Is Display Advertising an Effective Customer Acquisition Channel?

Finding out how to acquire a new customer is somewhat a challenging task for any business. To run your business, you need a good knowledge of various advertising channel. If you failed in doing so, you need to struggle for implementing the wrong strategy for customer acquisition.

One of the most challenging factors that come in a business decision is finding out which advertising channel best fits for customer acquisition.

Display Advertising

Here I’m introducing you one of the most effective advertising channels that work for almost every business for customer acquisition.

According to techwyse, display advertising works well for these three specific goals: build brand awareness, brand recall and promote loyalty of the customer.

Let’s find out display advertising is effective for customer acquisition or not?

Consider Some of the Areas Where Display Advertising Utilized Most.

Want to Get Back your Customer

Consider you’re into e-commerce business and the people come to your site and left the website without taking any action.

For example- some audiences left the site in the middle of payment or saving a product in the cart, incomplete filling the payment card details and similar other.

When you advertise the audience only 2% of the audience gets converted and remaining 98% left your website with no action, in these situations retargeting works well, here, you can target audience who already visited your website and left.

They will get your ads wherever the audience visits online. Retargeting ads conversion rate is 0.7%.

According to Readycloud:

  • Retargeting has the probability of converting left visitors into paying customer by 70%.
  • On an average retargeting have 147% of increasing conversion rates.
  • Retargeting improves your search results by over 500%.
  • Retargeting can increase overall site visitors percentage by 700%.
  • 9% of brands keep a separate budget for retargeting ads.

Consider an example, a retargeting campaign conducted by Magoosh online test generated $ 58,608 assigned revenue. At an investment of $11,000 on the campaign, which brings about the ROI of 486%. (Source: Retargeter)

Started a New Business: Needs Attention of an Audience

If you have started a new business and want to have an online presence, or you’re into the offline business from a couple of years and didn’t show your online presence. Display advertising is the right way to make your audience know you.

Display advertising builds a mark on the audience mind, and even though they didn’t click your ad still, they get to know about you from your ad.

When they are looking for such service or product your ad will get into their mind and probability of lead conversion.

Brand awareness helps your audience trust you and help in their buying decisions.

When You’re Cautious about Budget.

Display advertising helps you to target the audience who are more likely to be interested in your product or services by filtering the irrelevant audience.

It helps you to spend money and deliver quality service only on the interested audience.

How Can You Ensure you are Doing it right?

Can Do A/B Testing

You can change different ad parameters and run it.

It will help you to understand which type of ad is working well for your business.

Once you get idea from A/B testing after that, you can efficiently run your ad with ad parameters which suit your business.

Conversion Measurement

You can track the conversion of your sales, click through rate and other actions of your audience through display ads measurement.

Based on the measurement you can change some ad creatives, text, budget for better results if your current strategies are not working well.

Can Measure your Progress

In display advertising, you have an option to measure your campaign progress through some key performance metrics which included-


A number of audiences who can view your advertisement.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

A number of audiences who viewed and clicked on your ad.

Bounce Rate (BCR)

A number of users who left the page without taking any actions in a short span of time. It may be because of irrelevant information, the information provided is insufficient or many other reasons.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate end with some actions which fulfil the advertiser goals it may be anything download of ebooks, acceptance of an invitation, participating in an event, purchase of products or services and many more.

Return On Investment

It’s the number of sales or profit advertiser gets for their spend. For example: if advertiser spent is 10000 and he gets a sale of 50000 that is for every 1000 spent he get 5000 back as a sale.

Reach more Audience

With display advertising, you can reach the limitless audience on the internet throughout the world.

It can bring the right amount of traffic to your website and improves your brand awareness & the probability of getting conversions.

Display advertising gets displayed to the audience wherever they are present online such as websites, social media, and mobile apps.

For display ads, you can use an image, video, infographics, static image banners, GIF and Animated HTML5 and other rich media along with the text which appeals to the audience.

In digital marketing paid strategies, it’s one of the strategies which is used by most of the companies irrespective of their company size for achieving their different marketing goals.

You can use display ads to build brand awareness to acquire new customers, increasing website traffic, nurture potential customers, improving lead quality, drive additional sales and upselling of your products and services.

According to Semrush

  • Display advertising has an overall 90% reach throughout internet users across the world.
  • Display ads appear across two million different sites and more than 650.000 apps. It means you can connect with your audience wherever they are online.

For example, you want to announce an offer or the ads for smart mobile which needs a global audience. You can reach the right audience and also create awareness about your product.

Creates Visual Appeal to the audience

In display advertising, you can use images, videos, and other rich media. People remember more about the things which they listen to than watch.

Visual ads can help you to drag the attention of the audience quickly.

Final Word

The display network reaches over 90% of internet users throughout the world expanding throughout 2 million sites and is one of the marketing strategies used by most of the digital marketers for different advertising goals.

Although the click-through rate of display advertising is low, it is a very good option for building brand awareness and through which has a good probability of conversion of leads.

With all these features display advertising is proved to be an effective customer acquisition channel for your brand success.

Hope you got the answer to this question. Please do comment your know-how about display advertising with us.

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