11 Challenges of Mobile Marketing You Need to Conquer

In this modern era of digital marketing; mobile marketing has the scope of providing substantial viral benefits. 

Businesses that understand individual customer behavior are going to gain a significant advantage over their rivals.  

So, if you want to avoid getting tangled with challenges of mobile marketing, you must rethink your marketing strategy

Otherwise, you will be losing customers every second. 


A study by app maker Locket says, an average person, unlocks his phone 110 times a day.

Years back it was just a device needed for connecting with people. However, now it has eventually become part and parcel of our living.

Fortunately, the transformation of marketing to mobile marketing is still one of the crucial challenges of mobile marketing.

If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished yet—-Wendy Clark, Senior VP Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola companies.

Nowadays companies have started investing more since mobile is undoubtedly the most influential and personal touch point to reach consumers.

Mobile marketing is undoubtedly doing wonders! Therefore, you need to master this strategy.

The growing popularity of mobile engagement comes along with a set of problems.

The problem with mobile marketing is to figure out how best you can survive in the market space.

Further, you can be successful in emerging influence to get more of people’s attention.

Know how you can cope up with the following 11 mobile marketing challenges faced by everyone to stay ahead in the market today.

Challenges of mobile marketing #1: Advertising limitations

Marketers invest money and resources creating innovative rich media experiences.

Later they find out, that there are significant limitations on where the ad can run.

The first challenge of mobile marketing is that screen size of mobile phones varies along with page rendering speeds.

Therefore, some of the ads are not supported in specific devices which are not compatible with certain features.

Mobile advertising limitations are also prevalent because unlike PC, they don’t have a mouse.

As a result, navigation on a mobile phone is difficult for the user, even if it has a touchscreen.

Every ad should cater to both iOS and Android versions for better display content. 

Therefore, shooting a public campaign for all of them can be difficult.

As a result, ads might go unnoticed, as users might be finding it difficult to look in detail through each one of them.

Appsflyer conducted a survey in October 2017. 40% of the respondents say lack of visibility into the data used to define audience targeting is a top challenge.challenges of mobile marketing

Mobile advertising requires an entirely different approach.

Therefore, you need to focus more on its actual purpose.

Beating around the bush will trigger unfamiliar consumer imagination.

The top mobile advertising challenge for marketers is how accurately they can get access to data.

The data that are used in mobile advertising audience metrics and utilize it tactically.

Henceforth, it has become obligatory for mobile companies to incorporate native mobile ads that will allow customers to engage.

As a result, it can start conversations about your brand versus trying to push mobile ads that are irrelevant.

For having a cutting edge over competitors, brands need to be willing to push the envelope of what an advertisement or mobile experience means.

This strategy will ensure your presence in the market.

Challenges of mobile marketing #2: Easy app discovery

Challenges of mobile marketing came into existence more as the industry is booming with apps with over a million.

Mobile marketing limitations became significant like getting downloads, keeping them engaged and integrating other digital elements.

Currently, 89% of mobile time is being spent on apps and remaining 11% is spent on websites.

Thus making it the prime reason why 71% marketers say that mobile marketing is core to their business.

Whereas 68% brands have incorporated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. 

But with every opportunity comes challenges. You might find it difficult to rank top of the App store search. Right?

Thinking what will make me stand out in this digital competition.

The answer is simple, start from scratch, create a user-friendly app.

Opt for a catchy title, make your icon amazing so visitors will be more likely to click on your app promptly and install it.

Try to convey the message to your users that if they install your app; they will be benefited out of it.

By this, your organization will be able to ensure higher installs.

Ask users for reviewing your apps, because word of mouth will eventually make new users feel more positive about downloading your app.

For example

app review strategies

Source: Leanplum

Since mobile is being used for surfing, E-Commerce, social media; consumers apathy towards websites is making it challenging for brands.

You need to shift their concentration from search engine to build an app that could swiftly help them to reach out masses.

Challenges of mobile marketing #3: Converting web leads

Mobile phones are changing the way audience and customers engage with your brand.

People visit your website on their phones and buy from your store through their phones.

It holds the ability to create buzz about your products/services as your promotional offers will reach consumers.

Especially those who are actively shopping, socializing, and making buying decisions.

Nowadays all E-commerce websites have been successful in instilling the idea of downloading their app directly from the QR code.

Users are always in a hurry,  as a download through the app store incurs time they prefer this channel.

Let me show you an analogy.

Converting web leads

Source: Pure Learning

Introduce other unconventional channels of Mobile Marketing like Location-based service, In-game mobile marketing, Location-based marketing.

Challenges of mobile marketing #4: Language personalization

To make your brand famous all around; provide customers with a more precise, more useful messaging experience.

You can take advantage of this simple, robust functionality to remove these mobile marketing problems.

Since rural areas are becoming potential influencers in growing subscriber base as mobile is the sole channel to reach them.

Therefore, barriers to multiple languages and low literacy rate make it difficult for marketers to address the rural population.

Someone will feel more connected if you can hit their emotional quotient.

Amplify your returns from the countryside community.

Design a marketing technology that allows for automatic language personalization amalgamating voice recognition for the illiterate.

Challenges of mobile marketing #5: Individualization

Mobile apps provide a personalized experience.

Customers are the foundation of a business.

Therefore, you need to recognize their desire for your business, which will help clarify your actionable points.

Greenlight conducted a study in 2016. It said that  88% of marketers believe their brand is lagging behind competitors in their use of personalization.

Further, the study also said only 24% say they personalize on mobile devices.

The problem of personalization is best solved with user segmentation.

Segmentation tools enable you to gather information about users based on demographics, behavior details, and customer events like prior purchases.

Further, the evaluation will probably reveal some sense of how she prefers to receive information.

Give the user exclusive, irresistible offers based on their behavior, past purchases and lifetime value.

This will help you aim for the right context with personalization by inserting user attributes right into your message.

Further, you can send messages to a specific audience for more significant impact.

Challenges of mobile marketing #6: Frequency 

One of the common challenges of mobile marketing is how to reach the target audience.

Should I need to notify them daily for an upcoming promotional event?

How frequently must you reach out to your consumers?

Well, renowned marketers like you are always on your wit’s end.

The solution is easy! You must fabricate a useful call-to-action message, make it appealing and justify your frequency, reflect upon your mobile marketing goals.

If you are keeping in mind all these answers, then they might help you fetch the right decision.

Challenges of mobile marketing #7: Mobile Website

Mobile apps and Mobile websites are distinct.

It might be that you don’t think it to be considered as mobile marketing problems.

The major dilemma of marketers is should I use Mobile apps or mobile websites?

The greater part of the world’s web traffic originates from cell phones. 

This implies an ever-increasing number of potential clients see your site on their mobiles.

If your site cannot understand the demands of users, you are losing valuable possession.

Don’t ignore this strategy entirely.

You will definitely want visitors to come to your site to get the simplified version on their phones, not some unpleasant version of your traditional website.

Quality audience targeting is way more successful on mobile than on desktop.

Therefore, you can’t afford to detain mobile any longer. Talk with your web designer and see how better you can make it mobile-friendly.

Challenges of mobile marketing #8: Chasing download counts

Mobile marketing problems revolve around maintaining consumer loyalty.

If you become appealing to the users, they automatically will be interested in your app. Retention is the king, prove your app to be a “sticky” app.

Therefore, you need to think from a users perspective while designing the app. Provide them everything in a very effortless format.

Imagine you receive a message from a food service provider.

The message says that if you order from their app; your next bill would be waived. It’s obvious you would be willing to check.

You go on to download the app. Voila!


zomato promo offer

Source: My India Coupons

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your mobile application deserves a well-thought approach to promote the app most efficiently through the right channels.

Necessity is the mother of invention,” as a result of this having a retention strategy is an actual necessity. It’s estimated that 20 percent of the people who download any app open it once and never bother to return.

chart of app abandonment

As they say, Rome was not built in a day. Unfortunately, creating a rapport at the outset seems too tricky at the starting point for developing mobile apps. You need to weave your audience, and they will follow.

Challenges of mobile marketing #9: User information

With the rise of mobile marketing and consumer-driven data, users may feel violated by various personalized mobile marketing tactics.

Consumers are ready to share their personal information online; provided they receive value in return.

They will not want any third party to procure their digital information and misuse it.

For example

user information breech

Source: The DashBurst Blog

Implementing this tactic make users feel more assured that there will be no sign of data infringement.

Your primary concern should be to try and educate them in order.

It’s imperative that you promise your clients that their information (telephone number) is sheltered with you.

Live by that guarantee. Don’t make this challenge of mobile marketing affect YOU.

Likely this will pose less of a concern as mobile marketing rises to the forefront.

Challenges of mobile marketing #10: Cross-Channel Integration

Cross-promotion integrating social media is a problem for marketing.

It depends on whether you’re willing to invest in the effort to let your marketing channels talk about one another.

What is better than spreading the word online?

You can reduce the challenges of mobile marketing by collaborating with other platforms.

Additionally, you should promote your brand on Twitter, blogs, emails.

Leverage the power of your social media channels to increase app downloads and improve reviews. 

Simultaneously, send a reminder to users to rate and review your app by cross-promoting through email, newsletters, and social media.

Another strategy is to ask social media users to evaluate your app during the beta stage itself. 

Adapting this technique will make your app already have a right amount of reviews before the full version is launched.

Everywhere you’re doing marketing! Therefore, you should be integrating and improving your mobile efforts.

Challenges of mobile marketing #11: Insufficient metrics

Mobile marketing is having the potential of becoming the next big thing in interactive marketing.

The most substantial problem with Mobile Marketing is; industry ecosystem is evolving with innovating tools.

However, analytics tools for measuring the efficiency of the medium and calculating the ROI for capital spent is still inadequate.

Build a blueprint based on the pioneer’s strategies.

Go for a/b testing, or you can use multivariate testing tools as a standardized framework to measure the efficiency.

There are pre-existing mobile metrics like click-through-rate and impressions, but they are giving inaccurate results.

Today marketers are compelled to look after more accountability, transparency, and clarity on their ROI.

One way to counterfeit this problem is to align metrics with business objectives, and leverage audience analytics and data insights.

Having said that, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, then rethink.

Mobile marketing offers ample scope of opportunities for new mobile tools, innovative solutions, and experiments.

Wrap up

Most significant limitation the marketers are facing now is how to use mobile for marketing effectively.

Brands can only measure the real potentiality of mobile marketing if they can fathom the multitude of consuming classes.

“Adobe today” conducted a study in 2016. Only 20% of companies have a mobile marketing strategy that extends into the next 12 months. Still, 80% of brands are yet to feel compelled to develop a long-term marketing narrative for the on-the-go consumer.

Mobile devices are not just computers. A technology like this is bound to develop organically.

It will grow and change as the mobile marketplace will witness an exponential growth over the next decade.

Mobile marketing will become more precise as you become more aware and skilled about the concept.

It can offer marketers a unique opportunity to build relationships with their customers. Further, it can even open the channels of communication.

Mobile marketing can dramatically change your business. Now is the time to overcome these problems of mobile marketing and scale up your profit.

If I have missed any other prevalent challenges faced by you currently, please feel free to share the knowledge.

Till then, happy Mobile Marketing.

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