All You Got To Know About Cold Email And Spam Email

Businesses tend to send emails very often to keep up the rapport with their customers. However, they are always sceptical whether these emails land directly into their inboxes? When an email campaign is set up, it’s assumed that the email has reached their inbox. Yet, in general, one out of four business emails are marked as spam email.

There can be many reasons out there, curious to know what does a spam email mean?

We will start right away.

cold emails different from Spam emails

What is a spam email?

The word spam instantly imbibes in our minds the feeling of negativity.

It is nothing but a commercial advertisement that has been sent as an email.

The intention of the mail itself is malicious.

Mostly they are click baits, that if you try to click on will either hack your account or mislead you to some sites.

Now let’s know how does an email turn into a spam email.

How does the email become a spam email?

The content of your emails includes the headline, message body, links, and images.

Don’t send emails with spammy content, you have to be careful to see that you avoid these few things:

  • The IP Address that you were using is being used by someone else.
  • Ignore the use of special characters like H! in your headlines.
  • Avoid linking to unreputable sites or content, or using URL shorteners.
  • An effective headline says it all, so better use Re: when you’ve never communicated with a recipient before, to avoid spamming.
  • Too much image, not enough text: embedding text inside of images or sending emails that are all-image, no text.
  • Using all-caps will make your message seem possibly suspicious.
  • Never use spam trigger words like Congratulations.
  • You did not include a physical address in the email, making the email a phishing mail.
  • The emails you send had low open rates. Therefore chances are more for it to become spam email.

To avoid this situation, you can write a cold email to your customers.

Now I can guess, you have a question in your mind, what is this cold email?

Further followed by two more questions, is it legal and can it become spam too.

Well, if you are ready to go, we have got all the information you need to know.

What is a cold email?

A cold email is an email that is sent to a potential customer who does not have any prior relationship with the company.

These are mostly unsolicited B2B emails sent by companies for promotional purposes.

Now you might be thinking why do businesses send cold emails when they don’t know anything about the user?

Don’t worry we have an answer for it too.

Why are cold email used?

Utilizing cold email marketing is a method to generate leads and interest in your product.

There are lot many ways you can use cold email outreach as well.

1. For Outreach

You should have an insight into the potential people you are going to start your email marketing with. Today’s fast-paced marketing need to always have a unique approach.

So, before you actually use cold email marketing to determine the viability of a business idea.

It is actually advisable that you collect a list of people in the niche you want to target and send them an email.

Sometimes aiming blindly also works.

See if you can determine any common responses and then do research based on that feedback.

2. For Feedback

All businesses need to gather input in the form of surveys.

So, many times these emails are meant to be a communication bridge between the new users and the brand.

You also can let them know that you are planning to publish the results of the poll/feedback into your website.

This is a very subtle way of driving people to your website without directly asking for a sale.

3. For Sales

If you wish to enhance your sales, then cold email is the best way to automate your outbound lead generation.

Identify your target audience and take help of cold email marketing. It can be a great way to generate conversations.

Cold email marketing and spam are entirely opposite.

Tips to write a cold email 

1. Weave a conversation

Think from a customer’s point of view.

Every individual likes their problems to get solved quickly.

So, see how your message can meet their purpose.

If you can strike a conversational tone with your customer, then half the work is done.

It will ease out the way the customer will interact with your brand.

Today, we all receive so many emails from different companies, that by just scanning the email we can make out it to be a “marketing copy”.

2. Grab user attention

First, you need to grab your prospects attention, only then, you will be able to prove your worth.

Unless and until you propose a catch in the conversation, the users will not be willing to open the email.

Moreover, as you know that emails have a short window, so to get your prospects attention, position the most compelling piece of information right away.

Learn about some effective email writing tips to ease out the process.

However, you should never shoot a cold email with a misleading headline.

Keeping it real will not let it become a spam email.

3. Get to the point

Business emails are meant to be crisp, so keep it short and simple.

If the primary objective of your email is for advertisement mention it distinctly in the mail.

Deliver clear value, as your cold email marketing campaigns are going to attempt contacting a prospect more than once.

Stop using marketing automated systems, such as automated emails, it will impact your high-value prospects.

4. Personalize as much as possible

Would you like to read an email that does not address you by your name?

Obviously not.

Have a tone like you are addressing a particular person, even though you will use automation tools.

Add your prospects first name because it has become essential today.

Moreover, if you can strike a good conversation, they are inevitably going to buy into you.

5. Give contact information in the signature

For instance, you want to invite prospective customers to a webinar.

You make an email list of all the potential users that might appear in the webinar.

Go for cold email marketing.

It is a great way to increase attendees with prospective customers.

However, don’t forget to include your business address.

It can be anything like PO Box address or your physical address, but you have to include it.

The ideal placement for this information would be in your signature.

You can also include the social links of your company if you want them to contact you through these mediums.

6. Avoid Images

Many times it happens that due to images the deliverability of the email gets hampered.

So, try to avoid incorporating images.

You can provide links to your website.

Recipients might be re-directed to the landing page when they click the link.

7. Include an opt-out

Suppose you have sent an email to such an individual who does not require the product you are offering.

Instead of delivering endless emails to him/her, why not give the liberty to the customers to chose whether they want to receive such emails.

Therefore, you should never miss out on keeping an opt-out option in the cold email.

8. End with a question

A compelling call to action or a thought-provoking question can be an excellent option to conclude a cold email.

Ask a quick question to create a sense of urgency to entice your prospect into a conversation with you.

This is a great way to start a relationship with your customers.

9. Follow up

Being a marketer, you probably are aware of the importance of follow up.

If your prospect fails to reply to your message once it does not mean it will happen always.

Go ahead and follow up, they might have missed out your email and might be still interested in contacting you.

10. Test the effectiveness

Watch out for different hooks in each of your messages.

Predictability is not the way you can target your audience.

Sometimes you can target people through emotions and sometimes by core business tactics.

Try giving them more or fewer details, and try different links and educational resources.

Also, see if by targeting your customers at a particular time period you are able to gain more sales.

11. Be consistent

Failures are the stepping stones to success, don’t lose hope!

Have patience, a dedicated approach will bear you fruit over time!

Always remember in the end, it’s a win-win for the businesses that are consistent.

And when you are sending cold mail, it is essential to follow the regulations put forth by the CAN-SPAM Act.

If you’re sending out legitimate cold emails, and not spammy messages, following this should be easy.

Difference between cold email and spam email

1. Spam email uses a fake name as the handle, whereas cold emails use the company name.

2. Spam does not include contact info; cold emails keep contact info in their signature.

3. Spam uses click bait headlines to mislead the recipient, on the other hand, cold emails use appropriate subject lines that are relevant to the email.

4. In the case of spam emails, they are generally just an ad, while cold email uses conversational manner and engages with the prospect about their offering.

5. Spam does not have opt-out links; cold emails make it easy to opt out if a recipient wishes to stop receiving further emails.


Everyone today has an email address.

Emails started primarily as a fundamental way of interacting with people through the internet.

And evolved to become one of the cheapest, fastest and most reliable ways businesses can use it as their primary method of communication with customers.

However, with the advancement in technology there comes loopholes as well.

Thus the advent of spam emails.

Remember, the higher your email engagement, the more likely your email will end up in the inbox.

Write to us about any new regulations for categorizing spam emails and cold emails.

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