Personalized Email: How to Make Your Emails Awesome & Powerful

“First impression is the last impression” – Common proverb. Failing to make a good first impression, can affect your relationship with your subscribers in the long run. What if I tell you that now you can make an instant connection with your subscribers in just 5 seconds!?! You can connect with your subscribers instantly using personalized email!

Interested to know how?

Personalized Email

If you think that personalized email is just all about mentioning your subscribers’ name on it, then you are wrong!

Email marketing is not all about sending one-size-fits-all email messages to everyone. Customers don’t have time for irrelevant emails. Instead, they look for something that will make sense and have something for them.

The definition of personalization is not restricted to a particular aspect. It’s perspective changes when you look at it differently. The definition varies upon the requirement. It is a broad term.

Feeling lost already? Relax!

In the context of email marketing, personalization is what you do to target email campaigns to a specific group of subscribers. You can target specific groups or users by leveraging information and data that you have gathered over a period of time.

Your emails should have a target audience, personalized content, simple yet strong message, clear value proposition, and invoke urgency. These are some of the important tips to write a stunning and powerful email. When you can write stunning emails, your email campaigns are already on the right track.

You have been using information such as the subscriber’s first name, where they live, their last purchase, or the number of times they sign in into your website or app. For instance, addressing them by their first name.

This is a personalized email that I received a few days back. The email addressed me by my name. Surely that got my attention, and I opened the email to find out the content. But when I read the email, I found that the content to be entirely irrelevant to me.

Personalized Email with irrelevant content

When the sender mentions the name of the recipient, he/she will have the reader’s attention. But is it enough?

The answer is NO!

Using the name of the subscriber in the email’s subject line is very basic and standard. You need to think beyond that to engage your subscribers with your email.

You need to know that your subscribers no longer find interest in emails that start with “Dear (First Name)” line! They are tired of such emails, and these basic tactics are not enough to make them feel that you understand their need.

This article will tell you about the ideas about how to use personalized content in your emails and make your subscribers feel important.

Read on.

You have your subscriber’s personal information. Why not use them properly?

Finally, you can put it to proper use what you have been collecting for so long!

You have been collecting data for some time, it is the right time that you put it to some good work.

You must not limit yourself to just using just the first name of your subscribers. There is other information that can help you understand your subscribers better.

Reach out to them on days that mean something to them. You can make the email look like a greeting card.

You can make the email interactive, fun, and at the same time make your intentions clear. The purpose of the email should not get lost in the niceties and warm greetings.

Take a look at the example given below.

The sender made the offer sound like it’s a present to the reader on his/her special occasion. It will appeal the reader emotionally.

This will not only get his/her attention but also make him/her want to respond.

Personalized Email Using special occasion

When you write a personalized email, you will have to understand that your subscribers will take notice only when they are absolutely sure that your email is for them. But that is not enough!

When you talk about an offer in an email, make sure that the offer is relevant to them.

The basic information can help you gain insight, but if you fail to use it and make an irrelevant offer, you will lose their interest as quickly as you earned it!

You can use emails to notify them of the latest offers, similar products, and new arrivals on their special day.

Make Your Customers Feel Important. Very Important!

Leverage the Interest of your Subscribers through personalized email

Talk/write like a friend!

You need to communicate with your customer at a level that is more like “one-to-one.” An excellent way to do that is by leveraging the interests of your customer.

When you direct a message to a customer and leverage on his/her personal interest, he/she will be interested in knowing more. You will have his/her attention and at the same time, the chances of getting a response from him/her also increase.

Include a CTA option (call-to-action) in the email. Before including a CTA option, know what is a Call-to-action and how it works. When you do it right, it will encourage and help the recipient to respond immediately. This tactic can help in creating a sense of urgency among your customers.

Take a look at the email that I received a few days back.

The sender of the email captured my attention with a piece of information that made me read it further. The email consists of relevant data that made the information more convincing. Then the sender continued with the offer/benefit.

The sender created a sense of urgency with the date.

You can also see there is a CTA button in the email.

Personalized Email with infographics

Personalized Email with CTA

The chances are higher that I will respond to the email. It provides me with a piece of information that I’m interested in. There are also relevant data that backs up the information. I will be curious to know more. The sender also included a CTA option. The CTA button will provide me further detailed information!

When you send personalized email to your subscribers, remember to use as much information as it is required. You can include a CTA button, which will bring the readers to your website.

Ask your Subscribers the Right Questions

Make your subscribers talk to you!

An excellent way to do that is by asking questions.

If you have your subscribers’ personal information, you need to use it for a more focused approach now.

When you know the preferences or area of interest of your subscribers, ask the right and relevant questions. This will get you a clear understanding of your subscribers’ preferences and requirements.

Make sure that your subscribers’ can easily respond if they want to. Include “call-to-action” options in the email.

Asking your subscribers about their favorite color, while selling airline tickets is undoubtedly a horrible idea!


You can take a look at the example given below.

The sender asked a direct close-ended question first.

It will encourage the reader to reply and then click on the CTA button. There is also a clear description of what he/she will get.

Including a CTA button is an excellent tactic, which will make the subscribers want to accept the sender’s assistance.

The sender established the relevance of their products by asking direct questions. This is an opportunity where the sender can pitch their product.

Personalized Email with Questions

When your subscribers get relevant and useful content, they will engage with your email.

Know the Perfect Time and Location

Send an email when you know your subscribers will read it!

Not all your subscribers are active at the same time. Some of them might like reading an email just after they get up, some may love going through their emails on their way to the office.

Some subscribers are more active on Thursdays, some on Mondays!

Now, are you thinking how you would know when your subscribers are most active?

Create custom emails after conducting A/B testing of your email marketing strategies. It will help you find out the ideal time and date to shoot out emails to your subscribers.

For instance, I check my emails as soon as I reach my office.

Check out the emails.

These are the first emails that I see every day as soon as I log in.

Time and location to send Personalized Emails

Ideal time and date to send Personalized emails

Your subscribers will expect a relevant and useful email every morning. That is the effect you can create in the minds of your subscribers with personalization of date and time.

Set up Trigger Emails that are automated

Connect with your subscribers without lifting a finger!

That’s right! You can now ensure that your subscribers get an email every time they purchase your services/products.

The emails that are sent to the subscriber in the event of any transaction or engagement are automatic.

The automatic emails are called automated triggered emails. You can personalize them to give them a more focused and personal feel.

Automated triggered emails are sent to people when they trigger a specific condition. Triggered emails are very useful as they help in making your automation system for marketing work.

Automated behavior trigger emails can be a handy tool that can help you understand how your subscribers are using the services/brands of your organization.

The success rate of automated trigger emails is quite high. According to Epsilon Email Institute, they have an open rate of 152 percent higher as compared with the traditional emails.

Trigger emails are automated but personal nevertheless. Therefore, there will be a connection between your subscribers and you.

For example, when you sign up to a website you are sent a “welcome email.”

“Welcome email” is a personalized email that consists of other relevant services/products that make the emails more interesting.

Automated Welcome Email

Next steps

Email marketing offers benefits like high ROI, excellent reach, time efficiency, excellent data gathering, and a personalized approach. You absolutely need email marketing if you want to take your brand to a higher position. It is no wonder that marketers are now investing in email marketing.

If you have been implementing email marketing strategies for some time and have sufficient data, you should focus on how you can use that.

Start implementing personalized email marketing techniques, and your focus should be on how you collect data.

Once you have the data, you will have to decide how you can use them for email personalization.

The results of personalized email campaigns might vary, and depends on how you use it.

It can establish an interactive and engaging relationship between you and your users. It can also help you enhance your personalized marketing strategies.

However, if you do it wrong, your email will be ignored!

Your subscribers are not going to feel important just by seeing their name in the email! This is a common thing that your subscribers view day and night, every time they open their email.

Start today, and you will realize that personalized email marketing is effective, certainly more than you thought!

Are you planning to use these tips to improve your email personalization strategies? Did you find any of the ideas to be very useful? Let’s discuss in comments.

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