Real Estate Lead Generation & Nurturing Methods For Maximum Profit

Being in a real estate business calls for making more sales. You can make it happen only if you know how real estate lead generation works. Therefore, to understand the functioning of real estate lead generation, you must learn how to nurture your leads and why it is essential.

Lead nurturing is an effective method of converting your visitors into customers.

Real Estate Lead Generation


Getting visitors to your website and physical sites is great. However, your focus must be on converting them, instead of being satisfied with the number of people actually saw your property.

So, they are more than cautious about every deal you offer and often take a longer time to reach the decision stage.

However, if you have a real estate lead generation and nurturing strategy, things become more comfortable.

Real estate lead generation is governed by digital marketing in current times. Therefore, if you know how these real estate digital marketing channels work; you can take care of the lead generation part.

Moreover, generating leads is only half job done. Digital marketing techniques allow you to nurture your leads too.

Lead nurturing uses multiple channels and multiple tools to engage with your subscribers. It gives you a comprehensive understanding of your customers to improve your business and brand value.

Among all of the best ways of real estate generation ideas, the following are the easiest yet powerful to adopt.

1. Regular blog posting

The blog post is one of the best real estate lead generation tools that you can easily maintain.

Your blog is a great way to engage your leads with the smallest bit of effort. Moreover, you can use the blog to convert them into clients with proper nurturing.

The question remains – how? Your blog is a tool where you can publish any content related to real estate so that your customers can engage with it.

The intention should be clear with every post, i.e. to educate and inform the audience. Your audience is primarily homeowners, who already have a property, or the local renters, who are looking to buy a home for themselves.

Although, both the sections are yet to decide between buying a real estate from you, they are looking for options.

Wouldn’t it be better if you were at the top of their mind when they finally decide to buy a property?

For an effective real estate lead generation, you have to maintain the regularity of the blog.

You can publish posts about local real estate scenarios, statistics related to housing, home loan checklists, and many other content types.

These posts could be based on the interest and demographics of your audience, as well as the general interest of the subscribers.

When you are looking to optimize your real estate blog posts, you must take care of the keywords and the SEO part. These are an essential part of making your blog visible to the people.

Moreover, it acts among additional lead generation strategies that break the geographical boundaries of your business.

2. Email marketing with drip automation

Email marketing is another of the most used real estate lead generation technique. Additionally, the massive ROI of email marketing makes it a lucrative tool for the real estate marketers.

Email marketing can help you to reach the customers any time and in any part of the world.

Before you launch your email marketing campaigns, you need an email list.

The email list can be obtained by collecting the email ids of your subscribers from your website and blog. These people have provided with their email ids voluntarily as they are interested in your business.

Therefore, you already know that the intent is there!

You can perform an efficient real estate lead generation by email marketing using an email automation software.

Email automation helps you to send email messages to your subscribers without drafting an email every time.

You can program the emails according to the buyers’ persona and schedule them to be posted at a predetermined time.

Additionally, you can schedule the emails to reach the customers at different stages of the conversion too.

For example, you can have an email template ready for people to receive a welcome email when they sign up for your website or blog.

The second stage could look to inform them by sending blog posts or updates about real estate. Another email template could be crafted as a thank you message for people who engage.

Communication at every stage of buying is one of the best ways to generate real estate leads. It can even lead to conversions at later stages.

Email marketing helps you to create and nurture the leads quite effectively.

3. Marketing using videos

The use of videos in marketing has been growing quite steadily for some years now. You can use the videos in real estate lead generation strategies too. Using videos, especially in real estate, helps you connect with your audience better and generate more leads.

Let me explain how.

Sooner or later, your leads would want to visually check out the properties you are selling. It is a hectic task for making the arrangements if multiple clients want to visit the place at the same time.

However, if you have a video of the property, you can use it as a visual tour guide of the property, without anyone actually visiting the place.

As a marketer, you know all the people who visit the site doesn’t end up buying it. Only a handful of the leads will be actually purchasing a property.

Giving a video tour would help you to pinpoint the actual leads who are closer to conversion than others are and nurture them accordingly.

Moreover, you can generate more videos for people in the awareness stage too.

You can use animated videos to show them what your future projects would look like. It will help the people to make an informed decision over the time as they would know the timeline for the completion of your project.

Lastly, videos are more appealing to people. You can use different emotional appeal to invoke curiosity, interest, and generate the attention of the leads towards your real estate business.

If you can use correctly, video marketing is a valid real estate lead generation strategy.

4. Social media engagements

As a marketer or a realtor, you may already know the reach of social media. You would be surprised to know that social media is a powerful lead generation tool too.

Real estate lead generation through social media has many benefits attached to it.

Firstly, you will be able to reach a broad audience through the various social media platforms. It lets you expand your reach and presence.

Secondly, among the massive number of people who sees your posts, only a few people would actually interact with your social media posts. Moreover, the people who communicate generally shows a variety of emotion in your posts.

Therefore, you will be able to strategize your subsequent marketing plan to reach each type of people.

Thirdly, only a fraction of the people interacted with your post would contact you for further details. Thus, you will know how many people are willing to buy your properties for real.

You can decide on fine-tuning your real estate lead generation strategies to cater to these few people then. Also, since social media is free, the identification of potential customers happens without spending a truckload of money.

Using social media efficiently for real estate lead generation helps you to push content to prospective clients to nurture them better.

5. Remarketing techniques

When you are using digital marketing for your real estate business, you know you can boost your sales. You could be using anyone, or some, or all of the real estate digital marketing tools to make deals to people who are committed to your business.

However, have you thought of the people who are dropping off in the penultimate stage before they convert? They make quite a large part of the fraction, so you must always plan to take them through the conversion process to make even more sales. Using remarketing techniques can be a robust real estate lead generation method here.

Remarketing is the practice of engaging the subscribers regularly through social media and Google display advertising. You can use the technique to collect user’s information as well as nurture them through different marketing channels.

Remarketing helps you to show your ads to the leads and visitors if they have shown interest in your properties at some earlier time. Real estate lead generation also depends upon the type of ads, and the category of audience.

For instance, you cannot expect a person with a modest salary to buy a house worth crores. Similarly, a CEO wouldn’t look to buy a property with the basic facilities. Remarketing allows you to take care of the dilemma by allowing you to display ads with a relevant audience.

6. Periodic Newsletters

Sending newsletters is another excellent way to generate real estate leads.

Newsletters, sent through an email, help you to be in touch with a prospective customer. Moreover, the content in your newsletter helps you to make your subscriber understand that you care for customer experience rather than just making sales.

Design your newsletters to include the latest happening in the real estate sectors. You can also add the changing trends of real estate according to locality.

The links you share could be from a news feed, your real estate blog, or any other source. However, selecting the right content for real estate lead generation is the key here.

Your newsletter is not the sales pitch. However, it is an excellent method to engage users as well as improving your brand perception.

Therefore, you must also decide on the regularity of your newsletter. The frequency of sending could be weekly, monthly, and even daily, but you should not be too aggressive with the technique.

7. Leveraging chatbots

The marketing scenario is fast changing with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, the most visible implementation of AI can be seen through the incorporation of chatbots.

Chatbots is a marketing tool for real estate lead generation if you can use them correctly.

Chatbots are technically chat robots, or robots designed to interact like a human interface. They are programmable robots, designed to provide solutions, or answer queries, or automate certain marketing processes. In addition, the self-learning mechanisms and adapting to tricky questions are chatbots’ forte, making them act like almost human.

Chatbots helps you to take care of all your customer issues around the clock. Since it is automation, it depends on the algorithm to provide an answer to your subscribers.

The availability of machine learning makes the chatbots adapt the tone, and style of your company, and can be perceived as an intelligent persona with the constant evolution of the algorithm with time.

Chatbots also eliminates the need for stationing multiple agents for customer service, and the delay in customer response.

Chatbots depends on the customer history and can utilize the demographics of the subscriber to offer a speedy response, thus providing a better experience.

When you look to boost the real estate lead generation, you must give importance to the user experience. Chatbots can provide it seamlessly, across marketing channels. With better user experience, you will see your real estate lead generation swelling up.

8. SMS marketing for real estate lead generation

SMS marketing has been a powerful tool that can improve your real estate lead generation faster than you can think off. It is one of the critical tools for real estate online marketing and could impact your campaigns directly.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you already have a list of subscribers who are interested in buying your properties. You have their personal details, and they have given you the consent to contact them anytime.

Suppose you send them an email to tell them about a demo tour of your properties, but they didn’t check the email.

SMS marketing comes to the rescue at this point. Imagine you send an SMS telling them about the demo at a time when they are already discussing the possibility of buying a property over the morning tea.

Since SMS is more personal and can be sent directly to the subscriber’s mobile number, the chances that he will engage is more. Eventually, with targeted SMS at every stage of buyers’ journey, he might be ready to convert faster.

Real estate lead generation through SMS is more responsive and more engaging. Design your SMS campaigns with engaging content to reach the potential subscribers.

You will find them buying your properties faster than you ever thought.

Key Points

Real estate lead generation does not depend on the number of times you have made calls to subscribers. It depends more on the emotional attachment that you can generate.

Real estate digital marketing services can help you to get the desired result.

Moreover, you must look to nurture your leads through all the stages of your marketing funnel. If you cannot cultivate your leads with content or communication, they will eventually stop interacting.

Additionally, converting a cold lead takes much more effort and time than a person who is willingly associating with you.

When you use the techniques mentioned above for real estate lead generation, the chances of succeeding improves.

You can also track the behavior of the leads to understanding how close they are to convert.

Let us know if you have some other insights or techniques, which you use to nurture your leads.

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