Instagram-Source To Stand Out For Small Business

Having a social media presence is not a choice; it became a de rigueur for any brands irrespective of their size.

Indeed, it became crucial for small brands than large brands to build their online presence.

Big brands are already holding household names even if they are not so active on social media; customers won’t leave them. Because they are aware of their name, the type of service they provide, and how they are unique from others.

For small businesses, you first need an online presence; to sell your brand product & services to your audience.

Instagram for small business

Instagram, since its inception, is the best-known platform for its visual content.

Now it has become the ideal platform for small business owner to attract their audience and compete even with large brands.

Instagram marketing strategy has bought a lot more features that caught the attention of the social media audience.

It’s considered as the best network for organic engagement. On Instagram, no need for force sale or engagement of the audience, the audience attracts the visual posts in a naturally. It has a per-follower interaction rate of 2.2%, which is half of what it was in 2014. (Source: Forbes)

It has 1 billion active monthly users and more than 500 million active users every day. And 80% of Instagram users follow a business account. ( Source: Jumpermedia)

If you’re into small business and looking for building your brand image, Instagram is the best channel to spend your efforts.

In this article, I will put light on some facts which clears you how important is Instagram for small business in building their brand presence.

Let’s start!

If you haven’t started your Instagram business account yet, don’t worry. Here are some powerful Instagram marketing tips to improve your brand presence. 

Here is a bonus tip for you  – 

You might have an online presence in other social media profiles; invite your other social media profile users to Instagram and increase your Instagram followers.

You can do this by adding your Instagram icon on your Facebook page.

For this, you just need to search for the ‘Insta tab for pages’ and click on the install tab.

insta tabs for pages

It will appear like this on your Facebook page.

social media tabs

The more followers you have, the more you can gain the traffic to your ads. Let’s discuss this with some real-time examples of small businesses.

Essex India

Sharing real estate facts which are informative for the audience before purchasing or selling a property.

Essex facts in Instagram

Educating their audience with the terms often used in real estate which are unaware of the audience to ease them in understanding.

word of the day in Instagram

Sharing new rules implemented in the country related to real estate. So that people can take their future decision properly.

News in Instagram

Talking Toe

It uses unique hashtags in comments based on the type of footwear in the post.

Hashtags in Instagram

Wishes the audience on every festival and special events or occasion.

Instagram wishes

Whenever they keep offline stores at any place, they share the venue and other details with their Instagram followers.

Venue details in Instagram

Libaaz Boutique

Create posts to thank the audience for following the Instagram page after reaching a certain count.

thanking customer in Instagram

Add Snapchat address in posts for getting followers for snapshot account.

Snapchat share in Instagram

Country Oven Bakery

After making a cake, they take pictures of the cake and post. Where they can grab the attention of most of their audience, It helps her to showcase their work to their audience.


Picture Post in Instagram

Alia Baig (Makeup Artist)

Whenever she organizes events in shopping malls and other makeup brand spaces, she invites the audience through their post. In this way, she gets registrations for training and customers for makeup.

Announcement in Instagram

Takes the comments of brides in the form of text or videos and posts it on by describing what type of makeup she does to her, add contact numbers &  hashtags in her every post. Replies to every comment on the post and try to engage with the audience.

Instagram comments

Share her schedule with her audience whenever she is out of the station.     

Share Schedule in Instagram

Whenever she gets a big contract to attend a destination wedding with her team, she updates to her audience. It helps her audience to know the level of her skills and reach.

Promote branded cosmetic products by posting their new arrivals of brands like Huda beauty and other top brands also shares her partnership brands on her posts.

Promote in Instagram

Wherever she steps out of Hyderabad or moves to any other country, she takes videos of her entire journey and engages the audience.

Introduce her assistants or co-workers and appreciate them for their work. Also, suggest the audience to take their service.

Ambuja Cement

They share their success stories on newspapers and award-winning with their Instagram followers.

Stories on Instagram

Create Memes to showcase the features of their products.

Instagram Memes

Engage the audience by asking general questions on their page.

Engage Audience in Instagram

Kathiawar Stores

It shares the offer and discounts currently available in the stores on their page.

Instagram kathiawar stores offers

Conduct events and announce the winner’s name on their page.

Instagram Announcement

Invite the audience to follow their page by showcasing their activities.

Invite followers Instagram

Their social media presence has helped them to earn the trust of their audience. Every day they put something which excites the audience.

Similarly, for other fields of small business, you can follow a similar Instagram marketing strategy that can increase your followers on Instagram for small businesses.

Instagram is famous for visual posts, capture your work and showcase to your audience.

One more basic Instagram marketing strategy for small business to gain followers is to create memes and post on your Instagram page.

Memes are the most used Instagram marketing strategy where people are more inclined to it.

The people who don’t know you also read memes created by you and don’t look at your brand, if you keep on posting they can ignore to glance at your brand for some time but eventually they start remembering your brand.

Memes can help you to gain Instagram followers for your brand.

The brand builds when a customer trusts you. Building customer trust is not a simple task when a number of competitors are distracting your audience.

It gave an excellent platform for the audience to like, share, comment and interact and engage with their preferred brands and opportunities for the brand to build a brand, engage with the audience and generate leads with fewer efforts.


When compared to other social media sites, Instagram has the highest engagement rates. On Instagram, people are not just active; they are engaged.

Instagram for small business owners, it works like magic for building their online presence.

Actually, building a brand is not magic, but the strategies you follow in posting your Instagram posts.

Whatever be the field of your business, if you implement the Instagram marketing strategies as mentioned above in the right way according to your business. You will get good followers for your small business.

Hope you are now aware of the power of Instagram marketing strategies in building an online presence of your small business.

Please let us know your experience with Instagram marketing strategies and how you overcome the challenges in building your brand presence through Instagram marketing.

We are glad to listen to you!

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