Why Mobile Number Is The Locomotive Of Digital Marketing

Do you know that the first SIM card was launched in 1991? Though it was a landmark event in the history of mobile phones, nobody could have guessed the importance of mobile number in digital marketing would grow exponentially after almost three decades of being in use.

Mobile Number Digital Marketing

Mobile technologies evolved with time, however, one thing remained consistent – the use of SIM card and the mobile number. Thus, you cannot deny the importance of mobile number in digital marketing even if you want to.

Further, it is no wonder that marketers, since the last decade, use mobile numbers to reach their customers. Though the availability of high-speed internet seems to nullify the need for using the mobile numbers, the truth is entirely different.

I know you are feeling a bit skeptical. Well, let me tell you something. There might be several digital marketing techniques available to you, but if you look closely, you will see that the mobile number is bearing the maximum load as a marketing channel for some time now.

It acted as the flag-bearer of digital marketing techniques when it started out. Now with other methods available, the mobile number continues its task of carrying digital marketing on its shoulders, but silently.

I know you are still feeling a bit lost. Let me give you a few indicators, which suggests the importance of mobile number in digital marketing. Read them to clear all the doubts you had about the role of mobile numbers in digital marketing.

1. Reach your audience any time you want

If you ask people about the thing that they would like to keep with themselves 24X7, surely most of the answers you will get are about their mobile phones. So, the scope of marketing your product or service increases hugely, if it is done using the right channels that can be accessed through mobile phones. The importance of mobile number in digital marketing to reach your target audience is unparalled.

2. Reach out to the most inaccessible audience too

When you speak about mobile phone, you should know the reach of it. According to a report by Statista, the number of mobile users worldwide stands at 4.77 billion in 2017. Just imagine how many users you will be able to reach on the mobile phone alone with proper strategies. Moreover, it boils down the one primary thing you require – mobile number. The mobile number allows to target your subscribers with most engaging contents and helps you to convert them over time. The importance of mobile number in digital marketing cannot be undermined while you look to provide quality d

3. The growth of in-app advertisement

Even most of the apps you install mostly ask for your phone number, thus adding it to their existing database. Later you can use these phone numbers to retarget you with other apps or product they launch. They use SMS services and other channels to reach and keep you engaged with the application.

The bottom-line is, nobody can underestimate the role of mobile number in digital marketing. The number of marketing channels connected to a mobile number is incredibly vast. The importance of mobile number in digital marketing supersedes that what meets the human eye.

4. Permission trumps intrusion

When speaking about the collection of mobile number, you must always take permission from the users. It is not only ethical but also required by the law at present. Both TRAI and the GDPR rules state these, and you should know about them while sending a text message to your subscribers.

Additionally, you can include other fields such as email ID, or some fields about their interests. The mobile number collected to give you an indication of the attention of the subscribers. Easy communicating with your subscribers also underlines the importance of mobile number in digital marketing as they voluntarily provided their details.

When your customers provide you their phone numbers, they actually looking forward to hearing from you. It is an excellent marketing opportunity, and you can reach your customers directly with your promotions and offers. Moreover, mobile numbers allow you to use multiple marketing techniques to reach the people. For example, you can target your customers with an SMS in case they have switched off their internet to tell them about you.

5. Increase in touch points in the marketing funnel

When you are into marketing, you cannot ignore any channel that can give you some reach or engagement from your users. Mobile number is the gateway to most of the channels in the digital marketing. It is an important factor in optimizing the marketing funnel too. Therefore, by understanding the importance of mobile number in digital marketing, you can optimize your marketing initiatives through communications at the different stages of the marketing funnel.

You can make the journey of your customers better through the funnel with much more relevance using their mobile number. A customer would not give his/her mobile number unless he/she trusts you. So when you have the mobile number, you can integrate your marketing efforts and target them with relevant content at different stages of the funnel with multiple touch points. The mobile number allows you to reach the customer, even if they are not actively looking for you.

6. Better engagement with audience segmentation

The importance of mobile number in digital marketing does not end with SMS marketing. Being a unique identifier, the mobile number also helps you in segmenting your audience into the categories of your choice. With proper categorization, you can target your audience with marketing content that they are most likely to engage.

Well, you must be wondering about the importance of mobile number in digital marketing that helps in audience segmentation. Well, let me explain.

As your customers provided their mobile number voluntarily, you can expect that they have some interest in your business.

When you send personalized content to your audience, they will either interact with it or ignore it. However, not all customer would ignore every message. You can track the activity of your customers and can actually check which type of message grabs the attention of whom. Now, you can iterate similar messages to people according to their interests. It will help you to re-organize your marketing initiatives according to the segmentation you did.

7. Support other digital marketing channels directly and indirectly

The importance of mobile number in digital marketing can also be understood if you look closely towards the other marketing channels. It acts as the central hub of audience targeting being a unique identifier.

Combined with the functions of different channels of marketing, you can do a lot with a mobile number.

8. The hub mobile marketing strategies

To understand the importance of mobile number in digital marketing, look at the number of apps your phone have. When you use a app for the first time, you have to provide your mobile number during registration. Even, if you buy a new phone, you need to provide your phone number before you start using it.

Mobile marketing speaks of various approaches, but most of them revolve around mobile numbers. Even the smartest of the latest phones need a single thing before you can use it – SIM card, or mobile number.The mobile marketers use multiple features and techniques to market their products, and usually it involves the mobile number.

A mobile number is a primary requirement without which the phone will not even work. True, you can provide much information over wi-fi. However, you must remember that people ultimately used the device as a phone, not a computer.

9. Take the journey with the autopilot on

When collecting the subscribers’ mobile number, do not think that you have to jot down all the phone numbers you have, manually. There are many tools, which can automate the entire process of building a database.

Further, you can use tools to configure to send automated but personalized marketing content to the users according to their preference. What makes them a must in your mobile marketing strategies is the fact that you can customize them according to the audience segmentation to send these automated contents.

Well, you must be wondering how all these factors in the importance of mobile number in digital marketing. Let me clarify.

When a customer gives you his mobile number, he is indirectly giving you the permission to send marketing content. In other words, he is participating in your marketing initiatives. Therefore, if you can automate your marketing content with the right amount of personalization, it can do wonders.

10. Upgrade constantly to stay ahead

Similar to any other marketing techniques, you must keep yourself updated with the latest mobile marketing techniques. You must find out the latest trends to leverage the importance of mobile number in digital marketing continuously. The upgradation of your marketing technique would help you to stay ahead of the race.

Moreover, different mobile marketing tracking tools are available in the market. These tools help you to understand the behavior of your users better. Learning about these tools can help you to design your future promotions with greater understanding to generate most out of the campaigns.

However, even with the evolving marketing techniques, one thing remains constant – the mobile number. So, when you upgrade your marketing skills and techniques, targeting your customers through the mobile number becomes easier. Additionally, mobile numbers allow you to reach your customers in a non-intrusive way with the latest technology. Thus, they would more incline to interact with your promotional content.

Are you on track?

I am sure that few of your assumptions have been modified after reading the above points. Now you know why it is necessary to see the importance of mobile number in digital marketing and by how much.

Now, it is the best time for you to check if you are doing enough to get the mobile numbers from your customers and subscribers. You must find out what are the things missing from your marketing strategy and implement them. You are never late when you are looking to learn the importance of importance of mobile number in digital marketing, and mobile number is the engine. It helps you to integrate all your marketing initiatives with a single objective: to reach your customers anywhere and anytime.

So what is your opinion on considering the mobile number as the locomotive of digital marketing? What keeps you on the track in your digital marketing journey. Let us know your experience about the importance of mobile number in digital marketing while taking the never-ending ride.

Sandip Acharyya

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