Is Real Estate Local SEO Really Helpful In Improving Sales?

When you are boosting the visibility of your real estate website, you need SEO to rank up in the search engine. However, real estate is mostly dependent on geographical factors as well. Unless you are optimizing your website for the real estate local SEO, the number of conversions you have will reduce eventually. It would lead to loss of sales and revenue.

Well, you must be thinking that why real estate local SEO is so much important. There are other real estate marketing ideas that can help you to launch and carry out seamless campaigns. Moreover, with these ideas you can target audience all over the world, and not just restrict your business locally.

However, you didn’t realized a small thing. That is, taking your business on a global scale is fine, but your properties can only be sold locally. Therefore, local targeting holds the same, if not more, lucrative opportunities if you want to increase your sales.

To avoid such awkward situations, you need to understand the need for real estate local SEO. You also have to make a plan into practice as soon as possible. Thus it helps your business to pop up in front of a local audience more often and generate sales qualified leads easily.

Real Estate Local SEO

Various techniques help you in increasing the real estate local SEO. However, before you start applying them, check out the reasons, which makes real estate local SEO such a big deal when you are looking to market your business better.

Why is Real Estate Local SEO Crucial?

Spreading the word about your real estate business across the world is fine. However, to generate maximum impact,  your company you must be popular locally. Real estate local SEO lets you put your business in front of local people, by ranking up in the local search engine result page (SERP).

Local SERP provides all the details of your real estate business. With effective real estate local SEO strategies, you can take advantage of the audience’s location among other factors to sell your properties.

Let me elaborate on the importance a bit. Suppose a person is looking to buy a property in his preferred location. The first place he/she would search is the internet to find out the available property at the site he chooses. The person in most of the cases is a local resident. Therefore, undoubtedly he would look for a property in a location he prefers that be nearby to him.

Now, when he searches for some relevant property, if you can put your business right in front of him. Thus, the chances of converting him is much more. Moreover, the likelihood of him converting is much more than a person who is sitting at the other part of the world, looking at your website, and praising your properties, as the geographical constraints come in.

Real estate local SEO helps you to optimize your business within the geographical proximity of your audience. Therefore, your real estate business would be much more relevant, targeted, and make an impact with people who matter the most.

The question lies, now, is to identify the strategies of ramping your real estate local SEO. Check out the following steps that would make improving the real estate local SEO like a cakewalk.

1. Check your current SEO level

Before deciding to strip down your website of every content, to start real estate local SEO from the beginning, catch a breath. Real estate local SEO doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch. In fact, local SEO is an extension of the overall SEO that you might already have in place.

Therefore, it is prudent that you first carry out an SEO audit. Check your website for all the SEO necessities that could be already in place. These include keyword optimization, providing Alt+text for images, writing meta descriptions, and other such effort that you have done anyway to boost your SEO.

Moreover, check out the website speed, incoming and outgoing links, navigations, and site structure. These features are the backbone of any SEO initiative you take. Additionally, having these things in order would make the task of managing your real estate local SEO quite comfortable.

Identifying the elements that are in order and the others that needs a bit of restructuring makes your job half done. Make sure to fix all the broken issues that your websites might have before proceeding further.

2. Google My Business for real estate local SEO

Once you are through with your website SEO, create an account in “Google My Business.” Google My Business is a non-paid service, and boost your local SEO dramatically. Depending on the authority of your website, age, and the relevance of content, Google My Business can increase your local SEO for real estate business by quite a notch.

Getting your real estate business listed on My Business is quite easy. You need to provide all the information about your company, along with a phone number, email ids, and physical address. Once you provide all the details, you will receive an authentication code from Google on your physical address.

After receiving the code, you need to claim your business, using the code. While the My Business portfolio is being set-up customize your business page with photos, videos, and other content along with a link to your website so that your audience can find you easily.

Create your “Google My Business” Account today.
Download the checklist to optimize your account gain more exposure for your real estate business.

3. Optimize the website SEO, and the mobile website

As mentioned earlier, boosting the real estate local SEO depends on real estate SEO too. Therefore, you must optimize your site according to the requirement to rank higher.

Optimizing your real estate SEO is quite simple. You would need a proper strategy, and act accordingly. The real estate SEO tips tell you about the importance of keywords, image optimization, and other such elements, which are crucial to improve the ranking.

However, keeping in line with the SEO techniques, you also must optimize the mobile version of the site. Mobile optimization helps you to increase ranking as well as allows you to put several critical features to assist your audience in buying the property from you.

When optimizing the mobile site, make sure to include a map to your property on the webpage. As mobile phones are GPS-assisted, it directs the interested audience right to the property the person prefers. Moreover, including CTAs that enables calling or chatting helps your audience to connect with you too.

While optimizing the mobile webpage, make sure to include all of these facilities. It not only helps your real estate local SEO but also make the conversion process smoother for the leads.

4. Improve your social network profiles and local listing in online real estate directories

Another factor, which plays a vital role in upping the real estate local SEO is the presence of your business on the social media. Having your business listed on the social media helps you in spreading awareness and build intent.

However, social networks have other benefits too. You can include maps, phone numbers, website, and other CTAs in there also. Therefore, when you interact with people socially and provide them with a reason for buying your properties, the chances of making a sale increases. Moreover, the CTAs present on these networks allows them to take action immediately.

Additionally, you can use hashtags and keywords that are focused on your locality. Therefore, when you post an image on Instagram with relevant local-hashtags, it drives more traffic to your website. Increasing quality traffic to the site would provide with more leads, and eventually conversions.

5. Make people aware of the locality through your blog

While boosting real estate local SEO, having a blog could be very helpful. You can optimize the blog with the general rules of real estate SEO, and push its rank higher.

However, to improve the real estate local SEO, you need to provide something more. As you know, having a well-targeted blog that is optimized for real estate SEO can be helpful. Therefore, to optimize it for local SEO, you can create content that affects the people living in the locality.

For instance, if you publish a blog speaking about the price trend of the local property and the factors that make you better than your competitors, people will take notice. You can also publish articles speaking somewhat like the local real estate possession regulations that affect homeowners. It will create awareness as well as allow them to take safeguard against violating the law.

When you publish such kind of relevant content, it builds up your brand image and increases the buying intent among your audience. Providing your audience with the relevant content is one of the best ways of carrying out real estate local SEO.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, real estate local SEO helps your business grow rapidly. Moreover, it helps you in precise targeting, better optimization of qualified leads, and an improved chance of conversion.

Local SEO for real estate also helps you to strengthen your brand name and be the market leader in your locality quite fast. Additionally, it lets you explore the locations near you where you are missing out on an opportunity to build another project through the insights you gather by evaluating the metrics.

Let us know what other techniques you use to boost up your local presence other than real estate local SEO. Tell us about them in the comments section below.

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