How Do Digital Transformation Have Remarkable Impact On Customer Experience

The change that is influencing customer experience today is digital transformation.

It is happening everywhere, and all thanks go to the customers who play a crucial role in this advancement.

Digital Transformation

People, these days are more digitally conscious than ever.

Further, they know what to do with every new technology coming up in the pipeline.

Therefore businesses need to keep up with the changing consumer habits to deliver value to the customer experience.

However, you should first understand the background of digital transformation.

This will make you weave a better digital transformation strategy to enhance customer journey.

What is a digital transformation?

Digital transformation involves addressing business scenarios with dynamic demands to adapt to new technologies and deliver enhanced customer experience.

A digital transformation can be different for different industries, and it has the potential to impact virtually every aspect of a business.

It can be in any direction across the organization, but the start point has to be the customers.

If you are successful in satisfying customers, they would spend more and exhibit more loyalty.

Therefore, the digital transformation must start by successfully executing customer-centric strategies.

However, companies who fail to be in the line of this booming trend is on the verge of vanishing.

Stay relevant and competitive, use digital tools to improve the customer journey.

Build a powerful digital transformation strategy taking into account organizational culture, digital strategy, and customer touchpoints.

Instead of using just automation, you need to have different approaches to track customer pain points.

So, how do you think your company can adapt to this ongoing digital transformation?

Here are some points you need to remember when you are building a digital transformation strategy to provide better customer experience.


Customer experiences are not limited to a single touch point.

New-age customers are now shopping on multiple digital devices.

Thereby resulting in consumers becoming more demanding about user experience.

They know how to compare and purchase products without leaving their homes.

Thus you should understand your customer preferences.

Once you can discover their expectations, it becomes easier for you to adopt any digital transformation strategy.

Tweak the ideas, services, and products keeping in mind how relevant they are to the end user.

You need to target the customer journey to the fullest.

Begin with customer engagement, product discovery leading to purchase followed by post-purchase services.

Many elements in the digital transformation have a direct impact on the end-customer experience.

Craft a company culture that values the holistic view of each customer.

In the end, it’s all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time regardless of channel.

Reach them through every possible way like social media, online product pages and emails.

Leverage the scope of your brand in every domain.

The entire process should combine with intelligence drawn from across the business, incorporating data and user insights from digital systems.

For that reason, you need to make an omnichannel customer journey optimization.

It will be driven by data and intelligence platform that has a user-centric view.

Bind all of the interactions together so that you can create a single digital profile every time a customer interacts with your business.

You can use retargeting also, as it will help keep your brand popping up in the digital eyes more often.

Evaluate your customer data regarding current channel preference and future trends.


Marketers previously had a perception that technology drives digital transformation.

However, it’s high time that you realize that technology alone can’t do it all.

Customer journey also holds an equal amount of importance in this advancement.

If a customer does not feel right about your service, they will naturally drift away from your business.

Because in the era of personalization, every customer expects more than what they are getting.

And customer experience always varies with no one customer having similar desires.

Hence, becoming customer-centric will not only make you survive but also excel.

Make customer experience or CX, the most critical touchpoint that you should be striving to improve.

You need to collect their data because that is the foundation of you offering better-personalized customer experience.

Take a note of their digital behaviour, their personal information as that is the fuel to enhance customer experience.

You should allow data to drive your digital transformation strategy.

To make business evolve better and faster adapt to trends like Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, to connect with your users.

As it is known to be an essential driver of customer experience executor.

All the more personalization drives one-time transactions into lifetime consumers.

Implement hyper-personalization as that is the need of the hour.

These days its required for organizations be able to predict the right kind of experience for their customers based on the data and knowledge they have.

You should have a hold to be able to guide the customers and recommend what is right for them.

Make your presence a delight rather than a nuisance to them.

And as a result, you will be attracting more consumers to your brand.

#Value addition

As you look for ways to adopt new technology, remember to keep the focus on providing value.

Afterall, the goal is to create a better customer experience.

Hence, you should be sure that each step you take toward digital benefits them in some way.

Today as you will agree there is an app for every other human necessity.

If your business also has one, let your customer know about it.

Incorporate a virtual guide that will give your users a walk through your application.

However, you should be very careful that only relevant information is provided.

Don’t create an app for the sake of being able to say you have one or just because your competitors have.

Otherwise, there might be chances of customers uninstalling your app.

Look for areas in which the experience you provide could improve, and figure out how technology could help you solve those issues.

After all, if your company’s digital transformation centres on helping and engaging customers, it’s much more likely to help you reach your customer experience goals.


Always measure the outcome you want from your efforts.

If the customer experience is the key, it is more about bridging the gap between what the customer wants and customer needs.

For this, a detailed analysis of the customer’s habit patterns, needs, and other variables have to be studied and analyzed.

Use analytical tools for this purpose to stay ahead in the competitive edge.

Today there are lot many parameters to get insights about user behaviour.

To name a few, Predictive analytics, Competition analytics, Customer analytics or Conversion analytics come into play.

For successful digital transformation, the core business activity of making decisions has to be driven by data.

However, don’t invest blindly in data because that won’t reap the benefits your company desires.

To deliver an excellent customer experience comprehend each part of the customer journey.

Take insights to check what could be the reasons you are unable to reach specific objectives.

Learn what your customers are seeking from your end.

Gather feedback through online forms or chatbots.

Then, to meet your customer expectations, create a solution to common obstacles preventing your brand’s progression.

Try to recognize what is that one driving force in your digital transformation strategy that will draw more customers.

Analyze the behaviour of existing customers and then digitally transform to achieve better response rates.

This will not only maximize sales but also deliver higher ROI with shorter time-to-market.

Moreover, today the competition is more than ever.

Hence it is more critical to offer an excellent customer experience to remember.

However, if you can decode this procedure, no one can stop your company from excelling.


The evolution of new digital technologies has brought a massive shift in customer expectations.

Since the opportunities that arise from using these technologies are great.

Customers quite often rate organisations on their digital customer experience first.

Thereby resulting in a new kind of modern buyer.

And making digital transformation the inevitable need of the time.

Today, it is successfully paving its way for delivering an excellent customer experience.

So, you should have a well-integrated platform to optimize your ability to deliver exceptional customer experience in real time.

Keep customer experience at the centre of the universe and design digital transformation strategy around each customer journey.

Implement a digital transformation strategy for your company now, if you haven’t already.

Otherwise, you might miss the trick.

Sreejani Bandopadhyay

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