How Chatbots Can Help You Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

What was once beyond the imagination of humans is possible now. The new approach that has grown in popularity among businesses today to engage their audience are chatbots.

Their rapid infiltration has led companies to utilize it more for improving customer convenience.

Moreover, as people are interacting with chatbots, they are contemplating its value.

Hence, gradually they are playing a pivotal role in consumer behaviour.

However, if you have heard of them for the first time and are not sure what they are or how they work, you are in the right place.

This article will explain what chatbots are and how you can use them to boost your digital marketing plans.

Don’t worry, we have got everything covered for you here.

Chatbots help in marketing

What are Chatbots?

What do you think provides a more engaging experience for your target audience?

Will it be filling in a form on your website or a two-way conversation based on their specific needs?

Apparently, conversations, because it will make interactions that users will feel far more personalised and authentic.

This is what a chatbot exactly is, it is what it exactly sounds like – a chat robot.

Its main functionality is to respond to verbal or text questions or commands given by you.

In a nutshell, these are computer programs that interact with users in human-like ways across various platforms.

And the sole motto of chatbot is to give a solution, whatever be the device user is using to chat.

However, since chatbot is an emerging technology, you probably might think it is difficult to engineer a chatbot.

To your surprise, the answer is not at all.

Building a chatbot for your company is becoming easier day by day, and you don’t need to be an Artificial Intelligence expert.

The main idea is you should be clear about what you want to create and what objectives would it solve.

Although, if your expectations for the chatbot are high, better leave its development in the hands of experts.

Chatbots are versatile, but not all chatbots have same levels of capabilities.

In most cases, the basic chatbots may be adequate, but for some scenarios, advanced chatbots are required.

To sum it up, chatbots are primarily classified into two types:

1. Scripted chatbots

These chatbots follow a conversation flow pre-defined by the maker.

Developers create sophisticated software, equipped with algorithms that first store some fundamental questions and answers in the library.

Then, they create connections between them and develop new answers.

So when a user presents a query, the bot responds with a pre-defined script, within the scope of the database.

You can use them when you need to automate tasks like giving feedback, capturing leads and lodging complaints.

As it does not have any AI capabilities to understand the user, it is defined as the basic chatbot.

2. AI chatbots

AI chatbot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning process to answer user queries.

They use AI whereby a network recognizes speech, data, and specific patterns.

The intelligent bots act smart and respond back with most appropriate answer possible.

It gets trained to user’s queries and makes a pattern to respond back to them.

It then transmits the data through layers of the network.

Also as they learn about users and their questions, they provide accurate results each time they face the same query.

Now using this information you can craft the content that precisely addresses the needs of your audience.

Thanks to these insights, that are only possible because of chatbots.

You can discover new up-sell opportunities while improving your customer service.

By now you should be eager to know how to implement chatbot in digital marketing, so here it goes.

How to implement chatbot in digital marketing?

As people nowadays are increasingly embracing messaging apps, traditional marketing is not just sufficient today.

And as digital marketing is gaining priority for all business owners, everyone wants to go digital and improve revenue.

With the help of chatbot, businesses can now work hassle-free without much investment in employees.

Therefore it has become a significant marketing opportunity.

All the more research has shown that customers actually prefer interacting with chatbots over phone calls.

Eventually, customer service phone calls might become an obsolete thing.

Today, chatbots enable you and your brand to interact with users without requiring expensive human customer service.

They provide real-time customer service quickly and conveniently.

Several examples are already present of how you can use them to promote your products, engage customers and boost revenue.

So, for your ease, I have listed five ways to implement chatbot in digital marketing.

1. Lead generation

A chatbot is the next big thing that will dominate the market.

It will not only work as customer satisfaction but also will help in customer acquisition.

So, one of the primary objectives of chatbot in digital marketing could be lead generation.

However, chatbot marketing is not just limited to that.

You should be focussing on more communication with website visitors.

It is an excellent approach because you will surely not want visitors to drift away from your site without purchase.

Use chatbots to help users with general website use.

You can also save your time answering repetitive questions, or any FAQs.

For instance look at this example.

chatbots in digital marketing

Did you notice the way the chatbot made the conversation feel like being done with a human with no voice?

This is how chatbots give you the opportunity to create interactions with your audience and build rapport.

You surely know the importance of rapport and how it drives loyalty.

Moreover with loyalty comes more revenue.

However, this is not it, leads need a lot of nurturing so you should look forward to continuing engagement with them.

2. Increase website traffic

The best thing about chatbot is that they keep your customers glued to your website.

They are adaptable and keep the users engaged in fun conversations.

Moreover, they improve the traffic of the website by offering relevant links and information about the products and services.

Have a look at this instance.

chatbots in digital marketing

The bot asked specific questions that almost guaranteed a response from the user.

This ultimately led to a sales funnel that brought sales and grew revenue of the company.

3. Social media marketing

What is the most preferred platform to advertise and promote your brand?

Where are all your target audience present?

Social media, so go for it.

Lot many companies are integrating chatbot marketing with their social media marketing practices.

Users have their digital footprint and that’s where the chatbots gather information from.

Chatbots are gradually turning influential in the social media world.

To your surprise, today a user can even book tables or scheduled flights by interacting with chatbots.

Another reason to use chatbots in social media is that it can resolve initial level queries.

It might happen that the user has got a query in the wee hours of the day, but since the chatbots are always active they come in handy.

Further, you can add chatbots as an extension on various social media platforms.

If you want to nurture campaigns use customized chatbots.

It will help in offering businesses relevant information and directing the user to the appropriate business context.

4. Make an email list

The power of chatbots is its ability to gather vast amounts of data on your audience’s likes and dislikes.

Chatbots ‘know’ what your customers need.

Currently, chatbots can integrate with all messaging apps.

However, in case the backup of these messages are lost, you can still manage with the email list.

This will help boost your marketing strategy across all channels, from social media to email newsletters.

In fact, linking a chatbot with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will leverage past conversations with your users.

You can optimize its use to build better marketing strategies.

5. Conversational Commerce

Chatbot marketing is an innovative way to enable users to buy your products and share your brand.

You can design your chatbots in a way that they will showcase your brand to the fullest.

For instance, when a customer asks about the availability of a specific product, the chatbot will bring up a range of products from different brands.

From here the customers can choose according to their desire.

Also if you want the chatbots to share promotions and deals that are currently active, you can do so.

They gather information that can be utilized to customize recommendations based on the customers past buying and search behaviour.

Hence chatbot marketing can make the shopping experience better and customer friendly.

6. Customer support

Customer support is the area where chatbots apply best.

That’s because people today expect instant responses from their favourite brands.

Suppose a user had bought a pair of shirt previously and would want to reorder it.

Here ai chatbot can have a vital role, recognizing the pattern of search by the user, you can actually guide him to follow the shortcut.

Let’s have a look at how it works.

chatbots in digital marketing

7. After sale services

Every buyer expects a quick and responsive service when they approach a website regarding their purchase.

Chatbots should also be used to send follow up messages and ensure that the buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

This is a healthy practice of applying chatbot in digital marketing that can be very fruitful for your business.

Also, chatbots can help in announcing a new offer or a new product launch.

To summarize it lets look at the benefits of using chatbots.

Advantages of chatbots

1. Chatbots will help to free up your resources as less employee time would be spent dealing with customers directly.

2. Chatbots are available 24*7.

3. You can have one-on-one conversations with multiple audiences.

4. As chatbots can remember user data, you can quickly analyse users information.

5. Since chatbots can integrate into any messaging apps, they can also help you get links, likes and shares.


Since the audience today are already captive with chatbots, it will take the digital marketing world to a new level.

Incorporating AI chatbot will be a great way to improve your digital marketing strategies and staying ahead of the competition.

Moreover, early adopters will gain by growing audience engagement, market share and reach using chatbot.

Because they adapt and help solve different business pains to get better engagement with your customers.

The chatbot is already in, without you even knowing.

So, if you are still in two minds, the time has come for you to use chatbots in digital marketing.

Sreejani Bandopadhyay

Sreejani is a biotechnologist by education. She prioritizes in pushing her limits in the online era with her remarkable rationality. An ardent disciple of contemplation and believer of efficacy while writing. Presently she is tweaking her grey cells emphasizing in content marketing and is eventually mutating into a digital nomad. Is enthusiastic about traveling, as nature gives her positive stimuli.


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