How Customer Data Management Is The Key To Email Marketing

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With the growing acceptance of new technologies and tactics, marketers still have email marketing in their strategies. It gets an impressive ROI of $38 for an expense of $1. However, like every good thing, email is not perfect too! You need to have enough subscribers and a good customer data management system to make it work.

I’m sure that you are using email marketing for some time. If you want to get more out of it or want to get better results, read the article.

The article will tell you or rather prove how customer data management is the key to your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing and customer data management

Some people make the mistake of focusing on the wrong data. Their obsession stays on unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, or open rates.

While all the mentioned metrics are significant, they are just parts of the picture!

Imagine a subscriber gets your email and reads the content but doesn’t appear in the subscriber list who opened the email.

Few subscribers might not click instantly and instead come back to the email days later. If these subscribers click on the link after you already checked the report, it skews the data!

Therefore, you should understand that you mustn’t rely on customer data reporting. Instead, concentrate on customer data management.

It will stop you from drawing a wrong conclusion about your subscribers.

An accurate customer data enhances relevant targeting and ultimately deliver desired results.

Why should you be extra careful with your customer data?

The whole concept of customer data management is based on understanding your customers and target them with the right product/service.

When you push relevant messages to consumers based on improper criteria, it will damage your brand and the campaign efficiency.

Therefore, using an accurate customer database to target customers with relevant messages is fundamental.

Key to a successful email marketing, if you do it right!

Every email marketing platform provides vast reams of data. How you utilize that data will determine your success.

Collecting customer data is just the first step. Customer data management is when you already have the data.

Customer data management also involves avoiding duplication of data.

Avoiding duplication of data is certainly good practice and one of your responsibilities within GDPR!

For those who don’t know what the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR compliances, here’s something for easy understanding:

The focus of GDPR is mainly on transparency and privacy of the collected data from your audience or customers. In simpler terms, you need to maintain transparency with your customers about the data you collect and how you use them.

Further, you need proof that your customers gave their consent. It means that your audience gave you permission to collect, manage, process their data.

Now, looking from your point of view, if a subscriber signs up twice you will have two different contacts in your database. As a result, you may pay twice for the same person!

Further, it also becomes tough to manage or process from the personal data perspective!

Therefore, use customer data management techniques to merge records by the email address irrespective of where the subscriber signs up.

Pay for them just once, avoid duplicates, and maintain the GDPR compliance.

Do customer data management techniques impact your consistency?

Think of it in this way:

Customers usually purchase from a brand that they like, know, and trust.

Regular emails can certainly make them know about your brand. However, useful emails that satisfy their need will make them like you!

Furthermore, consistency will get your customers to trust you.

To explain it with a simple example:

Among all the people you know, who do you go to for any advice or help? It’s always the one who you trust! Not those who are lovely and charming, but bails out when you need them.

Your service/brand should be that friend and earn your customers’ loyalty.

With a proper customer data management, you can build an email schedule that is consistent.

Your customers will get your emails at the right point of time, especially when they will expect them. It’s much like you have anticipated their needs!

What should you look for in an excellent customer data management service?

Ideally, an excellent customer data management service lets you upload address books easily.

You can see a range of contacts or an individual’s activity within a few clicks of the mouse. It takes care of the duplicate emails or sending emails to unsubscribed contacts.

here’s what an excellent customer data management service will take care of:

1. Duplicate data

An excellent customer data management service will perform a duplicate check on the collected data.

Even if you accidentally upload a duplicate contact, it will be visible in the upload reports. Only one record will be included in your address book.

Furthermore, if you send emails to many address books and one or few contacts appear in few of them, the data management system will know this. It will send the email only once to them.

2. Hard bounces and unsubscribes

A good customer data management service will handle hard bounces and unsubscribes automatically.

When a contact unsubscribes or if your email bounces, the contact will go to the suppression list. Contacts in the suppression list won’t get any emails.

3. Targeting and personalization

Usually, a standard customer data management service allows storage of 10 or fewer pieces of personal data/details per contact. However, some services provide up to 500.

When you choose a service that lets you store more pieces of personal data/contact, you can personalize your messages better.

The personal data per contact will help you to filter your list.

4. Data exports

With a good customer data management system, you can export report data, segments, suppression list, and address books anytime. Whenever you want to follow up users who have opened or clicked on the latest campaign, download the data!

On a final note

Customer data cleaning or management is sometimes overlooked.

Right customer data is crucial to email marketing and must be treated as a priority!

We all want to send emails that will serve a purpose with some benefits for our customers. But you must know your customers to know what they might need.

This is where customer data management comes in. Use it to build consistency, which will get your email marketing campaigns a big hit! Therefore, you can get better results, provided you do it right.

If you think that there’s more connection between customer data management techniques and email marketing, pop a comment below!

Share your thoughts on customer data management techniques and how it can help with email marketing.

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