Avoid These Mobile Marketing Mistakes If You Want To Be An Expert!

In just a few years, mobile phones have become an essential part of your life and a tool. A tool that we all use to read the latest news, socialize, communicate, navigate, and purchase. However, the relationship, which the mobile phones provide between businesses and consumers can be one double-edged sword. Although, it is a great medium it also allows for some common mobile marketing mistakes that could cost your company significantly!

Mobile Marketing Mistakes


“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”

Wendy Clark (Coca Cola, 2008-2016)

Mobile phones can be undoubtedly the hottest factor when you think about Internet advertising. They are indeed a very capable gear, which grants you great power. The power of greater reach, better advertising, and active promotion. However, when you don’t understand the power and responsibility, mistakes will happen!

This article will give you a better understanding of some of the common mobile marketing mistakes that beginners should avoid.

You would want to know more about the mobile marketing mistakes in this article. But before we dive into the topic, let’s quickly summarize what is mobile marketing.

What is mobile marketing?

Andreas Marcus Kaplan, Professor (Marketing) at the reputed ESCP Europe defines mobile marketing as: “any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device.

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel technique of online marketing. It focusses at reaching out to a specific group of people on their tablets, smartphones, or any smart device that can connect with websites, MMS, SMS, social media, websites, or any mobile application.

When you are fearless and ambitious, you will realize that mobile marketing is a new and brave world. You need to understand a complicated web of globalization, behavior/psychology, information technology, and other dynamics. All the said factors are crucial to avoid some common mobile marketing errors and outsmarting your competitors.

That is one tough challenge! There is always room for rookie mobile marketing mistakes, fails, and errors.

Here are the common mobile marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Let’s begin.

Creating the app without proper marketing plans

A survey done by statista in March 2017, shows that there are total 2.8 million apps for Android users. You can well see the potential of mobile app marketing in that figure.

Just by creating an app, you cannot expect excellent downloads! You need a proper marketing plan.

Truth is your app will be a failure if you fail to promote it properly!

So what is the solution? Simple. You use your available assets to promote it and make people aware of the new app.

Suppose, you have a website, you promote your app with a hyperlink. Visitors can click on the hyperlink and go to the page directly inside app stores.

Given below is a perfect example.

Downloadable link for app on snapdeal

Snapdeal uses their website to promote their app. Further, they made it easy with the options. You can download the app from the stores directly. You can also do that by giving a missed call to a number, scanning the QR code.

It’s easy! You can just fill in your mobile number to get the link on your mobile. It is an excellent tactic to build a subscriber base for SMS marketing!

Designing websites and using them as mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites

Usually, people spend a reasonable amount of time on mobile devices. It’s an obvious fact given the fact that almost every website and social media platforms are now mobile optimized.

Mobile-friendly websites are now a must!

Then again, the desktop version of websites, mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps are different and should look different.

One of the biggest mobile marketing errors is sending your mobile phone visitors to the desktop version!

Ideally, a business should try to pass off a mobile version of its website by shrinking the page down and give it a similar functionality.

Remember when you don’t offer your users a pleasant mobile experience, you are not reaching them properly. Continuing to do so will result in your users finding another website that would!

When people interact with a mobile phone’s smaller screen, they naturally focus only on the essential components. That is why the desktop version and the mobile version should be different.

By trimming down the excess functionalities and content, you can discover that your mobile version of websites is also getting attention! Further, you need to ensure that it takes less time to load the page, and maintains a simple structure of navigation.

Not taking user feedbacks

Yes, one of the primary goals is always customer satisfaction! Additionally, when you ask your users to give their feedback, you will know how they feel about the brand.

Some mobile apps and website have no feedback option, and that is one of the biggest mobile marketing mistakes.

Given below is an example.

asking feedback in amazon app

You can see that users can leave their feedback after the purchase. It will strengthen the relationship between the business and consumers. Additionally, it will also help them know what they can improve.

Intrusive advertising

Let’s face it, nobody likes ads, and that is why ad-blockers are so popular! It is important that you try to fulfill your users’ requirements for less data draining and intrusive ads!

But again, you want to promote your brand through mobile marketing. How would you do that?

You should be extra careful with your mobile ad campaigns.

For starters, it should not be annoying, should secure your users’ information and not give misleading information. When the ads are not relevant, they end up irritating people. Similarly, when ads are too frequent, it becomes disturbing.

Since emails are accessed on mobile phones the most, they also depend on various factors just to ensure maximum engagement. To ensure maximum engagement, even emails are sent out on a suitable day and time. Many marketers believe that day and time play a crucial role in ensuring subscribers’ engagement.

However, that is not the case always. Some ads just end up disturbing the users.

Here is an example:

Intrusive app ads in gaana

This ad pops out of nowhere when the user is enjoying a song! (No wonder, people hate ads)

Sending one message to every customer

One of the most repeated mobile marketing mistakes that marketers commit is to use one common message to every customer. It could be an email or SMS.

What these marketers don’t understand is that every user has their way of interacting with their smartphones.

For instance, some users spend more time on social media and don’t check their emails often. On the other hand, some tend to be more interested in checking their emails.

Suppose you are running an SMS campaign. If you send one message to all your subscribers, it would fail to serve the purpose, annoy the subscribers, and ultimately your users would opt-out!

Instead, tailor your ads keeping your subscribers in mind.

Given below is an example.

sms Ads to specific groups

You can understand from the given example that it’s not a common text message. The message is for a specific group of people who celebrate the festival.

That is how you can make your ad campaigns look personalized and encourage your subscribers to engage.

Failure to make the benefits clear

When you create an excellent mobile marketing communication, remember that it will be effective only when your subscribers understand it! It is one of the most crucial mobile marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Kindly don’t wait for your subscribers to find out the benefits of your brilliant promotion all by themselves. They need you to let them know about your product, brand information, reviews, and access to your product.

Your mobile marketing campaigns should be very clear on the features and benefits.

Whether you are launching a product, including a call-to-action option, or some information, you should be clear about the benefits.

Not including SMS in the mobile marketing strategy

Mobile phones come with the option of SMS, and that can be an effective marketing tool. You can leverage the benefits of SMS marketing when you understand the real potential of it. Businesses focus mainly on social media and email marketing. It can be an advantage for you since not many companies are into SMS marketing.

Using SMS for marketing and promotion is easy. It is easy to use, understand, and start. In addition to that, you won’t even have to educate your users about SMS and its uses!

Ericsson conducted a study. The report says that there will be 6.1 billion mobile users by 2020. Looking at that number, even though an older one, you can imagine the SMS marketing has a bright future ahead!

You should also know that the field may well be less crowded but bigger brands still believe in SMS marketing.

Here’s an example.

promotional SMS from Amazon

Wrapping it up

It’s okay (sometimes helpful) to make mistakes. However, it’s always wise to stay updated on the blunders of mobile marketing. The objective of pointing out these mobile marketing mistakes was just to help you avoid the common mobile marketing errors.

Avoid the said mobile marketing mistakes, and get your head on the game!

Tell us if you think there are other important mobile marketing mistakes.

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