Can Facebook Messenger Marketing Be A Great Step For Your Business Success?

Have you heard of this news?- Recently, Facebook has crossed two billion active users on their site.

People are more dependent on digital artefacts than before. For instance, people even making use of smartwatches for chatting.

Now technology has expanded beyond your thinking, with the advent of Facebook messenger marketing, now you can even chat with retailers.

Let’s take a look at this article to know what more you can do with Facebook messenger marketing to reach your marketing goals in collaboration with other ads.

Facebook messenger marketing

Facebook messenger marketing is a new appealing ad feature that enables you to chat in person with your targeted audience.

When viewers click on call to action button of ads, they redirect to Facebook messenger inbox or any other landing page where they can inquire about the product or services instantly.

The idea of Facebook messenger marketing begins implementing across the world in July 2017. It’s one of the added features of Facebook messenger for business platforms.

Since its inception, Facebook messenger marketing is highly adapted by major e-commerce brands successfully along with their other practising marketing strategies to generate more profitable leads.

According to, Facebook messenger alone has 1.3 billion active monthly users.

It’s a vast audience and covers most of the web audience, which can empower the marketers to target a particular audience based on their business needs.

Pretty soon, it can become a critical battlefield for e-commerce brands.

Also, Facebook messenger marketing provides an excellent way to engage with customers in a personalised and in no response time.

This chart from businessinsider shows monthly usage of the top four messaging apps exceeded usage of the top four social networks site.

messaging app vs social networking sites

From this statistic, it’s clear that the web audience is spending most of their time on messenger apps than social networking sites.

One of the reasons to use Facebook messenger marketing is- According to optinmonster, half of the users react positively with the business if they get the opportunity to interact with brands via messenger app.

It makes the customer feels you are more concerned about them, which builds trust and loyalty in customers towards your business.

Also, the majority of the people prefers messaging; It’s the most used method people depend on communicating with family and friends to get quick responses.

Moreover, according to Facebook, messenger ads are showing a good rate of conversion and interest rates.

To your knowledge, Facebook messenger ads are not specific ad type, which means you don’t have an option to select ‘messenger ad’ as a format.

They’re just a destination for your ads. In other words, its just act like a landing page for the users who click on the ads similar to your website or app.

Facebook messenger marketing ads designed as one click strategy to start a conversation with your potential customers, which is better and faster than redirecting your customer to the contacting page or any chat features.

Here’s how it works and what can you achieve with this

Facebook messenger marketing, you can carry out in three different types, which are designed specifically for marketers to start a conversation and engage with the customers and generate leads.

Let’s discuss them in detail what you can achieve with an individual messenger ad formats.

Click-to-Messenger Ads

Click-to-messenger ad is the most commonly used messenger ad.

It provides a flexible way to initiate a chat with people using complete targeting options present on Facebook.

Its purpose is to build a subscriber list and initiate a conversation with new people.

These drives traffic and conversations using messenger as a destination.

click-to-messenger ads

Consider an example of Sephora.

Sephora is the first beauty retailers who make use of Facebook messenger marketing.

The campaign is created to generate more reservations for makeover service.

Sephora makes use of click to messenger ad format to place ads in the newsfeed of the targeted audience who are interested in cosmology and makeup.Sephora Ad

And, with the help of this Facebook messenger marketing, they encouraged the audience to interact with Facebook messenger bot, which provides automatic answers to the user’s query.  Sephora messenger ad

By using this, they increased their booking rate by 11%. On clicking an ad, it will automatically provide users with an option to choose.

This ad appears at the Facebook and Instagram newsfeed, and when a user clicks on it, it gets redirected to the Facebook messenger.

It looks like normal Facebook ads, but the only difference is that instead of using a call to action button as something ‘shop now’ or ‘contact us’ here it makes use of ‘send message’ or ‘get started’.

With messenger ads, you can target anyone based on their behaviour, demographics, interests, custom audiences, etc.

This Facebook messenger ad supports campaigns with objectives of ‘Traffic’, ‘Messages’ and ‘Conversions’.

How to Use this Ad Type?

The most challenging factor marketers come across in their marketing journey is customers come to their website, spent some time and left it without taking any action.

It’s something marketers want to overcome with their marketing strategies.

Retargeting ads are the best option; in this case, here you can use destination ads to give that touch point to customer from your side.

It helps the audience to overcome the barriers they faced during the purchase of the product.

For example

If someone is looking for the same product which they already purchased from your website.

When they don’t find your products on the list, they leave your website.

In this case, if you retarget this customer and redirect it to messenger, where they may ask when stock will be present or other questions related to the product.

By retargeting, you can prevent your customer from moving to your competitors and also satisfying your customer with proper support.

Another option where you can use destination ads is targeting the cold customers (who don’t know about your brand), it’s a very daunting task to grab the attention of a cold audience.

For example

If you’re into a business of selling a software product, you can create a campaign which asks the audience ’can your software resolve this problem?’ people who are interested in such product engage with your conversation, which creates awareness of your brands and also the probability of getting a lead conversion.

Here you can understand the pain points of your audience and can provide solutions according to them, which is quite interesting to deal with.

While generating Facebook messenger destination ads always make your audience know that click on an ad will open a messenger conversation.

Because its a bit new for the audience and they may confuse when they redirect to messenger on clicking an ad.

It’s better to use ‘traffic’ or ‘messages’ as your objective instead of conversion because Facebook can’t get enough data to optimise your ad campaign.

Sponsored Messages

Facebook sponsored messages are just like Linkedin ads (sponsored inmail), where ads can be directly sent as a message in the inbox of an audience based on their previous interaction with brands (anyone who has contacted you in the past and has not unsubscribed).

sponsored messenger ads

It permits you to send promotional messages even after the 24-hour rule has completed. According to the 24-hour rule, you can’t contact the users after 24 hours has completed after an interaction.

Its purpose is to re-engage with and send promotional messages to the audience who already subscribed to you.

It’s just like you’re getting a message in your messenger from a friend, but it’s from brands.

Consider an example of Tieks by Gavrieli.

Tieks by Gavrieli is one of the fashion retailers that make use of the sponsored message feature in Facebook messenger marketing.

Tieks used this ad for retargeting the audience who already have interaction with the brand, by ads they are making them know about new offers or collections.

Tieks by gavrieli ad

You can easily set up this campaign; you have this option in ad set level while creating a campaign in Ads manager. For this, you need to first set your marketing objective as ‘messages’.

sponsored messages 1

Then select the messages from the drop-down menu.

sponsored messages 2

In sponsored messages ads,  the message gets delivered to everyone who is there in your existing conversation list on messenger.

sponsored messages 3

But, there are some cases, where you want to target a particular audience based on demographics, interests, etc.; you can narrow down your audience by clicking on ‘advanced options’ under the audience. 

While selecting platforms, you have only one option as sponsored messages, so you don’t have to think much which one to select.sponsored messages 4

For Facebook messenger marketing ads, Facebook recommends choosing a lifetime budget over a week.

sponosred messages 5

In sponsored messages, you can include text, link, and image; you can set up this in ads manager message set up.

sponsored messages 6

Facebook charges marketers based on impressions, means it charges if a message gets delivered to the user irrespective of whether the user opened or not.

Sponsored messages will deliver to the targetted audience in 3-5 days after the campaign starts or else you can manually schedule the start or end of the campaign.

Only one sponsored mail will deliver per user if you want to send more than one message to the user you need to create multiple ad sets for this.

Messenger Home Placement

This messenger ads directly displays on the home dashboard of messenger and destination of this ad can be Facebook messenger or landing page.

Its purpose is to get a new placement for displaying Facebook ads. Here, the messenger ads display between the user inbox messages.

messenger home placement ad

For this, you need to select the marketing objective as ‘Home’. Here you have the opportunity to choose a messenger or landing page as a destination after clicking on an ad.

home placement

In this, it’s better to use the destination as a landing page instead of a messenger because it’s already present in messenger home page.

Like other ads, Facebook messenger marketing metrics also you can track from ads manager like total replies, new messaging conversations, link clicks, etc.

Let’s have a look at some key points of Facebook messenger marketing ads.

  • Click-to-messenger ads enable you to interact with top-of-funnel users immediately and understand their requirements.
  • Facebook messenger ads provide a highly personalised experience to their audience that too in no time.
  • Sponsored messengers or click-to-messenger ads remain in your messenger inbox of your users, which works great for the retargeting audience.

Final Note

Facebook ads provide lots of options for you to increase reach and engagement. But, Facebook messenger marketing enabling you to connect and engage with the customers directly on chat.

Most of the time, customers don’t prefer waiting for an email response.

In these situations, Facebook messenger marketing works well in providing a quick and personalised response, which can help you to build customer relationships & loyalty and drive lower costs for ads.

Moreover, with Facebook messenger marketing helps in local targeting, you can directly send personalised messages and offers to the local audience with ease.

It works well for initiating a sales conversation, which is something daunting task to achieve.

With the help of Facebook messenger marketing, you can initiate real conversations which help in nurturing a potential lead and access to their inbox at all times.

Hope you now clear with the role of Facebook messenger marketing in building your business success.

Please comment on your experience with Facebook messenger marketing in the below section!


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