11 Brilliant Ideas To Improve Email Engagement

An email has always been considered one of the most relied upon channel to acquire new customers. And as a marketer, you send numerous emails, because you know this approach will get you good leads and amplified sales. However, the most significant challenge you face is retaining customers. Tell me, what according to you can be the secret to an increased email engagement strategy? It’s simple! An engaged email list.

But how can you spice up your email engagement strategy? Don’t worry we have got the answer for you.

Email Engagement Tips

Email marketing like any other marketing channel requires relentless optimization to improve email engagement rates. Because the ultimate goal is to outperform yourself.

Let us look at the tips that will help your email campaigns get exposed to more people and exceed your targets.

Tips to improve your existing email engagement strategy

1. Greeting mail

Imagine you don’t deliver a greetings email to your subscriber the moment they sign up for your emails.

The first conclusion the user will have is the brand does not care about its subscribers.

Why would you let them feel so?

The user subscribed to your emails because they wanted to connect with your brand at a more personal level.

Make sure you deliver on that expectation because the first impression is the last impression.

Set up an automated welcome note which introduces you and your brand as a whole.

Your primary objective should be to say a big thank you to your new subscribers for becoming a part of your family.

It helps to create a long-term relationship.

You can also send freebies as a form of gratitude.

This is the reason email open rates of welcome emails are much higher than regular emails, so, utilize that attention.

Implement a double opt-in tactic.

This will serve as a signal from the subscriber meaning that they really want to receive your emails.

2. Segment your audience

Concerning email marketing, the two key aspects that are involved are: building an email list and sending emails to your subscribers.

When you have finished setting up the email subscription tools and adding contacts to your mailing list, consider segmenting your list.

This is one of the great ways to increase email engagement.

32% of marketers say segmenting their email database is the foremost priority of their email engagement strategy.

Never accumulate all the email subscribers together into one single campaign.

Say no to mass, unsegmented messages, and yes to precise profiling.

It plays a vital part in a customer lifecycle, engagement building, and brand interactivity.

Now, you can send tailored emails to each group.

To ease out the work of marketers, there are various email marketing platforms today.

These tools allow you to automate and schedule messages well ahead of time.

Utilize them, you just need to choose the template, layout, and images that are necessary for the text.

Because it requires minimal planning and work involved for the sender, it has become the favorite option amongst busy retailers.

3. Re-engaging inactive subscribers

While segregating email addresses, you might have removed inactive subscribers who have not opened your emails in the past few months.

The reason behind them being inactive could also be that your content was not fresh.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity of re-engaging them again.

Confused? Let me give you an example.

Engage the inactive users with unique, personalized, and non-routine content.

Ask them a question like what was the reason they did not associate with your brand.

Even the least active users will get happy when they receive such a personal email.

Promise them a gift from your behalf.

While this may not necessarily mean that the customer will immediately buy something from you.

However, chances are high that the customer is more likely to think of you when they need to.

Think as if this is your last chance to turn your subscribers loyal towards your brand.

Although it doesn’t end here, you should continue to follow this thumb rule every few months to maintain a clean list of active and engaged readers.

4. Have a killer subject line

You will surely agree that before any form of engagement is made, the user needs to read the email in the first place.

And since the headline will be the only notification that the user can see when he receives an email, so it better be good.

64% of individuals say they open a particular email by just seeing the subject line.

It is the single most essential part of an email, hence define the objective of the email.

Don’t use any spam words in your headline; this can be a reason for your emails not to make it to the inbox.

Hence, write a subject line with 50 characters or less for maximum impact.

Be as direct as possible, instead of sounding generic in the subject line, go for a more targeted one.

5. Be human

Now, that the user has already expressed an interest and signed up to receive your emails.

Therefore it is apparent that they will be looking up to you for certain benefits.

Use an exclusive offer, it will serve as an incentive as to why customers would sign up to receive your emails.

Send personalized emails, it means that you are making effective use of your data.

Click-through rates improve by an average of 14% when personalized email messages are sent.

The users feel you are more interested in your subscriber and value them as a customer.

Go personal with the content, it can be anything, be it the subject line or in the email body.

Write in a conversational style, you should maintain a consistent tone all throughout your emails.

Use whatever knowledge you have about the individual and make the email more relevant with a personal essence.

This personal hook to create even more direct contact with the user can be a good move for email engagement.

This would be a great message to show on your website, social media, and other marketing channels wherever you are trying to grow your email subscription list.

6. Send by a name

You know that your subscribers have not only subscribed to your emails but also emails from other companies.

Modern-day consumers today receive dozens of marketing emails.

Hence it is more challenging for your brand to stand out from the vast array of promotional content audiences see every day.

Strike a chord in their minds with your unique presence.

The first and foremost step to avoid is, sending emails from impersonal addresses, they are more likely to end up in the trash.

Use a person’s name and email address, not your company.

Because people are more likely to click if they see a human as the sender.

Leverage your email marketing engagement strategy with the power of this simple technique.

7. Make the email concise with a compelling call to action

We receive numerous emails a day that we hardly have time to read the entire thing.

Would you read an email that has a giant block of text all throughout? Never, right?

Time is precious, so it’s better to keep the email to a minimum and give more emphasis to ensure that the email can be quickly scanned.

Do not disappoint them, by making them lost in unnecessary frills.

Make sure the content in your email is curated with purpose.

Too much or very few contents can also hurt your engagement rate and cause the subscriber to lose interest.

In such cases, you can incorporate your call to action at the very beginning of the email.

A powerful call to action should have an urgency and is the key to ensuring an excellent email click-through rate.

This will give a clear insight into the recipients about what type of content they are going to expect.

Additionally, it will also be more comfortable for users to take a glance at the email without scrolling down too much.

For instance, create a well-structured, and eye-catching email that will remind users about the services you offer.

You can include the website link, this will be ideal for driving traffic toward the website.

Also, don’t forget the social sharing buttons.

Emails having social sharing buttons get a 115% higher email click-through rate than the others.

8. Maintain a frequency

How frequently should I mail my subscribers?

What is the best time to send emails? Has always been the troubling question for marketers.

As a suggestion, you should be sure to deliver consistent and regular emails.

It is evident that your subscribers are busy with their own schedules.

Therefore, to increase your email click-through rates plan to deliver your emails at a particular time.

Something like once in a week, so that subscribers know precisely when they can expect to hear from you.

You cannot drown your user’s inbox with too many emails, because customers tend to feel disgusted with companies who contact them too often.

On the other hand, you cannot send emails too rare, as they might not remember who you are, or whether they even subscribed to your emails.

If you feel to test different timings for delivering emails, you can also try that.

Moreover, you should see if your email is adding value or the content is appropriate, otherwise don’t just send for the sake of it.

The point isn’t to remind them that you exist or to continually encourage purchases from your online store.

Take the time and create an effective email engagement strategy to thoroughly plan the quality content that you can offer.

9. Optimize emails for mobiles

Today, you really need to get into the technicalities and see that your emails are mobile-friendly.

Get into your user’s minds and adapt to their habits.

Learn about their behaviors, optimize your emails according to mobiles.

The email should have a quick loading speed as mobile users are a very fickle audience.

It is said that 38% of emails are opened on mobiles today.

Suppose you have sent an email with some embedded images embedded in it.

See that the quality of the images or the image itself is not hampered in the mobile version.

People often keep images disabled, and some email vendors don’t display background images.

Just check that the email looks good even if the images don’t show up.

10. Insert a video

Of course, the design of the email matters a lot.

It is a critical factor in turning an ordinary newsletter to a more attention-grabbing one.

Apparently, your email newsletter is a representation of your brand in the digital space.

That means you will need to include your logo so that the recipients can recognize you, which boosts trust, and therefore engagement.

Moreover, to get more click-through on your links, you should consider different design options instead of just hyperlinking your text.

What you only need to think about is, whether all of your subscribers will be interested in your message.

So, according to the sections, you have made, see if you can make a well-targeted campaign by considering a video email engagement strategy.

It will capture your audience’s attention and motivate them to click.

It can drastically impact your customer engagement rate.

Research shows video email marketing is ever-increasing and has a 280% higher email open rates than traditional emails.

11. Opinion emails

The idea of this email campaign is to engage as many potentially valuable subscribers as possible.

An “opinion” email that focused on engaging with the audience.

The email asked for the recipient’s opinion on a new product the users wanted to be included in their merchandise list.

It worked because it was not a promotional email neither did they try to sell something.

This unique approach of engaging with the customers actually pays off as the customers feel more valued.


Always track your results.

Email engagement metrics help you decide about future designs and content decisions leading to more effective email marketing campaigns.

So, never leave the idea of trying out new and creative ways to increase email engagement.

Keep an eye on the metrics at a fixed interval.

Check whether your subscribers are getting bored?

If your email open rates and email click-through rates are going down, do something about it.

Explore innovative ways to get your subscribers’ attention.

That’s what good marketers do.

So, when you combine your metrics with the tips above, it will give you the direction you need to boost email engagement.

Write to us which of these email engagement strategies worked well for you.

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