Which Real Estate Marketing Channels Can Help You To Be Successful?

It might seem a little hard for any business to start online marketing from scratch, especially if you are in real estate. It becomes harder if you have no ideas about which real estate marketing channels to use for better results.

real estate marketing channels

However, you know that you need to the right real estate marketing channels to stay relevant. Being online would help you to reach out to more people, increase brand value, and generate more revenue. People nowadays are searching online to buy their dream home or their first office. If you have no presence in the online marketplace, you are missing out on acquiring new customers.

I know that you would like to find out more about real estate marketing channels, but you do not know the one that works. It might be because you do not know where to start, what all to do, and which techniques to follow.

Use these real estate marketing strategies to know about everything you need to start your online journey. Follow the systematic guide to find effective strategies to make most of the real estate marketing channels available to you.

1. Decide what you want to achieve online

Before you look to leverage real estate marketing channels for your business, you must decide on your business goals. You must think clearly, before settling on what are the parameters or factors are essential to you.

In simple words, your real estate marketing channels must be aligned with your objective while going digital. Digital marketing can help you to achieve many things. However, having no definite goal can lead to confusion and you might get overwhelmed by the amount of task that you do.

Let me make it clear. Digital marketing in real estate can be used to build your brand name. You can increase your brand awareness among people and generate more revenue. You can even use the appropriate real estate marketing channels to display all of your property for offline sales at the later stages.

Every objective in the above example can be achieved through online real estate marketing channels. Each one is unique and works towards a specific goal. If you use one method to reach all the targets, it will not work efficiently. In the end, you might feel dejected and let down if you do not understand why your real estate marketing channels did not work.

Thus, the first step towards your online journey requires you to fix specific goals. Without a particular target, you can be as similar as a lost wanderer in the vast world of digital marketing.

2.Announce your online presence with a website

One of the primary real estate marketing channels that you need to take for your business online is a website. It is a great real estate marketing channels for multiple purposes with a single objective – to improve your business. Basically, it is the hub of all your real estate online activities.

With a website available, you can display many things about your real estate business. You can show your business timing and the location of all the properties. You can even include a GPS enabled map giving direction to a potential client and many more.

A website also allows you to reach many more people all at once, mainly if you are restricted due to geographical constraints. Traditional marketing helps you spread words about business too. However, the range and the targeting of people could be optimized better through digital marketing.

The following example would help you to understand the advantages of a website.

Suppose Mr X working abroad is looking to buy a property for his parents. They live in the same locality as your property is located, but is not that physically fit to inquire much about the property. So what does Mr X do? He goes online to search for a property in that particular area so that he can buy it soon.

Now imagine you already have a website among your real estate marketing channels with the property details, images of the house, and a for a customer care number. While Mr X searches for properties if he finds your property the chances are that he might like it. He may decide to buy it, and you would make a sale. All of these happened because you maintained a great website that people can see, even if he is not physically located at the place.

3. Marketing funnel for real estate

So now you have a great website, where people can see your real estate projects in one place. The next step for you is optimizing your marketing funnel. It will help you to plan your online activities according to the stages of the marketing funnel. Thus, every lead you generate through various real estate marketing channels would like to engage or interact with you, and finally, you can convert him into your customer. You can use various real estate marketing channels to optimize the funnel.

Optimizing the marketing funnel would help you to decide many things. It would affect your decision about distributing various forms of content at different platforms. It will also change your engagement rate with people at different stages of the funnel.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you are trying to sell one of your newly-built property. At the awareness stage, use real estate marketing channels like social media ads, search ads and social media posts. According to the interest, your campaigns identify the people who are ready to move on to the interest stage.

You can send out SMS campaigns, inviting them for a free tour of the property to build up more intent. Once they are interested, send them email newsletters, telling them about the various offers that are associated with the property. Once, the leads are convinced in buying the property from you or is at the action stage, send them emails with information about home loans, or the interest rate.

If you engage the leads in every stage of their journey, they will continuously feel their importance and would value you too. It will make their decision making smoother and faster. Use the different real estate marketing channels wisely to make the most of it without invading their personal space.

4. Let people find you in the search engines organically

While maintaining a website is an excellent step towards your online goal, your real estate business must be visible before those searching for it on a search engine. There are some techniques which can help you to be visible on the website when people search for a business like yours’. Improving the SEO might not one of the direct real estate marketing channels, but can help you as you build up your online authority.

So, what does visibility on the search engine means? It means that you will show up in the search result when people search for buying property online. Now imagine, if you show as the first few search results when people search for you, obviously people will try to know more about you.

You can use SEO techniques such to feature among the top pages. The term might look scary, but it is not. SEO is just boosting your website through search engines according to relevance.

To make your business visible to the local people, you can also go for local business listing in the search engine. Local business listing is the online directory of the real estate business you have. You can use a map for your website on the search engine business listing. It would make sure that people have no difficulty in reaching you through navigation available on their phones.

The best thing about all the real estate marketing channels is, your website or property will show up on the search results only when people search for real estate. It will help you to identify the people who are looking to buy a property. It will help you to target these people while advertising your real estate business. As they are already looking to buy a property, you would know what to offer them.

5. SEM – Where money can help you bit

Building a website and applying SEO on a site is a great way to mark your online presence. Still, it can take some time for you to appear in people’s search results. SEM can help you to take care of this issue. You can use SEM to make your real estate business visible to the people with paid promotions.

SEM helps you to put customized ads through real estate marketing channels according to the needs of your real estate business. When people search for properties online, the search engine will show your ad at the top of the page, based on your bid. Though the search engines use a complex algorithm to find out the highest bidder, according to the keyword and relevance, you can apply for the top spot with the right content.

Check out the following example to understand how paid adverts look like.

SEM in real estate

The SEM uses keywords, relevance, and the bid value to check out the claim of the bidders for the top spot. However, there is no hard and fast rule that you will feature at the top if you pay the highest price for a keyword.

While designing an ad campaign, you should always pay close attention to the keywords you are targeting, its value, and the relevance of the content you want to promote. Unless all of them are in sync, your ad will now show up at a place of your liking.

6. Display Ads to show them your worth

Suppose a person is interested in buying a residential property from you. He searches online, comes to your website, and starts filling the “contact details” form. Suddenly he remembers an urgent work and couldn’t browse your site more to check for relevant properties.

So, did you just lose a potential customer? You might if you cannot bring him back. So, can the real estate marketing channels help you to remarket your properties, or retarget the person?

Display ads can help you a lot in situations like this. Display ads put your property adverts in front of relevant person wherever he goes. It displays images of the property and keeps the person aware of your existence as well as his choice. The difference between display and search ads is the fact that display ads are more attractive to some people. Search ads are text-based while display ads consist of images or flash content, making it appealing to people.

To be clear about how display ads look like, check out the screenshot below.

Display Ads for Real Estate

The properties on the right-hand side of the image are the result of display ads. They will keep on informing the visitors about your real estate that you are looking for people to buy.

7. Be engaging on Social Media

The social network has been the craze of the world for quite a few years now. It is a great place where you can make friends, share your moments and do quite a few things. However, social media is one of the better real estate marketing channels too.

You must be wondering that how can you turn social place into one of the most potent real estate marketing channels. Well, you can do it by socializing with the customers. Since it is a place where you can communicate in an informally, you can reach out to many people and turn them into your fans and followers.

You can also, use various social networking groups to share great content that people will like. Share a video of the latest property you built, or upload a few photographs of the new real estate you are developing.

You can find out whether people are like your posts or not. If they are interacting with you, keep them interested with regular uploads and various posts. If they are not responding much to your social post, you can ask your followers or fans about their feedback.

Moreover, you can get more out of your real estate business from these interactions. Even if someone provides negative feedback, you can reply to them asking for more details. You can subsequently solve their problems, which may help you to increase trust and transparency with your future customers.

8. Social ads for socially active people

As you grow your social interactions, you can also consider advertising on social media. People browse their social media pages at every available chance. If you can display an ad about your real estate, the possibilities that people looking to buy properties may casually be interested towards you.

When you use social ads as one of the real estate marketing channels, people can view it while they are mostly relaxing at home.

Social media allows you to behave as a friend, mentor, or a guide to people looking to buy a property, so you already have the attention of the people. If you can leverage it to show them your properties and the benefits of buying from you, you can urge them towards the lower part of the marketing funnel.

9. Use content to drive leads and conversion

If you just thought that, what good will a blog be to a real estate business, think again. Content is a powerful tool among real estate marketing channels. It can play a crucial role in helping you to stay ahead of your competitors.

You must be wondering how you can use content marketing to improve real estate business.

Well, people maintain a closer relationship with people they can trust. Content can help you to build that trust by showing people that you care about them. It projects you as someone whose only concern is not increasing the sale of his properties. Speaking about topics that ease the process of acquiring a real estate buy customers and how to retain it after buying can be helpful in projecting you as a thought leader.

The following example can make it clear for you. It is a screenshot of the blog maintained by a builder.

content to drive leads for real estate

As you can see, the blog has multiple contents, including topics like using PF to buy a house, or IT benefits. Any visitor who is looking to buy a property would benefit from the issues about real estate covered in the blog. It will help them to decide between buying a property. Moreover, it will ascertain the fact that the realtors are helpful to their customers.

10. Email marketing is a powerful tool

One of the essential weapons among real estate marketing channels is email marketing.

You can use it to communicate with your customers, increase your reach, and optimize your marketing funnel. Email marketing is a great tool, which can nurture your potential client in every stage of the funnel.

Before you send out a marketing email to your leads and customers, you need to collect their email ids. Your website can help you to do so. Include a subscription form on your site to obtain the visitor details. When you have your leads’ email ids, you can send customized emails to them, subtly budging them to buy your real estate. If you know how to post a personalized email, it can build the intent in the most reluctant of the customers even.

Email marketing is a great tool to connect with your customers even after sales. You can send your customers newsletters about the latest trends, real estate news, and recent content you wrote. Sustain a stable relationship with your customers even after they have converted. They can act as an influencer and bring in more leads in future if they are satisfied.

11. Use text message to find more customers

SMS marketing is a part of the mobile marketing strategy. You can engage your customers with text notification about your real estate business by sending customized messages at the right time.

Moreover, SMS marketing techniques can help you to send promotional offers, announce the launch of a new property, or send a notification about a free tour of your property. Using appropriate message to the right candidates would help you to spread the word about your business.

Additionally, as one of the real estate marketing channels, SMS helps you to build your email list. You send out an SMS to your prospective customers saying that you are offering some freebies. Inform them that they can collect it from your website and use a link to your site. When the buyers visit the website, include a form to get their details. If they are interested in buying a property from you, they will be responsive in filling up the form using their features that include their email ID.

You can use the email id to send out marketing emails at later stages and try to convince them to buy the property from you.

All of these real estate marketing channels are useful for helping people to cover their journey through the marketing funnel.

12. Track the metrics of your real estate marketing channels

The best thing about digital marketing is that you can measure everything you do online. When you are running various campaigns across real estate marketing channels, you must know which metrics matter the most. Not only that, understanding these metrics help you to optimize your digital marketing strategies so that you can roll out future campaigns with more success rate

Your real estate business cannot progress if there is no conversion. Website metrics like page views, time spent on site, bounce rate, and conversion rates can tell you if your potential customers are interested in you. Moreover, you can track the number of unique visits to your site, which is a great way to know if new people are looking for you.

You can also track the metrics of social media posts and emails. They can help you to understand the behavior and intent of people who are interested in buying real estate. Further, social media is a great method to interact with the people who saw your post and commented on your posts.

Similar to the website, social media and emails, you can also track the metrics of your SMS marketing campaigns. Metrics such open rates, clickthrough rates, and unsubscribe rate can help you to understand the level of customers’ intent, and help you to redesign your future campaigns.

You can use these metrics to design your marketing strategies that can engage your customers. For example, if you send an email with an image or video of the new apartment you are building to a person who is looking to buy a home, the chances that he might do business with you increases.

What next

Since you now know what the requirements of digital marketing are and how they can help you in real estate. You also know the real estate marketing channels and learnt the techniques to leverage most out of it.

Now, it is your turn to let us know which real estate marketing channels helped you most in real estate. You can also share your experience after you have used them. Let us know how they are working for your real estate business.

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