Ultimate Real Estate Digital Marketing Guide For 2019

Have you ever questioned yourself, what makes your competitors superior to you?

The answer is simple- strategies they adopt for real estate digital marketing.

In this digital era, having an online presence is mandatory for every business to show their presence in the market.

Let’s know some of the basic reasons for-

Why realtors are adapting real estate digital marketing by leaving traditional marketing?

Nowadays people are more dependent on the internet for looking at real estate properties as the internet provides ease in carrying out any activity like booking appointments to see property by sitting comfortably at home.

Internet appealing features is one of the reasons which made the realtors shift from traditional to real estate digital marketing.

This shift to internet channels like web pages and apps, emails for research and buying has become the driving forces for the future of real estate industry growth.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Guide

With over 200 million active websites, over 4 million apps and 2.77 billion social media users.

The importance of these real estate digital marketing has grown to the extent where they have become the primary source of revenue for several industries.

Real estate digital marketing eased the realtors to target their audience in a more precise way based on their- demographics, behavior, geographic, preference and interest.

It provides the audience with the option to opt in or out, unlike traditional marketing where it doesn’t provide a chance and segment audience based on their preference.

More importantly, it provides you with the option to interact with the audience and encourage them to take your service or products.

With real estate digital marketing, it will be effortless for the realtors to engage an audience and gain the trust of the audience.

Real estate online marketing come up with a list of channels which can help you to reach your audience in a couple of minutes.

It provides you with a list of options to select your Ad formats. Even it helps you in tracking your progress and work accordingly.

The fast moving of people towards digital technology and changing market conditions have left no option for the realtors to shift from traditional to online marketing.

1. Real Estate Digital Marketing Benefits

1.1 Saves Time

Forget the budgets that swell beyond the limits you have set for your TV commercial. Have you ever calculated the time it takes to produce a TV commercial? Many times, it goes beyond days to months.

However, with real estate digital marketing, you can start targeting ads to homebuyers within a few minutes. With advanced software and features, marketing your properties and brand is a walk on the lawn as opposed to a marathon of traditional marketing.

Real estate digital marketing helps you save time and effort to focus on other important aspects related to your real estate business.

1.2 Increase Return On Investment (ROI)

Measuring your real estate digital marketing campaigns’ effectiveness with web analytic tools is a great way to increase your ROI.

The historical performance data or trend data gathered through analytical tools can be used to optimize future real estate digital marketing campaigns.

The better you can align your digital marketing plan for real estate with financial goals the better you can come up with ways to increase your ROI.

1.3 Easy to Implement and Use

From social media accounts to email marketing, implementing your strategies and achieving your pre-defined goals can be done by any realtor or developer irrespective of their expert level.

Moreover, you will find an ocean of content related to social media growth hacks to email marketing strategies online that you can use to achieve your real estate digital marketing targets and expand your potential.

1.4 Offer Unforgettable User Experience

You have better chances to reach real estate digital marketing objectives than unplanned user experience with the help of rich media and engaging elements like emotion and message.

For this, you can take the help of advanced software, tools and several mediums to target a specific class of audiences. Real estate digital marketing offers real estate developers and realtors different ways to engage and personalize their marketing content.

That helps in creating an extraordinary experience to the home buyers and real estate investors that are profoundly different from traditional marketing.

1.5 Helps to Stand Out from the Crowd

Real estate digital marketing offers extraordinary ways and means to present your unique marketing ideas and several types of content.

You can use various content forms like- video, audio, memes, and GIFs to execute real estate digital marketing to build your brand reputation.

When you know what is your targeting niche you can better present your brand the way you want using one of the content types that convey your message effectively. And most importantly, according to your targeted audience.

1.6 Nurture your Clients

Nurturing your clients is nothing but making sure your connection with the client is adding value to him by helping him achieve his real estate goals.

It does not mean conveying only the positive messages or focusing on content and strategies to convert a potential customer into a client.

It is also essential to convey any project challenges or issues that your real estate company is facing to avoid customer distrust.

In addition to the competition that is threatening the growth of individual players, customers distrust on real estate players is another hindrance to the real estate industry’s growth.

High distrust prevails in the Indian real estate market, due to not meeting the deadline in the delivery of their commitment. Several of completed real estate projects in India have faced the future of being vacant due to diminished trust levels.

It’s very important to keep the clients’ interest alive and active.

1.7 Customer Engagement

Having a real estate digital marketing strategy that only engages the customer for a particular moment is not a successful customer engagement strategy.

Customer interaction with the brand has to strategies across several platforms to improve his or her engagement, trust or loyalty towards the brand.

As a realtor or developer, you have to create your brand’s uniqueness through your real estate property that creates a lasting impression on your customers.

This customer engagement strategy can be extended to real estate digital marketing platforms – social media, website, blog posts, emails, and apps.

Specialized content strategy can be enforced to the platforms to ensure that the customer gets engaged throughout the journey.

Moreover, as a real estate developer, you can implement responsive and funny social media agents to personalized discounts to create long-lasting customer loyalty.

Real estate digital marketing provides several opportunities over traditional marketing to acquire, engage and sustain home buyers.

These platforms can be effectively used to strengthen customer trust towards the brand.

1.8 Builds Strong Customer Relationship

Your customer is your business, so your first job is to know them well. Every customer are not the same; they have similarities, but each has its preference.

Knowing their preference will only help you to grab their attention from your competitors.

Once you get what is your customer preference you can convincingly approach them by focusing on their triggering point. Contact your customers at every stage of their journey with a pleasant note via SMS or mail.

Help them to get things they need, for example: if someone purchased a new home, then their next step is to look for interior designing or furniture and all. So you can become their adviser by providing suitable themes for them.

Don’t forget your customers once the deal is final, ask for a reference, feedback and send them greetings on their birthday, property purchase date make them feel special from your side.

Here there is more probability is that your customer in the future can become your ambassador to promote you and help you in getting a reference for your business.

1.9 Precisely Target Audience

Don’t try to focus on the large area; run real estate digital marketing campaign’s with the local audience. After covering your local audience, you can work beyond in the long run.

Know your audience on a granular level precision based on- demographic, geographical, behavioral, and other factors before you target your audience.

For this, you can do data enrichment of your first party data (Collect information of customer like- email, mobile number, address, preferences, present activities and other).

The more you know your customer, the better you can serve them.

Don’t forget the probability of conversion of lead is more when you target the local audience than the general audience.

1.10 Reduced Advertising Cost

In addition to providing features like customizing the size of the Ad to targeting a particular audience, real estate digital marketing costs profoundly low on your budget. And the reach of your audience is also several hundred times more than traditional marketing.

The advertising cost which you spent on news, TV channels, pamphlets, and other offline media sources will cost you more. And with the development of technology, people preferring online sources more to get information.

People most of their free time are spending on the internet either on a desktop or mobile phone. So, if you still prefer the traditional marketing technique to get leads, it will not fetch you your intended results.

It’s better to focus on real estate digital marketing; on online you can do both free and paid advertising based on your budget needs.

You can save good advertising cost, do A/B testing and look for the strategy that brings good revenue for less spent.

1.11 Transparency

There are several limitations to traditional marketing, which leaves a lot of scope for customer disappointment.

What will be your reaction when your traditional real estate digital marketing campaign did not go well because your customers aren’t informed about the terms & conditions of your discount campaign.

Due to lack of space, time, heavy budget constraints and marketers desire to gain huge traction to their campaigns.

Many times customers are left with scarce details related to the campaign offerings, which will force the customer to easily change his mind once he knows the strings attached to the discounts campaign or the most likely outcome of disappointment towards the brand.

Real estate digital marketing helps the realtors to maintain transparency in every deal they handle through photos, videos, and guides.

1.12 Customer Feedback

What is the target of your real estate digital marketing campaigns? Is it only to grab the attention of the customer towards your offering! Then you are missing out on what the customer wants.

Many times it is the customer’s’ perspective that adds significant value to your offering if you take in the right perspective. With real estate digital marketing, you can let the customer share their feedback to improve your product features and the overall offering.

1.13 Performance of the Marketing Initiatives

Did you know how many of your customers saw your billboard on the road vs the number of people showed up at your construction site?

Real estate digital marketing has provided you with an option to track the progress of every campaign you run. It gives complete details like- who viewed your page, the number of clicks, click on the call to action button and many more.

It also provides you with an option to choose different channels and different Ad formats that can bring different ideas in your mind to reach your audience more precisely in an engaging manner.

With real estate digital marketing even you can advertise for free by just creating your profiles on social media sites, posting a piece of valuable information and sharing with your targeted audience.

2. How to Start Real Estate Digital Marketing?

2.1 Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website

In this digital world, where you couldn’t find a person without a smartphone in their hand. The number of mobile users exceeded desktop users. So you don’t have any option other than to build your mobile friendly website.

People spent most of their time on mobile; if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you will lose a good potential of your audience. People don’t wait for your website to respond more probably they shift to your competitor’s site.

The mobile-friendly website helps the users to get display everything in order and don’t take much time to show pictures or videos.

To get success in your real estate digital marketing campaigns mobile-friendly website plays a primary role.


mobile friendly website

2.2 Establishing a Brand – Website

Having a website is not enough; you need to inform the customer about your real estate properties.

A well-designed site with highly organized and detailed information on real estate properties and proper real estate digital marketing strategies will grab the attention of the user.

It will not only act as a window to know more about your real estate projects; but also help the customer to clear his doubts by revisiting the website.

Further, it will act as a tool to compare your real estate properties with the overall market and identify the best option suitable to the customer.

So, it is also highly influential in presenting your project’s potential strengths that your competitors do not have.

2.3 Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing helps your audience to find you and filter the audience who are not interested in your business.

Example of inbound marketing is- Blogs, Events, SEO and Social media. Unlike outbound marketing that pushes messages to the general audience via- TV, radio Ads, telemarketing, display and banner Ads.

Inbound marketing is the right real estate digital marketing way to reach the right audience in a cost-effective way for people of this era.

In Inbound marketing, it’s very significant to maintain consistency in your actions.

For example, if you’re posting an article once in a week, then don’t change your routine people will judge you based on your actions. Maintain a good reputation for your brand by practicing inbound marketing.

2.4  SEO (includes Creating a Blog) & Local SEO, SEO rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important real estate digital marketing strategies that can help you to get visible in organic search results.

It’s a long term process, but it will bring organic traffic to the website in the long run.

SEO divided into off-page and on-page for better understanding.

SEO on page & off page

With the help of SEO, you can target the right audience to your website.

People use online sources to get information, and if you can provide valuable information through your article, it can help you build trust in the audience.

Creating informative content is not enough; you need to do content optimization by following SEO guidelines.

Local SEO plays a very significant role in generating real estate leads. Target on local keywords, specifying the name of the city and other factors.

Most probably, people look for properties near to their area, and targeting local keywords will help you in bringing good leads to your business.

Every realtor is following the SEO to rank in SERP; implementing the right SEO strategies will only help you in standing out from your competitors.

To have your online presence, ranking in SERP in very important.

2.5 Start Online Advertising (Google Adwords & different kinds of ads)

Online advertising you can carry out either free or pay. Free advertising you can do by posting it in any social media sites. Paid advertising often people use is pay per click advertising or programmatic advertising.

Examples of online advertising included- Banner Ads, Email Marketing, Pop Up, Blog Advertising, Mobile advertising, Social Networking Advertising, and Video advertising.

In PPC, you can target your audience on granular level precision, and it will cost you only when someone shows interest and click on your Ad. These Ads will get displayed to the audience whenever they visit online.

Google AdWords is one of the platforms where you can perform real estate digital marketing. You can even use retargeting Ads to target the audience who visits your website and left without taking any action using Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

To get visible to your audience without taking much time, you can use paid advertising apart from SEO.

2.6 Social Media Marketing (Organic & Paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram)

In real estate digital marketing social media marketing plays a very significant role. Social media platforms come up with a list of features to attract your audience.

In your advertisement, can use different varieties that can please the audience such as- photo, 360 view photo, video, carousel format ads, and link ads.

social media marketing

In a free ad, you can add only photos, and videos. To make your Ad more appealing, you can go for paid Ad.

In paid Ad, you have the option to target audience in a more specific way.

Paid advertising you can do on social media or even you can buy publisher Ad spaces in the website through programmatic advertising where real-time bidding take place.

Each social media sites have their unique features to attract the audience from a different perspective. For example: 

  • In Facebook, have the option to go live and create a video
  • Share Instagram stories
  • Post videos on YouTube
  • Share articles on LinkedIn
  • Pin photos on Pinterest
  • Tweet or retweet your know-how
  • Use Facebook messenger chatbots and many others.

2.7 Email Marketing

You can prepare some valuable content or newsletter, and periodically, you can send it to the targeted audience. With the evolution of smartphones, the opening rate of email marketing improved to an extent.

Make use of the mail Ids which are currently being used by the audience; otherwise, it’s futile to send them.

Look for the audience who are interested like people who are searching for that topic recently.

You can buy these data from the third party or take your first party collected data from your subscribers, form filled on the website, attended recent events and other.

2.8 SMS Marketing

SMS marketing always has a good open rate from its inception. SMS marketing was the trend before, and still, we can’t ignore the SMS marketing. On average, SMS is opened within a short interval of time after it’s received.

SMS marketing you can use to connect with your customers at every step of their purchasing journey. And to your prospective customer, you can send the offers you were availing at the current point of time.

SMS marketing cost is less but its powerful source to convey your message to your audience in a short time.

With the help of SMS marketing, you can do Geo-location targeting by sending messages to the audience whenever they are near to the location.

Real Estate SMS Marketing

2.9 Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing is the future of marketing. It makes use of artificial intelligence to carry out media buying decisions. It provides the platform to the publisher and advertiser to buy or sell the Ad spaces with the automatic process.

In programmatic advertising you need to specify the targeted audience, bidding amount, a goal of the campaign, ad formats, and potential media buys, remaining is an automation process.

Ad exchange display the Ads of the advertiser whose bid amount is high and whose Ads is more relevant to that space.  

programmatic advertising

2.10 Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you can invite some people who are interested in promoting your properties.

They will get the unique link for that, and they make use of that link in their social media networks like in- YouTube videos, Facebook Ads, blogs and in any other form.

Whenever a lead conversion happens, they will get the commission for purchasing using their link. It’s an excellent way to get leads without much effort.

2.11 Influencer Marketing

There are some people in the local and global level whose words matters to the audience.

When you do influencer marketing with them, they will spread your word to the large audience on your behalf on social media and through content marketing.

You can provide your content to them or else they will take the random data from you created content and share in their network. It builds the image of your brand and people are more likely to get converts.  

For doing this, you can provide some commissions to influencer for every conversion of leads. In this way, you can do your real estate digital marketing without much effort from your side.

2.12 Content Marketing

Create a blog content that your website viewers are interested in, like providing information about available properties that suit different customers budget.

Highlight the specialties of your constructions that your customers are most likely to inclined. So, your readers can get to know more about your project.

It will also pave the way for your brand to highlight your competitive advantages through this real estate digital marketing channel.

Having high-quality content on your blog is a good sign for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search engine page ranking.

2.13 List your Company on Google My Business

Google My Business profile acts as a tool to showcase the credibility and customers liking of your real estate brand on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) itself.

If your real estate brand has an excellent customer rating or satisfaction as a result of good feedback, it will result in search engines ranking or positioning your brand at the top of SERP in your respective industry.

Moreover, these customers’ feedback will promote your business to new customers in google maps and search engines.

3. How to Get Leads using Real Estate Digital Marketing?

3.1 Develop a Buyer Persona

Develop a buyer persona & Look where your target audience is present. Collect your first party data (email ids, mobile numbers,  preferences, and other details) from email subscribers, form submits, signup, comment, and another way.

Can even buy the information of targeted audience from third-party sources.

Once you get the data of your customer, you can segment the audience based on their demographic, behavioral and geographic factors.

Then run the real estate digital marketing campaigns with different goals.

3.2 Meet New People. (ex: go to seminars & big events in your niche)

Join in online realtors communities, forum discussion, Facebook groups and offline events where the realtors from different areas gathered.

In a meeting, you can easily get some sources or numbers of some leads and even ideas that can help you to generate leads for your real estate business.

3.3 Contact Sellers with Expired Listings

Many people scared of calling to the expired listings people. The reason for expired listings may be because they already purchased, their loan didn’t get sanctioned or any other if you have an idea that they are interested in buying or selling at some point of time and dropped because of some reason.

You can approach them by a call; it will not cost you, then why don’t you do. Sometimes you get leads even from expired listings, and here you don’t need to put much effort into explaining related to property, because they are already aware of everything.

3.4 Run Lead Generation Campaigns in Digital Marketing Channels

Lead generation campaigns you can run in different real estate digital marketing channels like- SMS, Email, DIsplay, and Video campaigns.

You can use one channel or multiple channels for generating leads based on your targeted audience.

For example lead generation campaigns you can run in Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other networking sites.

Each of these sites has its unique features, and the type of people use also differs based on their interest. By analyzing the interest of your audience, you can choose which best fits for your business.

It’s better to do experiment with different channels and network and analyze the results you will get an idea which is generating more leads for your business.

3.5 Create a Lead Capture Form in your Website

Lead capture form in your website helps you to collect the information of the audience who are most likely interested in your business.

A lead is created when someone gives contact information in exchange for an offer such as a job opportunity, a coupon, or a piece of content.

You can use the social media network to drive traffic to your website. The data collected from this will help you to enhance your customer database and know your customer their preference.

In lead capture form, you can include the things which can help you to know their contact details, preferences and interests. You can use that data to target your audience in the future.

3.6 Use the Power of SEO

SEO is a long term process, but it will bring you potential leads from your website. It always keeps you rank high in search engine results as long as you put your effort into it.

Google changes its search algorithm frequently, so to rank high, you must be updated with the Google search algorithm. If you’re following the same real estate digital marketing strategies without any updates, it will not help you in fetching your result.

You can use some free tools, plugins, and software available online. They can help you to find out-

  • Website speed
  • Page rank
  • Plagiarism
  • Performance of headers
  • URL
  • Titles
  • Meta description
  • DA
  • Click rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Page views
  • Time spent on page and many more

You can use these tools to improve your SEO.

3.7 Social Media

Social media platforms act as free marketing tools that are mostly free. Apart from holding an exponential amount of people in one place. Excluding the fixed expenses that you spend on your marketing persons used to operate your real estate brand handles.

Do you know the potential value of your tweet or Facebook post? Jon Loomer experimented with understanding the organic value of a Facebook post and concluded it as $989.47 though he had a considerable number of followers (179235), that helped him gain substantial likes, shares, and conversions.

Can you gain a similar kind of value or more from your social media posts? According to Buzzsumo and several other studies, user engagement on social media platforms has halved from what it was in 2015.

What do you need to put your real estate competitors at bay, that is diluting the value of social media and create user interest?

An authentic real estate brand voice, which represents your real estate brand personality will make your social media activities standout from the group.

A brand which sounds unique in different situations is more capable of convincing customers. So, create a brand voice and align it to meet the limitations of different social media platforms like word limitations on twitter.

3.8 Do Content Marketing

Content marketing always considered as the king in SEO and prominent real estate digital marketing strategy. Content is one of the sources to attract the audience to your website.

People generally visit online to get valuable information. If you can provide them with the information they need, then they will also glance at your properties or services whatever you provide.

Most of the brands are known to the audience because of the articles or information they provide than advertising. Content marketing helps you to build the trust of your audience.

You need content at every stage of your advertisement like in social media, blog, SEO, PR, PPC and other. Content marketing automatically drives traffic to your website; you don’t need to push them.

Start writing relevant, descriptive, quality and informative content and share with your customers and on your social media pages. Also, you can create a newsletter frequently and send to the audience who are looking for such information.

3.9 Use Facebook Marketplace

A Facebook marketplace is an advanced real estate digital marketing strategy. It enables you to sell or buy anything in a single app for free.

Posting your properties details with contact information can help you to get potential leads to your real estate business. Select your category and details of your properties and price range and post it on the Facebook marketplace.

Billions of people make use of Facebook and millions of people active on every day. It’s a perfect place to reach a large number of audience for free.

3.10 Purchase Data from Real Estate Websites

There are many third-party data providers sources available in the market. You can purchase a list of customers data who are looking for real estate properties.

Generally, these third party data sources collect data from real estate websites. You can purchase a specific field of data such as only mail Ids, number, address, age or any other details of the audience.

Third party sources will maintain the security of the audience and provide you information under those guidelines.

3.11 Use Location Services to Optimise your Real Estate Conversion

As a real estate developer, the need to target a wide range of geographic area is very minimal in most cases. The better you can narrow down your target audience, the better your conversion rates will be.

3.12 Geofencing

Have you ever had the capability to deliver what your customers wanted? With advanced real estate digital marketing capabilities, real estate developers can achieve their dream of serving what their customers want.

Using geofencing for real estate, you can target smartphone customers who walk through your geographic area surrounding your real estate property.

You can offer discounts and other perks to attract customers to your real estate construction site.

This location-based marketing will get much better if you have the customer’s data related to their income, age, occupation, interests, and other data.
Real estate geofencing

3.13 360-degree View of Properties

Adopting the latest technology that is relevant to your industry before your competitors do, is a great way to gain first mover advantage.

In the digital age, customers are preoccupied with several chores to meet their daily lifestyle.

Do you have what he needs to save time and money on his home buying process? Offer your customer a full peek into your real estate properties available for sale from the comfort of their home.

Using 360-degree camera modules, realtors can produce a 3D virtual environment of the properties available for purchase. A customer who has already seen the property using a virtual 3D environment and has visited the property site means he is more likely to convert into a sale.

It will increase the ease of buying a home for clients and will improve real estate digital marketing capabilities.

360 view of property

3.14 Whatsapp to Reach your Customer

Nobody likes phone calls or direct messages from unknown numbers. What if you have sent a personal message from your official business handle.

Businesses have witnessed 40% more responses using WhatsApp to send personal messages. Use Whatsapp to communicate with your home buyers about your real estate properties to increase your conversion rate.

Additionally, WhatsApp would be a great communication channel for realtors’ whose customers are more likely to be in hundreds or thousands.

Due to the small scale of customers and Whatsapps’ wide reach, it will be quite easy to reach your customers at any point through real estate digital marketing.

Moreover, customers would prefer sending messages through WhatsApp rather than raising a ticket or calling your customer care.

3.15 Right Audience Targeting

Have you ever had a clear idea of your target audience for your real estate digital marketing campaign? Promoting your real estate properties to every property buyer is like having a cluttered real estate online marketing strategy.

Lacking a proper target audience for your real estate properties and in your real estate, digital marketing strategies will also lead to a lack of customer satisfaction.

Create your real estate digital marketing strategy based on geographic, economic and social criteria.

You can market your real estate brand as a home to luxury properties. Or you can specifically target to families with young children.

Through this path, you can filter your overall audience to small groups, which can be better targeted with effective and most appealing real estate digital marketing campaigns.

Location-based targeting yields good sales focus on audience based on their location.

3.16 Infographics

Almost 90% of the information that we transmit into our brain is visual. Because of this, our minds are most likely to understand a picture more easily and quickly than text.

Compared to content – infographics are 30 times more likely to be read. Incorporating infographics into your real estate digital marketing strategy is a great way to engage your home buyers.

With the help of infographics, you can use different tactics to present your real estate offerings as you can use several types of styles and methods to convey your message through an infographic.

4.  Real Estate Marketing Tips, Ideas, and  Strategies

4.1 Add Social Sharing Icons to Property Pages.

Add social sharing on every web page and landing pages. Also, add a social media sharing icons on every property page you create.

It will help the audience to share with their network with whom he wants to take suggestions before purchasing it.

For implementing this, you need to add the image of the social media site icons on the footer and linked it to social media profiles with the help of HTML code.

4.2 Put your Contact Info on Every Page of your Website.

Add your contact details in every page of your website through HTML code. It helps your website visitors to get details on the same page instead of navigating to your contact page.

Make available your contact information as easy as possible to your audience. Most of the people don’t want to spend their time in finding your contact details — only some more interested people, spent their time to search for your contact.

If you can make it available to them without much effort, they are more likely to contact you. The reason might be any; your sales team should be skilled enough to convert them to leads.

4.3 Create an Awesome Business Card which is Unique.

Create an appealing design business card bright and playful. Cover all the points which you want to convey to your audience in a concise and crispy way.

Don’t use the images and designs of others; make your unique presence with logos and other details. Include the contact details, if possible, a map for your address.

4.4 Create Beneficial Content to Capture Leads.

People always look for useful content that can help them at the instance of time or building their knowledge.

No one wants to read content on the website until it’s informative and useful to them.

Also, Don’t lose the frequency which you maintain for posting articles or sending a newsletter on mails. Posting valuable information will help you to build the trust of the audience and building a brand image.

4.5 Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.

People prefer spending online time on mobiles than desktop. If your site is not mobile friendly, it will make the visitor frustrated because of the loading of the website, content hidden by image, content not fit the screen, loading of images and many others.

If you have a mobile-friendly website, then people prefer spending some time to read the content on your web page, otherwise how informative your content people skip that and visit others page.

Google also consider mobile-friendly web pages to rank in SERP. To perform real estate digital marketing your first step is to create a mobile-friendly website.

4.6 Start Email Nurture Campaign.

An email nurture campaign is a sequence of emails that are sent based on the audience behavior, to deliver on time, information that can help the audience during their buying process. Your emails help them to take their next step easily without much thinking on it.

When you design an email nurturing campaign make sure to segment your audience, target informative content, keep it short & crispy use personalization, monitor analytics and work on drawbacks.

4.7 Ask for Testimonials from Old Clients

People first check for reviews, comments, and testimonials to get ideas about how you serve your clients. It also helps them to get ideas about the real estate properties which you deal.

Testimony on the website will add weight on your real estate business profile.

Once the deal is final, ask your clients to give their feedback. You can create a feedback form on your website or on a paper and ask them to fill.

Ensure to have a separate testimonial section on your site to add feedback of your clients.

4.8 Make Your Site Easy to Navigate.

Website navigation eases the audience to reach their intended page easily. Here are some points to consider for easy navigation of your website:

  • Make use of consistent navigation.
  • Segment the categories.
  • Use proper headings with links.
  • Use ALT text for every clickable image.
  • Include a site map in your website which defines how your website organized.
  • Use simple language.
  • Link to a logo that points to the home page.

4.9 Run Contests in your Niche

Organizing a contest is engaging and fantastic way to attract a genuine list of leads. For Real estate business, contest ideas work well for them.

For this, you can use contest ideas like- tickets to sports events, coupons for restaurants or stores, partner services, scavenger hunts, local trivia, photo contests, holiday contests and many more.

The days during the contests are fascinating both for the participants and to realtors. In this way, you can grab the interest of the audience easily towards your real estate business.

Here, you can take the help of real estate digital marketing campaigns help to encourage the audience to participate.

4.10 Use Chatbot on your Website

Chatbot will act as round the clock customer service support to your audience. Even, when your customer support team not present at their seat.

Chatbot employs artificial intelligence and loaded with some frequently asked questions along with answers.

Chatbots with the help of artificial intelligence can analyze the audience based on their demographic, geographical, behavioral and other aspects provide solutions to them accordingly.

The chat gets saved in CRM, and afterward, your sales team can approach them. Chatbots you can add in your website.

Chatbot in Real Estate Website


4.11 Deliver What you Promise

Don’t add fake promises on your website and any other real estate digital marketing channel. Focus on all the features which you’re good at providing.

Educate your audience about everything before they deal. Make them aware of any risks so that they can decide according to that.

Help them to know the offers or opportunities they have and provide them with advice which is beneficial for them in the long run. Don’t make false promises; your clients can help you in getting a reference to your real estate business.

4.12 Think Outside the Box

Don’t get stuck with a list of ideas or strategies you used to implement. Look for the opportunities and updates in advanced technology execute the same to grab the attention of the audience.

For example, you can use advanced real estate digital marketing strategy such as- chatbot, retarget your audience, use the advanced features of social media sites, Geo-location targeting and many more.

4.13 Engage your Audience in Social Media (always be active)

Make your online presence through social media. Regularly post some informative content that engages your audience on your social media posts.

Even you can share your experience, success, events and many other things which attract the audience. Don’t miss posts be consistent and encourage the audience to comment on your post.

Always reply to the comments on your post, even if it’s negative.  Your social presence will build great strength to improve your brand image.

4.14 Hire a Pro-Photographer

To run any of your real estate digital marketing campaign’s you need appealing images. For this, you should hire a professional photographer.

They know how to capture and highlight every corner of your land or house. They have high megapixel cameras that can help the audience to look at every part.

It will not cost you more; it’s a one-time photo shoot and which can help you share everywhere you want to do an advertisement for it.

Nowadays smartphone cameras are also good, but the professional photoshoot always has its unique identity in the market.

4.15 Answer Questions on Quora

Enroll in quora and provide answers to the questions of realtors and home buyers or sellers. At the end of solutions, you can introduce yourself and your real estate business to the people. People come to know that you’re an expert in this field and they approach you whenever they have any questions in mind related to real estate. In the future, if they want to purchase some property, they may take your advice.

4.16 Start Guest Blogging

To rank in SERP, in this highly competitive digital world, you need to do something extra.

In the real estate digital marketing process, link building plays a very significant role, and guest blogging is one of the techniques that can help to build links. Google look for the number of quality backlink to the website to rank in SERP.

Guest blogging you can do by posting some valuable content on other websites with a backlink to your site.

For this, you need to contact website owners whose sites have good DA and page rank. Google considers valuable backlinks if some high authority website gives you a backlink to your website.

No high authority website owner accepts to provide you backlink until you have something useful content to their audience. Guest blogging is a potent technique in building your backlinks.

4.17 Post Property Videos on YouTube

You can add videos of your property on social media sites and your websites. You can skip videos on the website if you have issues of speed. Instead, you can add youtube link. Videos are more appealing to the audience than any other posts.

For real estate business, videos of property help the audience to get an idea about the property.

It helps you to filter the audience who gets no interest after watching a video, and you can provide better service to potential customers.

4.18 Offer Something Free on your Site.

People generally get excited to get something for nothing if you can offer something interesting along with the sale of the property then people more interest in that.

For example: If you give a gold coin of some grams based on the price of the property. People at least get attracted to that and comes to see the property, and there you can help customers to know more about the property and future opportunities they can avail.

This practice helps you in building a brand of your business.

4.19 Add a Quiz to your Blog.

Generally, people want to know their expertise in their field. And they show interest in attending the quiz and answers for which they failed; they search on your website. Run a quiz with some set of questions which helps them to analyze their knowledge.

It helps the audience that you’re proficient in this field, and more probably they contact you for advice or getting any other information they need regarding real estate properties.

4.20 Try to be as Unique as Possible in all Aspects.

Make your unique presence in the market. Don’t copy any other brand, build your brand.

You should have your website, logo, slogans, way of delivering service, a way of marketing, a way of providing offers, and similar others.

People should come to know about you from your business. Running real estate digital marketing campaigns on trending news in a particular area can also help you in building your unique presence in the market.

4.21 Do Competitor Analysis (keep an eye on your competitors)

Always keep an eye on your competitors. Consider every step your competitors take to carry out their operations.

The way they are adopting strategies of real estate digital marketing or approaching the audience, what are the techniques or offers they are providing to the audience, the type of service they are delivering, what is unique in their service and many more.

Compare and work on to improve from your end.

4.22 Use Drone Photography

Drone photography is used to capture aerial images of some places. A high flying camera will capture the areas which you can’t capture from our normal cameras.

We can control it with remote and capture the areas of the property at various ends. Before making use of it, learn the various exciting features so that you can be more innovative in creating appealing images.

There are some restricted areas where you can’t capture the properties completely there you can take the help of drone photography.

Drone photography is the high level of real estate digital marketing strategy that can help realtors to attract an audience to their post. This technique practiced very rarely and which made them stand out from their competitors.

4.23 Always Do A/B Testing.

Analyze the various real estate digital marketing strategies your competitors are applying to draw the attention of the audience.

Do A/B testing, by implementing those strategies followed by your competitors and ideas that comes in your mind.

Analyze the report and go with the strategy which best fits for your business.

4.24 Send Personalised Cards or Gifts on Milestone Dates.

Collect the information of your customers once the deal gets finalized. Make a reminder to send them personalized cards or gifts on their purchase dates.

It’s one of the ways to get engaged with your audience even if they are no longer your clients.

It helps them to remind about you, and maybe there are chances that they may refer to someone or they may get interested in buying a new property after such a long time.

4.25 Google Alerts

Have you ever wondered, what digital media is talking about your real estate brand or company? Google alerts a great way to keep track of new media publications about your real estate brand.

To have this notification in your mail, you need to create alerts from your Gmail account by typing the keywords for that topic and clicking on the ‘+’ icon.

It will send you email notifications of new publications about your real estate brand, whenever there is a new update.

4.26 Memes

Real estate digital marketing is not always about promoting your real estate business. It is also about engaging the customer in ways that he loves the most.

Memes are the shortest form of content, that has vast potential to go viral if done right.

Do some research the preference of your targeted audience and creates Memes which appeals to them.

5. Top 3 Real Estate Companies using Digital Marketing

Many top real estate companies already practiced real estate digital marketing and getting benefit out of it. Most of the companies reached to the next level only after adopting real estate digital marketing for their business.

Ten years before it could be an option for realtors to adopt real estate digital marketing, but now it has become essential for every company to have a digital presence.

Real estate digital marketing always comes with the new strategies that can help realtors to reach their audience.

To get an idea about this point, have a look at these top 3 real estate companies who gained good revenue and brand image with the help of real estate digital marketing.

Godrej Properties Ltd

Godrej Properties Ltd is one of the leading real estate company in India. It was founded in 1897, and are into the various industries like Online Grocery Store, Real estate, Consumer goods, Agri, and Chemical business.

Godrej spent 20% of its marketing budget on real estate digital marketing. It always comes with some ideas to attract an audience with real estate digital marketing campaigns.

godrej Properties


Some of its popular real estate digital marketing campaigns which helped them to get good leads and build their brand image are-

‘HappyEMI’s’ campaign which targets the young home buyers to provide an opportunity to buy their dream home in EMI’s. Under this campaign, home buyers have to pay EMI starting Rs. 9999/month for a certain period and book their dream home.

Godrej properties earned a reward as the ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year’ for their residential project in Kolkata. Godrej received this award for their innovative marketing campaign ‘Godrej Prakriti’.

Under this campaign, they carried out ‘environment awareness drive’ to improve cities air quality and the environment.

Godrej frequently runs campaigns for customer engagement and implement advanced real estate digital marketing strategies to build a more personalized bond with their customers.

It always looks for the various real estate digital marketing strategies which improve the home buyers experiences.

Godrej focussed more on young people who are computer savvy, and for this, they run various real estate digital marketing campaigns to attract their targeted audience.

They ran a local real estate digital marketing campaign, In Gurgaon, Sector104, and sold 695 apartments in a day.

Sobha Developers

Sobha limited is one of the leading real estate companies that have a strong digital presence in the Indian market. It’s aimed at offering a global lifestyle experience to their audience.

They understand the importance of online marketing for real estate with the collaboration of Webdura’s association which leads to the transformation of their real estate digital marketing platform.

sobha developers

Real estate digital marketing helped them to use their webspace as a basic part of the marketing strategy, increases lead generation and potential conversion, streamline & maximize their sales approach, and provide integrated & scalable data.

Sobha developers have –

  • Good real estate digital marketing budget and they spent on Google Ads and other social media marketing campaigns.
  • Active social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest with good followers.

They spent their time and digital budget to provide valuable information to their clients related to their brand, tips related to property, corporate news, quotes and similar other.

Usually, they run real estate digital marketing campaigns on a special occasion.

Urban Tree Infrastructures

Urban Tree has considered as one of the leading real estate brands which have a good online presence. Its website is SEO optimized and has a strong social media presence.

Urban Tree shares informative and exciting content pieces with rich media like- images, videos, infographics, GIFs, and others. They update complete details of their finished and ongoing projects on their website.

Urban Tree Infrastructures

Urban Tree has a blog on their website in which they regularly update interesting articles which they do real estate digital marketing for that in their social media profiles like-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • And Instagram

They follow the frequency of their website posting without missing. And ensure to spread their post to a wide range of audience in their database.

Frequently they run campaigns based on the trending topic in the area such as ‘Anti-tobacco day’. From their post, they spread a strong message to their audience.

They organize contests related to trending affairs relevant to the city like- Aadi season, Tamil movies releasing on the weekends, and similar other and share in their social media profiles.


Digital marketing for real estate business will act as a ladder to reach your business goals.

In this digital era, to meet expectations of the audience is something a daunting task without digital presence.

If you’re still following traditional marketing technique, you’re actually sending your audience to your competitors.

To stand out from your competitors, you need a strong digital presence.

People more inclined to what they see and hear, you can take this opportunity to attract your audience.

Real estate digital marketing provided you with lots of options for Ad formats, various marketing channels, and exciting features to create Ads.

Creativity in your contents will help you to drag your audience to your business without much effort.

Real estate digital marketing provides you with an opportunity to track your progress and work on your pitfalls.

It also helps you to target audience on a granular level precision which saves your efforts, time and advertising cost on the irrelevant audience.

Real estate digital marketing is the best source to engage, contact with your audience, build trust, & loyalty of your customer moreover to build brand image.

This guide can help you how to start and generate leads using real estate digital marketing and don’t forget to practice tips, ideas, and strategies mentioned in this guide.

Don’t wait any longer to beat your competitors. Start your success journey with this real estate guide and become a future leader in your real estate business.

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