images to create a better experience for your users. As for the videos, shaping it with a personal story can be quite useful in invoking emotions and changing the buyers’ intent.

Another attached real estate marketing ideas that come with these creative is the use of Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms are a delight for anyone displaying visually pleasing contents to relevant users.

Instagram and Pinterest users are usually more focused target audience. This is because these two platforms use hashtags or keywords to categorize the contents. Therefore, anyone looking for a property has to type in the keyword to see your listings. It gives an opportunity to make sure of the buyers’ persona before start pitching him with your offers.

6. The Power of Search Engine and Social Ads

Real estate marketing campaigns cannot run smoothly if you cannot generate enough real estate advertising ideas. Moreover, even if you can create real estate marketing ideas, you need a proper method of displaying those ads.

Social media, as well as search engines, are two efficient platforms, which allow running your ads smoothly. You can display your ads on the search results using relevant keywords, as well as on similar websites, which already generates steady traffic. The format of the ads can be text-based, visual, flash-based, and text-visual based.

Moreover, the ads can be used for retargeting and remarketing purposes as well. You can use different ads to entice different categories of your audience, based on the stage of their buyers’ journey. It helps you to nurture the target audience better and convert them over time.

7. Lead Generation Campaigns for glitch-free marketing funnel

As  email marketing is the most preferred communication channel for the realtors, you can use it wisely to run lead generation campaigns. Moreover, emails are an excellent method to remind your users about your business. You can send newsletters with relevant articles, and in turn, create a healthy engagement with the subscribers.

Not only emails, but you can also use other marketing channels to drive the lead generation. Real estate social media ideas like sharing an update about your latest property or an image of the last property you built can be quite useful in generating curiosity among your users.

Additionally, use email marketing and other platforms to nurture your leads too. You can communicate with the users by having question-answer sessions, webinars, virtual tours and many more. As people begin to associate more with you, their journey towards the bottom-of-the-funnel becomes easier.

8. Sponsoring Local Initiatives and Partnering Up with Relevant Small Players

While following the real estate marketing ideas, it is not mandatory to take every initiative online. You can also use a few real estates offline marketing ideas to promote your properties.

Techniques such as sponsoring the local event can help you in marketing your real estate. Local game shows, trade fairs, and exhibitions are excellent platforms that allow you to display your relevance and brand name to people living your locality.

Another method you can adopt is by collaborating with local agents and smaller players in the real estate sector. Local agents can provide you with excellent brand visibility and reach in exchange for meager percentage per sale.

9. Banners, billboards, and newspaper ads

Using banners, billboards, and newspapers could seem outdated real estate marketing ideas. However, the result of such real estate offline marketing ideas is still relevant even today.

As already mentioned in this article, visuals are a great way to connect with subscribers. Banners and billboards allow you to spread the word about your business grandly. Flyers or newspaper ads are also quite capable of reaching masses, especially to the people without any internet connectivity.

However, these offline real estate marketing ideas are quite expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, you cannot gather enough insights about user engagement or reach through the offline modes. Still, if you can locate a platform that has a decent user engagement, you can go for such techniques.

Things to Remember

It is the union and balance between the ideas and tools that create the best marketing drives for real estate.

Both online and offline marketing works fine for real estate if you can use them right. Offline promotions can help you target people with a broader perspective. However, online marketing helps you reach the probable customers better.

To reach the audience, knowing the productive real estate online marketing tools are essential. These tools help you to generate the relevant real estate marketing ideas and utilize the right platform to execute them.

Let us know if you use any other real estate marketing ideas to achieve better results.


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