Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Mobile Marketing That You Need To Know Today

According to Marketing Land, 90% of mobile users make purchasing decisions using their phones. Therefore, your mobile marketing strategies need to be perfect, as it will affect the decision-making process of your users! This article will tell you what are the do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing.

68% of businesses have already included mobile marketing in their marketing strategy. (Source: Salesforce)

Now, that’s a trend that won’t stop even in the coming years.

However, at the same time, your users will also be seeing a lot of strategies, and they can identify the repetitive ones from the unique ones. For that reason, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing.

Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Mobile Marketing That You Need To Know Today

The do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing

The idea is to convert data into information and use them to make well-informed and rational decisions. But when you take a wrong decision despite having the right information or data, you’ll start losing your users.

You know what the challenges of mobile marketing are, and by now you must have overcome them. There is always room for improvisation, but then there is some set do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing too.

After you complete reading this article, you will know exactly what are the important do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing.

These do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing will also help you understand what can get your users’ attention and what drives them away.

Let’s see what they are:

Dos of mobile marketing

1. Understanding your customers’ behavior

In other words, think like a customer.

Remember, you can contact your customers now that you have their contact information. But when you fail to offer them any added value, they will wander off.

There is a risk of losing your customers’ interests as they tend to be impatient with various promotional tactics.

Furthermore, when a user unsubscribes, they are not likely to return.

Understand your customers’ behavior, and you will see your users will be reacting positively to your campaigns.

So, how do you understand your customers’ behavior?

Here are some ideas.

Usually, the following three factors influence a customer’s behavior:

Personal: The user’s opinions and interests. Factors like age, profession, culture, gender etc. will affect here.

Psychological: The user’s ability to process information, perceive, and their attitude will have a role in it.

Social: An understanding of the influence of the user’s friends, social media acquaintances, family, and peer groups. This factor will also include education level, income, and social class.

You need to understand your users from the above factors. It will give you a clear understanding of your customers’ behavior.

Here are some best ways to understand your users’ behavior.

  • Customer reviews
  • Q&A websites
  • Google Analytics
  • Focus groups
  • Keyword research

2. Using relevant deals/offers

Remember that you have your users contact details, and misusing it will only cost you their trust.

In addition to that, consumers will not hesitate to opt-out or unsubscribe if they don’t get relevant offers.

You can offer them something that is exclusive, and alluring but must be relevant.

In the year 2014, Jupiter Research proved that the number of coupon users is around 560 million. Today, it’s much more than that, given the fact that almost every online retail stores use coupons.

You can also leverage the benefits of coupons and discount offers, but make sure that they are relevant.

For example, I won’t be interested in branded lipsticks, no matter how the discount is!

See some examples:

Promotional text messageThe above promotional SMS is from a popular online cab service.

They send it to users who frequently use their services. Naturally, their users will be interested in the discount/offer as it will benefit them.

There are many smart app promotion ideas, and the push notifications are one of them. You can also use push notifications to giveaway relevant offers.

For example, movie buffs who regularly book tickets through apps will be interested in discounts on movie tickets.

Here’s an example:

Promotion with push notification

The same logic applies when you are sending out emails as well.

Based on a users’ buying behavior and history, you can tailor your promotional emails. Also, make sure that your email is optimized for mobile phones.

Here’s an example:

promotional emails3. Consider the timing

Your objective is to engage with people who took an interest in your brand/service and timing is a crucial factor.

If you don’t respect their schedule, you’ll most likely end up annoying them.

There are numerous studies on best time and day for sending emails.

You need to understand your audience first before deciding a best time and day.

The timing is a critical factor for all the mobile marketing channels, not just to email marketing.

When a restaurant reminds their customers about breakfast offers in the morning, that’s good marketing. On the other hand, nobody would be interested to know breakfast offers at 4 pm!

To make sure that you are nudging your users at an appropriate time, you’ll have to understand your consumers’ demographics and buying behavior.

When you are sure about the timing, you can work on personalization of your offers/discounts.

Here’s an example.

Timely push notifications

I received the push notification in the evening when usually Indians enjoy tea!

Here you can see how the sender has used the timing to send out push notifications to their customers.

Here’s another example:

promotional SMS

Can you see the date? It’s on Sunday, a holiday when people are likely to go out and play.

When you take into consideration the timing, your mobile marketing strategies will only get you better results.

However, when you don’t take into account the timing, you’ll most likely disturb or annoy your subscribers.

4. Make your efforts localized

So, when you own a local business, you must take into account all the social occasions and events.

If you have your operation in multiple cities and places, do you need to consider regional occasions and events too? You should!

And here’s why:

  1. Users in a specific area will connect more with your brand.
  2. You will make your users feel respected and cared for.
  3. You can make your users engage more when you connect with them at a personal level.

In addition to the above-said points, your promotion won’t sound too mechanic as well.

5. Encourage your users to give feedback

Feedbacks can be very useful when it comes to an understanding of your customers’ opinion about your brand.

Additionally, it will also help you understand if you can cater to your customers’ needs properly or not.

You will also get to know what your customers expect from you, how your competitors are doing.

You would certainly want your users to come back and make more purchase or interact.

Therefore, knowing if they are happy with your services is very crucial.

Make sure you ask your users for feedbacks and reviews right after they make a purchase.

People will remember the experience, good or bad, and you will get a better picture.

Here is some example:

feedback option of apps

Requesting feedback through emailsThese are the main dos of mobile marketing.

Although there are more dos of mobile marketing, these five practices are the best practices.

Here are some more dos of mobile marketing:

  • Ensure to acknowledge purchase and interaction via automated response SMS or email.
  • Use popular festivals and events in your promotional campaigns.
  • Stay updated with the latest mobile technologies, like QR scan codes, interactive features of mobile apps, etc.
  • Keep your promotional messages/campaigns short and concise.
  • Personalize your campaigns. Avoid sending everything to everyone.
  • Avoid using old advertisements for all the mobile marketing channels.
  • Keep an eye on the recent trends and use them in your campaigns.

Now that you know about the dos of mobile marketing let’s see what the strict don’ts of mobile marketing are.

Don’ts of mobile marketing

Before we start, it’s important to understand that the do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing are interrelated.

When you understand clearly the dos of mobile marketing, you will also automatically know the don’ts of mobile marketing!

Therefore, the above five dos of mobile marketing also give you a hint of what are the don’ts of mobile marketing. They are just the opposite of the above 5 points.

Here are some more don’ts of mobile marketing.

1. Don’t include too many choices

Keeping your campaign simple will encourage users to interact and engage with the brand.

Offering too many choices will only confuse your users.

When you give too many choices to your customers, they will get more into the choices rather than the quality! Such engagements are temporary and as soon as your customers find something better they will move on.

2. Don’t direct your customers/subscribers straight to your mobile landing page

Your promotion should be specific and systematic.

Instead of just expecting the users to come to your mobile landing page and explore, guide them.

Don’t just ask your subscribers to visit your landing page, instead use offers/discounts to get their attention first.

Identify their requirements by analyzing their buying habits and behavior. Send out promotional offers to them via SMS or email and include a CTA (call-to-action).

When you guide your subscribers and bring them via a CTA, your users would have a reason to visit your page. It could be the exclusive deal or the product.

Here’s an example:

promotional emails with CTA

Here you can see that the promotional email is relevant and is based on the recipient’s interest.

They used the deals to lure him/her to their landing page.

You can also do that with promotional SMSes as well.

See how they did it:

Promotional SMS with CTA

3. Don’t leave the customer data/information unused

To avoid sending out irrelevant, you will first need to understand your audience.

You will get all the necessary information about your subscribers from the details that you have gathered so far. It will include their contact details, their buying behavior, the usual time of engagement etc.

When you have the information, you should use them to understand your audience as well as design the campaigns.

Don’t leave the consumer data/information unused as without them your customers are just names and numbers to you. Use them to establish a healthy relationship with them.

4. Don’t avoid regular testing

Remember, it’s your job to make sure there are no bugs in the mobile content. It will ensure that your users experience a smooth, interactive, and highly optimized mobile website or mobile app.

You need to be careful and regularly check, as it can affect the user experience.

You need to ensure that your subscribers don’t suffer any bad experience.

5. Don’t use lengthy call-to-action

When you are sending out promotional messages/contents on mobile, you will have to make the characters count.

The idea is always to try and make your message/content short, crisp, and catchy. Similarly, keep your call-to-action short and concise too.

You already have to consider the fact that right from emails to SMSes, everything should be mobile-optimized. Therefore, when you are already aware that you cannot use space lavishly, ensure that you keep everything, including CTA concise.

There you have it

Now you know the important do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing!

The said do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing are gathered from many marketers’ experiences and best mobile marketing practices. Avoid the mobile marketing mistakes and start getting results!

Although, there could be more do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing I chose the crucial ones.

When you start designing, creating, and sending out mobile marketing campaigns, these points will help you. Additionally, you will also know few more.

It’ll be awesome if you share what more we can add to this list of do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing.

Let us know if we missed something.

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