Mobile Marketing Trends You Need To Know About Today

The mobile marketing trends that looked futuristic few years back have become a reality.

In the year 2016, StatCounter conducted a study of internet usage both by mobile phones and tablet devices. It showed that the total number of users worldwide who access the internet through their mobile devices is quite high. Further, it also proved that the number of people who access the internet using the desktop is lesser!

Mobile marketing continues to absorb many digital advertising mediums. This year many marketers have already shifted from “mobile first” to mobile only” strategies.

When you know all about mobile marketing, you’d certainly want to stay ahead of your competition.

Some mobile marketing trends took the stage last year. Simultaneously these trends paved way for some mobile marketing future trends.

The trends were mostly based on how users behave on the mobile devices.

In this article, you will get a glimpse of the future of mobile marketing with the trends that are almost here.

But, before that let’s have a look at some of the recent trends in mobile marketing that took the spotlight last year.

Mobile marketing trends

Mobile marketing trends that became reality

1. Instant messaging apps in mobile marketing

The popularity of apps is now evident more than ever. If you can promote your app in a right way, you can taste success sooner than you think. In today’s competitive era, you should learn the smartest tips for app promotion that will keep you ahead.

Instant messaging apps like Snapchat, the Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp have found their place in the list of most used apps.

The rising popularity of messaging apps is fast gaining over social networks.

One of the reasons can be the fact that messaging apps are more private as compared to social networks.

Marketers are now using messaging apps to engage with their users at a personal level.

Instant messaging app

The rising popularity of instant messaging apps has compelled many businesses to offer interactive options to their users.

Take a look at the example below.

Facebook messenger app

Now you can message businesses using Facebook messenger. Moreover, you won’t have to wait long to get a response.

The instant response that you will get is automated, and that is again one of the mobile marketing trends.

Let’s discuss automation of instant messages in mobile marketing in the next point.

2. Mobile marketing automation

It’s true that marketing automation is not one of the recent trends in mobile marketing.

However, the growing acceptance of marketing automation is evident almost everywhere.

Today, marketing automation is easily one of the top priorities for marketers and businesses.

Businesses are already using mobile marketing automation for the collection of customer phone numbers, email, and other information.

Automated messaging are used in instant messaging apps as well.

It ensures that customers don’t have to wait for a response. As a result, it improves users’ trust in a brand.

Automated instant messaging

3. Social media that are mobile-exclusive

There is a surge in the popularity of mobile-exclusive messaging platforms and social media like Instagram, and Snapchat.

These social platforms have evolved and grown exponentially since last few years.

According to Statista, Instagram users grew by 50%. It could open up a window of opportunities for marketers.

The reason is simple: People love mobile exclusive social networks, and they have accepted it.

It is one of the recent trends in mobile marketing.

It leads to one massive trend for mobile-exclusive networks, and we have witnessed many social networks switching to the mobile version.

Having said that you could expect new entrants, preferable niche social marketing, for mobile.

4. Mobile Marketing Videos in Social Media

Today social media is overwhelmed by video contents.

Facebook, gets more than 8 billion daily video views.

Almost 45% of SMB (small-to-medium businesses) marketers planned to invest in Facebook video promotion in 2017.

As of January 2018, 95.1% of Facebook users accessed it via smartphones. (source: Statista)

There is undoubtedly a vast scope for social media video promotion. The popularity of social media videos is rising on the social platform such as Facebook and Instagram.

Mobile social media video5. Search with voice command

The number of voice searches has increased with personal assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google Home, and the latest Amazon’s Echo (Alexa).

What started as just an exclusive luxury for iPhone users is now well within reach of many.

Voice input or command was a trend that has become a reality today. It’s just a matter of time when we’ll see marketers leverage its benefits.

It is certainly one of the most interesting mobile marketing trends that became reality in 2017.

Amazon echo (Alexa)6. Getting started with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

In the year 2017, many companies started taking advantage of Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

As you must have guessed with the term, it loads mobile pages faster than the desktop version.

Google always aim at giving the best experience to the users and AMPs can deliver a good user experience.

Experts believe that with AMPs, marketers can enjoy more benefits and stay ahead in the competition.

With AMP users will have the best experience on your website on their mobile phones.

It will also help you get your website to a higher ranking.

7. The rising popularity of mobile apps

In the year 2017, total app downloads globally were 175 billion with users spending crossing $86 billion (source: TechCrunch).

Further, App Annie released a report that year that India was in the second position by downloads. China was in the first position, and the U.S. was in the third position.

Businesses identified the opportunity and started investing in mobile apps.

Last year, we saw many businesses starting to create their apps and enjoyed improved sales and engagement. Through apps businesses can connect with their users at personal levels.

It is one of the mobile marketing trends that is expected to rise for the coming years.

Where we stand today

These are the seven mobile marketing trends that became reality.

These mobile marketing trends are helping marketers take their brand to newer heights.

Simultaneously, they are also helping them to stay ahead of the curve.

But innovation never stops.

We witnessed many groundbreaking mobile marketing trends shaping up to reality last year.

That brings us to the question: What trends will now define the future of mobile marketing?

We have listed few mobile marketing trends that could be a reality very soon.

Let’s find out what trends are waiting for us as the mobile marketing future trends.

Mobile marketing predictions: Mobile marketing future trends

1. Augmented reality

VR (virtual reality) is still a hot topic among gamers and marketers.

VR can be a potential marketing tool as it presents a plethora of opportunities where users can interact with products/services.

We have just witnessed VR gaining popularity among gamers. However, you can expect the next generation of VR will open up new scopes for marketers.

We can expect that soon VR dominating the biggest advertising markets in the world.

Augmented reality

VR is one of the mobile marketing future trends that will define advertising in the coming years.

2. Artificial intelligence in mobile apps

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in mobile phones is not a very far-fetched idea.

We already have voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri on mobile phones. These features can be an example of AI in mobile phones.

Apps such as Skyvi, Google Now, and Siri are already using artificial intelligence.

Not so long ago, AI in mobile phones required an internet connection and was cloud-based.

Today, new features are coming with latest smartphones.

You can safely assume that one of the most significant mobile marketing trends that will soon be a reality will be AI apps.

Imagine, an app will find stores for you and will suggest you products based on your buying patterns and interest.

3. Pop-up ads will no longer be in use

Google announced that the mobile pages in which the content is difficult to access by users might not get a higher rank. It was posted in the Webmaster Central Blog on January 10, 2017.

One of the main reasons that make content difficult to access are the pop-ups that cover the main content.

Therefore, you can’t rely on pop-ups for long.

Even if you continue with pop-ups, you will have to make sure that the pop-up covers the page’s small portion.

4. Mobile payments will become more popular

According to Deloitte Global, by 2023 the smartphones’ adoption among adults is expected to exceed 90%. Further, many predicted that the smartphone owners would interact with their mobile phones 65 times per day on an average.

That will be an opportunity for online retail stores and at the same time for mobile payments.

The idea is to complete the whole process of shopping and payment in a hassle-free manner.

In a growing nation like India, contactless mobile payments are already gaining popularity. It’s only a matter of time when you can enjoy the benefits of NFC (Near Field Communication).

NFC is a wireless method of data/money transfer, which detects as well as enables technology located in proximity. It is convenient and secure.

mobile payment appMobile payments are secure and easy.

People can even use QR scan codes as well to make payments.

This is one of the mobile marketing trends that is predicted to go big in the coming years.

5. Livestream will be the new strategy

The popularity of livestream videos is evident.

It’s only a matter of time when livestream videos will also be used for marketing and promotion.

Few companies have already started and in the near future, livestream videos will be an integral part of marketing strategies.

You can connect with people and allow different levels of personalization and interaction with your users.

According to Neil Patel, live streaming is on the rise. In the year 2016, it was a $30 billion industry!

Further, it is also predicted that by 2021, it’ll become $70 dollar industry.

Livestreaming video brings in almost 10 million users every day.

You can believe that in the near future, live stream videos will only become more popular.

Moreover, according to Neil Patel when it comes to devices livestream videos are mostly watched on smartphones.

livestream videos statistics(Image source:

The above statistics prove that livestream videos are going to be one of the biggest mobile marketing trends in the coming years.

6. Internet of things

IoT (internet of things) and IIoT (Industrial internet of things) will rise in the coming years.

With IoT, organizations will ramp up deployments and incorporate IoT technologies into workflows, processes, and their products.

Let’s quickly summarize what IoT is:

IoT or the internet of things is a network of home appliances, vehicles, physical devices, and other items that are embedded with connectivity, actuators, sensors, software, and electronics. It enables the objects to exchange data and connect with each other.

The year was 2017 when IoT was explored.

This trend will be one of the prominent mobile marketing future trends. It is predicted that in the coming years IoT will see newer heights and become one of the leading mobile marketing trends.

7. The rise of location-based advertising

In the year 2016, the most exciting mobile marketing opportunity was believed to be location-based advertising by 66% of marketers.

The year 2016 was great for location-based advertising.

Last year, location-based advertising continued to be one of the best mobile marketing trends.

Location-based marketing is well-timed, targeted, and personal. For these reasons, it worked last year and will in the coming years.

Just like Steven Rosenblatt (President, FourSquare) predicted:

  1. Brands shifted towards location-based marketing.
  2. Location intelligence companies emerged gradually.
  3. The marketing strategies evolved with location-based advertising.


Mobile is certainly one of the areas of inbound marketing that is evolving.

Irrespective of your company size, in the coming years these upcoming and latest mobile marketing trends will affect you.

The idea is to stay on the right course and keep an eye out for the mobile marketing trends.

Additionally, you should avoid the common mobile marketing mistakes that can drag you down.

Like I said earlier with a clear idea of mobile marketing, you would be able to predict the future of mobile marketing.

Consumers are now ingesting the social media feeds, performing everyday activities, and researching on mobile devices more than ever.

The 7 new mobile marketing trends that have become reality today are just hinting towards a future where mobile marketing will be a dominating force.

Also, the 7 mobile marketing predictions that are gradually coming into the light will take the spotlight in the coming years.

These mentioned mobile marketing trends will certainly help your business conquer today’s mobile-centric and ever-changing market.

Share with us more about any new mobile marketing trends that we have missed.

Also, give your views on how you think these new mobile marketing trends will shape the future of mobile marketing.

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