Hidden Email Data Enrichment Secrets to Boost Quality Conversions

Running an email campaign is not an easy task. But, you rolled out an impressive email campaign.

You have taken every step to revive your dead email list, and your subscriber base is huge now.

While sending emails to them, you took special care to write great subject lines and preheaders. You know what to write and what not write in your email.

Moreover, you applied the seven sins technique to get more attention from your subscribers.

Hidden Email Data Enrichment Secrets to Boost Quality Conversions

However, you are still not satisfied with the results of your email campaigns. The open rates, clickthrough rates, and engagement have increased, but, only by a small margin. The responses from your subscribers are decreasing slowly again, and you are clueless about the reason.

Well, you are not alone. Many businesses face similar situation sooner or later. This type of situation arises due to the failure to do data enrichment or analyzing the data quality.

But how to avoid such type of failures in email marketing?

If you know how to data enrichment using your email list, you can avoid these situations. It is one of the critical requirement that can make or break your relationship with the subscribers.

What is Email enrichment?

Email enrichment is the procedure of enhancing customers’ data. It enables businesses to make decisions based on the data generated. You can use this data to optimize your target audience and send relevant emails to them. However, the data should be multilayered and complete before you can use it for any email campaigns.

You would be surprised to know that of all marketers, 42% do not send targeted emails. Further, only 4% use layered targeting while sending their emails. When emails are targeted, they generate 18 times more revenue than their counterpart.

But what makes it a game-changer? Does data enhancement really help? Let me explain it to you.

Most of the businesses promote their products through emails. The chances are quite high that your subscriber’s mailbox is overflowing with hundreds of emails. A new email will be neglected due to the lack of attention and time from your subscribers.

Segmented emails with tailor-made content with a relevant message are necessary to grab their attention back. To accomplish this feat, you must understand your subscribers better. Not only that, target them through specific emails that they can connect with.

Why Email enrichment?

Email enrichment helps you to design result-oriented email campaigns. You can make them relevant to a specific segment of the subscribers. Studies have shown that irrelevant content frustrates almost 70% of the consumers.So if you send out an email with an one-size-fits-all content, most likely the subscribers would ignore it.

When you send a relevant message via email, the subscribers are more likely to engage with it. They feel that only the emails with specific details are worth their time.

Additionally, targeted emails improve interaction which enables you to enhance the subscriber data further. It also helps you to generate high-quality leads and get more conversions subsequently. Moreover, it helps you to re-strategize your campaigns and drive more sales in case of non-conversions.

Improving the data quality will allow you to use the components of the email more wisely. So the subject line, preheader text, and the content quality can be created that is suited to the subscribers need.

How to deal with email data?   

When you deal with enhanced data, the process is very tedious. Manual enriching of an email list will only waste your time. To optimize the task, you must include a comprehensive tool that helps in enriching the email list seamlessly.

But choosing a proper tool can be tricky. It must address all the issues that you may have related to data enrichment. Moreover, it should provide you the flexibility of running the email campaigns without any complications. While choosing such a tool, you must look for a few factors. The tool should enable you to

1.Verify real-time contact data

The verification of the subscriber’s detail is essential. It helps you to improve the accuracy of the email campaigns. The data analysis will allow you to achieve better results from the marketing campaigns. The real-time contact data will also give you lesser bounce rates and improved open rates.

2.Improve and add deeper insights

Improving the data quality will let you cater to the needs of the subscriber with more relevant offers. Understand their interests, financial status, social status, and have information about their life events. It will help you target them with specific products or services. You can design campaigns to target them on such important dates.

3.Profile the customers using predictive analysis

Nobody likes to respond to a message from a stranger. Customer profiling allows you to send customized messages using personalization. When an email is targeted towards the subscriber in an optimized way, they interact with it readily. Marketing reports also support the fact about customization. According to them, personalized messages based on the behavior of a person are three times better than batch and blast type of emails.

How to carry out email enrichment?

You must be wondering about how to improve data quality and enrich your email list. You will be surprised if I tell you that almost 49% of small business owners are facing the same problem.

These business owners do not use the email marketing data to help them in marketing campaigns. The primary reason is simple – they don’t know where to begin. Whatever tool you may be using, data enrichment needs to be done in an optimized manner.

However, you can tackle this issue efficiently. A couple of simple modifications in the subscription form can generate a huge impact. The modifications are:

1.Improve subscription form

Your subscription form should be optimized to have the exact amount of essential data for your email enrichment. Do not make the subscription form lengthy, but do not keep it too short either. Gathering enough data will help you to segment and target the subscriber more appropriately. You must also collect the subscriber’s data from every website or landing pages you have. It will help you in creating a segmented list for sending out targeted emails.

2.Use unconventional methods to engage subscribers

Don’t make your subscription form too dull. You can take help of quizzes, polls, and surveys to make the page interactive. The different types of interactive features will allow you to grab the visitors attention better.

For examples, a quiz allows you to understand his knowledge and interest regarding a specific product. A poll will enable you to know more about his opinion and preferences. A survey will allow you to gauge his depth of knowledge about a specific product.

Understanding the responses by your subscribers will allow your emails to be more personalized and accurate. The subscriber will also engage with you since the emails cater to his taste and preferences.

You can easily set up these type of interactive interface that requires the visitors to provide their information while interacting with the page. It will also help you to do data enrichment of your subscribers, which you can use in different campaigns.

How data enrichment can affect you

If you still think that data enrichment is not significant, think again. Researchers reveal that almost 78% of the subscribers have unsubscribed from various brands as they were receiving too many emails. It indicates that the subscribers nowadays are less bothered about the promotional emails. The emails can be used as an efficient mode of communication and pass information. But any mistake can affect the open rates and engagement of the subscribers. The subscribers do not care about the brand name either.

Data enhancement can provide you with excellent results. But you keep a few essential factors in your mind too. Check out what they are and a few examples where the senders failed in following them.


Relevance is one of the essential parts of any email campaign. Data enrichment allows you to categorize the subscribers and send them relevant emails that they are more likely to engage. If your subscriber feels that your emails are not any more relevant or does not contain much value for them, they will stop all interaction with the email.

While maintaining relevance is a necessity, you must know how to personalize your emails to get better engagement from your subscribers. You can leverage the power of right content sent at a right time using your emails to invoke more interest from your subscribers. You can also use automation to send personal email drips when you have the personal data of your subscribers. Additionally, there are several methods of personalizing your emails that can lift up your email campaigns.

Take the following email as an example.

Relevance to Email CampaignThe senders have sent me an email regarding some job vacancies that are meant for the freshers. You can easily judge the amount of attention the email will generate in me, a professional with years of experience.

Keeping the example in mind, enrich your email with data that are relevant before sending out the email. You should never send the same email to all of your all of your subscribers irrespective of their interest.


Demographics is another factor that determines the relevance of an email. It takes care of a person’s language, region, and preferences. Optimizing it is particularly necessary as no one likes to open an email which contains an irrelevant offer. The email has no value if the subscriber cannot avail it due to the difference in location or any other reason.

Demographics in Emails

The subject line in the above email is written in the Hindi language. As I don’t know how to read Hindi, I would not make anything out of the email subject line. It is quite evident that the senders have not been able to enhance their data, else they would not have sent me the email in Hindi.

Enrich your data correctly so that you can avoid these type of mistakes. Email enrichment will improve the open rates as well as the brand reputation of the business you handle.

3.Personal preferences

The personal preference speaks about the timing of sending an email. An email must be successful in grabbing the undivided attention of the subscribers. If your email lands up at odd times, such late night, or early morning, the chances that your subscribers will respond reduces.

Check the email I received a few days back. You will find that the senders have made the same mistake that I am speaking about.

Personal preferences in Email

The email landed in my email inbox at 4.30 a.m., when probably I was sleeping. After I wake up in the morning, I may forget about the offer altogether, and the email will lay unopened.

While sending an email, you must respect people’s privacy. Don’t send him emails when he cannot respond to them. Avoid sending emails at late night or early morning.

4.Current Status

Data enrichment does not mean that you draw conclusions based on the history of your subscribers. You also need to stay updated with any changes that your subscribers may have gone through. How to do so? Let me give you an example.

Here is an email that I have received recently.

Judge current Status of subscribers

The email speaks of buying or renewing the car insurance. But what if I already have one insurance? The senders did not do enough research to find it out. The email they sent also has no customized message directed at me. It even addresses me as “Dear Customer” instead of using my name.

As you can see, the senders have fired an email at me without any proper planning or email enrichment.If they had enriched their database, they could have sent me the message according to the renewal date of my existing policy.

You don’t want your business to fail in a similar manner, you must take appropriate care while researching your leads.

Final words

Thanks to the internet, your subscribers are well-informed about any product. They can compare it with other similar products in the market, offered by some senders. The engagement and attention of the subscribers depend upon personalization and relevance.

Thus, it is a challenge for you to optimize your marketing tactics using data enrichment. Studies have found that half of the email users tend to check their email when they get bored. You need to give them something that does not bore them. Email enrichment provides you the enhanced data which you can use for targeting your subscribers. If you want to improve your engagement with your subscriber, you must look to strengthen the user data.

Want to add something? Go on and tell us. We would love to hear from you.

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