How Mobile Has Become Important In Real Estate Digital Marketing

Mobile marketing for real estate has provided a new life to the realtors to grab the targeted audience with ease.

In this era, it’s impossible for any business to exist in the market without their online presence.

Increase in mobile user has become one of the significant reason for digital marketers to gain strength in marketing.

Important In Real Estate Digital Marketing

Unlike traditional days, where the real estate lead generation source was word of mouth marketing.

Can you imagine, it going to work in this era for real estate lead generation? Definitely not!

People are investing most of their time on mobile phones instead of meeting with people.

With the revolution in technology, people way of looking at things changed to a new height.

Indeed, mobile marketing for real estate business is the way to approach people of this generation.

The strength of mobile users on the internet surpassed the number of desktop users for accessing any information or initiating communication.

The percentage of website traffic from mobile device worldwide during 1st quarter 2015 was 31.16% later on 2nd quarter 2018 changed to 51.89%. (Source:

From this statistics, it’s clear that mobile marketing for real estate will help you in reaching your goals to grab the attention of your customer and increase your sales.

From this article, you will get an idea of how mobile marketing can help you in the real estate lead generation.

Know the value of mobile marketing for real estate business

  • Mobile users are growing at an exponential speed from 524.9 million users in 2013 to 813.2 million in 2019 only within India. (Source:
  • Globally mobile users spend more digital minutes than desktop users.
  • Most of the people do mobile searches before purchasing or consuming.
  • The average time spent on mobile devices is increasing day by day.

This rapid increase in mobile users and ample reasons for using them has wholly revolutionised the marketing and advertising strategies.

Analysis points for real estate lead generation using mobile

  • 80% of the audience who are looking for purchasing a property are searching on mobile to know every possible detail before taking any actions.
  • Most of the buyers spend some time on mobile to look at property pictures on different social media platforms.
  • Most of the people who are purchasing the first-time property search on mobile for exciting offers and other pinpoints before buying land.
  • If you follow the right mobile marketing strategies, mobile is an excellent source for building the brand of your real estate business.
  • You can interact with your audience via email or SMS whenever they are in need.
  • You can reach your audience at the right time via a notification on their mobile devices.
  • The response rate is high in mobile devices than a desktop.

Nowadays, even for purchasing a single shirt people look for different brands, offers, promo codes and check other aspects.

Customers are smarter than before; they are looking at different factors like- features, cost, flexibility, benefits and other and comparing it with competitors before going for it.

So you can imagine the level of research they do before purchasing a property. You need pre-planning for meeting customer expectation.

With mobile marketing for real estate, you have lots of options to increase your sales. You can experiment and analyse various aspects concerning your business. You can-

  • Use beacon technology to target your audience when they are near to your location.
  • Use the properties of your mobile by including a call to action button in notifications to directly connect your audience through the call.
  • Insert link to your website in messages to have direct access to your property pictures.

Whatever the strategies you make use of in digital marketing. Mobile is the most common source for people to see ads, messages, emails or notifications.

Advantages of mobile marketing for real estate business

Mobile technology has completely changed the way to do real estate business. The benefits of mobile are enormous, endless and expectedly, our dependence on them growing day by day. Some of the advantages are listed here:

Mobile widens your targeted audience

Introduction of mobile technology, made the realtors reach out to their audience quickly. People can view property without moving their leg out.

Most of the people will search in mobiles than any other device before going to visit the property.

People use social media sites to share website links or images to their family, friends and neighbours to get their opinion. It increases reach to the audience. Hence, it became important for the realtors to maintain a real state website with quality content and images.

Consider designing separate landing pages and navigation in sites which help the audience to take any actions easily.

Blogs and forums work well to engage customers using mobile marketing for real estate.

Include subscription form in the website to make audience engage with you and know you better, and chat support to get answers to queries of the audience for better decision making.

An app is mandatory to get complete information about the property and can communicate easily with you for any queries and, it’s easy to take any actions using an app.

Easy to stay connected with the audience using mobile

Realtors spend most of their time on site in showing the property to buyers. They don’t find much time to take separate time to target new audiences or follow up existing customers. The mobile device helps them to connect with the different stage of customers via SMS or calls and provide an instant reply to their queries. It helps the realtors to schedule their time to take customers to the location based on their interest.

Amalgamating new technological functions

Social media is the swiftest way to convey your message to a large number of audience.

People prefer accessing social media sites more on mobile than desktop or any other devices.

Snapchat have more than 150 million active users, and 100% of them use mobile devices. You can create videos & images and post it to your targeted audience. People easily get attracted to pictures and videos and take actions.

Instagram is a widely used social media site on mobile devices. For realtors, Instagram is perfect to convey a message to large audiences. More than 700 million Instagram users click like button on images about 4.2 billion times per day. Sharing a small video clip that depicts a complete picture of property for sale and stories of your customers can become a winning strategy for realtors.

Apart from Instagram other social media sites also plays a useful role in getting leads through mobile devices.

Have a look at statistics of various social media sites on mobile devices

  • 95.1 per cent of the active Facebook user makes use of a mobile device. (Source: Statista, 2018)
  • Till 2016, 80% of the Pinterest users access it on a mobile device. (Source: Pinterest)
  • 60% of LinkedIn users come from mobile devices. (Source: Fortune, 2017)
  • 85% of Twitter user access it on a mobile device. (Source: Twitter)
  • People spent up to 30% of their online time on social media and out of this 60% of the time is spent on a mobile device. (Source:

Location-based marketing gets comfortable with mobile

It’s one of the strategies adopted in mobile marketing for real estate lead generation. In this, you get the opportunity to reach your targeted audience at the right time. It makes use of technologies like- GPS, Wi-Fi, Beacon, Bluetooth, RFID and other to acquire the location details of the audience.

It can be carried out in five ways-

Geofencing marketing

Geofence is the hottest trend in real estate business. In this, you can build a geo-fence around your location up to 50 KMs. Whenever targeted audience enters into geofence, automatically they will get the text message, email alert or app notification. It’s suggested to build geofence up to 50 meters for better use of this strategy.

Geo-Aware ads marketing

In this, you must have a list of your targeted audience. Whenever your targeted audience is near to your location, automatically it will send the advertisement on nearby audience mobile. Even you can send a message to your targeted audience prior when your customer travelling towards your site. Geo-aware ads make your targeted audience at least to have a visit at property for sale.

Geo-Targeting marketing

Using geo-targeting, you can determine the location of your website audience or app users. Based on that information you can send advertisement or content to the audience accordingly where they currently localised.

Geo-Conquesting marketing

It’s used to draw customers away from competitors. It makes use of geo-fencing to set it around competitor’s location. And design it to create a comparison between you and your competitor’s service, so that people find you better than your competitors.

Proximity or Hypertext contextual marketing

In this, you can get the accurate location of the customer to send them relevant notifications. It makes use of technologies like Bluetooth low energy beacons, Wi-Fi, and near field communication. For example- pocket beacons have a transmitting range of 50-80m. (Source:

Good response from SMS or Email marketing

People generally prefer to read emails in mobile devices than desktops or any other devices.

According to Smart Insights, the average open rate of emails for the business of real estate is around 27% with a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 3%. If you’re performing email marketing with the targeted audience with relevant information, you can expect a better open rate.

You can include a link to the website in SMS and emails to get easy access to your service. SMS are more opened or read in mobile than any other devices, and SMS marketing has an outstanding impact on real estate business.

With the help of SMS marketing, you can directly reach to your audience and on average SMS are opened within 3 minutes.

SMS proved to be very useful for engaging customers, and it’s one of the most used marketing channels for communication according to SMS Marketing Trends 2018.

Final Note

In this digital age, you can’t find people without a smartphone. Also, people are investing more time on mobile than desktops. So mobile has become an excellent source for any business to reach their audience easily with digital marketing.

In real estate lead generation, it’s crucial to build trust and provide information along with benefits to the audience. Increase in the use of smartphones and digital marketing provided the best platform for realtors to reach their targeted audience.

Hope you got an explicit knowledge on the importance of mobile marketing for real estate business from this article.

Please reply to let us know how you benefited from this article in building your real estate business.


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