LinkedIn Ads- A Complete Guide To Run A Successful Campaign In 2019

What is LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn is one of the most used social media throughout the world, and its users are professionals from various industries. Here, you can find any level of the profession from executive to CXO or top-level professionals. In earlier days, LinkedIn ads were famous for only getting job postings and creating profiles.

LinkedIn ads now became the dominant source to generate B2B leads for your business. LinkedIn ads came with the exciting features which you can use it for multiple purposes like-

  • Brand awareness.
  • Website visits.
  • Engagement.
  • Video views.
  • Lead generation.
  • Website conversions.
  • Job applicants.

Like Facebook, Twitter and Google, we can use LinkedIn ads to target audience on some specific parameters like-Company name, Company Industry, Company size, Job title, Job function, Job seniority, Member schools, Fields of study, Degrees, Member skills, Member groups, Member Gender, Member age, years of experience, Company followers and Company connections.Linkedin-Ads Guide

How to Make a Good LinkedIn Profile?

Whatever be the reason for you to have your profile on LinkedIn. It must be attractive to fetch you the purpose of your presence.

People create a LinkedIn profile generally for job hunting, generating leads, building brand awareness, improving the network in their field of work.

Here are some tips to consider while preparing your LinkedIn profile-

  • Write a summary in the first person view.
  • Add passport size photos in a professional manner. Your display picture adds good weight on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Frame your headline about ten words which describes your job profile in an appealing way which makes you stand out from other profiles.
  • Mentioned up to 5-6 achievements in your summary
  • Add documents or images wherever required to your experience.
  • Complete your profile with your complete details, so that whoever checks your profile gets everything that they need from you.
  • Don’t add experience which is irrelevant to your profile.
  • Add links of your work present in online.
  • Ask for recommendations from your employees and co-workers which describe your skills, strength, weakness, and capabilities at the workplace.
  • Regularly update status with some news or achievements related to your job profile or industry you employed.

Why Choose LinkedIn Ads over Other Social Media Ads?

LinkedIn is the only platform where you can find all white-collar professionals under one roof. Here you can find professionals from executive positions to top-level positions. Unlike any other social media profiles, in LinkedIn maximum are genuine profiles, and most of them are decision-makers.

LinkedIn ads are best suitable for those who want to generate B2B leads for their products and services. You can find good quality, informative, and creative content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ads help you in reaching the right audience and help you save your cost by filtering the audience that is irrelevant to your business.

Here are some of the statistics of LinkedIn ads that can help you in better understanding the reach of LinkedIn ads before running any campaign in it.

According to LinkedIn ads statistics:

  • LinkedIn has over 500 million members.
  • 260 million logins every month
  • 40% of LinkedIn users use LinkedIn daily.
  • Sixty-one million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, and about 40 million LinkedIn users are in decision making positions.
  • LinkedIn is the most used social media platform in the top 500 fortune listed companies.
  • Top companies use LinkedIn ads for recruitment
  • LinkedIn is the only platform where you can get all fields of employees from executive to CX level positions profile.
  • Out of 2 billion millennials across the globe, 87 million of them has there profile on LinkedIn. Out of this 87 million millennial, 11 million are in decision making positions.
  • 94% of B2B marketers make use of LinkedIn ads for content marketing
  • LinkedIn alone has more than 50% of all social media traffic to B2B websites & blogs.
  • 91% of marketers believe that LinkedIn contains more quality content than any other social media platform.
  • 92% of B2B marketers make use of LinkedIn ads in their digital marketing mix.
  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn ads alone.
  • 79% of B2B marketers ensure LinkedIn ads as a good source for generating leads.
  • 59% of B2B marketers assured that they are getting leads from LinkedIn ads.
  • Companies with B2B marketing are generating better response from Sponsored Inmail when compared with email campaigns.
  • 46% of traffic to corporate websites comes from LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn ad’s conversions rate is three times when compared to Facebook and Twitter.
  • 65% of B2B companies generate leads through the LinkedIn ads platform.

Who should Advertise on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn people generally, make profiles to-

  • Take their career to the next level
  • Find better job opportunities
  • Improve their professional network
  • Connect with business contacts
  • Look for new job opportunities
  • Build their knowledge
  • And to see some offers which can make their day.

Unlike other social media profiles, on LinkedIn, you can find a highly professional audience, and most of them are good decision-makers. For B2B products or services, LinkedIn ads are the ideal platform for you to get the right audience for your business.

Whom can you Target with LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn most of the users are professionals from various industries. LinkedIn ads provide you with the option to Market- Influencers, executives who are looking for new opportunities and decisions marketers. You can build an ideal persona using combine targeting strategy. Target audience to whom you know from their contact, website and account details. You can even expand your LinkedIn ads audience by using features like audience expansion for a lookalike audience and LinkedIn audience network for reaching more professionals. Most importantly, in LinkedIn Ads, you have the option to target an audience based on their demographic parameters to reach the right audience.

Demographic parameters include:

  • Location- Specified by the audience or their IP address.
  • Company name- Target specific companies to target people who work there based on –
    • Past employees
    • Current employees
    • Past or current employees
    • Past but not current employees.
  • Company industry- Any industries such as- Agriculture, IT, Consumer Goods, Construction, Education, Government, Corporate Services, Finance, Manufacturing, Media, Legal, Medical and Health care, and Many more.
  • Followers- People who are already there in your connection or follow your company. This option can be accessed only in case if your LinkedIn account is connected to your company page.
  • Company connections- Targeting companies who are in partnership with the targeted companies.This feature work only for companies with more than 500 employees.
  • Company size- Any size of the company starting from self-employed to 10,000+ employees
  • Job function- Based on the type of work they do at the workplace.
  • Job seniority- Based on- unpaid, owner, training, entry, senior, manager, director, VP, CXO, and partner.
  • Schools- Where they completed their high school
  • Fields of study- Based on their major or other fields of study.
  • Degrees- Rank of their degree like- Associates, MD, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., MD, JD, PharmD, and EdD
  • Skills- List of skills listed in the profile
  • Groups- People present in specific LinkedIn groups.
  • Gender- Inferred gender
  • Age- Derived age range from their profile information.
  • Experience- How long they’ve been working
  • Matched audience- Who are in contact with your brand such as contact list, visit your website, decision-makers at the companies.
  • Audience size- Warn you and won’t allow you to move forward if you narrow the size of your targeted audience. The size of the audience depends on the ad type- 100,000 or less than that for sponsored inmail, 60,000-400,000 for text ads, a minimum of 300,000 for sponsored content.

How to Create your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign?

To start advertising with LinkedIn paid ads, you must have a LinkedIn account and a company email address to verify whether you hold the authority to generate the company’s LinkedIn page or not.

A LinkedIn page is mandatory for you to run sponsored content and inmail ads.

First, you need to create a company page before running any campaign on LinkedIn.

How to Create a Company Page?

  • First login into the LinkedIn profile.
  • Then at the right upper side click on the ‘work’ drop-down menu under that you will get LinkedIn business services in the end you have an option to ‘create a company page’.

create a company page in linked in

  • Click on it, you will get this page.

create a linkedin page

  • Select the size of your business.
  • You will be directed to this page.

create page in linked in

  • Fill the form like page identity, company details, and profile details at the right side you will get a preview of the page after filling the form click on ‘create page’.

Create an Account in the Campaign Manager.

  • After login to the LinkedIn profile click on the advertise option on the right side drop-down menu.

create a campaign

  • Then click on ‘create ad’, select your created account then click on ‘create a campaign’.

create Ad

  • Add a name to your ‘campaign group’ and ‘campaign name’.

company name

Select the Objective of your Campaign

Here you have three options based on the objective of your campaign-

LinkedIn objective

  • Awareness-Brand awareness
  • Consideration-Website visits, engagement, and video views,
  • Conversions- lead generation, web conversions,  and job applicants.

Select the objective of the campaign that best fits your goals.

Select your Target Audience

  • Choose your preferred language
  • Add locations to include or exclude
  • Build your audience by selecting either audience attribute or matched audiences, and even you can exclude people you want then save it.

linkedin target audience

For example, you can do this in two ways focusing on- professional traits like- job title, company name, and many other or matched audiences like- Email contact targeting, Retargeting, and Account based targeting.

Select your Linked Ads Format

Based on the objective you selected, select your LinkedIn ads format from these formats:

Linkedin Ad format

  • Sponsored Content- Single image, Carousel and Video Ads
  • Sponsored InMail- Messages to drop in a LinkedIn inbox
  • Text ads- Top banner ads and right rail
  • Dynamic Ads- Follower, Spotlight and Content Ads

Each of these LinkedIn ads has a specific purpose of driving lead conversion, brand awareness, increase the number of downloads, registration for events, and many others.

Select your Budget

Many people get stuck at selecting the right bids for LinkedIn ads. Quality ad spaces are limited, and so marketers compete in ad auctions by bidding high for getting the attention of that particular set of audience.

If your bid is low, then you will not win that ad space, and your LinkedIn ads will not get displayed there. In LinkedIn ads, you also have an option as ‘second price auction’ where you have to pay $0.01 more than the amount bid by the second highest bidder. So you take advantage of this feature and bid amount as high as possible, and you don’t need to pay the full amount which you bid. Bidding is the main factor which will help you to get a high ROI(return on investment) for your spends.

Linkedin budget

Bidding you can carry out in two types-

Maximum cost bid

You can choose this bid if you want the most control over your cost per result. Here you need to set the bid, for this, you have these options-

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)- Pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Cost Per Impressions (CPI)/Cost Per View (CPV)- Pay for 1000 impressions.

These options you can use when your objective is website conversions or lead generation.

Automated bid

Here the system itself set the bid based on the previous campaign data. It’s more expensive than maximum bid because here you need to pay for every impression and it supports only LinkedIn sponsored ads.

Choose maximum cost bid when your campaign goal is to have control over your cost per result and automation bid if you want to get more clicks for your spending. The best way to select your budget is to do experiments with different cases and analyze the results for some period with slight changes in ad parameters you use and go with the one which best suits your business and targeted audience.

Automated bid linkedin

Create ad creative

The requirements for different ad formats are different. After filling the ad parameters, you will get the preview. In the case of sponsored inmail, you can send yourself a test message to see how it shows.

Provide your billing information

It’s the last step, which you need to follow to take your campaign live. You need to fill your credit or debit card details and save it. It will take some hours to get approval for your campaign, LinkedIn checks whether you’re meeting guidelines or not and if not it will send you an email with the reason, and you can edit and resubmit it to get approval for your LinkedIn ads campaign to get live.

linkedin billing details

What are the Features of LinkedIn Paid Ads?

Conversion Tracking

How to Track your LinkedIn Ads?

Conversion tracking helps you to find how your LinkedIn ads help you in getting leads to your business. You can do this by connecting your ads to conversion. From this, you can track every action taken by your audience on a website such as- Content downloads, sign in, signups, purchases, and any other activities. You can also track the number of views to your LinkedIn ads apart from a number of clicks on your LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn ads have an automatic bidding option where the campaign manager will make the bid in place of you to reach ads to the audience who have more probability to convert. LinkedIn ads analysis option helps you in getting a clear idea of what to do next by analyzing the demographic data of the audience who are more likely to convert from their industries, job titles, profession, interest, preference, job seniority, company size, location, country, and skills. This LinkedIn ads analysis information helps you in gaining knowledge about whom to target and what changes to do in content.

LinkedIn conversions

How to Get LinkedIn Ads Insight?

To get LinkedIn Ads insight, you need to add the LinkedIn insight tag to your website. It’s just a Javascript lightweight code that helps you in tracking your conversions. You can avail of this code for free, and it’s the same code that you can use for other valuable LinkedIn tools such as- website retargeting and website demographics. It will just take a couple of minutes to add this tag, and it’s a one-time process. Tag Installation you can also perform using a tag manager along with other partners you use.

The insight tag which you place in the website helps you in providing access to collect information related to an audience who visited your site, referrer, URL, IP address, timestamp, device & browser characteristics, and a number of page views. It maintains the security of the audience and doesn’t provide their personal information;

LinkedIn ads only give collected reports about the visiting audience and ad performance. It also has the feature to retarget your website audience without identifying member identity.

LinkedIn ads provide an option to their members to control the use of their data for ad intentions with the help of account settings.

How to Add Insight Tag on your Website?

  • Sign in to LinkedIn ads manager,
  • Go to your account name and click on a drop-down menu of ‘Account Assets’, you will find insight tag as first option click on it.

insight tag linkedIn

  • Then click on install, select the method to install your insight tag.
  • If you want to see the code, click on ‘I will install my tag myself’.
  • Copy the code and click on I’m done.
  • Add the code on every page of your website just before the end of <body> tag in the global footer.
  • It will take some minutes or max 24 hours to activate the insight tag.

Contact Targeting

LinkedIn ads have an option to upload your first party data (collected from your prospective clients or customers) or integrating with your contact management platform.

This feature helps you to reach your prospective audience and deliver appropriate content to retain customers, convert prospects, and retarget customers.

You can start with contact targeting by following either of these steps-

To upload your first party data

Make a list of the email address by entering the first row as “email” from the second row enter email Id’s, and it can take up to 3 lakh email Ids.

email list upload

Sign in to campaign manager and click on ‘create an audience’ you will get a window ‘edit a list’ to name and upload your contact list then click on update.

upload contact list


To integrate with a Contact Management Platform (CMP)

To integrate CMP you must have user permission for this you can go to settings after login into campaign manager, select ‘manage access’ there you can add/remove a user account. Now you can create a segmentation of an audience on LinkedIn ads with the email Ids sent from contact management platforms such as LiveRamp, Zapier, Marketo, Acxiom, Salesforce Advertising studio, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Eloqua and Hubspot.

contact list integration

Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads is easy with LinkedIn ads using professional demographic data specific to their company, industry, seniority, job, title, and more.

Targeting demographic factors, you can retarget website visitors, contact or reach them, and can build an audience based on LinkedIn marketing campaigns with matched audiences.

In LinkedIn, most of the members are the business decision makers and have good scope for buying compared to a general audience present in other social media.

To generate leads you can use-

  • Sponsored content in the LinkedIn news feed across various devices.
  • Sponsored inmail to send personalized messages in their LinkedIn inbox.
  • Pay-per-click text ads to advertise with a simple headline, description, and small image.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

LinkedIn lead generation forms help you to skip the form filling process, whenever a LinkedIn member clicks on your ads their complete details get automatically filled, and they need to do one click to submit their form. It’s a win-win situation for both the audience to save their time and efforts and you will get the complete and accurate details of your leads. This feature is available for sponsored inmail and sponsored content. With LinkedIn lead generation forms it’s easy to track the conversion of leads and analyze the reports and work on shortfalls.

Lead generation form can assist you in –

  • Generating high-quality leads
  • Track campaigns- lead form fill rate, cost per lead, and leads generated from a specific professional audience.
  • Download the list of your leads or integrate with any other preferred marketing tool.

linkedin lead generation form

Website Demographics

It can help you to know your audience and target audience more specifically based on their job title, company, and other details. You can even segment the audience based on which type of content triggers which type of audience and change content accordingly. Here you can learn about your audience from their visits to your website who are interested in taking your products or services.

LinkedIn targeting options

Website Retargeting

It can help you to gain the audience who just visited your website and left in the middle or without taking any actions.

You can do these by segmenting the audience based on the page they left and create content based on the stage of their purchase journey. It helps the audience to take their next action easily.

Consider an example

If someone is looking for shoes, some people look at the shoe, some add it to their shopping cart, and some select their payment options and leave. In all these cases if you can send them appropriate messages which can help them in taking their next actions like- for people who left payment gateway if you can offer them with some exciting offer they are more likely to convert.

To make use of these features, you need to add a LinkedIn insight tag on your website every page which tracks the details of every visit on that page.

Then go to the audience page where you have an option to retarget click on ‘Create audiences to retarget’ and select the specific URLs which you want to include or exclude and add a name to that specific retarget audience. Once you have done with these, it will take some hours to generate a list for your retargeting audience.

Account-Based Marketing

In account-based marketing, you can target an audience based on their company profile from the 13+ million LinkedIn pages. It can help you to target the audience who are more likely to make buying decisions.

For this, you first need to create a company list then target by adding the first row as ‘Company name’ you can add up to 3 lakh company names and save it as CSV file.

Sign into LinkedIn campaign manager, click on create an audience and choose match based on a list of accounts then upload CSV generated file and click on next it will get activated within 48 hours.

linkedin account targeting

LinkedIn Audience Network

LinkedIn audience network helps you target audience who are using other apps and website beyond LinkedIn. If you run the LinkedIn audience network campaign, then your ads allowed to appear in the LinkedIn newsfeed network and on other premium partner apps and websites where LinkedIn members spent their time. It can help you to lower your LinkedIn marketing campaign budget, and your ads get displayed at high-quality apps and websites. You can download the report and check the performance of your LinkedIn campaign, and you can control the type of publisher your ads should appear. It provides you with the utmost transparency and control over your spending.

Steps for creating a Linked audience network

  • Sign in to the LinkedIn ads manager. Create your LinkedIn campaign.

linkedin audience network

  • Manage publishers to display your LinkedIn ads.

linkedin audience network1

  • Analyze your LinkedIn ad’s performance.

linkedin audience network2

What are the Various Ways to Advertise on LinkedIn? And, Tips to Make it Successful.

Sponsored Content Campaign

Sponsored content is the native ads that appear in the news feed across desktop and mobile of your targeted audience. While using the sponsored post, you can use lead generation forms to get details of the audience in one click and join with LinkedIn paid advertising partners with expert knowledge.

sponsored content

Tips for a sponsored content campaign

  • Write appealing headlines under 150 characters.
  • The description should be under 70 characters beyond that it will get truncated on the desktop.
  • An image size of 1200*627 is preferred. Post with larger images will have up to 38% higher click-through rate.
  • You can use direct sponsored post content to appear only to your targeted audience and not on your LinkedIn page.

Sponsored InMail

Using sponsored inmail, you can directly send messages to your targeted audience in their inbox. Over other types of LinkedIn ads in sponsored inmail, you can be more specific to your audience and high probability to open and read messages. Sponsored inmail get delivered to the audience only when they are active and charged according to the number of emails delivered successfully. Sponsored inmail help you to improve your downloads for ebooks, white papers, and any other files, drive leads with targeted products and services promotions, increase registrations for events, webinars, demos, and any other events.

sponsored inmail

Tips for sponsored InMail campaign

  • Write a message under 500 characters in a personalized way. For example, you can use macros such as the first name of each recipient which helps them to address them personally in an easy way.
  • Add hyperlinks to texts
  • Use a clear call to action with power words in a range of 1-3 words, which excites the audience to take action.
  • Run LinkedIn campaigns throughout the week.

Video Ads

Video ads are one type of LinkedIn ads; which you can use as promoted ads in the news feed of your targeted audience. Most of the professionals get attracted to the videos. You can take this as an advantage and generate videos at every stage of buyers journeys and promote it. It’s one of the forms of the sponsored content campaign. Video ads help you to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and conversions.

Linkedin video Ad

Tips for Video Ads

  • Make a video based on your LinkedIn campaign objective and keep it concise, compelling, and like storytelling. For example:

If your objective is to have brand awareness and consideration

    • Consider yourself as a thought leader
    • Share your milestone or success stories of your brand.
    • Use video length of 30 sec

Similarly for conversion

    • Create in a short demo of your product or services
    • Generate an overview of your webinar
    • Preview your event
  • Create a video that describes the product or service.
  • In your video ads, you can include a link to lead generation forms which can help the audience to fill their details in one click.
  • To get quality leads, you can use direct sponsored content to target specific audiences without posting on your LinkedIn page and get the maximum reach of your video ads to enable LinkedIn ad targeting on the LinkedIn audience network.
  • Just like other ads, you can see the LinkedIn campaign report of the video ads like- Count of video views, view completion rates, and conversion of leads.
  • The first 10 secs of your video are very significant so made it as attractive as possible; people will drop at the start if it’s not appealing.
  • Use media rich content in a creative way that attracts the audience’s attention.
  • For instance,

    Most people don’t make use of audio on LinkedIn ads, so you should prepare a video that can explain what you want to without audio. For this, you can make use of subtitles in the video.

  • Use Short (5~15sec), Medium (~30sec), and Long (1 min+) videos and test it by running LinkedIn campaigns and analyze which fetches your intended results.
  • Most of the videos play automatically, and user misses some part they will not understand it properly, to overcome this you can add a text which tells what is happening in the video.
  • While writing a description of your video, use keywords with hashtags.
  • Cut text of your description and add ‘see more’, LinkedIn will get to know that people are interested in this video and it gets more viral.
  • Ask for comment in the video and reply to every comment and within comments ask the audience for another comment in this way you will get more comments for your post and more engagement to your videos.

Text Ads

Text ads appear at the top right side of a LinkedIn desktop news feed. In text ads, you need to add only title, description, and image and select the right options to target your audience. For text ads, you can use PPC or CPM bids to put a cap on your spending. It’s available in different sizes and ratios- square, long text link, and horizontal.

Tips for Text Ads

  • Address your advertiser directly with their job title or profession.
  • Use a strong call to action which triggers the audience to take action.
  • Include images wherever required like -profile image or in the ad description.
  • Add a link in your ad which addresses your desired web page.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamics ads you can run in three formats- Follower ads, Spotlight ads, and Content ads. It provides you with more ways to generate leads using different ad formats. Follower ads work well for building brand awareness, Spotlight ads to drive conversions by showcasing your products, services, events and many others to boost traffic to web pages. Contact ads, to generate leads when they download your piece of content such as white papers, ebooks, or any other documents.  Just like other LinkedIn ads, we can track the conversion of dynamic ads; here you can use different ad format and test which drive maximum leads and go with it.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Tips for Dynamic Ads

  • Do visual personalization, use your target audience profile photo to appear in the LinkedIn ad.
  • Use pre-designed templates which include macros to add each member’s name and company appear in the text of the LinkedIn ad.
  • Exclude the existing followers in your follower’s ad campaigns for getting only new projects.
  • For spotlight ads, use a customized background image to add more visuals to your LinkedIn ad.
  • Use different images for the logo, ad image, & background, and check for which drive maximum leads.

Carousel ads

It’s one of the forms of the sponsored content campaign. Carousel ads help you describe a story of your brand, in-depth product details, showcase multiple offerings, and many more in a single advertisement with the help of the set of cards. In each card, you can add a title, description, call to action, and image. Even you can track the conversion rate of each page separately. It’s one of the ways to attract a targeted audience in an appealing way using LinkedIn ads. It appears in the news feed with swiping functionality to move from one card to another.

LinkedIn Carousel Ad

Tips for Carousel ads

  • Here you can include a link for lead generation form and fill the details of your audience in one click.
  • The type of carousel ad format to use depends on your LinkedIn campaign objective. For example-
    • Brand awareness- Describe your brand.
    • Website visits- Instruct people where they can see more
    • Lead generation- Make aware people why they need your product or services.
  • For measuring your carousel ads performance, the parameters you need to analyze also vary. For example-
    • Brand awareness and consideration- Clicks, engagement rates, impressions
    • Website visits- Click through rates
    • Lead generation- Cost per conversion, number of leads, conversion rates.
  • Add clear images, text, and links in every carousel card.
  • Start with 3-5 cards and test with increasing the response of your ads which best suits your business.
  • Use the call to action button in the last carousel cards and make the audience to swipe till they reach to the end card.
  • Use A/B testing use 3-5 cards at the start and 6+ cards to describe in detail about your product or services.
  • Test with changing the orders of the card and check the performance of every card.

Display Ads

Display ads appear at the right side of your LinkedIn page and get visible to the audience when they are active.

You can purchase display ads in two ways:

Programmatic marketing

By choosing your preferred DSP (Demand Side Platform) or ATD (Agency Trading Desk).

Open or Private Auctions

Here you need to select the targeting options that best suit your business needs.

If you’re using your first party, second party, and third party or any other data, you can use both open or private auction for purchasing of inventory.

If you want to target using LinkedIn audience segments, then you can use only LinkedIn private auctions you can’t go with open auctions.

In display ads, you have two ways to target your audience:

Intent-Based Targeting

In this, you can choose an audience from retargeting website visitors, lookalike audiences, CRM contacts and the data you collected as your first party data or a third party and managed with the help of your selected DSP(Demand Side Platform), customer data management platform DMP or data warehouse.

Professional Identity Targeting

With the help of LinkedIn audience segment, you can target an audience based on their job title, seniority, company, qualification, job function, and many more.

LinkedIn display Ad


LinkedIn elevate helps employees of the company to share the quality and informative content of their company on their social networks. Sharing a post by employees helps to build a brand and to get employees as their brand ambassador for their company. Your employees will become your advocate in front of the market. Elevate helps you to gain maximum reach to qualified leads.

It’s a paid employee advocacy platform that helps employees to become social professionals.

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices to Generate New Leads and Promote Engagement

  • Use more than three targeting parameters to specify your targeted audience.
  • Create a clear call to action that helps the audience to take the right action based on their interest.
  • Use rich media infographics, videos, slideshare videos to engage the audience.
  • Make use of lead generation form which automatically fills the complete details of the audience in just one click.
  • Use the LinkedIn audience network to reach and engage more audience wherever they are active online.
  • Practice audience expansion to reach an audience similar to your targeted audience.
  • Use different ad formats using A/B testing and compare the results which best suits for your targeted audience.
  • In a single campaign, include 2-4 ads do slight changes in LinkedIn ads and analyse the report.
  • Pause the ads on every 2-3 weeks and replace with the new advertisement creative with the ads which have lower engagement.
  • Install LinkedIn install tag on your website every page to track conversions and enable demographic reporting on your website audiences.
  • Use different customer testimonials and analyse which triggers your audience more.
  • Check the conversion rate of every web page which drives you higher conversions.
  • To get new leads and increase engagement on LinkedIn. You need to post on a periodic base every day for two to three times with some gaps and share it as much as you can. Giving some gaps will help you to get better engagement.

Use different types of posts like-

  • You can post your blog posts, or include just three or four paragraphs and then add some text with a link which redirects to your blog post.
  • Use basic stats updates like any inspirational or motivational quotes, your milestones, success stories, and similar others that help you to engage your targeted audience influencers, and other people in your network.

Based on LinkedIn campaign objective you can use bid type like for-

  • Website visits- Cost Per Impressions
  • Generate leads- Cost Per Click
  • Video views-Cost Per View
  • Getting more clicks- Automate your bid

LinkedIn Networking Strategies

LinkedIn networking-strategies

How much does it Cost to do LinkedIn Ads?

The cost varies based on your targeted audience and competition you have for your business in the market. Generally, the cost for one click in CPC is around $2 and can extend up to $4-$5 per click. Keep an eye on your metrics and change the ad image with some changes to drag attention. If you can get a click-through rate of 0.8- 0.10% is considered as good.

Hope you’re now clear with the power of LinkedIn ads campaign for your business. Now don’t waste your valuable time, build your own campaign with the help of this guide.

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