An Ultimate Guide On How  Facebook Retargeting Ads Works

Facebook is a commodity which doesn’t need any introduction. Billions of people are active on Facebook every day.

Is it not something which advertiser is looking for such platform?

Facebook has an enchanting reach and retargeting Ads is the best-paid marketing technique with high ROI. Integration of these will lead you to astounding results for your Ad campaign.

Keen to know about Facebook retargeting Ads? This article will provide you with thorough knowledge.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

First know, what Facebook retargeting Ads are?

You might have looked at shoes on any website and when you browse you get Ads of shoes wherever you visit online. And you wonder how it happened; it’s not magic which listens to your inner voice. It’s a retargeting strategy.

In retargeting, the code placed on the website which saves visitors cookies and automatically it gets informed to the advertising provider. After that, wherever the visitor visits online, relevant Ads get displayed to them. Is not something interesting?

Retargeting cost you less than other paid advertising strategies and provides high ROI. Retargeting you can perform using different platforms. Every platform has their own goals and strategies. For instance, Google adwords retargeting ads, follow visitors wherever they visit online. However, this is not the situation with the Facebook retargeting ads; it follows the audience only when they are logging into Facebook.

Why Facebook?

It’s not something you don’t know about Facebook. It has-

  • 1.8 billion active users
  • About I billion of them sign in every day
  • Five new profiles get created in every second
  • 1 out of 5 Facebook  page views are from the US

Look at these points to understand why retargeting?

There is an abundance of grounds for belief why you need retargeting for your business.

A source from Wishpond:

  • Only 2 % of visitors do purchase in the first visit, remaining only 8 % of these return back to the site to take some actions.
  • 72% of them quit their cart before checkout.
  • Visitors who retargeted by Display ads are more likely to convert by 70%.
  • 60% of online visitors get display ads for the product they visited earlier.
  • 46% of online marketers believe that retargeting is the most underused advertising technology.
  • Retargeting can raise ad response to 400%.
  • 76% of Ads are more clicked when retargeted than standard display ads.

How Facebook Retargeting works?

Before you start with Facebook remarketing, you need to create a Facebook pixel to place it on your website.

Let’s know, what is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a snippet of JavaScript that needs to be added to your website every page to start Facebook retargeting ads. It’s not like something hard how it sounds; It will help you to-

  • Track every page view of your site by the Facebook users.
  • Track-specific actions and analyse the conversions of your website
  • Build custom audience lists to run a Facebook remarketing campaign.

How does Facebook Pixel work?

A JavaScript code added to every webpage. Whenever a browser visits your site, a URL load and code fired, and it gets registered by Facebook. It enables you to update with every action of users on a webpage just like Google Analytics to track conversions.

Facebook pixel installation

  • Sign into Facebook account
  • Go to Facebook Ads manager click on the menu button at third column you will find the ‘pixels’ in the list.Facebook Ads Manager Click on the green button ‘Create a Pixel’.Create Facebook PixelEnter a name for your pixel in the pop-up window and click on ‘Create pixel’.

Facebook Ad Pixel name

You have done with creating a Pixel, click on ‘Install Pixel Now’ to add code to your website.

Adding Facebook pixel to your website

You will get the page with a snippet of code you need to copy the code and insert it below this tag <head> or just above this tag </head> in your HTML code of every web page. Or else you can easily do this by using Google Tag Manager which allows you to easily edit the code snippet without directly modifying your HTML code. If you have some knowledge of the HTML Code structure, you can edit by your own or else take help of a developer.  

You can select codes for different purpose like- view content, search, add to cart, add to wishlist, initiate checkout, add payment info, make a purchase, lead, and complete registration. What if the events which you’re looking for not present in the events mentioned?. At this point, you need to create the custom events. How can you create custom events? By including or excluding events from the mentioned events.

To cross-check Facebook Pixel installed correctly, add the Facebook Pixel Helper extension to chrome.

Creating custom conversions

Custom conversions permit you to record conversions on your website whenever someone visits the web page. For this, you need to add only base code to your website, and no extra snippets are required as they work based on URL rules.

It offers you with the flexibility to create any conversions and name according to your business needs. It can generate up to 40 custom conversions.

Facebook Custom Conversion

How to track custom conversion?

  • Go to Ads manager,
  • Then in the column Measure & Report click on custom conversions
  • Click on create a custom conversion.
  • Select the rule (URL or Event).
  • The conversion can be created based on URL elements.
  • Choose the standard event category based on the type of actions you’re intended to track.
  • At last, give easy to recognise name to a custom conversion
  • Then click on ‘Create’ button. That’s it, you have done with custom conversions. Now you don’t need to mess with your base code which you added to the website.

How to create a custom audience?

All retargeting campaign is created to target Facebook custom audiences. It enables you to create your lists of the Facebook audience to target. You can get this data from Facebook Pixel to retarget the audience.

Facebook retargeting Custom Audience

To create a custom audience, start from the Facebook ads manager, go to Assets column click on the audience.

You will get this page with three options-

  • Custom audience
  • Look-alike
  • Saved audience

Facebook Audience types

You can build custom audiences from three powerful sources. The custom audience can be created from Customer data that you collected from different sources such as-

  • Contact lists (Phone numbers and Email address)
  • Website visitors (Using Facebook Pixel to track audience of your website)
  • App users (Facebook SDK 0 installed on your app)

Click on create a custom audience. Then, select the website traffic options and build an audience by choosing options like website traffic, audience name, pixel name and in the last number of days.

Facebook audience creation

Here you have an opportunity to select from options who –

  • visits your website
  • visit specific web pages
  • visit a particular web page, but not others
  • haven’t visited in a certain amount of time
  • Custom combinations with inclusions and exclusions
  • Advanced mode- Frequency and Pageviews, Specific devices, and Time Onsite

These options allow you to target your audience more specifically based on actions of the audience, website-specific URL and many other options.

How to create a Facebook retargeting campaign?

Facebook Remarketing campaign

  • Click on the top right side of your screen that is ‘create Ad’.
  • Select the objective of your campaign and name it accordingly.
  • Select the audience you want to target; you can use the custom audience you already created. You can target the audience more precisely by selecting age, gender, languages, locations, specific URL  and even excluding some options from the target audience.
  • Select other parameters such as – Conversion type. Budget, schedule and Placement.
  • Name your campaign and click on continue.
  • Select the Ad format and size according to your business needs.

After creating an Ad, you can easily measure your conversions. As soon as you have created an Ad, you will automatically see a column showing various relevant metrics in Ads manager. These metrics will help you to view and track your conversions and also get the cost per conversion and total cost.

You can track every action on your website from a visit of the audience to the conversion of leads such as-

  • Track audience conversion rates
  • Helps you to get valuable insights on created ads
  • Overall campaign strategy.

Facebook retargeting campaign tips

Consider and implement these tips while running a Facebook remarketing campaign:

  • Utilise Recency
  • Segment Your Audience
  • Exclude Past Purchasers
  • Cap Your Frequency
  • Try Daily Unique Reach
  • Use New Creatives
  • Optimise Landing Pages
  • Sync Your CRM
  • Beware The GDPR

Facebook Remarketing campaign strategies

With Facebook, you have plenty of options to retarget audience and get more from your campaigns. Have a look at some of the strategies you can implement:

Retarget audience who liked or subscribed your web page

People who liked or subscribed your web page are more likely to get a convert. Because they already know you and they know the value of your offering. If you can reach them with the valuable offering at the right time, they can easily get converted.

Retarget abandoned checkouts

The abandoned checkout customer is more comfortable to convert because the reason for it may be due to they got some urgent call, they find other offers better than yours, they forgot to check out because of any compelling work, and similarly many different reasons. Reach out to the audience who initiated the checkout process and left without checkout with an appealing message to them such as discount offers, price drop, limited stock or any other.

Retarget video viewers

You can track the interest of your audience by seeing the percentage of the video they watched. Based on audience interest you can retarget the audience of a higher level of intent.

Retarget past customers

Retargeting your customers is straightforward. You can quickly get leads for your new product from existing customers. Consider if some customer purchased a mobile, they look out for pouch if you target them it is effortless to convert them by identifying their need based on their previous purchase.

Retarget app event triggers

You can target people based on the action they made on App such as upgrade or purchase of App. For this, you need to set up the Facebook SDK. Come up with exciting offers to make them purchase or upgrade the App.

Retarget through Facebook messenger

When someone signs in to Facebook messenger, chat with your brand, you can easily message them according to your needs until they sign out. For this, you need to set up a chatbot and utilise Facebook messenger as another distribution channel for your information and also sales support. Here you can easily upsell your product which may be relevant to the audience,

Employ dynamic product Ad retargeting

By using the feature of Facebook dynamic product Ads, you can retarget people based on the exact product they showed interest on the website and your Ads would stay updated with the latest product information. It is the least stressful way to stay connected with the buyers who left the site without any purchase.

In A Nutshell

Retargeting no-doubt will bring a higher return on investment than regular display Ads.

Facebook retargeting Ads provided one of the platforms where you can reach a potential audience to your business.

To start with Facebook remarketing ads, you need to install Facebook Pixel and add code to your website. When a visitor opens a URL of your webpage, code triggers and when that visitor login Facebook they will get that Ad displayed on its Facebook account.

Creating a retargeting campaign is not a daunting task once you created a custom audience, it’s similar to creating a typical display campaign.

Based on your business requirements, you can adopt various strategies and follow tips to leverage maximum from the retargeting campaign.

Hope you got a clear view on how Facebook retargeting Ads works for your business. Please comment on your experience with Facebook retargeting Ads.

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