Use These Powerful Birthday Marketing Ideas To Be Successful

Birthdays are very special to us because they happen only once a year. People usually eagerly wait for their birthdays to come so that they can enjoy their hearts out. And receiving birthday greetings messages from the people they are connected to brings more joy. So how do you think businesses can miss a chance to wish their valuable customers? Thus today, birthday marketing ideas have become so popular that companies send online birthday wishes without fail. So, in this post, we are going to review how utilizing innovative birthday marketing ideas have become essential. And also, how you can set it up to build and maintain an audience while executing your existing marketing goals.

Birthday Marketing Ideas

What is Birthday marketing?

Imagine on your birthday you open your inbox and receive a birthday wish from your favourite brand.

Won’t you feel delighted that you are being treated exceptionally on your birthday? Obviously!

From that day onwards you would always have an inclination towards that brand than others because of this sweet gesture.

Basically, this is what is called birthday marketing.

It is a strategy adopted by businesses to keep themselves alive in the minds of people and stay in the limelight.

It involves sending birthday wishes in the form of a birthday mail or birthday greetings messages through SMS.

Thus incorporating birthday marketing has a high potentiality to benefit your business.

And if you succeed to bang it at once, your tactic could hold great importance on your customer’s special day.

Since people have a soft corner for their birthdate, birthday wishes offer the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with subscribers on a personal level.

So, you cannot let other competitors snatch your customers from your kitty, by not opting for birthday marketing.

This is the time that you can connect with your clients whom you have not been in touch for a long time by sending them birthday greetings messages.

After all, who does not like getting online birthday wishes?

Still in two minds whether birthday marketing ideas work?

Thinking if sending birthday mail is a good idea?

But, before we know the various approaches of birthday marketing, let us know what benefits it can bring.

Benefits of birthday marketing

You might think it to be strange, but businesses nowadays have come up with creative birthday marketing ideas to stay ahead of their competitors.

That being said, let us see the benefits of sending online birthday wishes.

1. Birthday mail allows you to connect a little bit more with your customer’s joy and strengthen your relationship. According to research, birthday emails that include the customer’s first name in the subject line have unique open rates that are 17% higher than birthday emails with non-personalized subject lines.

2. It’s the perfect opportunity to send relevant, valuable and customized content that makes your customer feel that you care.

3. Just by sending birthday greetings messages you show them how valuable they are to your business. This builds your brand reputation, it’s an opportunity to boost engagement. Ultimately you gain a happy and satisfied customer.

Ready to dive into a more in-depth look at innovative birthday marketing ideas?

Let’s begin.

Innovative birthday marketing ideas

1. Chatbots

You will agree that most people begin planning their birthday celebrations from a week or two before the actual date.

So, why not utilize this one-to two-week buffer to begin contacting your customers?

Suppose you are a restaurant and have an online portal for bookings.

Try convincing them to book their birthday celebrations at your venue.

If they think of your business around their birthday, chances are higher they may spend their money with you.

Take help of the latest advancements in technology like chatbots.

As chatbots naturally have a habit of addressing personally, individuals feel more special.

Let chatbots take the initiative to take it over from there, if they see someone is logging in through that account, trying to book a slot.

Because today all websites have a customer database with contact information and birthdays.

If you don’t have it, including the birthday attribute next time is a must.

Why do you think companies ask for your birthday details during sign-up?

Everything has a purpose, it is done to send customers birthday greetings messages.

Birthday mail grow brand loyalty and help customers have a more positive view of your brand

It is a great way to encourage signups and boost engagement.

Inform them, that since they are your loyal customers, a birthday cake will be from their side.

Sometimes, giving without expecting something in return is an excellent way to show up in the world.

It happens to yield positive results.

2. Personalized gifts

Birthday marketing ideas do not always have to be about offering discounts, you could use some offline methods too.

Start by targeting your loyal and regular clients, because they now expect special treatment from their desired brands.

For example, you could handwrite a card and post it out, just to show the client you’re thinking of them on their birthday.

A handwritten note on a birthday card only takes a few seconds of your time.

However, when they receive birthday greetings messages, they appreciate the fact that someone took the time to jot something down and send.

It gives an immediate payback, as customers like being acknowledged for what sets them apart from other shoppers.

The customer will keep that note as a memento.

It will bring value to your business not only from the customer but also the people they will flaunt and show.

Even they will feel that when the whole world is tweeting birthday greetings messages, few people are there who are actually take out time to send physical birthday cards.

Moreover, a physical card does not get thrown out or forgotten the way online birthday wishes goes.

To be specific, since the internet started to gain popularity, a handful of marketers don’t use conventional methods like this.

Therefore, when you deliver it, your message stands out from the rest.

Adding a personalized touch to your birthday marketing ideas will surely make your profits soar.

3. SMS competition alerts

Since sending physical gifts on birthdays to customers is not feasible for small and medium-sized businesses.

You can schedule a monthly competition for your clients.

In other words, a contest for people who are born in that month can enter a draw by giving their DOB, through SMS.

Then go on to choose a date of the winning birthday and send all those people a voucher, through SMS.

Utilize bulk SMS for this purpose. There are plenty of bulk SMS providers who can help you with it.

Also, you can use URL shorteners too.

It is a great way to invite the recipients to come back to your website if they have not visited your site lately.

Simultaneously you can give a referral link to your website so that if they like your service, they can share your site with their friends.

However, you cannot afford to let other customers wait for their birthday to come around only to find out that the competition is no longer valid.

Otherwise, it would look commercial and opportunistic.

What you can do is, after the contest has ended, you can reach out to everyone who could not win the game.

Incentivize them by offering a runner-up prize.

Doing this you can do not let customers drift away from our business all the more.

4. Social media marketing

Let’s say you have a gym business.

Just like all businesses you also have social media websites, and many of your customers have either subscribed or follow your page.

What’s better than targetting your customers with social media marketing!

Be it Facebook or Instagram, to be frank, many gym-goers post videos of their workout sessions.

Post these videos with birthday greetings messages, use the latest trends of hashtags to promote it.

Try to have a particular birthday widget theme in your site.

Everyone likes sentimental surprises like these, tag them also, it will feature them on your site.

This is an excellent form of a birthday gift, make sure you give one to your customers!

Make the birthday greetings message more visually attractive and appealing than the regular promotional ones.

To add it up, use cool GIF’s because your main aim is to put a smile on their face.

The content for the video needs to be birthday themed, for example, a cake works really well, add some sparkles.

Push this video before anyone else, it will eventually show that you put effort into creating something special, just for them.

Additionally, incorporate a freebie like a free full body checkup to be availed that month, half of your job will be done.

By doing so, you are highlighting their birthday, and also letting them feel that you care about their fitness.

Further, start this campaign from the beginning of the year so that no customer feels left out.

5. Birthday email

In this time of digitalization, everyone has an email address.

So you need to influence the user to read the birthday mail, therefore you need to write a compelling headline.

To ease out your convenience, you can set up an automation email campaign for this, it performs best.

Because it might happen that you have a great list of customers that have birthdays on the same date.

In such cases, it becomes strenuous for you to send birthday mail on the day of your customer’s birthday.

Various CRM systems will automate this process for you too.

However, you need to take up a unique approach of sending your birthday greetings messages in advance.

Because you will agree that the customer will also receive online birthday wishes from other brands.

So, you need to stand out from the rest since almost every company today have different birthday marketing ideas.

Therefore the benefit of this approach is that you get your customer browsing your site in advance.

The objective of the birthday mail is that it should be beneficial to the customer as well as you.

So, when they get an email from you on their birthday with a discount, they’re already an educated shopper.

Moreover, not to forget, you should also send a reminder email or a late birthday mail for customers who might have not checked their mailbox.

Tell them that their offer would be expiring and they are going to miss out if they don’t use it.

6. Name a product

Imagine you are a small bakery shop and don’t have enough resources to organize an email campaign.

You wish to do something beyond expectation, other than sending a birthday mail.

What you can do is, put a special item on display, with their name on it.

Then through SMS, tell them that if they have wanted to avail the offer they can come down to the store.

These type of birthday marketing ideas are actually a trick to pull in customers to your store if you are a brick and mortar set up.

With this, you get two benefits: one you make the customer happy and second you showed other customers how you value each of them individually.

Bottom line

Let’s be honest, everyone likes being wished a happy birthday.

Think of something enticing that you can deliver and no one else can.

Companies that give something special to their users generate a ton of goodwill by treating their birthday like it’s a special day for them too.

But remember, turning your customers into fans is not so easy.

As it is their day and not yours, you need to be careful while sending birthday greetings messages.

See that you don’t sacrifice your relationship with an inadequate offer.

We hope these birthday marketing ideas help you start getting your customers talking, even if you are just starting out.

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