Remarkable Ways To Make Good B2B Email Marketing Even Better

The email was, is, and always will be the base of marketing in any form – especially B2B email marketing.

B2B Email is valuable for lead generation as well as creating awareness for clients in niche industries.

Moreover, in the days to come, organizations will be looking to invest even more resources in their B2B email marketing strategy.

Still wondering whether you should ponder over B2B email marketing?

Isn’t it a great addition to your marketing mix offering plenty of chances to accumulate leads?

B2B email marketing is not only efficient but also useful in its outreach as compared to other marketing channels.

One huge challenge that you are facing is trying to balance the diversity of your audience and their varying needs.

If you’re not sure about B2B email marketing, keep reading!

Because by not making email a priority, B2B marketers like you are missing out on the returns.

If you are one of them, then we have got you covered.

Here is a compiled a list why a B2B email marketing strategy can make you successful.

Remarkable Ways To Make Good B2B Email Marketing Even Better

Importance of Writing an Effective B2B email

Attracts new customers

B2B emails offer a global marketplace for all the marketers, therefore, ushering of new clients to your business is very easy.

Easy to launch

 You don’t have to go looking for a large team of web designers or marketers to create a captivating B2B email.

You can write them in one go and send them instantly.


You can monitor the click-through rates, measure all conversions and see which B2B email marketing strategy produces fruitful results.


Unlike other methods of marketing, B2B emails are cheap.

Now the question that arises is, How you can set up an effective B2B email marketing strategy in place?

B2B email marketing strategies are nothing but specific tactics that businesses use to target and reach other companies.

However, it’s very crucial to write a flawless B2B email.

So, the tactics you use to reach other businesses are going to be slightly different from those you would use to reach consumers.

Ready to embark on a journey of B2B email marketing best practices?

These tips generally apply across all B2B email marketing strata.

If you are not using the B2B email marketing best practices, then start putting them into practice today.

Let’s begin.

B2B email marketing best practices

1. Adopt the right tone

When you are talking to a consumer, you tend to keep your language easy because consumers don’t speak like marketers.

On the other hand, when you are approaching some business leaders, you have to be a bit cautious, if you wish to wow them with your expertise.

With B2B email, however, that’s usually not the case.

A first impression is the last impression.

B2B emails should be more information-centric, which means you cannot incorporate flashy visuals to get readers to click.

It’s not necessarily formal, but it must be delivered in a way that the recipient sees the value in each and every email.

2. Take Time to Understand Your Audience 

The key to writing a catchy B2B email is learning about your readers.

An email contact list of the businesses you are targeting should be ready in your kitty.

As a marketer, your primary objective must be being aware that your emails target the right people and they feel connected.

So, it is essential that you segment your audience; segmentation will contribute a lot to the effectiveness of your emails.

B2B email marketing list segmentation

Moreover, to understand your audience, you’ll need to know their desires, needs, and even problems.

Sort the audience according to the niche.

Reaching niche B2B audiences is a challenge for companies, but it needn’t be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Email marketing, however, has the reach, but only if you have the perfect list.

3. Focus on Your Subject Line

What’s the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind while drafting an email?

Isn’t it the headline?

Exactly so.

Headlines are the keys to the success of your B2B emails.

People receive plenty of emails these days, and therefore the subject line becomes the sole parameter for them to read a mail.

Almost every recipient decides on whether to open your email or not merely by scanning the subject line.

So, your primary focus should be writing a subject line that captivates your readers immediately.

Neither can you have a funny nor boring headline.

You should write a subject line within 50 characters or less.

A boring subject line, will not only drift your audience away but also your B2B email marketing strategy will become irrelevant.

So it is necessary that the subject line clearly states the purpose of opening the email.

4. Hit to the Point

B2B email has to be brief by default, so use concise wording and expressions.

It will not be of any value in writing long phrases.

Precise sentences and short phrases will serve the purpose.

An ideal email should be within 250-350 words.

Don’t beat around the bush; professionals prefer more direct communication than a distraction.

This is because it’s generally assumed that businessmen are always busy.

In addition to this, the element of time also counts.

Time is a precious commodity that cannot be spent on reading long emails, especially if you receive tons of emails daily.

5. Paint a picture in your email

When you have the option to implement a visual into your email, why not give it a try?

Benefits of using visuals are that it appeals more to the users.

See if you can implement a user experience into the email.

By this way, you will be able to garner more attention from the reader.

In the case of B2B email, this will help you in the long run.

Your prospects may soon turn into leads and, eventually, partners.

6. Use a sender name

You probably have tasted the feeling of disappointment after you received the low open rates after creating a fantastic email.

If you want to make it personal, you cannot send it from an address that says, “”.

Take a look at this

B2B email marketing strategy

This actually says that it is a B2B email marketing campaign address.

It is wrong to expect excellent performance from here.

Using a no-reply email address screams to the recipient: “This email is coming from a robot.”

Further, it demonstrates laziness and a lack of interest.  

I get bombarded with 10–20 automated messages in my inbox on a regular basis, they all get landed into the deleted folder.

With all tools present in the market, it has become an easy option to send a bulk message to anyone who follows you.

You should ensure that your B2B emails get crafted to the most exceptional standards of personalization for every recipient.

7. Conceptualize your purpose

When we think about B2B email, you can have many goals in mind to send that message.

You might want them to read something.

You might want them to buy something.

Moreover, you might want to share something interesting.

This requires some thinking and clarity.

However, if you treat every interaction like a conversion for sale, you’re just hammering away.

Think about your audience, consider what they should do, and start over.

You shouldn’t be writing emails to sell—not every time.

8. Optimize emails for all devices

You might be knowing that everyone does not read an email, like from the start till end.

Not on the first go.

Does it mean you should make it short?

It implies that they are skimming your content.

In the case of every form of marketing, quality trumps quantity.

If you share high-quality B2B email, then B2B email marketing can supercharge your whole strategy.

Try optimizing your email for all devices.

You need to keep in mind that people nowadays read emails on phones and tablets also other than the conventional desktops.

Make sure your messages are designed to display well on these devices.

B2B email stats

Utilizing the white spaces wisely and having simple templates will function well on mobile phones.

Make sure that you include the unsubscribe option so that your recipients can unsubscribe from your email at their own convenience.

9. Create an urgency

If you desire to stimulate action on your business leads, then you need to weave a sense of urgency.

Portray to them the value of what you’re pitching and that you hold the ability to resolve their issues as well.

Everyone desires for a good solution.

Doing this, you make them feel that you understand their unique problems and you are the best to offer an effective remedy.

What remains for them is to act swiftly and enjoy the benefits.

For example look at this- The full emphasis is on the call to action and why it should be done ‘now’ rather than later.

B2B email marketing strategy

Such compelling sentences will be helpful in creating an urgency leading them to engage more.

Also, try to suggest that the offer won’t be in place for an extended period or there are limited offers left.

That should stimulate your prospects to spring into action.

What’s more, they could even refer you if they are not particularly interested but have friends, acquaintances or business associates who might be interested.

10. You can’t afford a mistake

You might surely agree that proofreading every piece of writing before sending an email is a necessity.

Make it a habit that you check your email for errors.

Skipping this tip will cause more harm than you can imagine.

So, instead of thinking about it, cross-check your message thoroughly before sending.

It is good to be confident, but imagine if there is a slight grammar mistake or a typo!!

It can bring down the reputation of your company and your product.

It is even more devastating in the B2B sector when your readers want you to be super professional.

Don’t just let a spelling mistake ruin your B2B email marketing strategy.

Read every single word in your text and the pictures.

11. Test, test, and test again

Creating a successful B2B email is not a cake walk.

It requires much trial and error and a great deal of A/B testing.

Have an eye on your analytics, but don’t get discouraged.

Keep refining your approach, pitch, and the overall design, and you can always get better.

You should try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes.

Think about what kind of message might compel YOU to take the next step, because you never know what your audience responds to if you don’t test.

B2B audiences are some of the most fickle out there.

Their preferences continuously change as the industry shifts, your brand evolves, and you add more people to your list.

So, it’s important to keep testing, learning, and iterating as you go.


The role of B2B email as a measurable, cost-effective marketing channel is clear.

Moreover, it has become an inevitable part of any lead-generation strategy, backed up by both professional opinion and industry statistics.

Email has an essential value for businesses in creating sales, revenue and retaining customers, yet lots of B2B companies struggle with B2B marketing.

So, if you are one of the 59% of companies who do not use email marketing and are looking for inspiration here is all we have for you.

Running the best B2B email marketing campaigns is not an easy task. But, you need to roll out an impressive email campaign.

Put all these insights into practice, and you have got a high chance of running a successful niche B2B email marketing.

Using these tips will help you create your next winning B2B email.

Maybe other email marketing tips work well for you, too.

Let us know if any B2B email marketing strategy is missing but has worked for your company.

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