How Are Companies Winning With Chatbot Marketing Strategies?

With the advancements in digital marketing strategies, businesses are opting towards trending techniques such as Artificial intelligence and Chatbots to win the competition.

Furthermore, the dependencies of people on online purchasing and utilizing an online service is becoming more & more, to keep up with the competition.

With this intention, Companies have started using multiple automation tools to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

To say, One of those automation tools is the usage of chatbots as an integral part of the marketing strategy to increase their sales and maintain good customer relationships.

chatbot marketing strategies

In statistical terms, 69% of customers desire to have the chat process to communicate because of ease in getting responses and solutions in no time. (Source:

According to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses want to add chatbots in their marketing strategies by 2020. (Source:

Ultimately, Chatbot has opened doors to implement ample strategies that support your business goals in all possible ways to make you stand out from your competitors. 

Companies are making use of chatbot in various mediums like-

  • Website chat windows,
  • SMS text,
  • Social messaging services across platforms like Facebook and Twitter to provide quick response to queries/messages of customers.

Let’s have a glance at how companies are making use of chatbot marketing strategies accordingly to their business.

1. Axis Aha from Axis Bank

Let’s first start with Axis Aha; it’s the name given by the Axis Bank to the chatbot added on their website. 

To illustrate, Axis Aha offers a list of exciting features that can help their customers to carry out all their bank related operations with the help of a chatbot. 

To repeat, Axis Aha makes use of artificial intelligence techniques for replying to the customer.

Axis chatbot marketing strategy

It provides complete customer support by replying to the frequently asked questions by the customers. 

Also, customers can perform all their internet banking operations by just logging into their account from the chatbot window itself. 

Certainly, it helps the customer to direct them to the specific page based on their queries like-

  1. For knowing account details,
  2. Paying utility bills,
  3. Transferring money,
  4. And many others.

In short, Axis Aha is the all-round solution to the problems encountered by the customer of the banks. 

2. Sephora 

To emphasize, Sephora is one of the top personal care and beauty brand based out of Paris. 

It’s the best example; you can see who utilize chatbot marketing strategies for the marketing of their business. 

Sephora chatbot acts as the one-stop solution for their customer and prospects. Whatever the information needs from the brand, they can get from the chatbot. 

Moreover, it helps the customer to complete their every action on a single platform without the need to step out of messenger.

Sephora is making use of 3 chatbots for reservation assistant, virtual assist and Kik bot. All these together handle all the customer queries and requests. 

Sephora chatbot Marketing Strategy


  • Booking an appointment,
  • Finding the nearest location of their products,
  • Available bookings,
  • Make a trial for lipsticks 
  • And other makeup products using advanced technologies. 

3. ACT Fibernet 

In particular, Act Fibernet is a well-know internet connection and digital television service provider across India. It makes use of chatbot on their website. 

Must be remembered, the chatbot marketing strategies make use of artificial intelligence and provide answers to users’ queries. 

It has a home page with the category of problems from there they take the customer to the specific area where they get the solution to their problem.


  • New connection,
  • Problem with an existing connection,
  • Request for reconnection.

Act fibernet chatbot Marketing Strategy

To get any information about your account, you just need to provide your mobile number or account number for authentication. 

4. Lybrate 

It’s one of the online doctor consultation platforms which extended its service features to Facebook messenger chatbot. 

This chatbot helps the people to make-

  • Health-related queries,
  • Take a health quiz,
  • Get tips on specific health issues,
  • Ask a question, book an appointment,
  • Consult online,
  • Book lab tests,
  • And other similar services.

lybrate chatbot Marketing Strategy

From chatbot marketing strategies, they connect the doctor and patient. 

They even share the files, videos on health issues with solutions and they charge the people based on the doctor. 

5. CNN 

CNN is an American news-based pay television channel. 

CNN chatbot Marketing Strategy

Through Facebook messenger chatbot, it provides top news, politics, business, weather, entertainment, and other information to the users based on their interest in the form of a summary or complete article. 

6. Husys

Husys is the Indias first HR listed company on the NSE platform spread across India. 

Making use of a chatbot marketing strategies to generate leads and provide support to their website audience. 

Husys on their chatbot home page shows the list of services; they offer to clients such as-

  •  HR Consulting services,
  • HR outsourcing,
  • HR technology solutions (HRIS),
  • And Job/Career Opportunities.

Husys chatbot Marketing Strategy

When a user selects the particular service, it will ask the user to submit a mail ID or contact number. 

Then they approach the users via mail or call to provide a solution out of the services they offer.

Isn’t it something easy for the people to get the answer to their queries without any hassle. 

7. Swiggy

Swiggy is an on-demand food delivery platform that comes up with an idea to deliver food from neighborhood restaurants to customers of their choice. 

It provided chat support to their customers by using chatbot marketing strategies. 

swiggy chatbot Marketing Strategy

The chatbot answers all queries raised by the customer related to order they placed like query related to the coupon, delivery, change in menu, payment, cancellation of the order, quality of food, and other.

8. Expedia

Expedia is the first brand to use Facebook messenger chatbot.

Through chatbot marketing strategies, it empowered its customers to share their experiences with other and book hotels.

Expedia chatbot Marketing Strategy

It helps the audience in selecting the best destination and deals within their budget limit also make aware of the best offers availing at that particular point of time and complete the booking. 

9. Uber

Uber is a transportation network company that offers services to book a vehicle for transportation and order food online. 

It utilizes chatbot marketing strategies to provide a unique experience and for maintaining a good relationship with customers. 

Uber chatbot Marketing Strategy

Using this Facebook messenger chatbot, customers can book a vehicle without any need to get out of the messenger. 

Uberall conducted a survey which shows that 80% of customers have a positive experience with chatbots. In addition to this, another 40% said they are interested in chatbot experiences with brands.

10. Adoro

Adoro is one of the online fashion stores for women, which offers hyper-personalization, look monetization, and personal style assistant.

Adoro chatbot Marketing Strategy

It makes use of chatbot marketing strategies and assists their audience in selecting the right outfits and complete the order by asking some specific questions.

Final Note

Are you still in confusion about Chatbot marketing a long way to go for your business?

A chatbot is now no more a matter of something outstanding to add in your business. 

It has already been in practicing by various businesses and generating good revenue out of it. 

More particularly, customers’ preferences are changing, and of course, you have to.

Round the clock service offered by the bots, its something customer in search of. 

According to chatbotmagazine, 64% of customers see 24/7 service as the primary benefit of chatbots.

The companies mentioned above are from different fields and making use of Chatbot marketing strategies accordingly into their business. 

Chatbot marketing strategies has provided an excellent opportunity to take your business to a new level and stand out from your competitors.

Please comment on your experience with different chatbot marketing strategies. We are here to listen to you!

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