9 Email Marketing Challenges that You Need to Overcome

While running your email marketing campaigns, you have your own set of goals and targets. Imagine not being able to achieve them despite spending enough time and money on your email marketing strategies. Well, to avoid the situation, you need to prepare a list of all your email marketing challenges too.

Email marketing is known to be the best ROI driven marketing channel available to the marketers.

Email Marketing Challenges

However, like every other marketing channel, marketers often face several email marketing issues .

It is essential that you take care of these email marketing challenges.

The following section speaks about the 9 such significant email marketing challenges you might be facing and how you can tackle them.

1. Unorganized tracking of metrics

When you run your email campaign, you know about its success rate only if you track the metrics and analyze the numbers. Without any tool and the metrics, there is no way you would be able to know if the tactics you implemented are successful in making informed decisions. Moreover, the metrics of your campaigns would help you to design any future campaigns without repeating the same mistakes.

Though the first part of the task of identification of the tool seems very easy, the second part is pretty tricky. There are tools that you can use to measure metrics like open rates, CTR, and others.

However, analyzing each of the factors is a tedious task, and requires some knowledge and understanding of the subject. The understanding each of the traceable components can be easier if you have the basic knowledge of what to track.

For example, if your metrics tell you about low open rates, you can guess maybe the reason is a not-so-appealing subject line, your sender name or preheader too!

So, while tracking the success rate of each parameter, you need to find out which components to analyze. Tracking some unnecessary parameters may divert your attention from the ones you should be tracking in the first place.

2. Struggling to convert and retain buyers

When you have a business, your ultimate goal is to gain more customers.You cannot depend on your business model and products alone to grow your customer base.

The only way you can expect a stable business model with regular revenue is to optimize the marketing funnel. A well-maintained marketing funnel channel your leads to achieve the expected results. The communication must be according to the different stages of the marketing funnel, to connect your subscribers better.

Acquiring new customers depends on proper understanding your audience’s needs. Email marketing automation tools can help you out in doing so. However, not understanding the email marketing challenges associated with automation can be a cause of worry for you.

Invest in a email automation tool to reach your audience better, and engage them as per their behavior. You must know about the essential features to select the right email automation tool. It must nurture your leads through the marketing funnel and convert them into loyal customers.

While acquiring customers is essential, retaining them is crucial too. These customers have more trust in your business and are likelier to buy product or services from you more often. Also, retaining a customer is less expensive than acquiring them. However, retaining the customers is challenging because of two critical factors.

First, the attention span of the customers is decreasing due to the number of marketing emails they receive every day.

Secondly, the customers have more choices about various brands than they had before.

To take care of these email marketing challenges, target your customers with relevant contents. Techniques like personalization, signature marketing tactics, and optimized email subject lines can do wonders.

Include highly targeted opt-in forms in your emails. Use the data captured in a meaningful way to create content that your customers like.

3. Removing the hurdles in buyer’s journey

While customer acquisition and retention are the critical factors, nurturing your customers through the marketing funnel is among email marketing challenges that most marketers face.

When you try to nurture your leads through email marketing, you tend to be a bit skeptical about how to do it. Sending a flurry of emails may annoy your customers while sending to fewer emails could make your email forgotten.

So, depending on your product, keep your leads engaged with relevant emails. It helps you to optimize the waiting time for both your sales team as well as for the lead. Consequently, these emails improve the close rate of deals and the customer satisfaction.

To create engaging emails, you can take care of several email automation tools. These tools can optimize your email content according to customer segmentation and send emails at pre-designated time and date. Make sure that your customers never feel neglected by sending them regular updates about the product they are interested in.

4. Invoking the required sense of engagement

According to studies, the most challenging task which almost 44% of the marketers face is the customer engagement rate. Engaging customers is also the top goal for 58% of the marketers. Moreover, 54% of the marketers face difficulty in collecting quality data.

However, do you know what makes customer engagement rates so important?

When you reach out to your customers, it is not for selling one or two product. You want to remain attached to your customers for a long time by building trust and loyalty among them.

However, if your customers do not trust you, many your business strategies could fall out of place.

What makes the issue challenging, is the fact that no single strategy is enough to improve the engagement rates alone.

To overcome this challenge, you must send your users emails that are relevant, personalized, and unique to customers’ need that will help you in increasing the engagement.

Hence, segment your email list according to the customer demographics and send them customized emails to earn more engagement from them.

Secondly, you must strategize your email drips with relevant content so that your customers receive the follow-up emails you send at regular intervals. This will make them feel important.

An email to the right person, with the right message, and at the right time is the requirement of a perfect email campaign.

5. Email marketing challenges due to poor personalization of emails

One of the most common factors that tie all your marketing goals and needs is the email personalization. Thus, most of the marketers find email personalization as one of the most significant email marketing challenges.

Studies have shown that personalizing the subject line alone can increase the open rates by 26% and increase the revenue by 760%. However, personalization does not stop at inserting the first name of the recipient in the email and have grown by leaps and bounds.

The email marketing challenges faced regarding email personalization can vary, but two factors are immensely significant.

Firstly, email personalization fails due to incomplete or incorrect data of the subscribers.

Secondly, many marketers do not believe that they have the tools to automate the targeted and personalized emails to their segmented email list.

To take care of the first problem, you must optimize your user data collection form. Ask for the relevant information from the users when they visit your website or landing page.

And for the second, use the data to create a segmented list with all relevant details.

6. Inability to reach your subscribers

When you send out your marketing emails, tracking the delivery rate to your intended recipient can be among the email marketing challenges.

You must know that not every email lands up in the inbox, resulting in a bounce mail, gets diverted to the spam folder.

To understand why the email bounced, you need to consider two factors.

Either the inbox is full, or the email fails to land in it, resulting in a soft bounce.

Alternatively, the recipient could have changed the email address so that it does not exist anymore, causing a hard bounce. Without determining the cause, any email you send to that address is a waste of money, time, and effort.

Email deliverability is one of the top email marketing challenges for most marketers. If you are facing a similar type of issue, the following methods can help you to eliminate it.

Firstly, you must regularly update your email contact list. Look for the inactivity from specific contacts that you may have on your email list. One method you can try is to re-engage the dead subscribers with relevant emails. Re-engaging them will help you not only to save the trouble of getting new subscribers, but also would increase your revenue. The dead customers are your old customers who have stopped responding to you, but with time you can change them to be the most loyal ones.

You must think of removing your broken contacts from the list altogether. It is always better to have an optimized email list than keep on facing the email marketing challenges.

Secondly, optimize your opt-in forms to provide an alternate email id. You can also make provision for giving your contacts the ability to update their email information if they change it.

7. Email marketing challenges with ESP limitations

When you send out an email, it passes through one or multiple ESPs (email service providers).These ESPs provide the tracking information of the email status to every member in your address list. Moreover, it also allow you to segment your email list according to the users’ information collected. These categories helps in targeting the right audience with relevant contents according to their engagement levels.

Naturally, one of the factors that affect the success rate of your email campaigns is the performance of these ESPs.

Though, how ESPs perform is not entirely in your hands, you can optimize a few factors while choosing them at the initial stage by thorough analysis. There are more than 200 ESPs that you can choose from.

However, at the same time, you must optimize your emails in such a way that they are compliant with the standard requirement of a marketing email such as unsubscribe link, from the address in all email footers, etc.

You must check the content quality, especially for any word that can be flagged as spam and the personalization of the email so that you can be assured that your email is sent to your recipient. Though among other email marketing challenges, this one depends on an external factor, knowing and acting to contain the risk is essential to succeed.

8. Email marketing challenges due to unclear goals and leadership

While measuring the success rate of your email campaigns two of the factors that often go unnoticed are leadership qualities, and setting goals. You must be wondering how is it even a part of email marketing challenges!

When you send out an email, you must communicate to your subscribers. If your emails fail to do so, and speaks only about your products or are too salesy, the users lose interest very soon. Sending out irrelevant emails just for the sake of maintaining the schedule is not good enough.

The leadership qualities are mostly affected due to the email marketing goals you set for your campaigns. Depending on the marketing goals you set, you need to fix the key performance indicators too.

If you are not able to set the marketing goals, the emails you send might lack direction. Take care of the email marketing challenges related to tracking or you may end up with the wrong metrics for your campaigns.

9. Confusion over the right marketing tools that optimize ROI

Choosing the right marketing tools and changing the tools when required are the most crucial factors in determining your email marketing ROI. They are the most nagging of all the email marketing challenges too.

As you promote your business through different marketing campaigns, balancing the yearly marketing budget can be tricky. It is one of the trickiest of email marketing challenges that marketers face.

Understanding the need of your business and investing in tools which matter the most should be your priority.

To optimize your marketing budget, you need to focus on the affordability and usability of the tools you invest. There are tools for automation, email tracking, subject line score checker among others which helps you in optimizing your email campaigns.

Tools that give you flexibility, customization, integrations, and personalization are something that you must choose while tackling the email marketing challenges.

When you select tools with custom-made features, you can cut unnecessary cost that you might be facing. Moreover, they are cheaper, easier and faster to work with as you can handle and understand.

Reducing the amount invested consequently increases the ROI of your email marketing campaigns too, in the long run.

Things to remember

You can use email marketing to reach new heights in your business. It can help you to build your brand name as well as sustain your business growth over an extended period.

However, not having a clear understanding of the email marketing challenges that you can face, your business may get affected massively.

The email marketing issues should be taken care of as soon as possible else they can be a nagging affair that no business wants to face.

Do you know about some other email marketing issues too which is affecting the strategies of your business?

You can tell us about the email marketing challenges you faced in the comments section.

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