How To Increase Your Leads Using Mobile Video Advertising

Are you struggling to increase leads from your mobile video advertising? Then this article is a must for you.

Convenience and the urge to keep ourselves updated is rapidly increasing the consumption of mobile video. It is not just that, our overall use of mobile phones for everything related to digital is growing at a phenomenal rate than any other digital medium, as per KPCB’s report. To reach the masses at a large scale, you need mobile video advertising market as your primary target than any other digital medium.

Mobile Video Advertising

As a marketer, you have to know how mobile video consumption is growing and why it is different from desktop advertising, to prepare for the future of advertising and to increase your conversion rates. Below mentioned mobile video consumption and smartphone shipment stats signify the importance of mobile marketing trends for marketers.

Global video consumption on mobile phones grew from 14% in Q3, 2013 to 60.3% in Q4, 2017. Further, smartphone shipments are forecasted to grow to 1.8 billion in 2018 from 1.46 billion in 2017.

Mobile video consumption growth

Source: Statista

So, equip your mobile video advertising content to reach the tech savvy Millennials in 2018 or you will lose your brand recall. The following effective strategies will increase your conversion rates and the success of advertising campaigns. That will collectively increase the conversion rates derived from the mobile video ads.

Let’s look into the proven strategies that will increase your leads from mobile video advertising.

Delivering the Main Message or Hooking the Viewer to the Mobile Video Advertising

In a highly competitive and aggressive world, the deciding moments for the rise and fall of brands are very short.

You cannot miss a second.

Utilizing that quick moments and opportunities to the best extent possible is the way to build brands and sustain their future.

Facebook with Nielsen found that the first three seconds of the video ad delivered 47% of total campaign value. And 74% of value in the first ten seconds.

So, grabbing the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds will increase mobile video ad’s success.

You can find an ocean of mobile video content on YouTube, Vimeo and others.

The video content to consume (the breadth) is growing like never before. And the options to navigate to the content of our liking are many.

Further, viewers tend to have much shorter attention spans on mobile phones compared to desktops, due to different purposes, which we use it for.

Grab the Attention

Precisely, mobile phones are meant to be ‘quick solvers’ of users queries and different needs.

Example: A mobile user might use his smartphone for checking professional and personal mails, social media, gaming, schedule planning, investing etc., all in a quick session.

That is not the case with desktop (unless there is a demanding need). That’s why you have to grab the attention before the user moves on.

This can be achieved with a content strategy that resonates customers interest(s) from the starting to the end of the mobile video ad.

It will increase the ads ability to hook the viewer and the leads generated from the video ad.

Convey the message at the starting. It will grab the attention of the interested users, who will stay till the end to know the story.

mobile video advertising message

LG used the strategy of conveying the message at the starting in its 21 years celebrations video ad campaign. It started with “We are mentored… inspired to succeed in life”. The five minutes long ad got huge success. Ninety one million views within 28 days of publishing from its LG India channel on Youtube alone. Sixty one thousand likes and 330 comments.

Deliver the message at the start of the video ad, it will not put the viewer in the puzzle of guessing what is coming. Interested viewers of the topic and content will continue till the end.

A niche will carve out for the advertisement and it will be easy to engage the viewer thereafter.

Select universally appealing topics, it is another effective mobile video advertising strategy to gain value.

Letting the viewer to keep guessing the story, till the end of the mobile video advert will also work. But the advert must be gripping from the starting second to – till the end, otherwise the chances of failure of ad campaign will be high.

You can’t Use the Same Content Everywhere!

Serving the same video ad content on desktop and on the smartphones will be an ineffective strategy.

Smartphones are used for different purposes and the size of the screens vary drastically, compared to TV and desktop that has limited scope and purpose(s).

Further, mobile is still new to the people and the advertising platforms.

It is dumping content, if you deliver the content built for desktops through the same advertising platforms to mobiles.

At present, likeability and response to video ads on mobile is weaker than the desktops. This is due to most mobile video advertisements being created considering the desktop platforms.

Design content specifically for mobiles, keeping in view of the scope, advantages and limitations of it, which will derive more value.

If you want to gain maximum traction and return on investment, then have a unique strategy for mobile video advertising growth.

Example: You will respond differently to a mobile video advertising shown while you are commuting vs searching for a thing during work hours.

Aesthetics – How it Looks and Feel

Across all mediums, the style, design, logo, fonts and symbols used should be in sync with one and other. It will positively impact the experience of the viewer.

Place the logo and maintain a clear and similar aesthetics across the video ad, website and other mediums of the brand. It will increase engagement and brand recall.

Most advertisers does not bother about the intrinsic value of keeping a similar design and style across platforms and mediums. They just use easily acquirable designs and styles to save on developer costs and time.

An ad unsynchronized with its style and design across all platforms and mediums, will mostly burn the marketing budgets spent. And does not add any value in the long-run.

Avoid dark backgrounds and make sure that the objects and color are synchronized in every frame to increase ease on to the eye. It will enable a highly positive viewing experience to the viewer. And greatly impacts the success of the ad campaign and lead generation.

Following the above practices will ensure that the cost of the ad does not shoot up. Advertising platforms like Google AdWords give great importance to the quality of the ad. If you follow the above mentioned practices your Cost Per Click (CPC) will come down considerably.

Technology – How Advanced Your Tools and Systems are?

Putting mobile aside, proper integration of tools, data and systems for desktop advertising isn’t in place. That is denting the value derived from its digital advertising spend, according to Accenture survey.

The measuring technologies and mobile video advertising platforms needs more evolvement. The accuracy of metrics like time spent on mobile video ad, number of clicks and others are not accurate.

Further, different standards for viewability and measuring also make it more difficult to confidently say that a mobile marketing campaign was successful.

Lack of sufficient data and proper integration and analysis are a big drawback for mobile at a bigger level than desktop.

When it comes to data, age and gender are not enough to target the right ads to the customers. Large subset of customer data is needed to know the customer intent.

Though large amounts of customer data is available on the internet. It is all fragmented and the aggregation and segmentation of it is not happening appropriately. Due to no centralized database and appropriate analytical tools to ensure quality.

Lack of support from publishers to use more advanced and interactive VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) for rendering and measuring the performance of video ads is another issue daunting the mobile video advertisers, including mobile app video advertising.

Before choosing the mobile advertising platform, you have to ensure that it has vast scale, data, systems and tools. And its flexibility in allowing third party vendors.

It will allow you to use third party viewability tracking and measuring, that help advertisers in properly understanding the advertising campaign results.

Relevance and effectiveness of the mobile video ads will also depend on tools and systems you use.


The desire to reach large digital user base with small ad spend per impression/view has been the driving factor behind the fast growing mobile video advertising trend.

Maximum results with the mobile video advertisements is an understatement at this time. A lot needs to be done to inch up the mobile video ad game.

Getting the right mix from the available solutions is key to make any ad campaign a great success to the extent possible.

I hope that the above mentioned issues and strategies will help you derive maximum leads possible from your mobile video ad campaigns.

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