Can Real Estate Social Media Strategy Improve Your Conversions?

When it comes to real estate, the only thing that might be of importance is the conversions. However, conversions are extremely tough, if you are not able to communicate with the leads. Having a real estate social media strategy helps you to take care of the situation better than anything does when it comes to communication.


Real Estate Social Media StrategyAs a real estate marketer, your ultimate goal is to make your posts interactive. There are several real estate marketing ideas that you can search for, and the internet is full of them. These marketing ideas can help you to boost sales, and increase revenue. Still, if we speak about interaction and reach alone, nothing beats social media.

However, to generate engagement out of online marketing, you need real estate social media marketing. A robust real estate social media strategy can get you some actionable insights, which could make your campaigns much powerful.

Real estate social media strategy does not mean that posting a couple of content on social media platforms. You need to take care of everything related to any social post if you are looking to get any traction out of your efforts.

Therefore, check out the real estate social media strategy that actually works, below.

Real estate social media strategy to follow:

Any business, including real estate, can use social media to boost revenue with proper utilization. Each of the social media platforms has a different type of purpose. Therefore, communication through each of them needs a separate strategy.

Moreover, the social media platforms have unique audiences, so what might be attractive to people using Facebook, might not be much impactful on Instagram. You need a different strategy to target your audience, and thus your message must be tailored accordingly.

You must be knowing that the best method of communication with a lead is through customized messages. One of the best marketing channel, which allows you to take an interactive approach, is social media. If you have a robust real estate social marketing strategy, communicating with even strangers becomes easier.

Moreover, the real estate consumers are more educated and tech-savvy than ever. Connecting with them with a real estate social media strategy that combines with a targeted message can work wonders for improving your revenue.

Additionally, social media helps you interact directly with your leads. Therefore, the necessity of involving an intermediary becomes completely trivial. Social media allows you to be your own real estate agent, who have answers to all the consumers’ inquiry.

The following provides an insight into the different types of real estate social media strategy that you can use. Also, each platform speaks about the real estate social media strategy fit for it.

1. Instagram

As looks do matter in real estate business, marketing on Instagram can be a great real estate social media strategy. Instagram primarily deals with the images so that you can display your properties through the platform to relevant people.

Instagram is particularly popular among people because it is a mobile-based social media platform. People can share and interact with images they like easily. Moreover, the platform allows you to run sponsored promotions too to reach the right target audience.

While marketing on Instagram, you must follow a few basic rules. Keep the image you want to share relevant to your audience and is clear enough to show the details of the property. Use the proper description for the picture, and use relevant ‘hashtags,’ or the keywords pertinent to the image.

Instagram also allows you to put CTAs on the post. Use the CTA to insert a map, or a product demo, or a direct mode of communication with your real estate agent.

Look at the following screenshot to have an idea about how an Instagram real estate post looks like.

Instagram for Real Estate

When you are uploading an image, make sure they are of highest quality. You can edit the image for better clarity, but never superimpose features that your properties do not provide. Using the right photo and reaching out to the right customer would give you the perfect marketing opportunity that you were looking for.

2. Facebook

The world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook, is a really helpful tool when you look to market your real estate business. When rolling out your real estate social media strategy, make sure that Facebook features in it.

You can market your real estate business in several ways in Facebook. You can create a page for your brand, have a community or group, or may only trust the Facebook paid ads. Still, each method has its own set of pros and cons, and you must not use them without knowing the basic details first.

For example, a page is a location, which works as a medium to display your content. Anyone with a Facebook account can visit your page, and check the content. A group, on the other hand, is a closed community and consists of people who want to be the part of it. Groups and pages provide you with insights into visitors’ behavior too.

Check out the Facebook page below, and the interactions a post received.

Facebook for Real Estate Marketing

Facebook ads is another method that you can use to expand your reach. Moreover, as per statistics, the average CTR through Facebook is 0.9 percent, making it THE choice among marketers. You can use relevant images and text to advertise your properties so that interested users can engage with it if they want.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. In other words, it is a social media network for business networking. Therefore, if you want to reach out to some very targeted leads, marketing through LinkedIn is the perfect real estate social media strategy.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with the right individual according to their professional profile. Therefore, you would know precisely the type of property the individual could be looking to buy. Moreover, sharing posts on the LinkedIn will help you understand the interest generation, based on the interaction it receives.

When you have the profile of your potential customer, along with an understanding of his intentions, targeting becomes easier. Moreover, you can share a series of similar content to attract them towards the bottom of your marketing funnel over time.

Additionally, LinkedIn has numerous groups, depending upon the industries. You can also interact with the group to attract them towards your real estate business with appropriate contents. It will help you create the perfect lead magnet so that you can get them converted in later stages.

4. YouTube

As Instagram is for images, another platform that helps you to distribute visually appealing content is YouTube. YouTube helps you to display your business to millions of people through videos and video advertising.

Including YouTube in your real estate marketing strategy is not difficult. All you need to do is to shoot a video of your property, upload it on the platform, and reach millions of probable customers fast.

Additionally, even if you don’t have a full-length video, you can still partner with other relevant channels to reach out to people through advertisements. You can embed these video ads into other videos too. Therefore, when people are watching YouTube, you can reach them through the ads.

Moreover, you can start your own channel on YouTube. You can release a series of videos to explain a real estate buying process or host an interview with a satisfied customer. All of these methods allow people to know more about you and become trustworthy. Also, it enables them to have an overview of your real estate business before they decide to engage with you.

5. Twitter

When Twitter was launched, people were skeptical about the business prowess of the microblogging site. However, the 255 characters strong message has been the favorite among influencers and marketers ever since.

Twitter is a powerful addition to your real estate social media strategy because of the simplicity of the message that it can convey. You can use Twitter to post videos, images, and GIFs, and reach millions of users within seconds.

Moreover, you can include any link with your ‘Tweets,’ which redirects your followers to a page you want them to visit. Being limited to one-liners, the message you want to send must be clear and intriguing for better impact.

Also, your tweets can be ‘retweeted’ by people who liked your message, thus allowing you to reach even the followers of your followers. In other words, you can expand your growth exponentially by sending out the right message.

Check out how a tweet can be used in your real estate social media strategy.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing

Wrapping it up

There are several real estate marketing channels that can be helpful for your marketing campaigns. These channels take unique approaches while engaging the leads. However, when it comes to customer interactions, social media is the champion by miles.

When you are planning to get your real estate social media ideas right, you cannot choose one platform over the other. Combining all the platforms of social media for real estate is the key to a successful campaign.

Moreover, using a real estate social media strategy allows you to get noticed by your consumers over your competitors. Also, you can reach and target more people than you can do through other marketing channels.

Moreover, there are real estate social media strategy handling tools, which let you automate the process. These tools also allow you to schedule posts, check insights of your audience interaction and do many more.

Real estate social media strategy can help you to change the way you do business. Let us know which platforms work best for you to find leads and close deals.

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