Opportunities In SMS Marketing That Are Promising For Business

You might feel that opportunities in SMS marketing are at stake, as the world is heading towards the new gen mantra: Internet of Things. 

Let me ask you a question.

Where do you think successful apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Google chat originated from?

Who is the mother of all these GenY social media apps?

Isn’t it SMS? Yes, it is!

SMS is not vanishing whatsoever.

SMS Marketing Opportunities

In reality, SMS is the most influential marketing tool and opportunities in SMS marketing are numerous.

But somehow it has fallen out of utilization, and people have become unsure about the survival of SMS marketing now.

The surprising yet uncontroversial fact is the scope of SMS marketing in this edge of cut-throat technological advancements.

SMS has got a whole new definition- SIMPLISTIC MARKETING STRATEGY

It is no surprise that text messaging used to be the second most accessed feature on the phone after calling. SMS, a text messaging medium was and always will be a versatile tool. There’s something about the simplicity of a text that’s appealing. This article will reveal the opportunities in SMS marketing and state some obvious SMS marketing advantages.

1. Space independent

Space independency is one of the primary opportunities in SMS marketing.

Imagine your favorite cosmetic brand has just launched its app. Will you not instantly feel the urge to download their app?

You straightway go to playstore and download the app, right?

The app in-turn installs and occupies a particular space in the mobile. But in case of SMS, an inbuilt feature of mobiles.

You need not assign space individually. SMS is compatible with every mobile phone and is such that it cannot be uninstalled.

SMS messages get stored without taking up much memory and are quickly found when required for reference or use.

2. Platform independent

Suppose your mobile has a breakdown. You transfer your SIM to another mobile and with ease continue with texting. Whereas, for mobile app texting, you have to install that app on the other phone again. Otherwise, the message will not be received at all.

Additionally, there are specific apps which are best suited for Android and not for iOS. However, with SMS, text messaging does not have the same limitation.

It shows the potential of SMS marketing as most people use the same cell phone number for years. It can be one of the excellent opportunities in SMS marketing for segregating users.

3. Data unrestricted

At present, where internet is turning the world into a global village where everybody is online 24/7. People have become addicted to the virtual reality, and spend almost all their days by chatting on social websites.

Imagine, you do not have a data connection.

The lack of cellular data, will ultimately not let your WhatsApp text to be sent.

On the other hand, for SMS, even if the phone is turned off, the message gets delivered within 48 hours.

Don’t you think there is a scope of SMS marketing in this respect?

As it gets directly delivered to the inbox, it remains as an alert always until its read.

The buzz going off in a mobile user’s pocket is all the motivation they need to open a text message. Additionally, SMS comes with the guarantee of reaching people even not using smartphones.

WhatsApp message not delivered

Source: Clock Check Mark

4. Database lover

In the market, marketers consider that social media is significant enough for branding and creating a community. But, unless you have a handful of followers, it’s not a good substitute for direct marketing.

If you have a text messaging database, you can send offers and promotions directly to people. Since the redemption rates of SMS marketing are manifold, the most interested people will opt for their product.

Send reminders and notifications to customers who need or appreciate confirmations of schedules, appointments, etc.

5. Follows ‘KISS’

Since SMS consists of only 160 characters, you need to be precise. Try following the KISS (Keep It Simple Short) technique. This tactic not only helps creates more impact on the audience but also garners attention on the part of users.

Unlike apps notifications where you can incorporate ads, animations. This facility is substantial competition for SMS marketing that is not facilitated by text messaging service providers.

6. Notify easily

Keep your customers up to date.

Assume, your order is out for delivery. Likewise, if the seller has to update you regarding the status of your item, they inform you via SMS. Customers appreciate receiving an SMS.

Supposedly, if you try to tell them through apps, users actually will barely notice. They might feel intrusive on getting notified through apps.

order delivery notification by SMS

7. Double security

Suppose you want to book a movie ticket from Bookmyshow. You select your desired movie and the app directs you to a payment gateway.

What next? An OTP(One Time Password) come as SMS, right?

The code that is auto-generated is required to verify bank actions or real-time information. Customers appreciate receiving pertinent information immediately.

payment gateway security in bookmyshow

Source: Zeta

SMS is a trustworthy way of transferring transactional data. Besides, SMS offers better security as it is mostly resistant to spam and malware affecting the system.

It’s not just one reason as to why SMS verification is so popular. The two-step verification process is regarded as secure and quick that allows the user to complete a transaction with ease.

8. Simple outreach

As you know nowadays, there is an app for every necessity of people. But every app has its uniqueness. Hence, it becomes a tough decision for marketers to choose a particular channel for promoting their product through ads.

Eventually, mobile messenger apps have become favorites for the marketers to connect effortlessly to their targeted audience. 

Thus survival of SMS marketing in the generation of apps has become a query for marketers. Yet, with bulk SMS you will not feel this limitation.

It is one of the most significant opportunities in SMS marketing if exploited smartly.

9. Urgency maker

Many times it happens that you have not visited their website or app. That’s a loss on the part of the marketers.

So, as a survival strategy marketers revise their approach and introduce SMS with an exclusive offer. This SMS is time-bound additionally creating a sense of urgency.

Urgency is when the customer feels the need to act immediately. It makes the customer realize that the content of the SMS is important and calls for action instantly.

For example Apply Code PROMO1 for 20% off. No minimum purchase. Expires Sunday.

code expiry urgency send by SMS

Source: txtimpact

10. URL compatible

Send customers exclusive deals. Uniquely-generated coupon codes prevent non-subscribers from taking advantage of your deal.

It’s a great way to make sure you portray yourself to be top on customer satisfaction. Having URLs within an SMS encourages subscription and customer viewing.

As SMS assures your marketing message is reaching your customers promptly. This type of SMS also has a higher click-through rate which will increase e-commerce sales.

So, your aim should be value proposition and using an URL shortener like bit.ly to avoid long, unsightly links.

Assume Ola, offers you this offer based on your travel history. Likewise, if you are present in Delhi, you will want to avail this offer.

ola notfication by SMS


11. Secured login

You might all have come across the new technology that nearly all website and apps are utilizing nowadays.

Customers are alerted if someone is trying to log into their account with a password. On the other hand, in apps, you can log-in even without such verification.

For example, e-commerce giant Amazon has adopted this tactic of SMS verification. A code gets sent to the registered mobile number for authentication, but not in your app.

Following which you can login securely.  

Amazon login protection by SMS



12. Business friendly

With the rapid advancements in mobile technology and internet availability on mobile phones, competition for SMS marketing has expanded.

Marketers are preoccupied with social media. They believe it to be the key to increasing revenue, even without investing in SMS marketing.

However, business is better suited to the world of SMS. People often get in touch with companies to ask questions; marketers would find it quite absurd if they started receiving marketing messages onto their social accounts. That’s why, for business, SMS is always better.

Majority of brands, be it large or small, you should be incorporating SMS to boost their marketing strategy. While mobile websites and apps steal the limelight right now, SMS boasts 98% open rates. Furthermore, comparatively low costs give SMS the “cut-through” that other channels lack.

opportunities in sms marketing

Source: DigitalVidya

13. Cross-channel integrator

You can’t deny that SMS is a great standalone channel. But, with the rise in messaging apps, you can wonder the competition for SMS marketing with messaging services.

You can utilize SMS as it is capable of complementing and support other marketing mediums, such as social media and email.

In the market, it is vital that all the channels work in tandem to deliver value.

SMS simplifies the app download process for all mobile users, for not only those who’ve subscribed to your list. A text message is a convenient way for your customers to download your new application quickly and easily.

For example, a follow-up SMS asking “Have you downloaded our app?” can help boost install rates by 20%–30%.

app download promotion by sms

Source: Tatango

14. Feedback collector

SMS is a significant channel to receive feedback from your consumers via surveys. According to research by Trumpia (2016) on an average 31% of consumers responded to survey via SMS.

Average response time for users being just over 5 minutes. So, you can get excellent results in a short period.

SMS being highly interactive, companies should keep in constant touch with users. Users can be engaged by urging them to participate in surveys, fill out questionnaires and vote in polls.

You must be cautious with how you use SMS, as text messaging is much more personal than an email. Failing to understand this can hurt your brand image.

15. Reminder man

Do you think a dentist will have an app for himself?

What best he can do is use SMS to remind his patients of an appointment. This action in-turn decreases the no-show rate.

Maintain SMS guidelines; the tone must be friendly and informal, yet succinct and deliver value with your message. This is a brilliant way to see the survival of SMS marketing.

Stick to regular business hours for sending your messages, by just doing these things; you will garner a lot of leads.

reminder of appointment by SMS

Source: Mosio

Final Takeaway

SMS has aged gracefully, much better than apps have.

So, what if it is present in the market for many years and has become a slightly dated technology?

That doesn’t mean the there are no opportunities in SMS marketing!

There are opportunities in SMS marketing. But, somehow SMS marketing is turning into an under-rated marketing channel.

SMS is a tool that helps you build a more direct and personal relationship.

You should implement SMS to revitalize your mobile marketing strategy.

In fact, SMS marketing has become more successful than ever before with business to consumer (B2C) messaging enjoying double-digit growth.

In this survival of the fittest scenario, efficient use of SMS marketing builds loyalty, ultimately generating revenue.

SMS as a medium has proved time and again its mettle for doing wonders for business if used correctly.

Progressive companies should leverage the potential of SMS marketing and stand ahead in the competition.

What do you think of the opportunities in SMS marketing discussed in the article?

Have anything you’d like to add? Feel free to share.

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