How To Make Most Out Of Email Marketing For Social Media Promotion?

Is your business targeting a grand social media promotion soon? Are you anxious about how to get started? How to attract those first followers?

Let me tell you; successful brands always plan a wise strategy in tandem to grow their business and increase their reach.

Why don’t you try using email marketing for social media promotion?

Still, in two minds whether to use email marketing?

Will it prove to be an excellent source of growth for your company?

Many questions coming in your mind right?

Hold on!

Before we say how email marketing can contribute towards social media promotion.

Let’s see why email marketing?

Email Marketing For Social Media Promotion

Do you know what’s the best time to send an email?

91% of users check their email first thing in the morning.

Email marketing is one of the best direct channels regarding daily use and consumer preference for both personal and marketing communications.

The main reason email marketing is a not a barrier for companies is that people of all ages use email.

Email provides a professional and direct medium that allows businesses to reach out to their leads and customers.

Most small and medium businesses (SME) work with limited resources.

They can’t go for trial and error with marketing tactics that won’t resonate well with their target market.

People rarely change their email addresses.

Email is one of the best ways to engage on a personal level with your subscribers.

As soon as someone opts-in to your email subscription list, you can begin to pitch your service, with a great sale offer or a personal outreach.

Difference between email and social media marketing

Social media runs on an algorithm method to determine what content gets delivered to subscribers. On the other hand, email is still the best way to reach your subscribers when you need to contact them.

Social media requires it’s followers to be present on the social network to view your posting. On the other hand, email is most likely to land in the inbox of subscribers.

Email is more personal as it arrives at a private space away from the busy world of social media.

While email marketing is a powerful channel for retention and driving transactions, social media is great for instant brand recognition, community-driven communications.

Over the past decade, you can notice how social media visitors have grown at an exponential rate.

Social media promotion is becoming a favorite for small businesses to communicate with their audience. 

Businesses sometimes can’t get the organic reach they are looking for through social media.

There’s no denying that social media garners a lot more mass attention than email marketing.

However, cross-promoting content on only social media isn’t the only answer.

Social media platforms have to rely on email for specific functions like welcome and confirmation emails and password resets.

The conventional way of registering into a social media platform is still through Email.

Here are some creative ways to use email marketing for social media promotion for your business.

1. Include social media icons in emails

When you are sending out, emails make sure you use embedded buttons linking to all your social media profiles.

It might have happened that some of your subscribers are not familiar with your social media profiles.

Ask them to follow you, encourage people to click by using a call to action button.

You can also write a word or two about the exciting things that can be found there, so they know it’s worth joining.

Now you might think that driving existing list of users to share on social may seem a bit backward.

But as your existing email subscribers already enjoy your content, they are more likely to share it on social networks.

Moreover, whoever is on your existing list is already a follower of your emails.

So, make it easier for them to connect you with their friends, bring in more followers for your brand.

The success mantra of your business relies on your ability to connect with people and motivate them to buy your product or service.

And when you use email marketing to achieve your goal, you gain an opportunity to build relationships, establish trust.

For example: See how it can be incorporated in the email.

email for social media promotion

2. Weave a story on email and finish it on any social media platform

Suppose you have channelized which social media channel is perfect for your business content.

You have created profiles, invited people, and familiarized yourself with the interface.

You come up with a new video, and you know how tough it is to make it viral.

Your idea may be a unique idea, but if you don’t promote it correctly, you may end up getting unnoticed.

You need to understand that audience-building doesn’t happen immediately.

Explosive growth sounds terrific, but it can’t be your only strategy!

Gaining fans at the outset should be least expected. It picks up speed over time.

Here’s an idea:

Why don’t you start by creating a story about your product in the email?

Further, if the user wants to know about the rest, they need to subscribe to your social media profiles.

3. Run a dedicated campaign

Why do you think people follow brands?

Because they want to be entertained or motivated by information from their favorite brands.

No matter what your product is or whom you sell it to, using email marketing can help you grow your brand and feather your wallet.

However, merely using email marketing to promote social accounts will not give you the results you are targeting.

You can boost your social media promotions by running an email campaign to promote them.

You need to have dedicated campaigns to drive traffic to your social media channels massively.

Run different campaigns on the various platforms.

In whatever campaign you run, followers will react positively only if it has benefits on them.

For instance, you can make a giveaway or social contest and then promote it using email.

To win something your users have to move from email channel to one or another of your social media outlets.

This will incline them to share your brand and email with their friends, and eventually on social media sites.

But keep in mind, that email is more exclusive than social media so keep it that way.

If you are promoting a similar content on your social media, make sure your campaign is sent out first before you share any articles or promotions on your social channels. 

Once you gain these new followers on social media you need to encourage them to subscribe to your emails also.

4. Use newsletters to show off a bit!

Did you know 82% of consumers prefer to open emails from businesses?

Why not?

If you can show them your success stories in the form of email, it will be beneficial to create your impression better.

People will surely go into connecting with your social media platforms to know more about you.

Additionally, 44% of email recipients last year made at least one purchase from a promotional email.

Send your subscribers an Email with an enticing headline, this way you can get your half work done by doing less.

Rethink your email marketing strategy and apply these basic tips, to maximize benefits from email campaigns.

Email marketing via newsletters is a fantastic vehicle for advertisement and is one of a great way to promote a new service or product.

Email newsletters allow you to easily share news of your product, photos, and information with customers.

From there, if you offer an exclusive discount, then it is a great way to “seal the deal” so to speak, and get cash flowing your way.

Interact with your subscribers and show them your brand presence in the market.

You can also encourage them to familiarize themselves with your content when you upload photos or videos, and they get lots of comments and likes.

Portray your social media platforms wisely, you can drive in more traffic by this way.

social media

5. Reward your subscribers

The best way you can use email marketing strategy is to attract more users to subscribe.

Offer them incentives such as discounts and email only contents.


Give your best followers some attention by sending out an email campaign of your favorite brand ambassadors, with screenshots of their engagement with your brand.

Try to conduct polls that are only exclusive in your email and social media integration will be an icing on the cake.

6. Company News and Updates

Find the sweet spot where your creativity and content go together.

If your audience finds it really worth sharing, then you will have that viral, amplification effect that is also common to email and social media.

Try to notify your subscribers about the latest change in some policies of the company, or technological development.

Wrapping Up

Social media and Email marketing are not two stand-alone marketing channels.

In fact, they perfectly complement each other.

Try implementing both to shape your overall marketing strategy.

I hope these article encouraged you in using email marketing for social media promotion.

You are taking away a few tips from this post to implement within your social media promotion marketing mix.

These are indeed some brainstorming ideas and not the only options available.

Now it’s your turn to use email and social media marketing together and see the magic at work!

Also, if you have been successful with email marketing for social media promotion, let us know in the comments below!

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