Knock Out these SMS Marketing Myths for Remarkable Results

Are you a victim of SMS marketing myths?

Relax! You are not alone.

Here is a thought for you-“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic”- JF. KENNEDY.

SMS has ruled the marketing industry for almost twenty years with high success rates. Unfortunately, it has also fallen prey to numerous SMS marketing myths.

Despite having compelling benefits, the SMS marketing myths may make you uncertain about your marketing efforts.


Achiever is the one who breaks the chains and chases the goals.

Knock Out SMS Marketing Myths

By taking steps to know the reality about SMS marketing beliefs, you are already on the verge of understanding the facts with rationality.

Getting insights into the following seven prevailing SMS marketing myths would help you to figure out how SMS has significant benefits if implemented strategically,  which you have assumed to be otherwise.

Let’s begin.

MYTH #1: SMS Marketing is vanishing away

The exponential growth of smartphones in the world has triggered substantial online marketing trends.

Therefore, it is apparent that you to think that these neo-marketing channels have replaced SMS marketing drastically and given it ‘THE END’ card.

It is one of the common SMS marketing myths.

Dear friend, the game is not over yet!

In contrast, it is the SMS marketing, which is outstanding with its’ flying opening rates of above 95 %, according to Rebixitconsulting.

SMS Marketing Myths

According to, India is the country where 80 % of the population are mobile phone users, but smartphone users account for only 23 %

And 40 % of those smartphones are using 2G data service.

India’s 73 % of mobile user population is still handling feature phones.

No online marketing channels can engage with these customer clusters instantly, except SMS marketing.

Do you still feel SMS marketing is fading away?

Don’t let such SMS marketing myths dominate your logical perception.

On an average, 90 % of all SMS is read in less than 3 minutes of the receive time.

And it is irrespective of the type of mobile phone (smart/feature), unlike in any other marketing channel.

90% of SMS read within 3 minutes

Also, you may get a feeling that emails, which can cut your marketing cost, can replace SMS campaigns.

It is again one of the ultimate SMS marketing misunderstandings.

Yes, emails are cost-effective.

But, that does not mean that SMS marketing is ineffective.

Email marketing and SMS marketing are individual channels which have their importance and cannot substitute each other.

Consider a situation when the consumer could not open his emails to check a deal due to poor internet connectivity.

You may lose his participation if he opens it late, as he will be unaware of the offer he receives.

However, SMS is can be accessed instantly whenever he unlocks the mobile, without missing the chance of his participation at the right time.

It eventually results in high click rates in SMS marketing.

According to, SMS marketing, with a 98 % open rate and 36 % click rate, is in the lead for marketing channels, while email marketing has only 22% opening rates and 6 % click rate.

Click-through-rates (CTR) is one of the success metrics of SMS campaigns.

SMS marketing vs Email marketing

Now, you can realise that no other marketing trend can be a replacement for SMS marketing.

However, you can combine the online marketing channels with SMS marketing to boost your conversions.

You can including short URLs to different online platforms to opt in. It not only provide acute brand awareness but also act as a irrefutable support for online marketing channels.

Since there are no specific tracking tools to measure the open rates of individual campaigns, you can also measure your lead generation based on click-through-rates.

It is advantageous for you when text messages and online marketing go hand-in-hand, dispelling the SMS marketing myths.

MYTH #2: SMS marketing is unreasonably expensive

You may have an opinion that SMS marketing is a costly business when compared to other online marketing channels. It is one of the SMS marketing myths.

When you compare the outstanding ability of SMS marketing to directly engage targeted customers, with high open rates and response rates, it is second to none.

Yes, comparing the reach of text marketing to the costs invested in it, SMS marketing services fits in ‘value for money’.

There are several bulk SMS service providers in the market with competitive deals at monthly basis.

You can opt for variable ratio charges depending on SMS route quality, speed and premium services, which are quite reasonable.

A brief to-the-point text with call-to-action options will always be a hit strategy for your campaign.

You can obtain substantial click-through rates through SMS marketing and increase traffic to other online channels.

It makes SMS marketing with a vast range and huge scope to achieve business goals to be a strategy within reasonable budget.

SMS marketing has always been an affordable tool which provides you a flexible platform to send messages to targeted consumers or run centralized bulk campaigns within no time.

Therefore, relieve yourself from such SMS marketing myths.

MYTH #3  People feel commercial messages troublesome and do not make attempt to read.

You may have a notion that people do not want to receive commercial texts, which puts you in hesitation to send the message.

It is an outcome of complete SMS marketing misunderstandings.

Let me ask you a question.

‘Why do people opt to receive text messages when they feel annoying about it?’

As SMS marketing is an opt-in service, you can affirm that customers choose to be informed about different deals about the business.

According to TATANGO, 57.4% Join Text Messaging Loyalty Programs to Save Money.

Stats for SMS loyalty programs

You may feel that people don’t want to flood up their mobiles with bulk SMS.

Eventually, they lose interest to open and read the message.

It is partially true.

Pushing your customer into the stream of endless commercial text messages at a time is a very bad SMS marketing practice.

The chances are high that customers get detached when the SMS flow is beyond a certain limit.

But, it does not mean that you should forbid SMS marketing.

That is nothing but getting victimized by SMS marketing myths.

Sending few SMS in a week with relevant information builds the healthy relationship with your consumers.

Let us consider the least possible case of failure of SMS marketing, that is, although the customer opens the message, he does not read it.

But, you shall not neglect the fact that the customer is opening the message and giving a quick glance at which the ‘brand name’ is getting his attention.

It provides enormous brand recall to the business, as it subtly creates a remarkable place in people’s mind.

Hence, discard such SMS marketing myths immediately.

MYTH #4: Small businesses derive nothing from SMS marketing.

‘SMS marketing works for only big businesses’- is one of the common SMS marketing beliefs which block small and medium scale companies to dig benefits from it.

Before believing,

Let us understand how SMS marketing is open-handed beneficial to any business.

SMS marketing is the best platform where you can perform hyper-local campaigns which runs in a focused, small range of area, based on the address database of the consumers.

These campaigns are mostly benefited by small businesses, as they reach targeted customers and have substantial cost cuts.

According to text, in the year 2017, 84 % of small businesses who have invested in mobile marketing have acquired immediate and long-term benefits.

small businesses benefit from SMS marketing

Small and medium scale businesses can find SMS marketing as a considerate tool to build personal engagement with consumers within the focused region.

The branding happens to be similar to any company, whether small /medium /large.

In fact, it is the platform where small businesses can equally compete with larger ones.

Big companies understood the power of branding attained by SMS marketing very well and are ever ready to include it in their marketing plans.

It is now high time for small companies to realize it and obtain long-run benefits of SMS marketing by knocking out SMS marketing myths.

MYTH #5: People are scared to engage in SMS marketing, thinking it is spammy

Many-a-times, we tend to ignore the positive impacts and magnify the negative impact, just to self-justify our inertial tendency and avoid change to our current plans.

The spam story surrounding the SMS marketing is such a phenomenon.

But, the upliftment of any business demands rational research and acceptance of the change, if required.

No doubt that sending spam messages is very bad SMS marketing practice which affects your brand name and breaks the reliance of the customers.

Companies do not want to run into such pit.

Most of the SMS marketing providers ensure that spamming does not happen and it is one of the critical elements which maintains the public trust.

According to Aine Doherty at Business2Community, the percentage of spam in text message marketing is only 1 %, making SMS marketing your most legitimate and reliable marketing tool.

And moreover, about 75 % of people would prefer receiving offers through SMS than any other source.

People prefer SMS for offers

Now, you can completely ignore such SMS marketing myths about spamming and boldly take a step to acquire maximum benefits from SMS marketing.

MYTH #6: SMS Marketing has very low conversion rates and just don’t work.

It is one of the popular SMS marketing myths. Let us understand how far it is valid.

You wish for it. You work for it.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, end of the day, it is all about conversions.

All these statistics, expert advice, marketing and development strategies are for nothing but to take a smart decision for investing money wisely

and get conversions ultimately.

Let us understand, how SMS marketing is effective in obtaining conversions.

When you compare the SMS marketing with other marketing channels, the conversion rates are low.

It happens in the situation when the prospects are not contacted by any other means before.

But, consider the situation where you have already approached the consumer.

And that is where you can find SMS campaign working to its full potential.

People are more inclined to receive text messages from already known parties.

Sending text messages in every step of buyer’s journey will assure the formation of the trustful bond, which is an essential key to your brand loyalty.

According to, the conversion rates are much higher when the prospects are already in engagement with the business.

Conversion rates for texting prospects

Eminent brand recalling happens even after years, when the customer receives messages from you regularly.

Therefore, it is very important to understand what are SMS marketing myths and how you need to perceive them.

MYTH #7: We cannot share much information in text messages as in other marketing practices.

It is not the situation every time that whenever you communicate with a customer, the message should be lengthy and should incorporate every detail about the product.

People would instead prefer short messages which reach instantly than lengthy emails which stagnate if not opened at the right time, to grab the offers before its last day.

It is according to the situation and needs; you should act.

Text messages provide you reasonable space with 160 characters.

You can utilize the space by tactfully including relevant information, which is evident and result oriented.

However, you can send the text message with the maximum limit of 918 characters, where the message is split into multiple chunks of 153 characters before the consumer receives it.

Most of the times, it is advised to send a brief message in single chunk rather than lengthening it to multiple fragments.

A personal touch, like adding their name and enabling open communication can call the action from your customer.

Hence, you can discard such SMS marketing myths without any hesitation.

On a final note

It is not the SMS MARKETING that pulls you down and makes it incompatible; rather it is the bad SMS marketing practices which are failing.

Eventually, SMS marketing myths come into the picture.

SMS Marketing myths stop you from exploration and appropriate utilization of its underrated potential.

Instead, you explore the possible challenges which you may encounter with SMS marketing and optimize them before your campaign launch.

Fortunately, there are simple SMS marketing solutions which you can employ to resolve the challenges smartly.

In fact, some of the challenges with SMS marketing turns out to be beneficial when you utilize it where it has its full potentiality.


you can observe maximum benefits of SMS marketing, when it is used as a support system to your marketing strategies, rather than using it as a standalone campaign.

As said before, Achievers break the chains and chase the goals.

You break the chains of SMS marketing myths and chase your business goals.

And YOU are an Achiever.

Tell us what you think about these 7 SMS marketing myths.

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