Proven SMS Marketing Tips That Will Make Campaigns Powerful

While running a marketing campaign, both entrepreneurs and marketers have one goal in common – to generate more revenue. You may have tried all possible marketing strategies to achieve your goal, but have you ever thought of the Short Mode of Success?Do you know that even the smallest of SMS marketing tips can alter your marketing efforts in a big way?

If you have not probably you should try to leverage SMS or text marketing, and it is one of the best marketing tactics available. It is one of the popular but underrated strategies for mobile marketing. There are many factors which determines the success of the SMS marketing tips to generate more revenue.

In SMS marketing all you have to know how to choose an SMS bulk service provider, get your subscriber’s number, permission of your subscriber (opt-in) and you have to play with those precious 160 characters. However, you must take care of a few points while choosing the service provider, else the results of your SMS campaign will not be according to what you are hoping to see.

However, in the world of internet, is SMS marketing of any worth? The answer is Yes.

If you follow these SMS marketing tips, it will benefit you because they are quite simple to adapt.

SMS Marketing Tips

SMS is text messaging communication service present in almost all of the smartphones and the feature phones. Everyone can read an SMS, irrespective of geographical location or socio-economic condition, provided he is literate.

However, all messages sent are not read or opened. Therefore, you must have something in your SMS that compels your subscribers to open and read the SMS.

Do you know what that something is?

“Something” is the tactics you should implement or know about SMS marketing campaign.

Once you gain their trust, whenever there is an SMS from you they will open.

These seven valuable SMS marketing tips can help you to understand what makes your subscriber read your SMS.

Hence, the chances that you can convert your subscriber to potential customers would increase.

SMS marketing tips #1: Targeting the correct audience

When you look to start an SMS marketing campaign, never use “Hit or Miss Strategies.”

It means that targeting the right audience should be your priority while sending SMS.

Confused? Let me explain.

Targeting signifies identification of the buyer’s persona.

For instance, suppose you own a school, and you want more students in your school.

Whom will you choose to focus? Obviously, you will target someone who has kids. You will not target unmarried people, or people older than 70 years.

Thus, while targeting, you need to select the buyer’s persona according to your sector.

Choosing target audience can involve their shopping habits, location, purchase history, age group, profession, marital status, and many more factors. After identifying all these about your subscriber, you can get a clear idea of your target audience and their buyer’s persona. Moreover, studies have found that almost 75 percent of subscribers like to receive offers through SMS.

Check out the following SMS that I received recently. The SMS starts with the words “March offer men.” As a male, I might be interested in availing their service if I require a haircut. So the sender has directed the SMS to the right target audience.

Target the right audience

Therefore, targeting the right audience is one of the major SMS marketing tips.

SMS marketing tips #2: Keyword is key to SMS inbox

SMS marketing depends a lot on the communication you have with your customers. It is one of the key SMS marketing tips. If people are interested in your business, you can engage them with various offer codes or “keywords.”

When you send these code-based SMS it improve your customer relationships. Keywords are unique to your business or organization and can be used to enhance brand loyalty too. The keyword-based offers you send, make your customers feel privileged. Moreover, nobody can resist a discount or a free offer.

Thus code-based or keyword-based SMS can improve the SMS open rates and interaction. Use them along with the other SMS marketing strategies to reap maximum benefits.

For example, look at the following SMS that I received from Indigo, offering me a gift voucher. It will compel me at least to read the SMS. Now, if I am looking to book service from Indigo, I will be much more inclined to use the promo code to avail the benefits. Moreover, I will feel privileged to receive an offer from the brand.

Keywords in SMS marketing

Thus, using the keyword-based SMS can help you to run a successful marketing campaign.

SMS marketing tips #3: Short and simple language

The essential requirement of SMS is to send clear messages within 160 characters and 190 bytes.

People want more information in less time, and SMS does the job. Your text should be concise to convey only valuable things to your subscriber.

Keep the language simple to inform your subscriber about what they can expect from the SMS and how it benefits them.

Look at the example given below. The sender has completed the SMS in only two sentences, but sent a clear message.

Short and direct SMS

The language of the text is essential despite being short as the SMS is stored on the device which your customer carry mostly everywhere.

Writing simple, concise, and personalized is critical to the success of SMS marketing campaigns. It helps in increasing the focus of your subscribers in the SMS you sent.

The human brain is prone to take simple things much faster, and the impression lasts long instead of using a long and complicated sentence.

SMS marketing tips #4: Questionnaire is the power to engage

Use SMS to engage your subscriber in conversation and gather information about them. SMS questionnaires that have reply options can be very useful to improve engagement level of your subscribers.

You can design your text message by including keywords and registration links to conduct surveys. It will make your subscriber feel important as you ask for their opinions to improve product and service quality.

However, getting attention from the subscribers might be difficult without offering any benefits.

Therefore, you have to tickle the interest of your customer by saying something that would make them participate.

Below is an example of SMS that questions the subscribers.

SMS Questionnaire

You can also use the questionnaire to be redirected towards your landing page and capture other necessary details like name, gender, or email address. This way your SMS will have the power to build your email list even. This is another among several SMS marketing tips that will not only help in successful SMS campaign, but it would also be a source of a database for future use.

SMS marketing tips #5: Call-to-action is a must

Call-to-action (CTA) is like the main course item in your SMS marketing menu. It is the indicator that says whether your subscribers are taking an action after reading the SMS or not. More often than not, subscribers are curious about the benefits they can earn from your marketing SMS! CTA can satisfy the curiosity of your subscribers.

Your CTA button may be a link or a COUPON CODE that provides a discount or any other exclusive offers. It can also be a link to your website, which contains the details of your business.

Thus, you should be extra cautious while designing your CTA button. If the CTA is not clear or appealing, subscribers may not click on it.

While including your CTA, deciding on what action you want your subscribers to take is among great sms marketing tips.

Look at the example. You can see a link as a CTA at the end of the SMS.

CTA in SMS marketing

SMS marketing tips #6: Timing is the secret password

Timing your SMS campaigns is a critical factor that decides the success of the campaign. You might be doing everything right but sending SMS to your subscriber at a wrong time could result in a blunder. The timing is among the crucial SMS marketing tips and depends on your target audience.

If you target working professionals, you could expect maximum engagement from them in the office hours, not in the late night or early morning. However, if you have a diagnostic center, then you can send early morning text to old people.

The above instance is an example of timing the SMS wisely. However, there is no absolute right time of sending text messages. Every SMS list has unique subscribers so each will behave in a certain way.

While sending timely SMS is a priority, you must pay attention to invoking urgency in your subscribers too. An SMS with an offer that expires soon can urge your subscriber to engage with you faster.

The following example could be useful for you to understand the importance of time and urgency.

SMS timing is a factor

The SMS offers me a personal loan and some freebies attached to it. However, if I decide not to apply for it soon, it might be expired.

Avoid sending SMS at the time that can irritate your subscriber to maximize your SMS marketing success. You must pay attention to this among the multiple SMS marketing best practices for an enhanced result.

SMS marketing tips #7: Utilize the benefits of occasions

While designing your SMS campaign, you can utilize different global events and festivals.

Occasions like Chinese New Year or birthday of a world figure can help you to make most of your marketing SMS.

For instance, if you have a restaurant, send an SMS on Chinese New Year to promote an offer on Chinese foods. Send these SMS to the right audience, and you can expect an increase in the footfall in your restaurant on that particular day.

Check out the following SMS that I received in the New Year. It offers me an added bonus for applying for a credit card. If I am looking for a credit card, I will definitely be tempted by the offer.

Benefits of occasions in SMS marketing

SMS marketing helps you to understand the psychology of your subscriber and offer them exactly what they like.

What to remember

Therefore, you know now what SMS marketing is, why it is essential and what are the most important of the SMS marketing tips.

However, you have to optimize your SMS marketing campaigns to be successful. SMS optimization helps you to understand and implement various marketing strategies that are effective in making your SMS compelling. Moreover, with the right techniques, you can increase your website visitors, fine-tune your marketing funnel, and integrate all your marketing channels.

You must also remember that optimizing is only half of the job for you unless you are tracking the SMS marketing metrics of your campaigns. Using various SMS marketing metrics and tracking tools, you can measure the performance of your SMS marketing campaign. Knowing the success rate of your campaigns would help you in optimizing your future SMS campaigns.

Do you know any more SMS marketing tips that can help in running a successful campaign?

Feel free to share your experience on how successful was your SMS marketing campaign.

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