What You Need To Look For In An SMS Marketing Automation System

What exactly you know about text messaging or just SMS? You would say that text messaging, or Short Messaging Service (SMS) is sending short texts from one mobile phone to another. In marketing terms, SMS can be an active channel to engage and interact with prospects or customers. Did you ever think of SMS marketing automation system? If your answer is no, then this is the perfect time to start!

SMS Marketing Automation System

SMS marketing has many benefits that you should be aware of. To make the most of them, first, you should know what are the SMS marketing benefits. You can leverage the benefits of SMS marketing and achieve better results.

However, you can’t spend all day sending promotional SMSes to various users.

Let us discuss SMS marketing automation and how it can benefit your business.

SMS marketing automation is undoubtedly one of the best options available.

In case you are wondering why and how? For starters, it saves a lot of time!

Automated SMS services will help you in sending out alerts, out-for-delivery SMSes, appointment reminders, offers, and discounts, or sales announcement to a large number of users.

SMS marketing automation: Why you need it?

Today, organizations and businesses want to maximize their energy and time and get rid of processes that don’t guarantee a reasonable ROI.

SMSes can be a handy tool with a final read rate of 98%! (Source: Dynmark)

SMS marketing automation will just leverage this incredible tool to your benefit.

With SMS marketing automation, you can trim down on unimportant tasks and unnecessary operations.

SMS marketing automation can provide more value by making the “reaching-out-to-many” part easier.

Let’s see how:

  • It will remove repeating tasks like matching contact data, updating, and sorting data.
  • It will automatically streamline and execute contact information so that you don’t need to repeat your marketing strategies every time.

With SMS automation tools, you can send promotional SMSes to a large number of users at the same time upon a trigger event too.

SMS marketing automation will make sure that your users receive relevant SMSes at ideal points of time.

Given below is an example of an automated SMS.

Example of an automated SMS

Given here is an example of an automated SMS.

Amazon sent out this promotional text message to me because I have SBI credit card.

Not only it saves time due to the automation rules and triggers but also the pain of slicing & segmenting the data, and sending SMSes to many people!

Choosing the best SMS marketing automation tool

SMS marketing is one area where automated marketing is gaining popularity.

But, why do you need automated SMS system?

You can set up relevant SMS keywords and run support smoothly, efficiently schedule messages in advance, and much more! Moreover, SMS marketing can be more effective when it is automated.

SMS marketing is also a popular channel for engagement since it has high open rates and impressive read rate.

But, choosing an ideal SMS marketing automation tool can be tricky! However, choosing it can be easy only if you know exactly what your business need.

Here is a list of features that makes an SMS marketing automation tool, an ideal choice.

Smart custom segments and behavior filters

An intelligent SMS marketing automation tool should be able to do smart custom segments and behavior filters. These two features will help you in targeting a specific audience.

Additionally, it will also help you in sending personalized and relevant messages.

Sending relevant messages are one of the SMS marketing best practices. It will ensure that you don’t end up annoying your subscribers.

There can be unlimited filters of custom behavior, which you can apply to your contact lists, irrespective of the size.

For instance, suppose you have a clothing store, and you want to announce the shipment of latest teenager wear. Your contact list has a mixed demographic that ranges from teenagers to adults.

You can use behavioral filters and identify the contacts by age. As a result, you can send out relevant SMSes to teens within your database. At the same time, you will be able to exclude those who wouldn’t benefit from getting the information.

Given below is an example.

SMS marketing custom segments

Targeted personalized SMSes

An ideal SMS automation tool will help you in making your text messages personalized.

Your contact list updates and changes regularly as new users subscribe and old contacts unsubscribe.

If you have a targeted audience and your text messages are personalized, then the chances of you getting better results increase!

Suppose you have a list of contacts, and you are planning to send out monthly SMSes to your teenager subscribers. Instead of applying behavioral filters to every single message, you can just apply the filter to your contact list. You will only be able to aim at teens and target your text messages accordingly. Further, you can automate the text messages just to those contacts that are of that age group!

You should try to keep the filtered list of contacts organized in real time. It will automatically update every time a new user subscribes, or an existing one is updated.

Opt-in and opt-out

You can’t keep track of every message and the responses!

The opt-in and opt-out options should be smooth and prompt. It will enhance your relationship with your subscribers.

Your SMS automation tool should consist of automated opt-in and opt-out options.

Given below is an example.

Opt-in text message:

Example of opt-in SMS

Opt-out text message:

example of opt-out SMS

Sophisticated cause-and-effect process and current data

You cannot leave the content engagement with periodic messages and reminders.

An ideal SMS automation tool will help you to use sophisticated cause-and-effect processes and current data. It will facilitate more in-depth contact interaction and free up time and workforce.

With an endless combination of actions, messages, and features SMS marketing automation system can help you identify the behaviors, preferences, and interests of your users. Further, the personalized automated SMS will help your users to respond accordingly as well.

Tracking/delivery update

Your customers will always want to know the whereabouts of their ordered product. You cannot keep a track yourself of all the ordered items, let alone keeping them posted.

To tackle this problem, you can take help of an SMS marketing automation system and keep your customers updated about the current status of the ordered product as and when the trigger action happens. It will help you in keeping your customers happy as well as informed.

Given below is an example:

Tracking/delivery update via SMS

Takeaway points

According to a report of Ericsson in the year 2015, there were 2.6 billion mobile users. Ericsson predicted that by the year 2020, the number of mobile users would increase to 6.1 billion. The opportunity is huge!

Reaching a large number of users will always remain the primary objective of any marketing strategy. However, you may reach a good number users, but you cannot reach them at the same time! For that reason, you need an SMS marketing automation system. It will optimize time and maximize the result.

Keep an eye on the SMS success metrics as they will tell you exactly how well your campaigns are going!

SMS automation will carry out pre-determined tasks for you. It will be triggered whenever a particular rule or condition is met.

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