37 Promising Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas For 2019

Realtors always look for compelling ways to widen their networks and grab more real estate leads unlike traditional days, where the source for real estate lead generation is word of mouth marketing.

To reach the audience of this modern era, you need to think out of the box.

You can’t fix with a single strategy to generate leads for real estate business.

Realtors need to come up with different real estate lead generation ideas that fetch the purpose.

Before starting, ask yourself a question on how to generate real estate leads, make a list of all ideas and experiment on it.

To make this easy for you, based out of our experience, we have created a list of 37 real estate lead generation ideas using different basic to advanced level of marketing techniques.

real estate lead generation

1. Create your Website

Building a website is the primary source to get visible online to the audience.

The content of the website speaks about your business in an understandable way to your audience. The things which you can’t explain on call can be cleared by visiting your site.

Having a website for business will act as the best lead generation source for realtors.

Use appealing design and content with videos showing your property features more convincingly.

2. Start a Blog

Create a blog with informative articles that help the audience to understand what they need, and explain how to get what they are looking for from your article without any hassle.

The article which you upload must cover even the simple and basic information about the real estate business and properties.

Real estate business is well known for you not for others, most of the people are new, and they want to know before investing their hardworking amount.

Make your articles as a teacher or adviser that clear all their doubts.

For this, you need to think in a different perspective people think and at what points they may get stuck and what makes them get dropped off.

Take every query that the audience can get and try to write an article that clear all their doubts.

3. Provide Helpful Information

Whatever the content you keep in your website must be informative to your audience.

People come to your site for getting information not for seeing your achievements; it’s none of their business.

So, by keeping this point in mind, make your content as informative as possible which make people save your website as bookmarked for getting a reference.

Providing educational content is also one of the ways to gain the trust of the audience.

Your content is a good source for diverting audience to your real estate business.

It represents you in the best possible way in front of your customer by listing all your qualities which you may get failed while speaking to them.

4. Do Content Marketing

Take some time and put your know-how in papers to make a useful resource for your audience.

You can draft your knowledge in different formats like a guide, blog, infographics, videos, images, and many more.

Convert it into different formats and post it in different channels.

The readers of this content are most probably the people who are interested in buying or selling the property.

Your content with an end note of your property will help the audience to understand the highlights in your property better.

This content will work for you as you have mentioned everything in an endnote, again you won’t require to give any explanation for promoting, your words can easily reach the right audience for your real estate business.

5. Start Doing SEO

Good search engine optimization for your website can bring organic traffic to your site. Make sure to have an online presence of your real estate business, with good SEO score.

It will save you lots of money on advertising.

SEO is the process which you should start at the time of building your website.

Designing a website by considering SEO guidelines can help you to rank in search engine results in a short period.

6. Promote using Video

Create a video highlighting the qualities and benefits of your property.

The people who visit to see the property; all of them will not convert into leads.

On weekends more people come to visit the property, and it will make congested at the location.

So, to avoid congestion, you can upload a video on your website or post it in social media, people will look at the video, and they will get the idea of your property.

This video can filter the people who are not interested, and you can provide more quality service in handling your clients.

7. Use the Power of Social Media

Come up with some valuable information that triggers the audience to take some actions.

Daily post an article or any information and interact with the audience on comments.

People will get most of the answers to their questions in comments.

People can ignore your post N number of times,  but the day when they want to buy property, the first thing that comes in their mind will be your property.

It makes marks on the audience mind, and they want to have a look at your property.

You can post in any social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest and many more. It’s an excellent source for real estate lead generation.

8. Build your Profile on Social Media

Highlight your success stories or case studies in your blog and share it through social media.

It builds a great image of you on your audience, and it will be easy to generate leads.

People get to know from your post the quality of your work and the level of satisfaction of your clients which builds trust in the audience. 

9.  Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace allows you to buy and sell items near to your area.

It helps you to get everything which you want or trade in a single app.

For desktop users, the Facebook marketplace is present on the left side of the Facebook page with icon Facebook Marketplace‘.

For Android, it’s at the top of the app, and for iOS, it’s at the bottom of the app with icon ‘Facebook Marketplace‘.

In the Facebook marketplace, we can buy and sell everything, and it’s easy to post and get leads from it.

facebook marketplace

10. Facebook Messenger Ads: Great Source for Real Estate Lead Generation.

Billions of people are active on Facebook, and Facebook Ads provide you with the platform to target audience on a granular level precision.

It presents with an option to the audience to start a live conversation when they click on Ad.

It provides an opportunity for the audience to take the initiative from their end, without disturbing them by directly contacting them on their numbers.

Facebook Ads can help in real estate lead generation with fewer efforts and in a cost-effective manner.

11. Join Facebook Groups

Its very easy to join any Facebook group, log in, go to groups at the right side of the Facebook page, click on groups and enter the relevant keyword in the search box, you will get a list of groups related to that.

Some groups you can directly join, and some groups take some time to approve your join request.

Join the groups which have good posts relevant to you and number of people.

Share your knowledge with people and end with a note of your property.

People interested in your property will contact you. And you can quickly get a good number of leads from Facebook groups itself.

Facebook Group

12. Retargeting Ads: Best Lead Generation Idea for Realtors

Retargeting Ads help you to get back your audience, who dropped off because of some reasons.

Consider an example: if you have put lots of marketing efforts to bring the audience to your website and they left the website without taking any actions.

It’s a sad situation for you; at this point, Facebook retargeting Ads and Google remarketing Ads can help you to regain your audience with purpose.

It will reduce your advertising cost and help you focus on the custom audience without wasting your valuable time.

13. Generate Leads for Real Estate on Twitter

Twitter is a good platform for real estate lead generation. People on twitter are more specific to the brands and topics. Engage your followers with informative content.

People get inclined towards valuable information; if you can provide useful information with an end note of your real estate business, you can quickly grab interest and trust of the targeted audience who are interested in real estate.

14. LinkedIn for Real Estate Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the best platform to improve your network.

It helps you to convey your message to all sorts of professional people. In LinkedIn, you can quickly generate network and spread your word to them.

Professional people look for opportunities to invest their amount.

If you post something informative they are seeking, it will be a win-win situation for both. Real estate lead generation from LinkedIn is easy with fewer efforts.

15. Showcase your Real Estate Business on Pinterest

The audience who are interested in interior designing or architectural designs spent their time on Pinterest.

If you can put some interest in Pinterest and help people what looks best for their interior designing of their hall or kitchen by suggesting them with some themes from your collected board and can share your interest and job.

In this way, Pinterest can also a good source for the best lead generation for realtors.

16. Do Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Business

Mobile is one of the best sources for real estate lead generation. With mobile marketing, you can easily target the audience based on their location.

For example, Geo-aware ads where they target audience near to your location and send a message to the audience even when customer travelling towards your site.

Mobile provides the way to reach your audience on a real-time basis.

The open rate of SMS and email marketing is high because of mobile.

17. Organise an Event

Create simple lucky draw coupons and a form with necessary details like- name, area, mail id, and contact number. And give it to the people near shopping malls, jewellery shops, and in any other public places.

People will fill the form in a hope to get a gift.

Call all the people who filled the form for an event to take their gifts.

At event understand the people about your property, how its beneficial to them now and in future and what are the various ways they can convincingly purchase the property.

In an event itself, you can get a good number of real estate lead generation.

18. Build Geofence to Grab the Attention of Local Customers

Geofence is the advanced technology which is at an emerging stage.

It’s a thin invisible line which surrounds your location, and whenever the audience reaches to that area, they will get notified about you through the message.

Most of the realtors are unaware of this concept, and the people who already know are benefiting from it.

With geofencing, even you can grab the attention of your competitor’s customers by building geofence around competitors location.

In geofence, you can target the people near your location and can send them customised messages.

It’s easy to build, will reduce your advertising cost and can reach an audience with more probability to convert.

Real estate geofencing

19. Buy Data of People Surrounding your Property Area

Buy data from different sources of a particular pin code. And call them to make them aware of the presence of your property for sale.

Most of the people are interested in purchasing property near to their location instead of buying it somewhere away from their present property because it will be easy for them to keep an eye on their property.

Once you complete one, go for the other pin code and make them know the benefits they can avail now and in future and its features in detail.

Also, try to clear all the doubts people have before purchasing the property and availing of loans.

It’s the most used way for real estate lead generation.

20. Re-generate Leads with Expired List

Many people hesitate to call expired listings for real estate lead generation.

The list gets expired because of many reasons like- not cleaning up, renovating, pricing too high, not allowing showings, refusing to negotiate, pretend you are the buyer and many other.

You can call them and know the reasons and take a quick action which conveys the people.

Most of the people don’t dare to do this, but if you can get leads by a call, you should try for this also.

21. Improve your Network Near to the Property

People near the property are more interested in purchasing the property.

Contact the neighbour builders and ask them if the people are interested in purchasing the property.

Also, ask them if they want to refer someone in their network.

For this, you can provide them with some gifts for giving a reference. The more you interact with people, the more you can generate leads for real estate.

22. Develop a Network with Influential People

There are some people to whom people trust and follow them.

Make friends with such people and ask them to refer your property.

Make them aware of all the features and benefits associated with your property, so that when they refer they may not get stuck at a particular point when a client ask them.

For this, you can put some reward for every conversion of leads.

These people will work for you even you don’t interact with them regularly.

23. Ask your Every Client for Referrals

Ask your every client for referrals when they are about to complete their paperwork.

They can spread your word in their networks such as friends, families, colleagues, and neighbours.

For this, you can offer them some discount or reward for every conversion of leads.

It’s a free source for real estate lead generation.

24. Take the Experience of your Clients

Once the paperwork is complete, ask your clients what make them purchase this property.

This feedback from your clients will help you in real estate lead generation.

You can get different ideas to attract clients and get referrals from clients.

25. Leveraging Chatbots

A chatbot is an excellent marketing tool for real estate lead generation if you can use them correctly.

Chatbots are programmable chat robots designed to interact like a human interface to provide solutions to audience queries.

The availability of machine learning makes the chatbots adapt the tone, and style of your company.

Chatbots depends on customer history and can utilise the demographics of the subscriber to offer a speedy response, thus providing a better experience.

When you look to boost the real estate lead generation, you must give importance to the user experience.

Chatbots can provide it seamlessly, across marketing channels.

Chatbots we use it in websites usually at the right corner of the home page.

People who get any doubts they do live chat with robots and clear their doubts by entering their name and phone number.

The chat gets stored in the CRM database and using that data your sales executive can contact them to convert the lead.

A chatbot is a round the clock service, and it makes you available to your audience every time.

chatbot real estate

26. Utilise your Hobbies to Convert Real Estate Leads

You might have hobbies to play football, cricket, riding, swimming, etc.

Wherever you go for playing, join groups of that particular network. Speak about the property when you get a chance.

For example- if someone asks you what you do? Then you can reply to them that you’re into real estate business and if someone is interested in purchasing or selling a property they will ask you for advice or any referrals.

Don’t try to start talking about real estate in groups when people are discussing something.

People get irritated if you keep on discussing your real estate business. Create the situation or look for the chance where you can keep your words.

27. Join Realtors Communities

There are many websites where you get the opportunity to join in real estate business communities.

In communities, you can get both the buyers and sellers of the property, where you can post about your property with your contact details.

Join communities which can fetch leads, don’t waste your time in unnecessary activities.

Make people comfortable to contact you even for taking advice so that it will be easy for you to make people know about your real estate business.

28. Use Lead Generation Websites

There are some websites which provide you with data of sellers or buyers of the property.

You can exchange data for this, or you can purchase the contact details of the person based on your interest.

They collect data from the people who show interest in the property by making them fill the form online or offline mode.

29. Post in Local Lead Generation Websites

Real estate lead generation websites have good traffic, and you can quickly generate leads from these sites.

Post your property details in these websites.

You can post your property Ads either free or pay. Like paid Ads, free Ads will not get featured on the top.

30. Follow People Who Visit Luxury Places

As a realtor, you can build a relationship with managers in luxury places like- Malls, Showrooms and similar places where you can find rich people.

Generally, people with high income look for opportunities to invest the amount to get good returns.

After or during their purchase you greet them and give your business card.

31. Purchase Leads from Market Leader

There are some websites which show you the value of your property like housing.com.

Sellers check their property value before they decide the value of a property for sale.

And buyers also check for the property value before they purchase it.

The data from these sites are exclusive, and you can easily contact and convert them to leads as they are looking for the same either for buying or purchasing the property. It’s an excellent source for real estate lead generation.

32. Push Weekly Newsletter

Make your audience know what is happening in the real estate business.

The swinging of property rates in particular areas, so that people can get an idea of what and when to purchase or sell and at what price.

Moreover, sending newsletter will keep you in touch with the prospective clients.

You can send any links of your posts on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, that can make your clients engage with your content.

Here the newsletter is to improve your brand image by providing useful information to the clients. You can’t directly ask them for purchase or sale of the property in the newsletter.

33. Participate in Real Estate Forums

Frequently home sellers and buyers visit internet forums like City-Data, Quora, StreetEasy and Reddit for taking expert advice, Real Estate Forums, Local Facebook Groups and Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

If you can help them in clearing their doubts, they feel you’re an expert in this real estate industry and might reach to take advice for selling or buying their property.

Even they can ask you for your introduction and your job where you can make them know about your real estate business and can highlight its features.

In this context, it’s effortless to convert the lead.  

34. Get Referrals from Other Real Estate Agents

Join groups or communities in offline where most of the realtors visit.

Increase your network to make friends with them.

Travel in different areas where real estate lead generation meetings, seminars, events or any conference conducted.

Show active participation, introduce you and your job to the people in a formal way.

Make people show interest in your job if someone gets the attention they will approach you or refer someone who might are interested in purchasing or selling a property.

35. Work on Building Backlinks to a Website

You can contact websites with good DA and ask for link exchange or guest post on their website with a backlink to your website.

Backlinks will serve as the backbone to your site.

Google consider the number of backlinks to the site for ranking up the website.

If you can guest post some article with valuable information on other websites with high authority, you can visible in organic search engine results.

In this way, you can directly drive good leads from your site alone.

Real estate lead generation is easy if people directly contact you from organic search.

36. Hire Sales Agent

Hire sales agent on commission base, provide them with the information of the audience and ask them to call, explain and convert them.

This job is suitable for homemakers or someone who has a good network in society.

They can convert leads from their network itself.

If you hire a professional salesperson, they may have to do some leg work to turn real estate leads. Hiring sales agents will help you to take your business to the next level.

37. Get Listed in Online Classified Sites

Do submit your business in online classified sites in various communities which are specific to this real estate business. You can do this for free or pay, post it frequently with some days gap.

Don’t make people disturbed by your Ads. The Ad you post must have complete information, images with contact details. It’s the best source for real estate lead generation and most used way.

Things to Remember

How to get real estate leads is the fundamental question that is upsetting every realtor’s mind.

With the development of digital technologies, it opened a number of doors for the realtors to reach their audience.

Based on the experience of top realtors we have made a list of 37 real estate lead generation ideas.

You can adopt every idea, but taking into consideration some points can help you in saving your advertising cost and improve the count of your real estate leads.

Hope you have got a good idea on how to get leads in real estate business.

Please do comment and reply which real estate lead generation ideas helped you in getting leads and what are the challenges you have faced.

We are waiting to hear your know-how!


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