17 Effective Facebook Marketing Tools- Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook marketing plays a major role in your marketing strategies which can’t be avoidable. 

Facebook marketing is a vast subject when you start talking about it. It’s because you have a plethora of options to choose from. 

To make it effective you have plenty of Facebook marketing tools starting from generating creatives to monitoring insights of your marketing. 

Reaching your marketing goals is easier than you imagined if you use Facebook marketing with right featured Facebook marketing tools which fulfill the specific need of your marketing.

You can achieve this with the free or premium version of Facebook marketing tools. 

Facebook Marketing Tools

Still, there are many small brands not making use of Facebook marketing tools properly for their business because of the lack of knowledge of Facebook marketing tools. 

Using the right Facebook business tools for the right audience based on your marketing goal will only help you in getting success from it. 

Let’s discuss some Facebook marketing tools which can yield specific purpose of your marketing.-

Easy to Create and Manage Facebook Campaigns


adpresso Facebook marketing tool

Adpresso is one of the great Facebook marketing tools that can create and manage Facebook campaigns.

It supports ads in all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

In short, Adpresso reunites all your campaigns in one place. 

Besides, it helps you in managing your ads manager without the need to shift from one ad manager to others, provide actionable insights, and easy access to clients before going it to live.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook ads manager

Facebook Ads manager is one of the tools introduced by Facebook, which helps you in creating and managing Facebooks Ads.  

This tool is best for targeting the right audience by considering their demographic, behavioral and other factors.

From this tool, you get to know the performance of your ads, and you can control your ads by starting or stopping at times to optimize the performance of a campaign.

Manage Content and Engagement on Facebook


Agorpulse Facebook marketing tool

Agorpulse is one of the effective Facebook business tools which is good at scheduling your content, insight reports, and simply engage followers.

It has one special click feature to view reports, CRM to track your followers, real-time team collaboration to keep social moving fast. 

Post Planner 

post planner Facebook marketing tool

Post Planner is good at helping you in finding, planning, and posting great content. 

It holds the capability to recognize the top-performing content, which is most likely to create maximum engagement. According to Post Planner, it has a 921.8 average engagement rate. 

Moreover, it helps in getting the intended outcome in less time. It’s best at scheduling your publishing calendar.


shortstack Facebook marketing tool

Shortstack is best at its unique feature, which makes it the most powerful marketing platform for contests and giveaways.

It helps you in getting more leads from your marketing campaigns, create contests, improve the list of engaged & excited followers, build & publish campaigns and gets more views & engagement for your contests, giveaways & landing pages.

Besides, it provides you with real-time insights on views, traffic sources, shares, and many more. 

Moreover, it helps you in generating lead generating landing pages. 

Schedule and Publish Post


buffer Facebook marketing tool

Buffer is mostly considered as the social media management platform. It helps you in scheduling and publishing social media posts. 

Buffer is good at building and growing your brands on social media. 

It plans, collaborates, and publishes content that leads to meaningful engagement and growth for your brand. 

It has a convenient interface and includes browser extension which perfectly integrates with WordPress, Chrome and other tools to identify content for distribution.

Moreover, it provides comprehensive analytics and insight reports on post’s reach, likes, comments, and other mentions obtained.

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage karma Facebook marketing tool

Fanpage Karma is an all-around tool for building a strong social media presence. 

It can monitor & analyze profiles of you and your competitor. Besides, it can manage all your customer conversions in a single tool along with composing, planning, and publishing posts. 

It analyzes the key metrics and improves your social media profiles. Fanpage Karma has an option to view a central overview of all channels for everyone. 

Additionally, it helps you monitor an unlimited number of pages and profiles. Users have various options to analyze their fans &  followers and compare key metrics of pages, even with your competitors. 

Meet Edgar 

meet edgar Facebook marketing tool

Meet Edgar is a great tool to handle your complete social media management.

It can generate a post, schedule the post, and automate your content on social media. Even it helps you in reposting your most engaging content. 

You can start this with your Facebook account using a web plugin. 

Apart from this, Agropulse is also one of the tools which are good at scheduling and publishing your post.

Facebook Ad Management


driftrock Facebook marketing tool

Driftrock helps the users to generate more sales and leads from social media top platforms. It holds a suite of specific purpose different tools. 

All these tools work together to meet the purpose of automation and Facebook ad management requirements.

It helps you in creating ads in a fast and easy way. 

It is best at automating, validating, optimizing, and converting leads. 


qwaya Facebook marketing tool

Qwaya is good at running and managing Facebook ads.

It has multiple features- Ad scheduler, Ad rotation, URL builder, Google analytics integration, Multi-user, Targeting & ad templates, Campaign organizer, Split testing, Multi-product ads, Excel export, and Free training session.

All these work together to provide an efficient and creative workflow. 

Above all, these features work on specific points like you can schedule a campaign at any time of the day and stop or run the campaign accordingly to optimize the performance of the campaign. 

Marketing and Sales Support


Manychat Facebook marketing tool

Manychat is designed explicitly for meeting Facebook messenger marketing requirements. 

It helps you in creating a Facebook messenger chatbot to boost your sales and support to your customers. 

For this, you don’t require any coding knowledge to create a bot, and also it’s free of cost. 

You can easily create a chatbot using this tool to take your marketing goals to a new level. 

Generate Leads


heyo Facebook marketing tool

Heyo is the best Facebook marketing tools to generate more leads and create brand awareness.

It helps you to run contests, interactive campaigns, and sweepstakes across social media, web & apps. In this tool, you can employ pre-made templates for it. 

It engages and rewards existing customers with Quizzes, Giveaways, and Coupons. 

Heyo grows your email marketing list, acquires new customers, generates more sales, leads, and social followers. 

It focuses on boosting engagement and helps you in collecting user-generated content with campaigns.

Social Media Management


socialbakers Facebook marketing tool

SocialBakers is an artificial intelligence-driven social media marketing collection. 

It has a set of marketing tools for managing Facebook.

This tool helps you in building a relationship and engagement with your customers. 

Moreover, this tool features help you in analyzing your performance versus the competition. 

With the help of an AI-powered tool, you can decide which posts to be promoted and also helps in boosting your promotion strategy.

In addition to these tools, Hootsuite and Meet Edgar are also the best Facebook business tools for social media management apart from social bakers. 

Social Oomph

socialoomph Facebook marketing tool

SocialOomph software is a complete solution to your social media management. 

It’s best suited for people whose specific intent is to increase their reach and number of followers. 

Using this tool, you can manage unlimited Facebook accounts. Its automated features help you in scheduling and publishing posts.  

It can even help you in keyword tracking, setting up self-destructing, and time limitation updates on Facebook. 

Optimize Ad Campaign


hootsuite Facebook marketing tool

Hootsuite is considered as one of the best social media platforms and analytics tools. 

It makes you build smarter workflows, measures insights across your organization, and generates provable ROI. 

Hootsuite assists you in content finding, scheduling, managing, measuring, and reporting on social media platforms easier.

It helps you in Facebook marketing by optimizing your ad campaign. Moreover, it improves effectiveness in your Facebook retargeting ads for conversions. 

Eventually, its features help you to know more about your audience and engage with them in a better way.

Optimize Facebook Page Performance


Likealyzer Facebook marketing tool

Likealyzer is one of the powerful Facebook marketing tools in determining the performance of your page. 

It helps you analyze the performance of your pages on a scale of 0-100. Also, you can analyze and compare the performance of the pages.

Besides, you can analyze other pages and compare them based on their page score. 

Here, you can gain actionable &  thoughtful insights and automated reports of your pages, which help you in taking further steps. 

Messenger Marketing Tools


Mobilemonkey Facebook marketing tool

MobileMonkey has powerful features that help you in managing Facebook messenger marketing efficiently. 

This tool is handy in creating Facebook messenger chatbots, supporting tasks, and automating marketing. 

You can create chat blasts and tag people to generate preference-based lists for sending more relevant chat blasts. 


Facebook marketing became an obligatory task for marketers to include in their marketing strategies. 

To illustrate in one sentence, Facebook marketing tools designed to meet the demand of marketers to boost the effectiveness of their Facebook ads. 

In the long run, to get the intended response for your Facebook ads, you must have good knowledge of Facebook marketing tools that work best for your business. 

You can get these Facebook marketing tools for free and premium versions. You can experiment with these tools based on your intent for marketing. 

With the right Facebook marketing tools, you can target your customers, increase your visibility, and reach them at the right time, which leads to better conversions rate.

All these Facebook marketing tools coupled with help you in better finding, creating, managing, and getting insights. It can help you in saving your time and utilizing your ad spend effectively.

Hope you’re now aware of the power of Facebook marketing tools. Please share your experience with Facebook marketing tools, which works for you; we are glad to listen to you!

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