How To Boost Lead Generation Using Mobile Marketing

Did you realize? The smartphone ownership expanded exponentially over the last few years and continued to do that. Every business need customers and customers were once just leads! You need leads, and lead generation using mobile marketing is an excellent idea!

You can boost your lead generation using mobile marketing.

Lead Generation Using Mobile Marketing

It’s an advantage for businesses that consumers can now easily interact with business from anywhere and that too anytime.

Therefore, when the smartphone adoption is already on the rise, lead generation using mobile marketing is a good idea!

Usually, generating leads is simple.

For example, you create something that would encourage people to sign up/fill up a form; they get the offer, and you get the lead.

However, it’s not always that simple, given the fact that people behave differently with their mobile devices. As a result, your lead generation using mobile marketing needs to be modified accordingly.

However, some techniques can work with a different audience with different behavior.

You will find some important and intelligent tactics that will be helpful for your lead generation using mobile marketing.

And yes, we have taken into consideration, the fact that different audience behaves differently with their mobile device.

Lead generation using mobile marketing

Here’s something to motivate you:

Lead generation with mobile marketing is profitable and an excellent way to reach a large audience. The main reason behind that is the fact that mobile marketing is a constantly growing channel.

However, before generating leads with mobile marketing, you need to optimize the content and information/offer.

Remember, the content should be alluring because that is the first thing that a user will see.

Here are the ideas that will help you with your lead generation with mobile marketing.

1. Make it visible on search results

Mobile users usually look for information on the search results. Especially, when they have a minimal idea about the popular websites/brands or they want to know other websites offering related solutions.

If your website is listed on the search results, a user will be tempted to visit your website. He/she can see the range of products/services and options available and then sign-up.

Given the fact, your website’s content is good, the chances of users subscribing/signing up is higher.

However, users can only see the excellent quality of your services/products/contents when they visit your website. Again, if the visibility of your website is high, it will bring in more users.

Therefore, getting your website on search results is a good idea. However, getting your website rank higher is a different story.

Search results

2. Lead generation through SMS marketing

Kleiner Perkins Claufield and Byers conducted a study to find out how many times an average user checks his/her phone? 150 times per day!

Now think of the only mobile communication channel that never misses the inboxes. It’s text messages or SMS.

You know the open rates of SMS is very high. Further, the read rates are pretty high too. (Source: Frost and Sullivan reports)

Among many other benefits of SMS marketing like instant deliverability, high open rates is also a remarkable one.

Therefore, lead generation through SMS marketing can undoubtedly be an excellent idea to get leads. Introduce some offer/discounts to encourage users to sign-up/subscribe.

Here is one example:

Promotional text message

Lead generation through SMS marketing is not new; it’s a time-tested method. It will get you results in lesser time, given the fact that the deliverability and open rates are impressive.

3. Responsive design for your mobile-friendly website

According to Google, 74% of users believe that a mobile-friendly website can make them visit for the second time and make a purchase.

Therefore, can I conclude that a website that is more responsive and compatible with mobile phones bring in more people? Evidently, Yes!

Again, if people are leaving your mobile-friendly website and are not coming back, the reason could be bad user experience.

Let’s think like a user and imagine visiting a website on your mobile phone. If you have to pinch fingers together and zoom in to see a product every time, you will lose interest soon. Especially, when you know, there’s another mobile website that has a responsive design and makes the navigation easy.

Here’s a perfect example of responsive design on a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile-friendly website

And this is what you see when you scroll/swipe down:

Mobile-friendly websites design

Did you notice how simple that is?

You have to swipe down and choose whatever you like.

When your user will have a good user-experience, the chances of them returning also improves.

Therefore, a responsive mobile-friendly website is definitely going to help you in lead generation using mobile marketing.

4. Use progressive profiling forms

Filling up forms on a mobile device can be very annoying. The reason is the fields appear small, and we usually struggle with choosing the lines.

Again, if the forms are long, it will only prove to be more irritating.

However, forms are important, and you can’t just get rid of them!

Sign-up forms are essential to generate leads. That is when progressive profiling system comes into the play.

Design your sign-up forms with fewer and relevant information. You don’t have need what you already know.

Make sure that you get valuable information about your users, without irritating them.

By using a progressive sign-up/profiling forms, you can optimize your mobile-website experience and generate leads.

5. Design simple CTA (Call-to-action)

Remember, your CTA will appear different on different devices. Therefore, you need to avoid creating heavy designs as it could look distracting on a small screen.

But, you want your CTA to have an image and a readable and clear text!

You need a short and to-the-point CTA, which will get the message across quickly.

Call-to-action option

See the image above. You can see the CTA is short, to-the-point, and used fewer words.

Further, the CTA is reasonably big so that neither it eats up a lot of space. Additionally, it is not too small that it can go unnoticed.

6. Use discounts and offers

Using discounts to attract leads has to be the oldest trick in the book, and it never fails!

Promo codes, discounts, and lucrative offers never fail to attract new leads. It never fails to give people a favorable impression of the company.

RetailMeNot surveyed in the year 2013 with 10,009 participants. The study said that 51 percent of them agreed that the discounts and deals influenced them while shopping online.

Discounts and promo offers are one of the easiest ways of soft-selling to the shoppers. It will always be helpful in lead generation using mobile marketing.

7. Using QR codes

Do you know what the “QR” in QR code stand for? It means “Quick response.”

I’m sure you know what QR codes are: the square barcodes that look complicated but are not!

QR codes can be one of the easiest ways to generate leads with mobile marketing. Companies are already driving prospects to their websites with it.

We see QR codes almost everywhere; they have made payments without cash or card very easy.

However, QR codes are not just useful for making or receiving payments, they can also be used to generate leads.

You can leverage the benefits of QR codes to generate leads.

Here’s how:

QR codes for promotion

You can also use QR codes to get more users to register. Here’s how:

QR codes for registration

QR codes can be extremely helpful in lead generation using mobile marketing.

It’s easy and quick.

8. Use your mobile app

Having a mobile app for your website can help you in driving leads.

Users will have to sign-up once they download and open the app.

However, the question is how to make them download your mobile app? Or, how would they even know that you have a mobile app?

You can promote your app through various other channels, such as social media platforms and search engines.

Promotion of mobile app

When you engage your audience with your high-quality content, they would naturally want to have a better experience. That’s when you promote your mobile app and encourage them to download and use it.

App promotion on SERP

There are some smart ways to promote your app and it can bring in leads.

9. Social engagement

Social engagement can also be an excellent way of lead generation using mobile marketing!

There’s a bridge between the last point and this point: You can promote your app and engage your users. Both can help you in lead generation.

If your social media page is engaging, people will come and like the page. Further, you can encourage them to download your mobile app by providing them with the link to the app store.

Here’s an example:

App promotion on Facebook

Further, you can use your social media page to attract new users with offers and events. It could generate leads, improve footfall in your store and boost sales as well.

Here’s an example:

Promotion through social media

Final thoughts

Lead generation using mobile marketing essentially should be done with multi-channel campaigns!

The mobile marketing lead generation methods that I discussed can help you in increasing user engagement and eventually drive leads. At the same time, you can pick more than one and make them work for you!

Your multi-channel campaigns to generate leads can be through chat platforms, social networks, mobile apps, mobile-friendly websites and so on. All the mobile marketing channels can be very helpful in generating a lead.

For lead generation using mobile marketing, don’t restrict yourself to the conventional methods. You can always experiment.

For example, blogging can help you in lead generation, provided you add value every time you publish a content!

Remember, to make most of the mobile marketing, make it the heart of your strategy. Mobile marketing strategies should be based on your audience type. However, you should know the dos and don’ts of mobile marketing nevertheless.

There are more ways to generate leads like lead generation through email marketing, using free local wifi, etc. But, the article covers those ways to generate leads that are smart and can get you results in lesser time!

Let us know what do you think of the lead generation strategies mentioned in the article.

Also, let us know if there are more mobile marketing lead generation tactics!

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